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whomever has the Highest Alter, he will surely be the victor.

"whomever has the Highest Alter, he will surely be the victor....."

So far the middle kingdom run by Godfather Emperor Hu Jintao has
stated their arm trade with Sudan is only 8% of Sudanese military
expenditures. The other 92% are likely European countries Russia ,
and Iran... Israel.?,28804,1690753_1695388_1695753,00.html

The term president Bush uses is' genocide of Sudanese people....'

The cause for this conflict run deeper. It's oil....Energy, the under
developed oil resources in Africa can keep USA running for another
two centuries. Unfortunately China has roared ahead in Africa. oil
corporations such as chevron etc. were out bid by China...
particularly in Africa....

USA wanted Iraq to secure its supply and survival. USA despite all its
technical advancement, without oil.... it's the economy "stupid"....that
would tumble...
America uses 20 million barrels per day while China uses 7.6 million
barrels. So it's competition that will take these 2 nations head to,...
head...? Or may be the PNAC's line items.... will extend all the way
to Russia , China and Old Europe....? To Africa and the Americas...
Leaving the Kiwis , the Avocados farms, and sheep farms down under to
fend for themselves....?

America controls the Sea lanes, so it could in theory block China's
main Energy Sea Routes, lanes and highways....So to counter this
problem, China is completing/planning/contemplating... new energy
pipelines from Russia , central Asia, Iran...?.

In this century, it is the energy 'wars' that will start in two places
central Asia with large gas, oil reserves for sale at 100$ per barrel.
In African countries which have oil such Chad, Sudan,Libya Nigeria,
Ghana,Angola,Namibia. the Middle East and Central Asia regions
process high grade Gas/oil.

USA imports about 2/3 of it's oil needs... while China imports at this
stage 1/4 , which will increase to 1/2.. the Asians want to live the good
comfortable life... so more demand for Oil and Gas, exponentially...

So will the proposed pipes from central Asia running through
Afghanistan materialize?

Just like the Azerbaijan Baku to Ceyhan /Turkey pipes are now

Iraq has about 6$ trillion worth of oil which is now securely under
USA occupation/control. USA has also built several bases in Iraq and
revamped existing bases in Afghanistan. All bases are well equipped to
deter potential foes such as Iran,china or Russia....

OPEC is slowly pushing for diverse "oil $" currency, away from the
Petro Dollars...We know USA prints so much of this $, so other stupid
countries use it to buy oil from Saudi Arabia etc.

I.e. if you buy a Honda from the Japanese in $ , the japes' buy Russian
or Saudi oil with your $, and the Saudi use that same $ to buy
American goods.... and the cycle begins again...? for how long?

Where is this heading...? China and USA are on a collision course..
Neither is prepared to share... Energy supplies/resources or its various
traditional transportation routes.... which require a "Tax" for the USA
PIMPS.... who are DEMANDING a Ransom from all parties.... for
decades to come, "they Think".... by positioning the US NAVY, AF,
etc. at the crux of the transportation routes of Energy.....worldwide.
Oil/Gas. "Energy is the economy" without a stable supply neither
country can break down...?

China's communists are "good capitalists". ....
The "old order" states, that :

"whomever has the Highest Alter, he will surely be the victor....."

“Its all about oil” In the early 70s, the US was 35% dependent upon foreign oil inputs. Today, it has grown to over 55% dependency. Why? Cheaper oil recovery in the Middle East, Nigeria, Russia, Venezuela, and other places. During the same time period, oil refineries in the US have been cut in-half. Additionally, since Three Mile event, US utilities have focused on the construction of lower cost natural gas Peaking unit power plants so they could maximize their profits. Now, the US is out of natural gas, exporting it, and attempting like crazy to develop new fields in Texas and Pennsylvania.

When the world demand for oil has significantly increased beyond existing supplies, mostly due to the US, an expanding China, and Southeast Asia, there is little wonder that existing supplies will not be sufficient to meet demands until about 2025. Meanwhile, The US must pursue new technologies, new resources, reignite the nuclear power option, promote conservation and development of green energy and because we as a crises management nation have put us behind the energy/GDP curve, there is no other choice but to provide security of our existing supply lines (I.e., providing for a stable middle East environment).

We have spent what will amount to $2 trillion and 4,000 lives, 30,000 casualties, and afflicted 34-40% of our men with PTSD so we could control $30 trillion worth of Anbar oil and the oil sheikhdoms in the region. All hell will break lose if we lose, Iran and the Chinese will move it, and we lose control of all that oil just as supplies are peaking..... What was the purpose of all this sacrifice if we bug out??!?!!!!

However, US policy must not ignore other world areas which can effect the strength of the US economy, trade, standard of living, and strength of the dollar related to other foreign currencies.

Whether we rise or fall; energy related country’s GDPs provide the nurturing environment for democracy, stability, and embetterment of the standard of living and living conditions.

The TONE of American leadership is VITALLY important. Under George Bush’s false claims and abrasive discursive diplomacy world-wide, America’s credibility has been severely damaged. The esteem America has earned over the years is a necessary diplomatic tool in terms of American adherence to international law and international institutionalism; a pseudo-hegemonic America under the Neocon flag breeds distrust and sews dissension around the world. A proactive foreign policy guided by true power sharing enhances the image of a benign hegemon. Since Russia is quickly erasing the unipolar image of America in a sea of petro dollars, unilateralism, never a reliable diplomatic tool, is losing all currency as well as relevancy in the current globalized international economy.The Bush Doctrine was ill-conceived and extremely reactionary in the current interdependent political environment. 9/11 was tragic but it does not advocate for a myopic approach to international relations.

“Its all about Oil/Gas, Energy...Economy,
"organized Dis-orderly... ORDER, of the "Pimps"
of the the "New World Order” to be....?

'Rush For Biofuels Threatens Starvation On A Global Scale' -
'Worldwide Shortages Forcing Up Supermarket Food Prices -
And Worse Is yet To Come' .

The rush towards biofuels is threatening world food production and the
lives of billions of people, the Government's Chief Scientific Adviser
said yesterday.

Professor John Beddington put himself at odds with ministers who have
committed Britain to large increases in the use of biofuels over the
coming decades. In his first important public speech since he was
appointed, he described the potential impacts of food shortages as the
"elephant in the room" and a problem which rivaled that of climate

"It's very hard to imagine how we can see the world growing enough
crops to produce renewable energy and at the same time meet the
enormous demand for food," he told a conference on sustainability in
London yesterday.

"The supply of food really isn't keeping up."

By 2030, he said, the world population would have increased to such an
extent that a 50 per cent increase in food production would be needed.
By 2080 it would need to double. But the rush to biofuels - allegedly
environmentally friendly - meant that increasing amount of arable land
had been given over to fuel rather than food.

The world's population is forecast to increase from the six billion at
the start of the millennium to nine billion by 2050. Already biofuels
have contributed to the rapid rise in international wheat prices and
Professor Beddington cautioned that it was likely to be only a matter
of time before shoppers in the United Kingdom faced big price rises
because of the soaring cost of feeding livestock.

His comments come just a month after the Government welcomed a
European Commission target requiring 10 per cent of all fuel sold in
British service stations to be derived from plants within 12 years.
Already biofuels attract a 20p per liter reduction in duty to
encourage their uptake. Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary,
recently announced additional funding for biofuel research and farmers
can claim subsidies to grow crops for energy.

Last year President Bush called for a massive increase in the use of
ethanol in America over the next decade. The US now devotes more
acreage to growing corn than at any time since 1944. Farmers planted
90.5 million acres in 2007, 15 per cent more than a year before. If
White House efforts to double ethanol production this year are
achieved, and in due course 40 per cent of that corn ends up in petrol
tanks, the world will face a harder and costlier time feeding itself.

A spokesman for Ruth Kelly, the Transport Secretary, insisted that the
Government was well aware of the possible negative effects of
biofuels. "We take this issue very seriously and we are not prepared
to go beyond current target levels for biofuels until we are satisfied
it can be done sustainably."

Professor Beddington said that the prospect of food shortages over the
next 20 years was so acute that politicians, scientists and farmers
must begin to tackle it immediately.

"Climate change is a real issue and is rightly being dealt with by
major global investment," he said afterwards. "However, I am concerned
there is another major issue along a similar time-scale, an elephant
in the room - that of food and energy security. This is giving me and
many of my scientific colleagues much concern."

Population levels are growing so fast already that an extra six
million people are born every month. Growing enough food for everyone
was further challenged, he said, because of climate change, which was
likely to lead to a shortage of water.

Scientists say that intense dry spells will become more frequent over
the next century. The supply of water will be put under further
pressure because of the increased number of people who need it, not
only to drink but to keep their crops alive. The production of a tonne
of wheat, for example, requires 50 tonnes of water.

Because it was almost impossible to control the population increase in
the short term, Professor Beddington told the conference, other
measures would need to be taken. "Agriculture has been doing pretty
well against the population size but things are changing now and they
are changing quite dramatically," he said.

"Don't we need to do something about food? Demand has grown
enormously, particularly in China and India, where much of the driving
force is increased demand. By 2030 energy demand is going to be up by
50 per cent and demand for food is going to be up by 50 per cent."

The increase in demand has been reflected by the rapid rise in the
prices of basic commodities, including wheat, over the past two

Biofuels have been put forward as a means of reducing the greenhouse
gas emissions pumped out by fossil fuels but recent studies have
questioned their impact when all factors, such as the use of
fertilizers on the crops, are taken into account. Critics have been
angered by the loss of tropical rain forests, which have been cleared
to allow farmers to grow biofuel crops.

Deforestation has been calculated to account for about 18 per cent of
world greenhouse gas emissions and Professor Beddington said that to
destroy rain forests in order to grow biofuel crops was "insane". He
added: "Some of the biofuels are hopeless, in the sense that the idea
that you cut down rain forest to actually grow biofuels seems
profoundly stupid." He said that human ingenuity was extraordinary and
he was confident that food production could be boosted, including by
growing genetically modified crops.

Josette Sheeran, executive director of the World Food Programme, told
the European Parliament in Brussels yesterday: "The shift to biofuels
production has diverted lands out of the food chain. Food prices such
as palm oil in Africa are now set at fuel prices. It may be a bonanza
for farmers - I hope it is true - but in the short term, the world's
poorest are hit hard."

Worldwide shortages forcing up supermarket food prices -
and worse is yet to come.

City analysts now talk of 'horrific' rises in the cost of essentials.

Food shortages and spiraling grocery bills, coupled with the rise of
the middle class, pose the greatest threat to the world as we know it,
according to the Government's chief scientific adviser.

John Beddington yesterday painted a gloomy scenario of nations
tormented by fears over food supplies.

The professor warned that global food supplies are being squeezed
while City analysts have talked of "horrific" increases in the cost of
filling the fridge.

Climate change - from severe droughts to freak floods such as those
seen in the UK last year - is causing a shortage of key crops.

At the same time, increasing wealth in countries such as China and
India is fueling unprecedented demand.

Britons have already suffered punishing increases in the cost of
commodities including wheat, rice, dairy and vegetables. Some products
have increased in price by as much as 80 per cent in a year.

The professor said there had already been indications of a "perfect
storm" brewing for agriculture.

These include increasing food and energy prices, climate change, the
rise in the world's population - expected to reach nine billion by
2050 - and water shortages.

There is also concern that global food supplies will be squeezed if
farmers find it is more profitable to grow biofuels to replace oil.

Professor Beddington said a surge in investment in modern agriculture
and irrigation was essential if global food security was to be

The professor, who was speaking at the Sustainable Development UK
conference in Westminster, warned the world's population is growing
well ahead of the ability of farmers to increase output.

Food production has been lagging behind population growth since 2005.
As a result, the global food supply is said to be running at an all-
time low.

The World Bank estimates that, as the economies of China and India
boom, the number of households in developing countries with incomes
above £8,000 per annum will rise from 352 million in 2000 to 2.1
billion by 2030.

At the same time, the global population will surge from 6.5 billion to
around 8.5 billion.

As the expanding middle classes of China and India change their diet
from pulses and grains to more meat, this is putting a huge pressure
on agriculture.

Chicken, pigs and some beef are fed on grain, so the global demand for
grain will rise along with the need for water.

In his talk, Professor Beddington referred to a report by Joachim von
Braun, the director-general of the International Food Policy Research

Mr Von Braun claims that existing "high prices do not appear likely to
fall soon". It is feared this may cause the poor to shift to even less-
balanced diets.

The professor said: "Business as usual could mean increased misery,
especially for the world's poorest populations."

Another pressure is global urbanization, according to Professor

Cities are now home to half of the world's 6.6 billion humans and by
2030 that urban fraction will rise to 60 per cent. This is likely to
put a huge strain on resources, particularity water.

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