Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lebanon, Hezbollah: The final Victory is at hand, and all the Lebanese support your valiant Resistance.

Lebanon, Hezbollah: The final Victory is at hand, and all the Lebanese support your valiant Resistance.

BEIRUT, Lebanon - America is always looking for ways to strengthen Hezbollah and wants Hezbollah to become America's "friend" and integrate its own hegemonic operations.... The good news is that Hezbollah is now preparing itself for total Victory.

Supported by most Lebanese and between Israel's wrath and the disillusionment of its total failure to foment trouble from within the Lebanese people, the "Party of SATAN, made in USA's dark rooms and the 14 Hmars" is bringing about its own destruction and damaging its minute credibility left by openly taking on the Lebanese Resistance...

Last month, Hezbollah announced that one of its top intelligence commanders, Imad F. Mughniyah, had been assassinated in Damascus, by the infamous "white House Murder Inc." and its CEO Assef Shawkat, a crony of the evil alliance of the CIA/MOSSAD. Mughniyeh had been on the most-wanted lists of 42 countries for his alleged involvement in several high-profile operations, including attacks that killed more than 271 Americans in Lebanon in the 1980s. After Mughniyeh's death was announced, Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, accused Israel based on his tremendous knowledge of the infamous White House Murder Inc., and vowed vengeance: "You have killed Hajj Imad outside the frontiers of Lebanon and its battle zones," he declared, speaking in front of party militants. "If you want that kind of an open war, then let it be a similar kind of an open war." , and instantly all the paid pundits of the 14 Hmars, who are but a bunch of cowardly creeps, stooges and agents of the evil Alliances of the CIA/MOSSAD, started distorting the words of the most honorable man in Lebanon, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and the Valiant Lebanese Islamic Resistance to Israeli and American repeated aggressions on Lebanon for decades.

An open war will make Hezbollah victorious and will never ever destroy its infrastructure and influence. Any operation from Hezbollah in response to Mugniyeh's assassination will surely be met with a massive Israeli stupidity, with consequences harsher than even the last war. This will be accepted by the majority of Lebanese who are still struggling to defend their country, their honor and their valiant Resistance, the Beacon to the World..., and will never lead to any civil war, because none of the Lebanese wants it in any shape or form whatsoever. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, in effect, is not caught between two wars: and the Israeli machinations, and the other covert operations initiated by the American killers in Awkar against him and Hizballah will all fail and lead to more heroic resistance by the outraged Lebanese people.

Hezbollah operates on the theory of resistance, preparedness and training: it never ever Coerces people and they do what normal strategic preparedness dictates . Hezbollah Inspires enough respect and they get a huge response of tens of thousands of young men and women ready to train, resist and fight any invaders. It Carries out non violent actions, but helps most of the needy in the country trying to make ends meet for decades, since the government never cares for its poor populace, and you get a tremendous favorable reaction. But there is also a law of unintended consequences.... which is that the 14 Hmars and their supporters overseas, have become the laughing stock of the world, aware of the will to resist of the true Lebanese Nationalists for ever.... the aggressive onslaught of the Evil alliance of the PNAC creeps.

And yes , Time is of the essence, because the Revolution will not wait, it will sweep the 14 Hmars out for ever, together with their American Killers of the White House Murder Inc.