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The current battle against the State Secrets Privilege

The current battle against the State Secrets Privilege
By Sibel Edmonds

Jun 11, 2009, 00:19

During the past few months I have been actively following the latest activity on the State Secrets Privilege (SSP)......

First, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this issue of extreme importance to our civil liberties and constitutional rights was finally getting long overdue and deserved attention from the media. After all, the memories of fighting SSP in the federal courts all the way up to the Supreme Court, holding press conferences together with the ACLU to bring needed media attention to this draconian abuse, making the rounds in Congress to have them address this ‘privilege’ through legislation to restrict its misuse and abuse, are still fresh and vivid for me.

Then I started detecting some troubling common trends showing up in media reports and subsequently in discussions and statements within Congress. The most suspicious of these came in the form of sanitizing major SSP abuse cases from reports put forth by both the mainstream media and some in alternative publications. The first invocation of the SSP by the Bush administration was in my case. Back then, if you had done a Google search on ‘state secrets privilege’ you would have come up with only seven results; three of them repeats. After successfully getting away with SSP invocation in my case, the administration opened the floodgates for others. Now I invite you to search all the archived news reports on SSP in the last year or so. As you will see, in every single report in which the abuses of SSP and its history are cited, you will not find this first case, my case. Further, if you were to look for other major abuses of SSP, such as the Barlow case, you will find none. The valid cases cited are mainly limited to: Khalid Al-Masri, Maher Arar, Al Haramain Islamic Foundation, Binyam Mohamed, with a note here and there on ‘NSA’ related information and the historical Reynold’s case from 1953.

Finally, I decided to dig further and explore the reasons behind these significant omissions and the accompanying information spin that seems to be packaged with the intention of fulfilling Washington’s objective -- seeing the related campaign and activities fail. Of course, based on my own case and experience with SSP, I had my own theories as to why the issue was being narrowed down to certain ‘selected’ cases and interpretations; counterproductive to the objective shared by SSP recipients and organizations who have been truly active in seeking to have it abolished or reformed through congressional legislation. But I was also interested in getting the opinions of those who have been actually involved with these cases, either as plaintiffs or attorneys representing SSP cases, or even a few trusted insiders in Congress with direct knowledge. So I contacted several and include their views and interpretations here.

The congressional angle

A well seasoned congressional staff member connected to a well-known ‘centrist’ office active in the current SSP debate, who ‘insisted’ on being granted anonymity, had the following to say: “Contrary to what they may claim in order to pacify the recent ‘Anti-State Secrets Privilege’ movement, the Congress does not want to deal with this issue. And this applies to members of both parties . . . of course we will hold a couple of hearings and show we have investigated and reviewed cases . . .”

He then went on to list several enlightening points regarding the ‘real’ factors driving the current position on SSP:

  • We are being told that the president [Obama] will veto any proposed legislation dealing with State Secrets Privilege . . . that and that no one in Congress really wants to touch this area. Having the press limit the information to ‘War on Terror Suspects’ [Emphasis added] helps both: the President and the reluctant Congress.

  • The cases before us are ‘selectively’ [Emphasis added] related to the War on Terror. A few Arab guys with their claims will not bring sympathy from the majority in this country. Not in Iowa, not in Utah . . . you catch my drift?

  • . . . I am talking about cases where there are no questions of ‘Criminality’ being involved or covered up. We won’t touch those cases. No one will go for that. The reasons . . . obvious . . . Being unfair or making the wrong call to determine if someone is a terrorist does not constitute ‘criminal.’ [Emphasis Added]. As for the NSA related case, well, the new legislation took care of that . . .

  • By the way, we don’t expect to see any cases of abuses of SSP by the Clinton administration cited anywhere. Holder’s office in the background and the majority leaders up on the front lines are ensuring this through the media and the NGOs.

Let me recap what is being said, the reality ‘on the ground’ here: Like any other president before him, and probably those who’ll come after him, President Obama is not going to limit his presidential powers when it comes to this draconian absolute executive power. He has made it clear to the majority party members and they are set to follow his guideline on this. It is a slam-dunk position with a guaranteed ‘win’ since the minority in Congress also encourages and backs this position.

Somehow the executive branch and the Congress have managed to accomplish their objectives on SSP through the U.S. media. They want the reporting massaged and messaged in such a way that the publicity on SSP is limited to only ‘select’ cases where ‘executive criminality’ and or ‘covering up executive criminality’ will not be an issue. Those SSP cases where the executive branch used this level of secrecy to cover up criminal deeds would make the need for congressional action on SSP far greater. After all, we even have an Executive Order that currently prohibits secrecy and classification from being used by the executive branch in order to conceal violations of law. Of course with the case(s) involving NSA warrantless wiretapping, as quoted by the congressional source above, they no longer have to worry, since they took care of it through retroactive legislation.

With cases involving wrongful detention and abuse of those ‘wrongfully accused’ in the government’s war on terror, it has been set up so that these cases can be written off as ‘egregious labeling, handling and treatment’ committed immediately following the September 11 attacks. Excuses such as ‘extraordinary’ circumstances, ‘bureaucratic bungling,’ and the previous administration’s ‘excess’ have been all lined up to be used if or when SSP makes it’s way into Congress. Further, the government also counts on bigotry to insure that there will be no major public pressure, since the involved victims are not (at least most) Americans, have Arabic names, and are of Muslim background. They believe that the majority of Americans will not be sympathetic to these plaintiffs, so there will be no problem killing any chance of restraining the long-abused SSP through meaningful legislation.

Richard Barlow & the State Secrets Privilege

Richard Barlow, an intelligence analyst and a former senior member of the Counter-Proliferation unit at the CIA lost his job when he objected internally to the George H.W. Bush administration’s misleading Congress over Pakistan’s nuclear program. Following Congress-ordered investigations, the inspector-general at the State Department and the CIA concluded that Barlow had been fired as a reprisal. Further, a final investigation by Congress’ own Government Accountability Office completed in 1997 largely vindicated Barlow. The Senate Armed Services and Intelligence Committees concluded that Barlow was due Congressional relief in light of unjustified DOD actions against him and cover-ups with Congress. A relief bill was introduced, but the Senate Judiciary Committee referred the bill to the Court of Federal Claims for more “fact finding” in what is known as a Congressional Reference, in which the Congress still remains the deciding body. For more detailed background and related official documents on Barlow see here.

On February 10, 2000, in the Barlow case before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, the CIA signed a declaration and a formal claim of SSP. Separately, in another declaration, Michael Hayden, director of NSA, also formally invoked SSP. The decision by the court to accept the government’s broad invocation of SSP prevented Barlow from obtaining needed facts and evidences. With the court proceedings closed to the public, without the ability to present numerous official reports and evidence due to the court’s acceptance of the blanket SSP, Barlow’s case lost in 2002. For more legal background and facts on the court case, see the memo by Louis Fisher of the Congressional Research Service.

On ‘executive criminality & cover up’:

Top U.S. officials were allowing Pakistan to manufacture and possess nuclear weapons, and the A.Q. Khan nuclear network was violating U.S. laws. Not only that -- the same officials were also lying to Congress. They were hiding these activities because the truth would have legally obligated the U.S. government to cut off its overt military aid to Pakistan.

On partisan focus & excluding other administrations’ abuses:

Barlow’s SSP case involved four administrations: Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton, and George W. Bush.

The case involved both parties; Democrats & Republicans.

On Congress’ bigoted view of public sympathy:

The invocation of SSP in Barlow’s case can not be easily written off as extreme measures for extreme situations under the ‘war on terror.’

Mr. Barlow was and is an exemplary U.S. citizen, was awarded the CIA’s Exceptional Accomplishment Award in 1988, and was considered a patriot for serving America’s interests by Congress and even by the executive branch who went after him.

When I contacted Mr. Barlow and asked for his view on the troubling trend by the media and Congress in packaging SSP related information to mislead the public and destroy any chance of reform, this is what he had to say: “Long before the Congress even begins to address issues relating to the use of SSP in court cases involving private charities, foreigners, suspected terrorists, or any private parties, it clearly needs to first address the use of SSP by the Executive Branch to conceal crimes, abuses, or fraud by the Executive Branch against the Congress itself or against federal intelligence officers or other federal employees [who] are the victims, and especially when it involves issues [of] Congress being lied to or willfully misled regarding intelligence information.”

He then added, “The media must go further than merely reporting the actions and inactions of Congress and the courts: we need investigative reporting on why the Congress has failed to address cover-ups of illegal activity by the executive branch and what members of Congress are responsible for this abdication of constitutional responsibility, particularly if Obama continues to break his campaign promises on SSP and follow in the footsteps of Bush on this and other national security matters.”

Sibel Edmonds & the State Secrets Privilege

I am not going to revisit the many times repeated details of the SSP invocation in my case. The legal outline of SSP abuse by the Bush administration invoked to cover up ‘criminal’ activities and subsequent cover up of these criminal activities can be found on the ACLU site.

According to Ann Beeson, former legal director at the ACLU, “The state secrets privilege should be used as a shield for sensitive evidence, not a sword the government can use at will to cut off argument in a case before the evidence can be presented. We are urging the Supreme Court, which has not directly addressed this issue in 50 years, to rein in the government’s misuse of this privilege.”

In my case the government also used the privilege to exclude members of the press from covering the court proceedings: “The ACLU is also asking the Supreme Court to reverse the D.C. appeals court’s decision to exclude the press and public from the court hearing of Edmonds’ case in April. The appeals court closed the hearing at the eleventh hour without any specific findings that secrecy was necessary.”

How does this case fit the Congress’ criteria to exclude?

On executive criminality & covering it up by invocation of SSP & abuses of classification:

In addition to the Dickerson Case, which was characterized by Senator Grassley as “a very major internal security breach, and a potential espionage breach,” and later confirmed by the DOJ-IG (investigation [PDF]), my case also involves espionage activities by several high-level U.S. officials, both elected and appointed. Several elected officials, an official at the State Department, and a few high-level officials in the Pentagon were involved in passing highly classified information to foreign entities connected to Turkey, Pakistan and Israel. Along with the confirmed Dickerson case involving Lt. Colonel Douglas Dickerson -- who worked for Douglas Feith and Marc Grossman -- other connected officials’ espionage activities were also covered up by invoking SSP.

On partisan focus & excluding other administrations’ abuses:

  • The information involved in my case covered the time period 1996-2002. It involved two administrations and two political parties.

  • Similarly, information implicating several elected officials in major corruption cases also involved both parties.

On Congress’ bigoted view of public sympathy

  • My case does not fit the ‘War on Terror’ excuse.
  • The case didn’t involve a ‘mistaken’ suspect terrorist or suspect organization.

  • I, as the plaintiff, was and am a United States Citizen, thus my constitutional rights were directly violated by invocation of SSP.

I believe providing background on and an overview of these two relevant and major SSP cases will suffice to establish the reasons behind the intentional sanitization of SSP media coverage and other reports -- so far successfully achieved by the executive branch and the Congress.

The recent ‘supposed’ leak of a report by the Congressional Research Service on SSP under the title of “The State Secrets Privilege and Other Limits on Litigation Involving Classified Information” is a very appropriate example: “The Congressional Research Service has prepared a new account of the state secrets privilege, which is used by the government to bar disclosure of certain national security information in the course of civil litigation. While the CRS report contains nothing new, it is a detailed, dispassionate and fairly comprehensive account of the subject. A copy was obtained by Secrecy News.”

Assuming that this report in fact was leaked (my congressional sources claim otherwise, but I couldn’t substantiate it definitively.), I invite the readers to review the ‘analyzed’ and ‘cited’ cases. Please carefully review the citations, and take note of the cases taken into examination, especially those since 2000. Here is the list:

Al-Haramain Islamic Fund v. Bush, El-Masri v. US, Mohamed v. Jeppesen Dataplan

Not surprisingly, the ‘leaked’ report intended for Congress based on the ‘latest’ anti State Secrets Privilege movement’s pressure on Congress to act, meets the ‘qualification’ criteria.

I contacted Mark Zaid, a Washington attorney who has represented many plaintiffs in SSP cases, including me, and this is what he had to say, “The abuse of the privilege extends beyond protecting Bush administration policies; it is often focused on covering up institutional misconduct and embarrassment that transcend political lines.”

Regarding the latest media coverage, mainstream and alternative, and their either naïve or agenda-driven case selections, Mr. Zaid states, “This provides an incomplete portrait of the dangers of the invocation of the privilege and in some ways fosters further abuse.”

Based on the ‘sanitization’ criteria as explained by the quoted congressional staff member, it is obvious why the major SSP cases provided above ‘could not’ be included in any potential/future congressional discussions and or hearings. These cases cannot be quickly written off under the excuses of ‘war on terror’ or ‘bureaucratic bungling.’ The inclusion of them would make it difficult, if not impossible, for Congress to shrug off SSP and let its abuses continue. The coverage of these cases would likely garner outrage by the public majority regardless of political partisanship.

What is not obvious is how the press, both mainstream and alternative, has come to implement these shrewd political objectives, serving both the Congress and the executive branch. As for the mainstream media, it doesn’t come unexpected. We have gotten used to it, whether from their record and coverage in leading us to war in Iraq, or the latest revelations of their inner workings when it came to the NSA warrantless wiretapping of Americans.

However, I am not ready to attach the same cynical but realistic agenda to the alternative press. The reasons may be as simple as pure ignorance, naivety, myopic partisanship, or simply stupidity. Whatever the reasons, the likely consequences of them playing into the hands of the political establishment and their agenda is to help us lose the battle against SSP when we seem to finally have momentum and a strong movement to address this draconian abuse once and for all through sound legislation with teeth.

Sibel Edmonds is the founder and director of National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC). Ms. Edmonds worked as a language specialist for the FBI. During her work with the bureau, she discovered and reported serious acts of security breaches, cover-ups, and intentional blocking of intelligence that had national security implications. After she reported these acts to FBI management, she was retaliated against by the FBI and ultimately fired in March 2002. Since that time, court proceedings on her case have been blocked by the assertion of “State Secret Privilege”; the Congress of the United States has been gagged and prevented from any discussion of her case through retroactive re-classification by the Department of Justice. Ms. Edmonds is fluent in Turkish, Farsi and Azerbaijani; and has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, and a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University. PEN American Center awarded Ms. Edmonds the 2006 PEN/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award.

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Obongo's lies, speeches and soft power, limited audience and limited impact to sway the skeptical

Obongo's lies, speeches and soft power, limited audience and limited impact to sway the skeptical....

Obama’s address at the Cairo University on June 4,2009, which was billed in advance by his staff as a historic message of goodwill and reconciliation to the Islamic world, had a limited audience. Though projected as an address to the Islamic world, it was largely an address to the Arab world and focused largely on issues of interest to the Arabs.

2. The Arabs constitute a minority in the Islamic world. Non-Arab Muslims living in countries such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia constitute the majority. The issues, which agitate them, are different from the issues which agitate the Arab world. Osama bin Laden understands this better than Obama and his advisers. That was why in his audio message released through Al Jazeera a day before Obama’s Cairo address, bin Laden focused on issues of immediate concern to the non-Arab Muslims in the Af-Pak region such as the large-scale displacement of Pashtuns from the tribal areas of Pakistan. By focusing on their plight and by holding the Americans responsible for it, he sought to make it certain that the anti-American anger in the Af-Pak region will increase rather than decrease.

3. Outside India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia, the attitude of the Muslims towards the US is characterized by feelings of hostility or anger or skepticism. There is hardly any feeling of empathy or warmth. There are various reasons for the negative feelings towards the US. Some are country-specific, some are region specific and some are ethnicity specific. The negative feelings of the Arabs towards the US may be due to the Palestine issue and the perceived US support for Israel, but Palestine and Israel are not such burning issues in the non-Arab Islamic world.

4.Obama’s address seemed to have been constructed around the belief that the Muslims constitute a monolithic community and that their actions are motivated by certain issues of common concern to all the Muslims of the world. This is a wrong belief. The Muslims are not a monolithic community and there is no common thread uniting the anger motivating the Muslims in different countries and different regions. There are Muslims and Muslims and issues and issues.

5. If Obama wanted to address the Muslims of the world, Cairo was the wrong place from which to seek to do so. There was a time when Egypt was seen as the beacon of the Arab world. It is no longer so. Al Qaeda and pro-Al Qaeda organizations project Egypt and its leaders as apostate. President Hosni Mubarak is a very unpopular Arab leader .Obama going to Cairo to deliver the address is seen by large sections of pro-Al Qaeda and pro-Taliban leaders as a leader of the American infidels traveling to the country of apostates to deliver an address to the Muslims from a platform provided by the apostates.

6. There are two ways of judging the impact----- what has been and what will be the impact on those Muslims, who have taken to terrorism against the US and other countries of the world and what will be the impact on ordinary Muslims, who stay away from the so-called global jihad, but at the same time do not nurse any feelings of empathy for the US?

7. The impact on the world of global jihad will be very little. Their views towards the US have been formed as a result of years of brainwashing in extremist mosques and madrasas. They are not going to change as a result of a beautifully-drafted speech beautifully delivered before an audience carefully assembled by the so-called apostates. They will continue to fight against the US, which will have to defeat them in the battle-field. bin Laden’s projection of the US President as Bush in Obama’s clothing will make a greater impact on the minds of the jihadis than the words and phrases of Obama.

8. The jihadi behaviour till now was influenced by the visuals, which came out of Iraq and Afghanistan. As the impact of those visuals decreases, Al Qaeda and pro-Al Qaeda organizations are trying to exploit the visuals of the plight of nearly three million internally displaced Pashtuns, driven out of their homes by a Pakistani war ordered by the US as bin Laden projected it in his message.

9. The impact on the ordinary Muslims outside pockets of urban elite will not be significant. Ordinary Muslims are not so naïve as to be impressed by a couple of quotations from the Holy Koran. Muslims outside India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia are not enamoured of democracy. They have nothing against authoritarian rulers, provided they care for the ordinary Muslims. Mubarak is not an example of a caring ruler. Among Muslim rulers blessed and supported by the US, there is hardly anyone whom one can call caring for the common Muslims. The ordinary Muslims will judge the US by the company it keeps in the Islamic world than by the speeches of Obama.

10. Obama’s speech may help him back home by pushing up his popularity. Americans love such orations. It may not help the US much in the Islamic world. The use of soft power to counter pernicious ideologies coming out of the Islamic world is important. They have to be countered in a more subtle and sophisticated manner through personal interactions, dialogue in small groups, radio and TV programmes, Internet chats etc. A Cairo-style address is not suited for this purpose.

11. A mix of Wahabism and Deobandism of the Pakistani brand is the driving force of the global jihad and of the hostility towards the US. Deoband is in India. The Indian brand of Deobandism was benign and continues to be benign The Pakistani brand is venomous and behind much of the negative ideas influencing the attitudes and conduct of millions of Muslims. Unless the pernicious Wahabi-Deobandi ideas emanating from Pakistan are countered in an intelligent manner, the divide between the Muslims and the non-Muslims will continue to widen. How to do so? That is the question that should occupy the minds of US policy-makers.

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9/11 core of corruption continues under OBUSHMA
9/11 rogue U.S.-Israeli Mossad BLACK OP attacks on New York City

UNITED STATES of America - It can now be reported that the Obushma Administration is in disarray and has descended into lawless with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in total rebellion and operating without oversight.
Obama's White House Chief of Staff and Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel AP (L),

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

On Wednesday, May 13, 2009, the former head of the North American Israeli Mossad, Rahm Emanuel, barged into the office of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and demanded that U. S. Attorney General Holder have the Obama Justice Department grant former Federal Reserve Bank of New York Chairman Stephen Friedman immunity from prosecution in regards to Friedman's role with former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and noted convicted Ponzi Scheme artist, Bernard Madoff, in the looting of the U.S. Treasury and the transfer of TRILLIONS of dollars to Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate offshore secret CIA proprietary accounts in Pakistan.

This was Emanuel's spitting in the face of the Joints Chief of Staff who have warned him on many occasions that if he crossed the line one more time there would be severe consequences.

Question: Does Emanuel now face severe consequences from the U.S. Military?
Stephen Friedman, Alan Greenspan, Bernard Madoff

Note: Israel was used as the middleman in the transfer of funds. All of this dovetails to a new escalating investigation of former BushFRAUD White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove's firing of U.S. Attorneys with a specific emphasis on the U.S. Attorney case involving the frame up of former Democratic Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.

Siegelman, a former FBI informant and Bush-Clinton-Mena, Arkansas-Iran/Contra whistleblower, had also uncovered evidence that the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate laundered proceeds from the old Iran-Contra money laundry through a medical supply and rehabilitative health company called HealthSouth with evidence linking Stephen Friedman's Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme, the General Electric Corporation and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

The proceeds from this money laundry were then used, not only to transfer funds to secret offshore CIA proprietary accounts, but to BRIBE both Republican and Democratic elected officials in the state of Illinois with massive General Electric Medical Systems campaign contributions that would effectively prevent cheaper prescription Canadian drugs from reaching the United States and, accordingly, competing with the General Electric-HealthSouth medical supply Ponzi Scheme.
U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald

UPI Photo/Kevin Dietsch

Reference: U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, Patrick Fitzgerald, has ignored two (2) criminal referrals naming none other than current White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and former BushFRAUD White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove as persons of interest. [Traitor Fitzergald is in frequent communication with Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate partner daddy Bush].

Fitzgerald, rather than pursue the truth, is trying to use former Democratic Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich as a patsy and a firewall as to divert away from the REAL criminal activity of both Rahm Emanuel and Karl Rove.
Judge Mark Fuller
, former president of Doss Aviation

pic Phil Fleming

Item: A new impaneled Federal Grand Jury in Washington D.C. is not only looking now at the activities of both Emanuel and Rove but also U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald as well as BushFRAUD appointed Alabama Judge Mark Fuller, who took a $300,000 BRIBE from HealthSouth as to arrange a frame up trial against the former Democratic Governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman.

How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants
and kings and notable queens!

Note: Listen to this, folks. Guess who showed up on MSNBC's Chrissy Pooh Matthews aka Tweety Bird's political gossip talk show aka Hardball on Friday afternoon to try to poo-poo the escalating investigation of Karl Rove.

Well, it was none other than alleged Chicago Tribune journalist, British Intelligence asset and homosexual in-the-closet James Warren.

Message to Chrissy Pooh: This is your last warning. Quit enabling obstruction of justice in your attempt to protect the Bush-Clinton Family Syndicate gang from being prosecuted by putting on these extortion-friendly, blackmailer-types, media whores like James Warren, who should all be taken to Guantanamo Bay.

P.S. As much as torture-gate, like Ms. California's opposition to homosexuals, is a diversion by the controlled media from dealing with the REAL stories like the illegal PRE 9/11 domestic spying against the American People as well as the looting of the U.S. Treasury by the conspiratorial Federal Reserve, today let us bring you some real TRUTH about the BushFRAUD Administration's torture of alleged terrorists.

Reference: It is important to remember that it was our great ally of 200 years, the Republic of France, and its Intelligence services, that intercepted an Israeli-British cable that had originated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), that contained the 9/11 command and control attack order:

"The time is now, the match is hot."

This PRE 9/11 warning was passed on to the BushFRAUD State Department aka Condoleezza Rice as well as the FBI; it was utterly ignored by the BushFRAUD Administration.

Now let's really connect the dots here, folks.

This Israeli-British cable intercepted by the French, and now classified in Great Britain under the British Secrets Act, is titled "WD 199".

The cable, which also reached alleged Al Qaeda cells inside the United States, gave various alleged terrorists aka Pakistani Intelligence officers a heads up on what was about to occur. Note: As we have described in previous intelligence briefings, all of the alleged Al Qaeda cells on American soil have been infiltrated PRE 9/11 by the Israeli Mossad with its headquarters at the noted New Jersey-based Urban Moving Systems.

As previously reported, the BushFRAUD Administration ignored the PRE 9/11 warnings that were given to them by their own FBI and French Intelligence.
In fact the FBI field office in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the late FBI New York Special Agent in Charge, John P. O'Neill, had already identified the Al Qaeda cells in Minneapolis that got a PRE 9/11 heads up as early as July of 2001.

Note: The late FBI field agent John P. O'Neill died in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, a victim of the rogue U.S.-Israeli Mossad attack on New York City and the United States of America.

This included alleged 9/11 mastermind aka U.S.-CIA-Pakistani Intelligence officer Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

U.S. employees
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden

Mohammed, like Osama bin Laden aka CIA Tim Osman, were U.S. government employees at the time, reference their role with the Mujahadeen in the 1980s, in their war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Most of the evidence that FBI investigator John P. O'Neill and the Minnesota FBI office had gathered against the alleged Al Qaeda cells and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed dealt with only with PRE 9/11 knowledge of an alleged "big show" that was about to take place.

There was no evidence linking them to the operational planning of what we now know was a rogue U.S. government BLACK OP aka inside job that was the 9/11 attack itself.

Reference: It was only after the 9/11 attack itself that the alleged members of these Al Qaeda cells, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, were arrested and taken to Guantanamo Bay and named "enemy combatants". Of course, you see now, folks, these guys were not military combatants, they were nothing more than "gossip merchants".

Accordingly, rather than deal with the Israeli role in the infiltration of these cells and the use of these alleged Al Qaeda as patsies by the REAL 9/11 plotters, they were then tortured and waterboarded into making false confessions regarding their roles in 9/11.

U.S.-Canadian Red/Blue War Games, which took place on 9/11, were used as a disguise to shut down the U.S. defense shield NORAD to allow the BLACK OP attacks on New York City and the Pentagon

The torture, of course, was ordered by Vice pResident Dick Cheney who, himself, was in charge of the Red-Blue U.S.-Canadian 9/11 war games that were used as a disguise to shut down the U.S. NORAD Air Force defense shield that allowed the 9/11 BLACK OP attack to take place and succeed.

The question is out there, folks.

If you are going to try to put on trial or detain or even torture alleged Al Qaeda aka patsies for knowing in advance about 9/11, then isn't it time for the U.S. Marshal Service to arrest Cheney, BushFRAUD, Condoleezza Rice and neo Nazi Michael Hayden and all of their conspirators for knowing in advance of 9/11 and doing nothing!

A personal note: I would keep Guantanamo Bay open for these folks and, along with former Vice President now year 2000 non-inaugurated, duly elected natural born President Albert Gore Jr., ourselves administer the waterboarding on TRAITORS BushFRAUD, Cheney, Rice, Hayden and its corporate media fascist enablers like James Warren.

P.P.S. Congratulations to year 2000 duly elected natural born President Albert Gore Jr. for touching on these subjects to some degree in his remarks about misfit draft dodger and 9/11 co-conspirator, former Vice pResident Dick Cheney.

Albert Gore touched on the alleged torturing of individuals that had nothing to do with 9/11.

Let us connect the dots, folks.

Gore is referring to the torture of alleged Iraqi Intelligence Officers.

Gore's remarks connect the dots concerning the "Big Lie" that former Vice pResident Dick Cheney circulated concerning alleged representatives of Saddam Hussein aka Iraqi Intelligence Officers that took place in Prague, Czechoslovakia
well before 9/11 with members of alleged Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden aka CIA's Tim Osman.

We now know folks the meeting never took place in Prague and that there was no link between Saddam Hussein and 9/11, at all!

What happened, folks, is that these alleged Iraqi Intelligence Officers were taken to Guantanamo Bay after 9/11 and were tortured and waterboarded in an attempt to procure false confessions concerning a meeting that we now know never happened.

As you know, folks, as time went by the BushFRAUD Administration continued its crime spree (which started with the THEFT of the year 2000 presidential election), and continued their lies, with gross misrepresentation of alleged WMDs in Iraq, and the biggest lie of them all, that Saddam Hussein was working on a nuclear weapon vis a vis a forged British Intelligence document out of Niger that claimed Saddam had procured "yellow cake" for the purpose of making a nuclear bomb.

BushFRAUD went on to the United Nations to continue to promote the big lie aka his mushroom cloud speech.

Note: It was the head of French Intelligence that warned both BushFRAUD and Condoleezza Rice the yellow cake document was a British Intelligence forgery and was not solid evidence concerning the prospect of Iraq developing a nuclear bomb.

Of course, BushFRAUD, who then ignored another French Intelligence warning, proceeded to go to the UN to promote his "big lie", invited his 9/11 co-conspirator Dunblaine pedophile and soon to be fellow Iraq War criminal, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, to the White House to plot the TREASONOUS illegal war in Iraq, which has killed thousands of American soldiers, thousands of innocent Iraqis, empowered Iran and cost the U.S. Treasury and its Taxpayers 9.7 TRILLION dollars.

Note: BushFRAUD then proceeded to mount a personal vendetta against America's greatest ally, the Republic of France, whose only actions were an attempt to stop 9/11, save American lives and stop BushFRAUD from murdering innocent American soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians in his criminal and TREASONUS war aka British Petroleum oil grab in Iraq.

How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants
and kings and notable queens!

Item: It was former Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected natural born President Albert Gore Jr., who was one of few notable Democrats that opposed the Iraq War from the beginning and knew what HIGH Treason and criminal activity Bush and Cheney had embarked on.

It is interesting, folks, that every time our duly elected President Gore gives a speech CNN puts election-stealing, illegal Iraq War enabler, BushFRAUD stooge, 5th degree witch and James Carville's wife, Mary Matalin, immediately on CNN to personally attack former Vice President Gore.
Mary Matalin and James Carville
Getty Images

Message to Matalin's husband, James Carville: It is in your best interest to keep your 5th degree witch wife locked in your house given her criminal and TREASONOUS activity against the American Republic. She needs to be taken immediately to Guantanamo Bay, duct taped and handcuffed.

Rumor has it that Tipper Gore would like to spend five minutes along with the sociopath witch Matalin. At that point, Matalin's career as an anti-Al Gore commentator would come to an end.

P.P.P.S. At this hour a full scale feminazi tribalist war has broken out between Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congresswoman from California and Israeli Mossad agent Jane Harman.

Both are leaking on each other and trying to destroy each other's career.

Jane Harman (top), Jonah Goldberg (L), Matt Drudge (R)

The attacks on Pelosi are being orchestrated by Harman's Israeli Mossad 'handlers' and noted right wing free lance journalist, Kenneth Starr-Monica Lewinsky enabler of the 1990s, Jonah Goldberg, and internet mogul, Israeli Mossad asset and 1990s Kenneth Starr, anti-Al Gore stooge, Matt Drudge aka Drecht.

Note: Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate enabler, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, now wants to investigate Pelosi but not Israeli Mossad agent Jane Harman.
Newt Gingrich and 3rd wife Callista

Gingrich, an archenemy of duly elected President Albert Gore, also participated with Kenneth Starr in covering up the Bush-Clinton-Mossad "TRUE COLORS" assassination teams during the 1990s.

Gingrich belongs in a federal prison for Obstruction of Justice and Misprision of Felonies based on his illegal activities in the 1990s.

Reference: It is also important to recall that Gingrich married Jackie his high school math teach 7 years his senior; he then engaged in an extra-marital affair and later requested a separation while she was recovering from sugery for cancer;
during the Israeli Mossad agent Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton period, on Mother's Day, Gingrich asked for a divorce from his 2nd wife just after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis to marry his long time adulterous lover Callista, a one-time Congressional aide 23 years his junior and known hooker from Madam Palfey's Washington D.C. escort service.

Drecht who, along with Clinton Administration era Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, had run the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate's Monica Lewinsky diversion, is an archenemy of duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. and actually a personal friend of loser and lesbian in-the-closet U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

Drudge aka Drecht, currently is not seen in public but talks to Jonah Goldberg on a daily basis, also travels on a monthly basis to Tel Aviv, Israel to receive treatment for the HIV virus, which Drudge received aka got infected from his lifelong Japanese lover.

We can now report that Drudge aka Drecht is dying of full blown AIDS.

Final note: As we close this intelligence briefing, the corporate fascist, extortion-friendly media elite filth continue to cover up the criminal activities of this Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate cabal that has destroyed the United States of America. Example: David Gregory, host of NBC Meet the Press, who makes $5 million a year and enjoys reporting on female horses, gay marriage, abortions and trivial gossip type news, wants to have us all "move on" and not deal with the crimes and HIGH TREASON perpetrated against the American People by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate.

My opinion, folks, is if this media filth does not want to report REAL news, then let them take a pay cut and spend their time at horse racing barns deciding which horse they like best the male or female horse.

Given what we know about this media filth they probably would like both horses and invite them to one of their tribalistic toga parties in Washington, D.C.

Stay tuned for our future intelligence briefing, which will include foreign born alleged President Obama's latest attempt to appoint Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate bagman, Utah Mormon Governor Jon Huntsman, as the U.S. envoy to China.
Mormon Mitt Romney and Republican Utah Governor Jon Huntsman

Huntsman is personal friends of derivative Ponzi Scheme expert, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and former Citibank CEO Robert Rubin, and has major ties to former Republican Presidential candidate and member of the Church of Satanic Latter Day Saints, Mitt Romney, with connections to offshore hedge funds and the noted daddy Bush CIA bank, the Key Bank of Utah.

Message to foreign born alleged President Obama: A lot of Democrats and Patriotic American citizens patience with you is running out.

Your support is collapsing among your own Democratic Party base.

We know, as well as you do, President Obama, that the polls showing you with massive approval from the American People are bought and paid for by the same criminal Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate-Federal Reserve Banks that you are supporting, financing and enabling on a weekly basis at the expense of the American People's U.S. Treasury.
"Skull and Bones" Greg Craig (L), Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel
Loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton
rcenter pic: Alex Wong / Getty Images

The presence of "Skull and Bonesman" Greg Craig, Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel and Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate's queen, loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton in your cabinet should have told us months ago what your "true colors" really are Barack Obama.
click url to enlarge

You, Barack Obama, are a stooge, misfit and enabler in the destruction of the American Republic!

We announce to the criminal government and its criminal corporate media enablers: YOU ARE TOO CORRUPT TO CONTINUE!

Monday, May 4, 2009

the Chief culprit is Asef SHAWKAT for the execution of the massacre since January 24th 2002 and the Hit on Mr. Elie HOBEIKA, same tactics, & signature

New evidence that Hariri assassination was ordered in Washington and Jerusalem and the Chief culprit is Asef SHAWKAT for the execution of the assassinations since January 24th 2002 and the Hit on Mr. Elie HOBEIKA, same tactics, same signature...on behalf of the infamous White House Murder INC,... Syrian Military Intelligence always acts as a cut-out for the CIA.... remember Lockerbie...and PANAM 103....?

On April 29, 2009, UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon pre-trial Judge Daniel Fransen ordered the release from prison of four Lebanese generals who had been implicated in the 2005 car bombing assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. The special tribunal convened on March 1 of this year and the UN took over the case against the four generals from the Lebanese government.

The four generals, who are considered pro-Syrian, were thought by the initial UN investigators and the Lebanese government to have been involved in a conspiracy hatched by Damascus to kill Hariri. However, as WMR previously reported, the evidence against Syria in the assassinations of Hariri and other leading Lebanese politicians was always flimsy. In fact, the assassinations of Lebanese leaders was cooked up by the Bush administration neo-conservatives and their allies in Jerusalem to force the withdrawal of Syrian forces from Lebanon.

In 2005, under pressure from the Bush administration, a UN investigative committee charged that Syrian and Lebanese intelligence were behind Hariri's assassination. Prior to the release of the four generals, Mohammad Zuhair al-Siddiq, a former Syrian intelligence officer, was arrested in the United Arab Emirates as a suspect in Hariri's assassination.

The four Lebanese generals released were Jamil Sayyad, the chief of Lebanese General Security under the Syrian occupation; Ali al-Hajj, the former chief of the Internal Security Forces; Raymond Azar, the former head of Lebanese Army intelligence; and Mustafa Hamdan, the chief of the Presidential Guard under then-President Emile Lahoud. They were held for four years in prison without charges being brought or even being questioned by prosecutors.

Chief UN prosecutor Daniel Bellemare asked Fransen to drop the case against the "four generals" because a key witness against them retracted his testimony, causing the case to collapse.

Lebanon's Hezbollah welcomed the release of the four generals.

In December 2008, the UN Special Tribunal in a report to the UN Security Council, stated: "Those responsible for the attacks were professional and took extensive measures to cover their tracks and hide their identity. Much of the Commission's activity at this point . . . focuses on piercing this smokescreen to get at the truth."

On October 24, 2006, WMR reported: "A senior French DGSE -- Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure-- intelligence officer has told WMR that Lebanon's ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was killed in a car bombing arranged by Israel's Mossad. The revelation from French intelligence is significant as the French government of Jacques Chirac joined the Bush administration and the neo-con policy establishments in Washington and Israel in blaming Syria for the attack. According to the DGSE officer, Israel and its American backers wanted to blame Syria for the assassination of the popular Lebanese leader in order to blame Syria for the attack thus forcing the popular Lebanese revolt that saw the withdrawal of Syrian forces. That left Lebanon defenseless for the 'Clean Break' attack launched by Israel, with US support, against Hezbollah and Lebanon's infrastructure. WMR was one of the first to report Israeli and American involvement in the assassination of Hariri, as well as those of Elie Hobeika, George Hawi, and other Lebanese politicians."

On March 28, 2008, WMR reported: "A UN panel headed by former Canadian prosecutor Daniel Bellemare has concluded that former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated by a 'criminal networK' and not by either Syrian and Lebanese intelligence or Lebanese Hezbollah as proffered by the neocon propaganda mill operating out of Washington, DC and Jerusalem. The UN panel said that a 'Hariri Network' had the ex-Prime Minister under surveillance before the Beirut massive car bombing that killed Hariri and 22 other people in November 2005. WMR previously reported that the 'criminal network' was composed of Lebanese and rogue Syrian intelligence agents connected to Israel's Mossad and a White House operation run by National Security Council senior staff member Elliott Abrams, the formerly convicted Iran-contra figure."

It is not yet known whether al-Siddiq, the former Syrian intelligence agent arrested in the UAE, is thought to be a member of the criminal network, described by the UN, that killed Hariri.

On March 28, 2008, WMR also stated: "Although for political reasons the UN refrained from identifying the members of the 'criminal element,' WMR has reported it included rogue Syrians, Druze, and Palestinian intelligence operatives in Lebanon, as well as mercenaries linked to now jailed international arms smuggler Viktor Bout and members of the Russian-Israeli 'organizatsiya' criminal syndicate. WMR was criticized by the neocon press when it first reported on the actual elements behind Hariri's assassination and charges of 'anti-Semitism' were the rule rather than the exception."

On November 1, 2005, WMR reported: "WMR has obtained the Confidential version of the Mehlis Report on the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Mehlis is the Senior Public Prosecutor in the Attorney General's Office in Berlin. He was named Commissioner of the UN International Independent Investigation Commission into the Hariri assassination. Mehlis is a darling of neocons who served in the Reagan administration. It was his investigation of the 1982 La Belle Discotheque bombing in West Berlin that was used as justification by Reagan to launch a 1986 bombing attack on Libya. Mehlis concluded that Libya was behind the attack conveniently at the same time that pro-Israelis in the Reagan administration, including Richard Perle, Michael Ledeen, Paul Wolfowitz, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Scooter Libby, and others were calling for an attack on Muammar Qaddafi. The Mehlis Report, dated October 19, 2005, states the Commission 'focused on the crime scene, technical aspects of the crime, analysis of telephone intercepts, the testimony of more than 500 witnesses and sources, as well as the institutional context in which the crime took place.' The confidential copy indicates that certain information, all of which implicates Syria and pro-Syrian Lebanese officials, was added just before the report was issued."

The dropping of all charges against the four generals is yet additional proof that the Mehlis Report was a neocon fraud aimed at destabilizing Lebanon in 2005, forcing the withdrawal of the Syrians from the country, sending Syria a warning to close its border with Iraq to prevent fighters from entering Iraq to fight U.S. occupation troops, and leaving Lebanon wide open for a brutal Israeli attack in 2006. WMR's November 1, 2005 report concluded: "Given all the bogus intelligence emanating from the neo cons and their Israeli, British, Italian, and Iraqi allies prior to the invasion of Iraq, the 'intelligence' contained in the Mehlis Report, which may have been placed therein by unconfirmed US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton and his staff, makes the charges against Syria highly dubious."

The dropping of the charges against the four generals is seen as a boost the electoral chances for Hezbollah in June elections. Currently, Lebanon is governed by a pro-U.S. and anti-Syrian government led by Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. The nationalistic and anti-Israeli opposition primarily consists of the Shi'a-dominated Hezbollah and an influential Christian faction led by retired General Michel Aoun.

On April 1, 2005, the a U.S. State Department neocon propaganda unit, referring to this editor as a "self-described journalist," attacked the reports about Hariri being assassinated by U.S. and Israeli interests. The Obama administration continues to maintain the Bush-era State Department propaganda website that attacks journalists who cite American crimes and malfeasance in other countries.

Hariri targeted by US/Israeli circles beginning in 1996....

We have learned from knowledgeable Middle East intelligence sources that former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri earned the wrath of neocon circles in the United States and Israel as early as 1996. Eventually, after the 9/11 attacks when U.S. foreign policy was being dictated by neocon circles in Washington and Jerusalem, a false flag operation was launched that resulted in the 2005 car bombing assassination of Hariri in Beirut and subsequent blame being placed on Syria....through the links of the Infamous White House Murder INC, and Asef Shawkat.

In April 1996, Israel launched a military blitz against targets in Lebanon's south and in Beirut in a military campaign known as Operation Grapes of Wrath. The operation coincided with a campaign to derail Middle East prospects by a group of American neocons that culminated in a policy paper titled, "A Clean Break: a New Strategy for Securing the Realm."

The blueprint called for an end to the Middle East peace strategy that began with Camp David and the Carter administration. It would serve as the underpinnings for the extreme foreign policy of incoming Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Behind the scenes, the "Clean Break" was also endorsed by leading neocons inside the Clinton administration, including a number of pro-Israeli foreign policy-makers destined for a possible future Hillary Clinton administration.

Grapes of Wrath ended with an agreement known as the "April Understanding," a tacit agreement on April 26, 1996, between Lebanese Hezbollah and Israel (with the support of France, Syria, and Lebanon) that both sides would refrain from attacking each other's civilian targets. One of the events that prompted the agreement was the Israeli attack on the UN compound at Qana in south Lebanon where 106 Lebanese women, elderly, and children refugees from the fighting were killed in an Israeli attack.

During this time, Hariri lobbied hard for Paris, other European Union capitals, and Washington to accept Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah as a negotiating partner and grant Hezbollah international recognition. Although the April Understanding represented a virtual agreement by Israel to respect cease fire on civilian targets with Nasrallah and Hezbollah, the agreement did not sit well with neocons and their allies in Israel (including then-Prime Minister Shimon Peres) and the United States. In fact, the Clinton administration began to undermine Hariri immediately.

Middle East intelligence sources have confirmed that not only was Hariri targeted by the neocons in retaliation for the lobbying for Nasrallah and brokering the April Understanding but that this revenge targeting was ultimately implemented in the car bombing of Hariri on February 14, 2005. In addition, the neocons, using Mossad agent-of-influence President Nicolas Sarkozy of France as their conduit, successfully achieved the punishment of former French President Jacques Chirac, a supporter of Hariri, and Chirac's then-presidential secretary, former Foreign Minister Dominique deVillepin. Both Chirac and deVillepin have been indicted as part of the neocons' and Mossad's revenge operations.

The ruse that there was some type of coordinated U.S. and Israeli attack, code-named Operation Orchard, on a suspected Syrian nuclear installation at Dayr az-Zwar was yet another neocon plot to discredit Syrian President Bashar Assad after attempts to link him with the car bombings of Hariri and several other Lebanese politicians fell under suspicion by several of the world's intelligence agencies. In the case of the attack on the so-called Syrian nuclear site, WMR's intelligence sources report at the most, the site was a missile construction center. Syria said it was a desertification research center. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) rejected suggestions that the site was a nuclear center.

Monday, April 20, 2009

CIA uses Islamists and backwards youth all over conflict zones

CIA uses Islamists and backwards youth all over conflict zones
Islamist Mehsud; working for the CIA?

There are very few Islamists in Pakistan!

In the 2008 general election in Pakistan, "the parties linked, or at least sympathetic, to the Taliban and 'al Qaeda' saw their share of the votes slashed to about 3%".

So, only 3% are wild Islamists.

(Islam at the Ballot Box - )

Remember that the CIA can offer no evidence that Osama is in Pakistan.

And, the UK government can offer no evidence in its latest 'Pakistani terrorist plot'.

Reportedly, in Pakistan, the Islamists are secretly backed by the CIA.

The CIA appears to be using its Islamist friends to break up Pakistan.

Rememeber that in 1978, President Carter's regime was training and building up the wild Islamists in Afghanistan.

The aim was to topple the government of Afghanistan, which was seen as being friendly with Russia.

Afghanistan's heroin was important to the USA. Afghan poppy production tripled between 1979 and 82; and there are now drug lords in the government of President Hamid Karzai. (Afghanistan: U.S. Escalates the Illegal Drug Industry)

Who will control the oil and heroin?

Ahmed Quraishi, on 9 April 2009, at, tells us:

Cut CIA’s Footprint In Pakistan

Among the points made:

1. Many in Pakistan believe the terror in Pakistan is linked to the CIA.

2. In July 2008, Pakistan’s military gave CIA and U.S. commanders evidence showing that the US government was indirectly protecting anti-Pakistan terrorists.

3. The so called Islamist Abdullah Mehsud (who may be linked to the CIA) was used to attack Chinese interests in Pakistan.

Until now CIA drones have never targeted Abdullah or Baitullah Mehsud or any other militia that is committed to attacking Pakistan.

4. The Indian and Afghan intelligence services are aiding terrorism inside Pakistan.

5. In 2002, the US was allowed to set bases in Balochistan, in Pakistan.

The CIA was allowed to recruit Pakistanis in the tribal belt in Pakistan.

These two areas are now the most disturbed parts of Pakistan.

6. The US government is hoping to make it impossible for China 'to pursue trade and energy corridors through Pakistan'.

Simple minded patsies?

And what about Kasab and the Mumbai Attacks?

Is Kasab a poorly educated patsy?

In late 1998, black-clad ninjas murdered hundreds of innocent people in East Java, In Indonesia.
Some of the victims were mentally handicapped youths, easy targets.

(Murder in Java: Psychological warfare and the New York Times)

Bloody decapitated heads were paraded around the streets.

Reportedly, the killings were part of a psychological terror campaign ( like that waged in 1965 by the US-advised Indonesian Army, when at least 500,000 civilians were killed.)

In 1998, as in '65, there was the distribution of death lists to terrify the public, the arrival of assassins in trucks, mutilation of corpses and display of body parts in public places.

Some observers believed that a faction of the US-trained army was fomenting terror to justify a military crackdown.

Army members were arrested by local authorities for the killings, and then mysteriously released.

Pro-democracy activists in Jakarta pointed out that'Ninja' is the term popularly used to designate the Army Special Forces (Kopassus) in disguise.

Are the security services using mentally backward people for false flag operations?

1. Nicky Reilly, who was involved in the nail bomb explosions in Exeter, England, in May 2008, was under surveillance by the Security Services. ( Face of the 'nail bomber': Police were tailing Muslim convert ...) . Was he being used by them?

2. "GENTLE giant Nicky Reilly may have been 'brainwashed' into becoming a would-be suicide bomber... police say.

"The mentally ill 22-year-old was arrested on Thursday after a homemade nail bomb blew up in his face in a busy restaurant. (
Mentally ill man 'brainwashed' into suicide bomb bid, police say)

"Mr Reilly’s stepfather, Philip Dinner, is a convicted heroin dealer and his younger brother, Luke, 20, is serving a six-year prison sentence for kicking a man unconscious in a violent robbery." (Neighbours tell of Nicky Reilly’s troubled past )

"One neighbour, Daniel Turner, 20, said... 'He is mentally ill and probably has the mental age of a 10 year old'...

"The chairman of the local Islamic Centre, Syed Rahman, said Mr Reilly may have prayed at the mosque but denied any knowledge of him. 'Certainly no one who attends our mosque has anything to do with extremism,' he said. 'This guy may have come to us, but we do not know him and we do not recognise him.'" (Exeter bombing suspect was 'brainwashed', friends insist)

3. It has been alleged that the American trained Indonesian military used mentally backward youths in their terror plots.

In 1998, elements of the Indonesian military wanted to topple Indonesia's President Wahid.

Allegedly, in East Java, members of the military dressed up as Ninjas.

Allegedly the military then dumped mental patients in villages.

When the village vigilantes arrived, they thought the mentally backward youths were Ninjas and chopped their heads off.

Indonesia was destabilised.

There is a suspicion that the security services recruit their patsies from among the weakest members in society: people with mental problems, people who are petty criminals, people who can be easily brainwashed. (

4. The mentally disturbed Marinus Van der Lubbe was accused by the Nazis of causing the Reichstag Fire. Many believe that he was manipulated by the Gestapo.

Historians Bahar and Kugel used evidence from Gestapo archives to argue that the fire was almost certainly started by the Nazis. They say that a commando group of at least three, and at most ten SA men led by Hans Georg Gewehr set the fire using self-lighting incendiaries, and that Van der Lubbe was brought to the scene later.

5. 'Retarded Prisoner Was Informant For London Terror Raid', according to the London Mirror, June 18 2006

( )

A MAN with an IQ of just 69 is believed to be the trigger behind the bungled terror raid in Forest Gate, East London.

Ex-waiter Mohammed Abu Bakr Mansha, 22, was a childhood pal of the innocent two brothers arrested in the dawn swoop by police two weeks ago.

In January he was jailed for six years for terror offences - and even described in court as an "utter incompetent". Soon afterwards, friends of brothers Abul Kahar, 23, and Abul Koyair, 20, visited him at top-security Belmarsh prison, in South-East London.

And, the Sunday Mirror has learned, that meeting sparked a surveillance operation on the men by the security services. According to a friend of the brothers, they laughed at constantly being followed. Our source said: "It was so obvious we treated it as a joke."

Then new information came through, said to include detailed drawings of a suicide vest.

That led to Operation Volga - the botched police operation to arrest the brothers, which led to Kahar being shot. After seven days in custody they were released without charge amid claims of incompetence and brutality.

Friends of the men believe dim Mansha was the trigger for the extraordinary operation.

Mansha's lawyer Sara O'Keefe revealed how her client was moved just before the raid from category 'A' Belmarsh to a softer category 'B' jail. She did not know why he got the favourable treatment, or whether he unwittingly helped MI5. Told that the brothers knew they were being followed she said: "That sounds about right."

Mansha - serving six years for possessing an old address of a British Army war hero, which police suspected was part of a terror plot - is appealing against his sentence. His trial revealed him to be educationally subnormal with an IQ of 69 - compared to the average of 100.

In the US that would make his court evidence unreliable.

If Mansha is confirmed as the trigger for the raid, it will be hugely humiliating for the security services in their battle against terror.

Police and intelligence officials claim the information was from a reliable single source who knew the brothers and whom the security services had dealt with before.

But our probe suggests that if Mansha was at the centre of the investigation, the intelligence is highly suspect and deeply embarrassing for MI5. Vajahat Sharif, lawyer for one brother, slammed the "scattergun" approach, saying it would lead to police targeting more innocent people. He said: "Where does this stop? What about Mansha's friends, family or neighbours? They know him, so presumably they're terrorists."

A friend of the brothers said they'd grown up with Mansha. He said: "We used to play in the street. Abu was strange. He'd suddenly lose it. Once while playing street football, he got upset as no one passed to him. He took out a gun and went pop, pop, pop."

He added: "Once I saw him pee in the eye of a man lying on the floor, for fun. I've seen him do all sorts, bad things, because he's a nutter - but he's no al-Qaeda bomber. He needs help, not banging up. A few guys visited him in jail. I didn't go as I didn't like him, but suddenly Kahar and Koyair were being followed. It was so obvious we all treated it like a joke. Maybe if I'd gone too they'd have raided my house and shot me. It's a f***ing outrage."

On June 2 at 4am 250 officers, including forensic and chemicals experts, waited at the terraced home of their parents Abul Kalam and Alif Jan. Bursting through a window, 50 cops met Kahar and Koyair on the stairs. Kahar was shot in the shoulder. They were held for seven days as police dug the garden and drilled holes into walls seeking a chemical device.

A week later police issued a grudging apology, outraging locals. The brothers are suing for distress, wrongful imprisonment and damage to their house. But a pal said: "They don't blame Abu, he's an old friend. But he's capable of saying and doing anything. If he did say anything it would be madness if the police took him seriously."

GIA - 1995 - le Gouvernement français et la DST savaient où les bombes allaient être posées :

12 avril 2007 - ÉLECTIONS PRÉSIDENTIELLES - Les attentats en Algérie peuvent-ils favoriser Sarko ?

11 avril 2007 - ATTENTATS D’ALGER - Les journalistes ont trouvé le coupable en une demi-heure !
Moines de Tibéhirine :

Sachez aussi une chose essentielle pour bien comprendre : l’Algérie, c’est encore et toujours la France ! :

Une visite de ce site (MAOL) vous en convaincra :

Il est très important de parcourir en détail le site du MAOL, le site du "Mouvement Algérien des Officiers Libres", qui dénonce à peu près toutes les manipulations du terrorisme en Algérie :

Lire en particulier cette page qui dénonce que les généraux qui gouvernent actuellement l’Algérie sont d’« anciens » harkis au service de la France :
OU bien lire ce texte beaucoup plus court et très explicite : Le serment des membres du MAOL (Mouvement Algérien des Officiers Libres) :
Extrait :
« L’Armée Nationale Populaire a de tout temps été le symbole de l’honneur et du sacrifice, mais l’avènement d’officiers supérieures (ex-officiers de l’armée française ou relatifs) à ses commandes, nous a reconduit plus de quarante ans en arrière. Les pendules sont à l’heure de l’occupation. « Pour toutes ces raisons et pour suivre l’exemple de nos frères officiers et sous-officiers lâchement exécutés dès les premières heures de la guerre civile par d’autres membres de l’Armée Nationale Populaire sous les commandes de Mariane, nous combattrons ces nouveaux harkis et leurs alliés jusqu’à la dernière goutte de notre sang. »

Lire aussi : La Colonie française en Algérie de Lounis Aggoun ou les liens entre services francais et algeriens menent aux faux groupes islamiques GIA, GICM, GSPC/AQMI

Vu sur : Alterinfo


The use of the Muslim Brotherhood by MI6 and the CIA in Egypt, Syria and Iran

Links between 'Moslem militants' and the security services.

Murder in Java: Psychological warfare and the New York Times