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The CIA runs the USA, and other countries, using the 'Deep State'.

The CIA runs the USA, and other countries, using the 'Deep State'.

According to John Glaser (
The American Deep State by John Glaser -

"The US defense budget is the largest piece of the budget...

"The intelligence community is ... as a Washington Post investigation put it, 'so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs...

"The 'deep state' in America seems more threatening and out of control than does Pakistan's".

The 'Deep State' aims to keep the elites in power.

According to peter Dale Scott (
The "Deep State" behind U.S. democracy [Voltaire Network]): "The term 'Deep State' comes from Turkey.

"They invented it after the wreck of a speeding Mercedes in 1996 in which the passengers were:

a Member of Parliament,

a beauty queen,

a local senior police captain,

and an important drug trafficker in Turkey who was also the head of a criminal paramilitary organization - the Grey Wolves - that went around killing people.

"And it became very obvious in Turkey that there were a covert relationship between the police ... and these people who committed crimes on behalf of the state...

"The 'Deep State' is... a parallel secret government, organized by the intelligence and security apparatus, financed by drugs, and engaging in illicit violence, to protect the status and interests of the military against threats from intellectuals, religious groups, and occasionally the constitutional government."

The 'Deep State' carried out the Bologna Massacre in 1980

The 'Deep State' has been responsible for:

Recruiting Nazis into the CIA (Operation Paperclip)

Planning acts of terrorism in the USA (Operation Northwoods).

Carrying out acts of terrorism in Europe (Operation Gladio)

Gaining control of the media (Operation Mockingbird)

Carrying out torture experiments on children, in order to turn them into brainwashed sex slaves or assassins (MK ULTRA)

Smuggling cocaine into the USA (Iran Contra)

Using al Qaeda to weaken countries such as Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya.

Running child abuse rings, such as the Dutroux network.

Italy provides a good example of how the 'Deep State' operates.

In Italy, the P2 masonic lodge was a link between the mafia and the government. (

In March 1981, the Italian police found a list of the 962 members of P2, which contained the names of:

3 government ministers and 43 members of parliament,

43 generals and 8 admirals,

Secret service chiefs,

Top bureaucrats and diplomats,

Police commanders, industrialists, financiers, journalists and TV personalities.

Ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky wrote that Licio Gelli, P-2's Grand Master, was the ally of Mossad in Italy and that Gelli also had a close relationship with the Gladio group. (
down with murder inc / Israel, Mossad, Iran and a Nuclear False Flag Attack )

Top people who allegedly had contact with P-2 include Henry Kissinger, Edmond de Rothschild, and David Rockefeller.

The 'Deep State' reportedly combines mafias, military chiefs and monarchs.

The South of France provides another example.

In 1999, according to Peter Dale Scott, a former Canadian diplomat, (
The Global Drug Meta-Group.) a meeting took place at Adnan Khashoggi's villa in Beaulieu, near Monaco.

Those at the meeting included a member of the Yeltsin cabal and four people with passports from Venezuela, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Germany.

Between them they allegedly enjoyed excellent relations with:

1) Ayman al-Zawahiri, the 'mastermind of 9/11'.

2) Soviet military intelligence.

3) the FARC Colombian revolutionary group.

4) the Kosovo Liberation Army.

5) (according to a well-informed Russian source) the CIA.

India has its 'Deep State'. Brijesh Mishra holds a meeting with Tony Blair's Jewish security adviser Sir David Manning in New Delhi on July 10, 2002. Manning was in New York on 9 11 and saw the Twin Towers attacked. Brijesh Mishra has connections with Sonia Gandhi's Italian family through his daughter Jyotsna.

K S Sudarshan, former leader of the Hindu nationalist RSS organisation, says that Sonia Gandhi works for the CIA.

K S Sudarshan accused Sonia Gandhi of plotting the assassinations of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and his mother Indira Gandhi .

Allegedly, Turkey's prime minister, Recep Erdogan, has secret Jewish origins.

Reportedly, the CIA and its friends run Turkey.

Reportedly, the CIA used to run Turkey using the secret 'Ergenekon' organisation also known as the 'Deep state' - made up of certain top military people, certain journalists, certain mafia figures etc.

Reportedly, the CIA dumped some of those people as they had become too 'nationalist'.

Reportedly, the CIA now runs Turkey using the Gulen movement - a Moslem organisation whose boss, Fethullah Gülen, lives in the USA.

There are 'Gülen schools' in 140 countries and Gulen is involved in the media and in running businesses.

The Gulen movement has close links to Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP)

Gülenists allegedly hold key posts in Turkey's interior and education ministries, judiciary system, and police.

Reportedly, Gülenists now control the Turkish military.

The 'Deep State' is prepared to torture and murder children. Photo of CIA's MK ULTRA operation.

On 29 December 2011, at EurasiaNet, there is an article about the people who secretly run
Turkey - the Gülen Movement and the Deep State?

Journalists Ahmet Şık and Nedim Şener were investigating the Gülen movement.

They were arrested in March 2011 and put on trial on 26 December 2011.

Şık and Şener were arrested for alleged membership of Ergenekon.

On 20 December 2011, 38 journalists were arrested.

Also arrested have been former intelligence official Hanefi Avcı, author of a book about the Gulen movement, and Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü, an Islamic preacher widely seen as a rival of Fethullah Gülen.

"Citing personal safety concerns, several Turkish reporters, professors and columnists who have investigated the movement in Turkey declined to be interviewed by"

One journalist, Ertuğrul Mavioğlu, says that the Gulen movement has replaced the military as Turkey’s 'deep state.'

According to Mavioğlu: Turkey's prime minister Recep Erdoğan "is successful because he is in government and Fethullah Gulen has a lot of people in the government.

"The state is Fethullah Gulen..."

Mavioğlu claims Gulen wants to increase its influence via its schools and to secure business contracts for its Turkish followers....

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CIA officer 'outed' by Hezbollah is said to be "a rising star", you ain't seen nothin YET......

"... The CIA dismissed Hezbollah’s assertions....LOL LOL

“The agency does not, as a rule, address spurious claims from terrorist groups,” CIA spokeswoman Jennifer Youngblood said. “I think it’s worth remembering that Hezbollah is a dangerous organization, with al-Manar as its propaganda arm. That fact alone should cast some doubt on the credibility of the group’s claims.”
Former officials said one of the named officers was considered a rising star at the CIA and had been involved in many important operations in Iraq. Whether or not this employee would be able to continue a CIA career outside the U.S. is unknown. Former officials said it is likely Hezbollah has already shared photographs of the case officers with Iran, its closest ally.
It was not immediately clear whether the exposed CIA officers in Lebanon have been pulled out of the country...
The disclosure indicates that Hezbollah is sending a sharp message to the CIA to stay out of Lebanon, suggesting that it could have captured the CIA officers at any time since it knew their identities. In 1984, Hezbollah kidnapped the CIA station chief in Beirut. He was tortured and later killed..."

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Independent leaders are being systematically assassinated by the most Infamous White House Murder INC, since 2000....

Independent leaders are being systematically assassinated by the most Infamous White House Murder INC, since 2000....


Arbitrary indefinite detention of Americans and foreigners domestically and abroad without trial or charge

Yes, the Yanks want to legalize disappearing anyone anywhere anytime.

The National Defense Authorization Bill 2012, sections 1031 and 1032.

The bill is sponsored by Zionist sock puppets
Carl Levin and John McCain.

You may remember John McCain as the republican candidate who ran against wayang kulit CIA Obama. McCain distinguished himself during the electoral campaign by kowtowing, begging bowl in hand, to Jacob Rothschild at Spencer House in violation of US political fundraising laws.

Even slithering NWO slave
Dianne Feinstein seemed to baulk at this Nazi-inspired bill.

Lawlessness in the guise of law. Hic et Ubique....

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If You Thought US ZOG's Police Brutality Was Bad … Wait Until You See What the ZIOCONNED Aipac occupied US Congress Wants to Do Next Week....

If You Thought US ZOG's Police Brutality Was Bad … Wait Until You See What the ZIOCONNED Aipac occupied US Congress Wants to Do Next Week....

The police brutality against peaceful protesters in Berkeley, Davis, Oakland and elsewhere is bad enough.

But next week, Congress will vote on explicitly creating a police state.

The ACLU’s Washington legislative office explains:

The Senate is gearing up for a vote on Monday or Tuesday that goes to the very heart of who we are as Americans. The Senate will be voting on a bill that will direct American military resources not at an enemy shooting at our military in a war zone, but at American citizens and other civilians far from any battlefield — even people in the United States itself.


The Senate is going to vote on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — the power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians anywhere in the world.


The power is so broad that even U.S. citizens could be swept up by the military and the military could be used far from any battlefield, even within the United States itself. The worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial provision is in S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act bill, which will be on the Senate floor on Monday.


I know it sounds incredible. New powers to use the military worldwide, even within the United States? Hasn’t anyone told the Senate that Osama bin Laden is dead, that the president is pulling all of the combat troops out of Iraq and trying to figure out how to get combat troops out of Afghanistan too? And American citizens and people picked up on American or Canadian or British streets being sent to military prisons indefinitely without even being charged with a crime. Really? Does anyone think this is a good idea? And why now?


In support of this harmful bill, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) explained that the bill will “basically say in law for the first time that the homeland is part of the battlefield” and people can be imprisoned without charge or trial “American citizen or not.” Another supporter, Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) also declared that the bill is needed because “America is part of the battlefield.”


The senators pushing the indefinite detention proposal have made their goals very clear that they want an okay for a worldwide military battlefield, that even extends to your hometown.

Part of an Ongoing Trend

While this is shocking, it is not occurring in a vacuum. Indeed, it is part of a 30 year-long process of militarization inside our borders and a destruction of the American concepts of limited government and separation of powers.

As in May:

The ACLU noted yesterday [that] Congress is proposing handing permanent, world-wide war-making powers to the president – including the ability to make war within the United States:


As in 2008:

An article in the Army Times reveals that the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team will be redeployed from Iraq to domestic operations within the United States.

The unit will soon be under the day-to-day control of US Army North, the Army service component of Northern Command. The Army Times reports this new mission marks the first time an active unit has been given a dedicated assignment to Northern Command. The paper says the Army unit may be called upon to help with “civil unrest” and “crowd control”.

The soldiers are learning to use so-called “nonlethal weapons” designed to subdue unruly or dangerous individuals and crowds.

This violates posse comitatus and the Constitution. But, hey, we’re in a “national emergency”, so who cares, right?

(We’re still in a declared state of national emergency).

A couple of months later:

Everyone knows that deploying 20,000 troops on U.S. soil violates Posse Comitatus and the Constitution.

And everyone understands that staging troops within the U.S. to “help out with civil unrest and crowd control” increases the danger of overt martial law.

But no one is asking an obvious question: Does the government’s own excuse for deploying the troops make any sense?

Other Encroachments On Civil Rights Under Obama

As bad as Bush was, the truth is that, in many ways, freedom and constitutional rights are under attack even more than during the Bush years.

For example:

Obama has presided over the most draconian crackdown on leaks in our history — even more so than Nixon.

As Marjorie Cohen – professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and past president of the National Lawyers Guild – writes at the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy:

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, who is facing court-martial for leaking military reports and diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks, is being held in solitary confinement in Quantico brig in Virginia. Each night, he is forced to strip naked and sleep in a gown made of coarse material. He has been made to stand naked in the morning as other inmates walked by and looked. As journalist Lance Tapley documents in his chapter on torture in the supermax prisons in The United States and Torture, solitary confinement can lead to hallucinations and suicide; it is considered to be torture. Manning’s forced nudity amounts to humiliating and degrading treatment, in violation of U.S. and international law.

Nevertheless, President Barack Obama defended Manning’s treatment, saying, “I’ve actually asked the Pentagon whether or not the procedures . . . are appropriate. They assured me they are.” Obama’s deference is reminiscent of President George W. Bush, who asked “the most senior legal officers in the U.S. government” to review the interrogation techniques. “They assured me they did not constitute torture,” Bush said.


After State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley criticized Manning’s conditions of confinement, the White House forced him to resign. Crowley had said the restrictions were “ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid.” It appears that Washington is more intent on sending a message to would-be whistleblowers than on upholding the laws that prohibit torture and abuse.


Torture is commonplace in countries strongly allied with the United States. Vice President Omar Suleiman, Egypt’s intelligence chief, was the lynchpin for Egyptian torture when the CIA sent prisoners to Egypt in its extraordinary rendition program. A former CIA agent observed, “If you want a serious interrogation, you send a prisoner to Jordan. If you want them to be tortured, you send them to Syria. If you want someone to disappear – never to see them again – you send them to Egypt.” In her chapter in The United States and Torture, New Yorker journalist Jane Mayer cites Egypt as the most common destination for suspects rendered by the United States.

As in March:

Former constitutional law teacher Glenn Greenwald says that – in his defense of state secrecy, illegal spying, preventative detention, harassment of whistleblowers and other issues of civil liberties – the ZIOCON Barack Obomba is even worse than Bush.

Indeed, Obama has authorized “targeted assassinations” against U.S. citizens. Even Bush didn’t openly do something so abhorrent to the rule of law.

Obama is trying to expand spying well beyond the Bush administration’s programs. Indeed, the Obama administration is arguing that citizens should never be able to sue the government for illegal spying.

Obama’s indefinite detention policy is an Orwellian nightmare, which will create more terrorists.

Furthermore – as hard as it is for Democrats to believe – the disinformation and propaganda campaigns launched by Bush have only increased under Obama. .....

And last year:

According to Department of Defense training manuals, protest is considered “low-level terrorism”. And see this, this and this.

An FBI memo also labels peace protesters as “terrorists”.


A 2003 FBI memo describes protesters’ use of videotaping as an “intimidation” technique, even though – as the ACLU points out – “Most mainstream demonstrators often use videotape during protests to document law enforcement activity and, more importantly, deter police from acting outside the law.” The FBI appears to be objecting to the use of cameras to document unlawful behavior by law enforcement itself.

The Internet has been labeled as a breeding ground for terrorists, with anyone who questions the government’s versions of history being especially equated with terrorists.

Government agencies such as FEMA are allegedly teaching that the Founding Fathers should be considered terrorists.

The government is also using anti-terrorism laws to keep people from learning what pollutants are in their own community. See this, this, this and this.

Claims of “national security” are also used to keep basic financial information – such as who got bailout money – secret. That might not bode for particularly warm and friendly treatment for someone persistently demanding the release of such information.

The state of Missouri tried to label as terrorists current Congressman Ron Paul and his supporters, former Congressman Bob Barr, libertarians in general, anyone who holds gold, and a host of other people.

And according to a law school professor and former president of the National Lawyers Guild, pursuant to the Military Commissions Act:

Anyone who … speaks out against the government’s policies could be declared an “unlawful enemy combatant” and imprisoned indefinitely. That includes American citizens.

Obama has refused to reverse these practices.

There Is Still a Chance to Stop It

The ACLU notes that there is some hope:

But there is a way to stop this dangerous legislation. Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) is offering the Udall Amendment that will delete the harmful provisions and replace them with a requirement for an orderly Congressional review of detention power. The Udall Amendment will make sure that the bill matches up with American values.


The solution is the Udall Amendment; a way for the Senate to say no to indefinite detention without charge or trial anywhere in the world where any president decides to use the military. Instead of simply going along with a bill that was drafted in secret and is being jammed through the Senate, the Udall Amendment deletes the provisions and sets up an orderly review of detention power. It tries to take the politics out and put American values back in.


Now is the time to stop this bad idea. Please urge your senators to vote YES on the Udall Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act....

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Fergana Residents Warned of Impending Gas Shortage, Advised To Stock Up On Firewood and Charcoal....

Fergana Residents Warned of Impending Gas Shortage, Advised To Stock Up On Firewood and Charcoal....

[Are Uzbeks having to endure a cut-off of natural gas so that Uzbekneftegaz has gas to export? Are shortages of electricity creating the slight surplus of power that is sold to Afghanistan? Where will the electricity come from for the proposed electrification of the Karshi-Termez line, if there is a gas shortage, since nearly all electricity there is generated by burning fuel, not hydroelectric? Like the enormous cotton crop managed by the state which only shows a profit because it is harvested by a captive population, energy exported from Uzbekistan is paid for by the Uzbek people. Such things can only breed resentment among the people, perhaps explaining who might want to blow-up Obama's railroad lifeline.]

Gas To Remain Dominant
Uzbekistan Electricity Generation, bn KWh
Gas To Remain Dominant - Uzbekistan Electricity Generation, bn KWh

Source: EIA


Hokim (Head of Administration) Rishtan Ferghana region of Uzbekistan Gayratali Mamadaliev warned local residents that the coming winter, natural gas supply is not guaranteed and recommended stock up on firewood and charcoal to heat homes and cook food according to the group of independent human rights defenders of the republic (IGNPU) .

In kindergarten children with their parents collect three thousand sums to be installed in buildings, stoves, schools, children sit five thousand soms ($ 1 = 2600 sums to the real exchange rate, 1769 – the official). Today, a small bunch of twigs (wood) costs 800 sums, and the price of one ton of coal up to 80 thousand sums. Not everyone in the forces put on such amount at the minimum wage of 57 000 soums IGNPU notes.

According to the group, the gas shortage in the winter threatens the entire Ferghana region, especially Rishtan, Altyaryk, Buvaydiyskomu, district of Baghdad. In Sokh area this year, gas was turned off due to the fact that the inhabitants of border regions of Kyrgyzstan illegally produced gas extraction, arbitrarily setting the pipe.

As for electricity, its population deficit of Ferghana region feels since the early 90s of last century. The last ten years Fergana allow villagers access to electricity by 2-3 times a day, feeding her for 2-3 hours. The reason for such a position of power called the reluctance of the residents to pay bills.

Recall that one of these days hokim Ferghana region was removed from office , the space occupied by his deputy, who dealt with issues of agriculture and water resources.

The international news agency “Fergana”

Uzbekistan has suspended the movement of trains on the line of Termez – Kurgan-Tube.....

[According to the Russian press report below and the towns named in it, the following Google Map on the Northern Distribution Network locates two bridges on that train route. One of them is the site of the first terror bombing on Obama's NDN. Is it really an American escape route out of Afghanistan or rather an access route into the Fergana Valley and beyond?]

View Larger Map

Uzbekistan has suspended the movement of trains on the line of Termez – Kurgan-Tube.....

On the night of 16 to 17 November at the line of rail Termez – Kurgan-Tube (stage Galaba – Amuzang) the explosion occurred. On this, as the correspondent of IA REGNUM , says the official report, published on November 19 in the newspapers “True East” and “Jahon”.

It notes that the explosion of human victims are not available. ”In order to determine the causes and circumstances of the crime a government commission. In this criminal case. Law enforcement agencies of Uzbekistan carried out the necessary operational-investigative activities”, – stressed in the announcement.

Meanwhile, the press service of the company “ Russian Railways ”November 17 announced the temporary suspension of sales of tickets on the train in the direction of stations located in the distillation section Galaba-Amuzang in Uzbekistan. ”In connection with the closing of the Uzbek railways traffic on the stretch Galaba – Amuzang JSC” Russian Railways “announces the temporary suspension of sales of tickets in the direction of stations located in a closed area. Tickets for the train number 329/330 message from Moscow to Kulyab not be carried out on the route between the stations and Amuzang Kulyab, “- said the press service of the company.

According to the Railways, the suspension of traffic associated with the destruction of the pillars of the railway bridge on the stretch. “The order further plying trains will be announced later, OAO” RZD “requested relevant information from the Tajik and Uzbek railways” – is the press service of the Railways.

Любое использование материалов допускается только при наличии гиперссылки на ИА REGNUM

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Obama attack machine targets Ron Suskind...

Attacks on journalists by the president's staff: a major sign of a dangerous cult of personality....

September 22, 2011 -- Obama attack machine targets Ron Suskind...

Ron Suskind's new book, "Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President," which details the many leadership problems in the Obama White House, has earned the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist the wrath of the Obama propaganda machine. The White House has launched a series of vicious attacks on Suskind, accusing him of plagiarism, fabulism, and mis-quoting sources. And to Obama's rescue has come Karl Rove, who has accused Suskind of mis-quoting him in previous books, including the 2004 book about the Bush-Cheney White House, "The Price of Loyalty," which mainly dealt with the shoddy treatment that Bush's Treasury Secretary, Paul O'Neill, received from the likes of Dick Cheney and Rove.

This editor spoke to Suskind while he was writing "The Price of Loyalty." Suskind was spot on in his book and the quotes attributed to Rove about how the White House could create its own reality and if they didn't like the outcome, they could change the reality in thirty minutes because of the control they had on the media, sums up Rove's spin doctoring. Rove's media machinations combined the traditions of Joseph Goebbels and Rupert Murdoch.

I told Suskind that what he was hearing about the Bush White House was exactly what I was hearing from sources inside the Bush administration. It is ironic that current White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer used Rove's criticism of "The Price of Loyalty" and other Suskind books critical of Bush to hammer the author over "Confidence Men." It is just further proof that there is really not a dime's worth of difference between the Bush and Obama administrations.

The Obama White House is furious that Suskind was able to get former White House communications director Anita Dunn to admit that the initial Obama White House of chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, National Economic Council director Larry Summers, and political adviser David Axelrod was a font of male chauvinism. Dunn is quoted: "this place would be in court for a hostile workplace… Because it actually fit all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women." Suskind produced the tape of his interview of Dunn for The Washington Post to counter the White House's and Dunn's claims that she was misquoted. I believe Dunn was referring to a different sort of male hostility in the workplace, not the sort commonly encountered by women from the typical male chauvinist boors. But more on that later.

The White House has pointed to some small factual errors, such as Pfeiffer being referred to as a White House deputy press secretary, Summers having to obtain Senate confirmation as Obama's chief economics adviser, and Axelrod described as Obama's 2008 campaign manager. Minutiae to be sure but in an age when publishers spend very little time and effort on editing, such errata can be expected and it can be fixed post-publication by a simple errata sheet, something commonly found in books by major authors published decades ago.

Coming on the heels of the Suskind book is a report by the website and an anticipated story in The New York Times about Obama's suffering from clinical depression and that he is toying with the idea of not running for a second term. Now, what was one of the first media outlets to report on Obama's depression and ambivalence about a second term? From WMR, October 11, 2010:

"WMR has learned that Obama's paranoia and severe depression over his correct belief that certain interests are out to get him have been mitigated by First Lady Michelle Obama and domestic policy adviser Valerie Jarrett. Mrs. Obama has been telling Obama that he should forgo a second term because he is "too good for the American people" and he has a future role on a 'bigger world stage.'

It is also being reported from White House sources that Hillary Clinton plans to run against Obama in 2012, something WMR previously reported. The reports that Obama has offered Mrs. Clinton the vice presidential position in 2012 is both an attempt at defusing the reports that Clinton, backed by her husband Bill Clinton, are planning a primary challenge to Obama and an attempt to send a message to Biden, who is considered by Obama to be working with the forces arrayed against him.

On August 27, 2010, WMR reported on the Obama-Clinton intrigue: 'Informed sources in Washington, DC have told WMR that President Obama has been personally told by a delegation of top Democratic Party financiers that unless he radically changes his economic policies they will bolt from him for another Democratic candidate in 2012. The Democratic money moguls conveyed the warning to Obama in Martha's Vineyard, where the president and his family are spending their vacation. There are various factions within the Democratic Party that see different scenarios to bail out what many Democrats see as an administration in deep trouble with the electorate. One would have Secretary of State Hillary Clinton move up to replace Vice President Joe Biden on the 2012 ticket with Senator John Kerry becoming Secretary of State. However, WMR has been told that Clinton personally loathes Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and may not want to be part of the 2012 president ticket playing second fiddle to Obama. WMR has also learned that Obama's reported 'severe narcissism' has a number of his cabinet officials and top Democratic fundraisers perplexed. Obama's refusal to change course because of his ego was discussed at the recent annual Bohemian Grove conclave in northern California, which brings together influential businessmen and politicians from both parties. Top U.S. business leaders openly complained about Obama's economic policies, with some stating that Obama is, for the business community, the worst president in anyone's lifetime. They also complained about White House gatekeepers like Emanuel and policy advisers Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod who are preventing access to the Oval Office."

WMR independently stands by our original reporting on the dysfunctionality of the Obama White House but welcomes the vindication of our reporting in Suskind's new book and the reported New York Times investigation of Obama's mental depression.

Obama White House "Boy's Club"

The Obama "boy's club" that was hostile to female officials in the White House should come as no surprise, considering that Larry Summers, Obama's former chief economic adviser, has his own history of blatant sexism. From The Washington Post, February 22, 2006: "Lawrence H. Summers, the president of Harvard University, announced yesterday that he will resign his post, bringing to close a stormy tenure in which the former Treasury secretary made impolitic remarks about women, alienated many black professors and repeatedly clashed with the faculty at America's most prominent university." Yes, that was the very same Larry Summers who Obama brought into his "boy's club" and top echelon of White House advisers.

As to the type of male chauvinism encountered by female officials of the Obama White House team, WMR has reported extensively on the connections of both Obama and former chief of staff and now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to gay social networks in Chicago, including uptown's "Man's Country" gay bath house, where Obama and Emanuel both had membership. What Dunn, Council of Economic Advisers Chairwoman Christina Romer, both of whom have resigned from the administration, and other women likely encountered was an anti-female attitude from cantankerous gay males in the administration, including from Obama, Emanuel, and, as previously reported by WMR, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geither, who Suskind has written, called the shots on protecting Citicorp from restructuring by the government after the "too big to fail" bailout of Wall Street by Obama.

Female officials in the Obama White House would not have been immune to Emanuel's foul mouth and intemperate behavior. The Chicago Tribune has recently reported that Emanuel threatened to burn down the north Chicago home of Illinois state senator Greg Harris for not supporting a bill in the state legislature that would emaciate pension guarantees for Chicago city workers. Emanuel's manners around women are not much better. Emanuel recently cursed out and pointed his finger at Chicago Teacher's Union president Karen Lewis, something the foul-mouthed and angry erratic gay mayor, the former ballet dancing and leotard-wearing son of an Israeli terrorist, did to Chicago Channel 5's Mary Ann Ahern earlier this year.

And then there was the infamous scene last year when a naked Emanuel poked his finger in the chest of an equally naked Representative Eric Massa in the shower of the House of Representatives gym over Massa's failure to support Obama's budget proposal. Perhaps Emanuel got confused and thought he was in the shower at Man's Country and not in the House of Representatives where a little more decorum is expected from a White House chief of staff.

As far as the White House attacks on Suskind, which have not yet apparently grown into personal threats, all I can say is for Ron to hang in there and not be intimidated by a bunch of crazed lickspittles for an incompetent president. As far as the Obama White House threats are concerned, it is merely a question of mind over matter: "I don't mind and they don't matter."...

September -25, 2011 -- A depressed president hooked on Google "vanity searches"...

WMR has learned from government sources with close contacts inside the White House that media reports that The New York Times is developing a story on President Obama suffering from clinical depression are correct and that Obama is fixated on how the media, including certain web sites, view his presidency.

WMR has previously reported on Obama's narcissistic personality and how it has adversely affected his leadership capabilities as president. Obama's day usually begins by his conducting "vanity searches" on Google to see how he is being treated by both the main stream media and political blogs. When he encounters negative articles, Obama flies of the handle in a rage punctuated by the use of foul language, according to sources close to the White House. Obama is reportedly totally obsessed with how the media is covering him.

Obama's three major interlocutors between his administration and Democratic Party officials and the Congress -- chief of staff Bill Daley, First Lady Michelle Obama, and political adviser Valerie Jarrett -- have concluded the best current course of action is to keep Obama in the environment he handles best: the campaign trail where he is the focus of adulation by swooning crowds.

WMR has been told by informed sources that when he first read our accounts of his background with the CIA, including his employment with Business International Corporation, and the CIA histories of his mother and grandparents, Obama flew into a rage -- the possible source for three independent reports that indicated that the White House wanted this editor "dead."

Privately, some White House officials have expressed fear to Democratic Party officials and elected Democratic office holders around the nation that Obama is on the verge of a mental breakdown. The White House officials believe that only by putting Obama in front of adoring crowds in a carefully-orchestrated campaign mode can they buy time for the administration. However, the White House sources have expressed grave doubts about Obama's ability to maintain his composure when faced with growing criticism. Their worst fear is that Obama will suffer from a public breakdown, sealing the end of his re-election chances and dooming the down-ticket electoral prospects for the Democratic Party in 2012 and beyond.

When faced with impeachment during his final months in office, Richard Nixon, who also suffered from depression and was drinking heavily and taking anti-depressants, opted to resign from office in August 1974. Nixon's predecessor, Lyndon Johnson, depressed over the failure of his Vietnam War strategy, opted to forego his re-election campaign in March 1968.

Observers of White House politics have pointed to Daley using the term "I" when he is discussing the administration's policies, an indication that Daley is increasingly calling the shots on major policy issues in the White House. However, Daley's increased profile has resulted in growing friction between him and Jarrett and the First Lady.

Obama is known to search the Internet for stories about himself before he receives the President's Daily Brief from top intelligence officials. Woe be it to any intelligence briefer who reports on information obtained from open sources. Obama, who, in many cases has already read such accounts, will let loose with a barrage of abusive epithets, yelling, at times, "I already know that you stupid motherfucker!"

Ron Suskind's new book, "Confidence Men," which mainly concerns the dysfunctional nature of the Obama White House, has resulted in a full-court press being directed by the White House and its spin doctors against the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.

When asked whether one or more over-zealous White House aides may have taken Obama's rage at this editor for the reports about the CIA backgrounds of Obama and his family as a reason to convey a personal threat, the answer was that, given the current nature of the White House staff, such a scenario was more than likely. We have also been told that Obama was well-aware of this editor's recent foray into Indonesia in search of details about his and his family's time in that country....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A brief snapshot of the crooked world we are living in today....

A brief snapshot of the crooked world we are living in today....


  • CARICOM discusses Palestinian statehood. General Secretary of the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL) decries lack of Caribbean union support for Palestine. Many Caribbean labor is found in the tourist service sector. Now who, for the most part, owns those hotels, cruise lines, casinos, and shopping centers? And then there is good old Zim Shipping to threaten the dock workers' unions....


COUNTRY FOCUS: Canada. Transatlantic Tory love-fest. Tory UK Prime Minister David Cameron to address majority Tory Canadian parliament. The Tories can all sing "God Save the Queen" acapella....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Breivik massacre has "Gladio" clues from previous massacres in Belgium....

Knights Templar connection between Norwegian and Belgian neo-Nazis....

September , 2011 -- Breivik massacre has "Gladio" clues from previous massacres in Belgium....

The CIA's infamous "stay-behind" networks, originally established by the CIA to commit acts of sabotage against an expected Soviet invasion of Western Europe, was, instead, used in the 1970s and 1980s, amid calls for peace and an end to the Cold War in Europe, to stage "false flag" terrorist attacks that were blamed on Communist cells in Western Europe. In fact the terrorist attacks were carried out by right-wing paramilitaries on the payroll of the CIA.

The terror visited by the Gladio fear-stoking paramilitaries was especially felt in the Belgian province of Brabant where the Brabant Gang, active from 1982 and 1985, the height of Europe's anti-nuclear and anti-U.S. military campaign. Twenty eight people were killed by the Brabant Gang with scores of others injured. Particularly targeted were Delhaize supermarkets, the chain that owns Food Lion in the United States.

Oddly, money stolen from victims was sometimes found dumped by the gang members. Three of the killings stemmed from the robbery of an arms dealer. There were several reports that the Brabant Gang was run by elements of the Belgian Gendarmerie SDRA6 (Service de documentation, de renseignments et d'action VI) -- a secret branch of Belgian security -- and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, acting on behalf of the CIA.
The Brabant Gang was also linked to the activities of a neo-Nazi organization in Belgium called the Westland New Post, whose terrorist actions were blamed by authorities on the Communist Combatant Cells, also believed to be a construct of the Belgian and American security services.

Among the victims of the Brabant Gang were Belgian real estate tycoon Jacques Fourez and his secretary, Elise Dewit, killed by the gangsters in 1983. Their deaths as well as others were linked to the evidence they possessed of secret parties, called "pink ballets," at which Belgium's elite, including members of the royal family, NATO officers, and politicians, participated in orgies with underage males and females.

There is another link between the Belgian Gladio operations in the 1980s and the activities of Anders Behring Breivik in Norway. A number of Belgian neo-Nazi paramilitary members were connected to the Order of the Solar Temple, a secret society founded in the 1960s by French Nazis. The Order of the Solar Temple is a cult following of the Knights Templar. Breivik and his closest associates were also affiliated with anti-Islamic Knights Templar groups. Between 1994 and 1997, a number of Solar Temple members were murdered ritualistic-style or committed mass suicide. The deaths occurred in Cheiry and Salvan, in western Switzerland; Vercors, France; and Morin Heights and Saint-Casimir, Quebec.

Japanese television journalists who contacted this editor in 2000 had discovered similar links between the Solar Temple and the CIA as they had previously discovered existed between the CIA and the Japanese murder and suicide religious cult, Aum Shinrikyo. The Order of the Solar Temple was founded in 1984 by Joseph di Mambro, a former Rosicrucian, and Luc Jouret, born in the Belgian Congo and a Marxist-turned-neo-Nazi. In 1984, Shoko Asahara founded Aum Shirinkyo, which means "Supreme Truth." Aum Shirinkyo soon attracted a number of influential adherents, including members of the Japanese royal family. In 1995, Aum attacked the Tokyo subway system with sarin.

In the mid-1990s, Belgian gangster Marc Dutroux was arrested for carrying out a series of kidnappings of young girls, who he proceeded to sexually abuse, torture, and in four cases, murder. Dutroux's parents had emigrated to the Belgian Congo but later returned to Belgium. Dutroux's kidnappings and abuse of young girls occurred during the 1980s, the same time frame that members of the Belgian elite were engaging in orgies with underage girls and boys. Dutroux was constantly let off the hook by the Belgian authorities and the police's failure to take prompt and severe action against the pedophile rapist ultimately led to the reorganization of Belgian law enforcement. One of the first trial judges in the Dutroux case, Jean-Marc Connerotte, testified that he was threatened by shadowy figures in the highest echelons of the government for trying the case against Dutroux. Dutroux was finally convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in 2004. Dutroux was also convicted of having murdered his one-time accomplice, Bernard Weinstein.

We have been informed by reliable sources that the Belgian pedophile scandal also involved top American officials and is linked to the pedophile networks active in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Omaha during the same time frame, the 1980s. In some cases, Belgian and other European politicians engaged in Pink Ballet activities were blackmailed by the CIA into backing NATO initiatives in Europe....

Friday, July 1, 2011

NATO: White House Murder INC's assassinations at home and abroad....

July , 2011 -- NATO using geo-location technology to assassinate key Libyan officials...

NATO's campaign in Libya goes far beyond trying to assassinate Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and members of his family, according to informed sources in Tripoli. NATO is using sophisticated geo-location intelligence provided by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) to pinpoint key figures in the Libyan government, as well as close friends of Qaddafi, for assassination by missiles fired from U.S. unmanned drones and NATO piloted aircraft.

State Department legal adviser Harold Koh recently testified before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the U.S. and its allies were not trying to target Qaddafi or members of the Libyan government. Koh stated, "We don't target individuals."

However, it is clear from the evidence of U.S. and NATO strikes on residential areas, particularly homes where key Libyan government officials live, as well as their vehicles, that Koh perjured himself during his Senate testimony.

NATO's attack on June 20 of a residential compound in Sorman, west of Tripoli, was a clear example of the strategy to assassinate key Qaddafi advisers and government officials. The compound struck by NATO in Sorman is owned by Khweildi Hmeidi, a senior adviser to Qaddafi. Fifteen civilians, including six members of Hmeidi's family, were killed in the attack. The compound was attacked because a surge in cell phone activity was detected by NSA signals intelligence (SIGINT) assets and the target coordinates were developed by NSA, working with NGA, and passed to NATO and U.S. forces. NSA has compiled the cell phone numbers of top Libyan officials and any time the cell phone numbers and active frequencies "light up" on sophisticated SIGINT eavesdropping and monitoring systems at NSA headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland and the NSA field station at Menwith Hill in England, the geo-location coordinates are quickly passed to U.S. and NATO forces in order that they can calibrate their weapons systems for attacks on the Libyan officials.

In Merry Old England, dead men tell no tales

We have also learned from informed UK government sources that the recent death of a top adviser to Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron may have also been a targeted assassination carried out by either Israeli or American intelligence in order to keep British fingerprints well away from the operation....

The discovery last week of the body of top Cameron Conservative Party adviser and long-time friend, 56-year old Christopher Shale, in a portable toilet at the Glastonbury Festival was an assassination, according to sources familiar with in-fighting between Shale and Cameron and his top advisers over the United Kingdom's role in the Libyan military operations. Shale was a rising star in UK politics and his disdain for British intelligence and covert operations, particularly in Africa, were well-known. Shale was convinced that the NATO attack on Libya, as well as the grab for Africa's natural resources by NATO countries, was part of an overall plan to use the British military to help secure Africa for the global bankers who Shale believed had already brought so much ruin and despair to Western economies, as well as those of the developing countries of Africa.

Shale had penned a memo that criticized the policies of the Conservative Party, writing that given its policies, there were no good reasons for anyone to vote for the Conservatives. Shale believed the Conservative Party had been taken over by the same interests that wanted to plunder Libya and the rest of Africa.

The cause of death of Shale now being proffered by certain parties to the British media is that the Tory official died from an untimely heart attack. The affair is reminiscent of the 2005 death of former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, who became an outspoken critic of the Tony Blair administration for its participation in the Iraq war and the phonying up of intelligence to justify the attack and occupation of Iraq. Cook, who was in good health, supposedly died from a sudden heart attack while hiking in his native Scotland. The Shale and Cook deaths are also being compared to the suspicious "suicide" of British Ministry of Defense weapons on mass destruction expert Dr David Kelly in July 2003. Kelly was said to have committed suicide with over-the-counter analgesic, pain killers, and an old pocket knife that he sued to cut his left wrist. A CIA veteran told this editor at the time that Kelly was assassinated because of the information he possessed on the Blair government lying about pre-war intelligence used to justify the invasion of Iraq.

  • More "gefilte shit" from the "Stasi of Israel." INMARSAT sued for providing service to Gaza aid flotilla.

  • Saudis are U.S. proxies in Yemen. CIA launching drones from base in Djibouti....

  • As expected, UN Tribunal issues arrest warrants for Rafik Hariri assassination. Four arrest warrants issued, including two for senior Hezbollah officials. Of course, The Hague circus of injustice would never indict the true perpetrators: the White House Murder INC's assassinations at home and abroad....Mossad, Asef Shawkat and CIA. The CIA-Mossad-NATO wars will now be directed against the Hezbollah-dominated government of Lebanon, spreading Syrian mayhem across the border. It is Netanyahu's "Clean Break II" in action....

  • The fix is in: Strauss-Kahn's accuser now being accused of criminality and lying. The Guinean-born chambermaid could have never hoped to have received a fair trial in New York City: the city that is owned and operated by Strauss-Kahn's "team." A rape victim is now being turned into a criminal. Typical modus operandi for the ruling elite. Rothschild Reuters already propelling Strauss-Kahn from Riker's Island to Manhattan house arrest to the Elysee Palace. We reported on how former NYPD top officials and former federal prosecutors hired by Strauss-Kahn's pals would turn this case against the maid. What we reported on May 24: "These agents-for-hire can be expected to scour Guinea for any evidence they can use to disparage the sexual assault victim and if they come up empty-handed, they can be relied on, in typical neocon fashion, to forge documents to libel the victim." "They" have now done so....

    Tuesday, May 31, 2011

    Memorial Day, Some random musings on America's soldiers...

    Usually, when the USA is commemorating Memorial Day, I try to write something about the many hundred of millions of people which were murdered by US military forces during this country's short history. Sometimes I like to post a list of US wars/interventions. If you are interested in this topic, click here, here, here or here. Today, I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to share with all of you, but mainly with those outside the US, my own experience of US military personnel, the people whose deaths are being commemorated today.

    It so happens that I have had the opportunity to meet and work with rather wide spectrum of US soldiers including armored cavalry officers, F-18 Navy pilots, Air Force Colonels working on the YF-23 program, a former Deputy Commander of the so-called "Delta Force", NCOs of the 82nd and 101st Airborne, and even a retired Chairman of the JCS. Though these were very different people, with different skill-sets and personalities, studying and working with them did make me come to some overall conclusion about the US military. These are highly subjective, of course, and I share then with you only as personal impression and not as any type of systematic or representative observation.

    Regular readers of this blog, who know my views on US imperial policies, will probably be surprised to hear that the first word which comes to my mind when I think of the US soldiers which I met is "decency". Yes, all the folks which I meant were decent, honorable people. Some of them did have misgivings about the wars they fought, others did not. But none of them were the kind of flag-waving racist morons which so many outside the USA associate with US soldiers. Sure, there are folks like that out there - in places like the Green Zone in Baghdad for sure - but I did not personally meet that type.
    The second word which comes to my mind is "professionals". The folks I met were all competent professionals. They were not only well trained, but they were also professional in their attitude towards their mission and their possible enemies. I personally heard none of that "we are number one!!!" crap which are always associated with the military when shown on the Idiot Box. The folks I met were competent and they knew that, but they also knew that the other guy could be very good too, possibly better than them. Now, any well-trained solider should think that he is well-trained and that he can (and probably will) win. But that confidence should not turn into a jingoistic arrogance which simply assumes that by showing up on the battlefield "we" will easily win. I would say that at least the US soldiers which I met had a healthy balance between confidence and caution.

    One the bad side, ALL of the US soldiers I met were "culturally parochial" (and that is putting it kindly). They had no understanding or knowledge of their areas of deployment or the kind of people they would be likely to fight. While this might not matter a great deal for a submarine commander or a fighter pilot, this is absolutely devastating for a special operations or intelligence officer. I think that this sorry state of affairs is not so much a result of arrogance or imperial hubris, as it is the inevitable consequence of a deficient educational system which does not teach foreign languages properly, combined with the pernicious effects of the US corporate media which is designed people stupid and ignorant and which solely focused on the USA. As a result, most US soldiers can be split into two equally mistaken categories: those who think that the US is superior to other countries/nations/cultures and those who believe that the other guys are "just like us". In fact, of course, neither is true. The "others" are neither "like us" nor are they in any way inferior. Just very very different. Again, that weakness is particularly devastating for the special operations and intelligence forces.

    The other big weakness of the US military its pathological over-reliance on technology which sometimes borders on idol worship. I would say that all of the US soldiers I met were pretty much convinced that better technology can win wars. This is, of course, absolutely wrong for a long list of reasons which I will not list here (that would be a topic in itself). Add to this that US military gear is vastly over-rated and that a lot of US military equipment is designed primarily by engineers and not by fighting soldiers, and you will easily understand why over and over again the US military as been stunned by the realization that the "other guy's" weapons outperform the US-made ones.

    Keeping all this in mind, how good a fighting force is the US military?

    I would say that the answer to this question depends on the kind of war we are talking about. There is what I call an "American type of war" out there, the kind which the US loves to fight and the kind which it will always win. It combines the features of the so-called AirLand Battle and Network Centric Operations. This type of war is inevitably expensive, technology-heavy and geared towards the destruction of classical military forces. Only a major military power with advanced technology of its own (including a survivable nuclear weapons force) could hope to prevail such a war against the USA (currently that means Russia; in the not too distant future possibly China). Everybody else would be rather effortlessly defeated by the USA in such a war. That arrogant idiot Saddam learned that at his own expense when, following the invasion of Kuwait, he deployed his entire military *exactly* as US strategists would want him to. We all know what happened then: one of the fastest and most comprehensive military defeat in history for Iraq, and one of the shortest and easiest military triumphs for the USA.

    The way to defeat the US military is to impose upon it a type of war which it loathes to fight. One in which technology does not play a crucial war, one which negates the US advantage in advanced technologies, one in which targets are difficult to identify or acquire. Mountains, jungles, forests, swamps and urban areas are all ideally suited for this kind of operations. Another important aspect of anti-US operations is to feed the US intelligence network with false information to the point of saturating it. US "human intelligence" has always been very weak and desperate thus for sources. It is therefore rather easy to bait it and to feed it exactly what it wants to hear. Present the US intelligence community with putative "hardliners" and "moderates" in need of support, add in a couple of "corrupt" agents willing to betray their side for money or a visa to the USA, throw in a couple of carefully staged telephone calls (designed to be intercepted) and you get the perfect brew which will give the US intelligence community a massive headache.

    The good news for those who resist the US Empire is that anti-US operations are cheap. They require more brains than hardware, and they can be organized in a local, decentralized, manner. The bad news is, of course, that such efforts cannot shoot down bombers or sink aircraft carriers. So the key goal must not be to destroy US hard power, only to make it irrelevant.

    There is one more aspect of the "US kind of war" which needs to be addressed here. But I want to stress that this aspect is not a product of the US soldier's culture itself but the product of the US political class which gives its orders to the US military: what the US does when it fails to achieve a rapid military victory.

    The US military has a very ugly and consistent record of going after civilian targets if it fails to achieve its military objectives. From the bombing of Germany, to Vietnam, to the invasion of Kosovo to today's war against Libya, the US always turns to a massive campaign of atrocities against civilians when it fails to achieve its objectives in a "clean" "TV-compatible" "precision" campaign. Any force attempting to oppose the USA needs to accept that as an integral part of the US warfighting doctrine and prepare for such a development. The US will always begin its campaigns by targeted attacks against military objectives, which it will rapidly "expand" the target list to "regime" targets. But if that fails, the US military will always attack the entire infrastructure of the society which hosts the force the US cannot defeat. To better mask the murderous nature of such a campaign deliberately targeted at the civilian population, the US propaganda machine will churn out a flow of reports about some alleged "atrocities" committed by the side resisting the US Empire. Conversely, the US will always "deplore" any case of its own atrocities if the general public becomes aware of them. It will then lay the blame on the other side "using civilians as human shields" or "hiding amongst civilians". Again, any force opposing the US Empire has to expect such an anti-civilian campaign as absolutely inevitable and carefully plan for it.

    In conclusion, I want to turn back to the US solider. I always have mixed feelings on Memorial Day. I hate it's "patriotic" nature. I hate the fact that nobody seems to ask the obvious question of why a country which was never attacked since Pearl Harbor waged so many wars. I hate the way 99.9999% of Americans seem unable to question their own imperial past, nevermind their current imperial wars. On Memorial Day my thoughts are always first and foremost with those who were killed by the very people who are commemorated as heroes and patriots today. I have never seen a statistic of how many people the USA has murdered worldwide since its creation, but I am confident that we are talking about several hundred million of people (just think of the Native Americans or the Blacks slaves). And yet, I always have a desire to separate these ugly facts of history from the US soldiers I have personally met in my life. Somehow, meeting them face to face did not connect them to the policies of their country, at least in my mind. I suppose that it would be possible to say that they too are victims of the US Empire.

    It's not an either-or thing. I think that we can feel sorry for both the victims of US imperialism and those who were used by the US Empire to fight wars all over the planet. I know, this is hardly an original thought, but it is mine today. For all my total opposition to US imperialism, I personally harbor no hostility towards US veterans. And I think that I will always have a warm spot in my heart for these US soldiers I studied and worked with. I sincerely wish them well. But more then anything else, I wish them peace...