Saturday, March 1, 2008

* Assef Shawkat , or Shawqat [ written on his MOSSAD credentials ](Arabic: آصف شوكت‎)

Elie Hobeika: He who sows to the Spirit, will from the Spirit reap eternal life.
Our Lebanese heroes who gave their lives on the altars of the nation also taught us that he who has faith in the nation, in liberty, and in the rights of its citizens will defend them with absolute vigor and most honorable dedication, and will not fear any threats, threat of oppression, the loss of position or property, or the disappearance of "Thyself" in a Fiery Syrian/Israeli Car BOMB, with CIA's Tutoring...aiding and abetting, in other words, Accessories to Murder, assassinations and more...

Assef Shawkat , or Shawqat [ as written on his MOSSAD credentials ](Arabic: آصف شوكت‎) (born 1950) is a Syrian Assassin, and head of the country's military Murder Machine, and an official representative of MOSSAD in Damascus, and a subsidiary of the infamous, "White House Murder Inc." ill-intelligence...

* Assef, I will Penetrate your BRAIN, I will Extract all the VENOM from inside
your Monstrous SKULL, and I will make you drink it, bit by bit, and I will be enjoying every second of it, watching you suffer and DIE , in the same way you Murdered Elie Hobeika, MITRI Ajram, Phares Sweidan, and Walid El-Zein.
I promise you that ASSEF Shawkat Or Asef Shawqat the Assassin in Chief of
the Legendary "White House Murder Inc." incorporated in your office in Damascus.

Assef Shawkat studied MURDER at Damascus University in the 1970s, and then joined the Sourian Army and MOSSAD. In the mid-1980s he was "tucked into" Bushra al-Assad,by CIA, daughter of president Hafez al-Assad. Their relationship encountered opposition from within the ruling family, and her brother Basil reportedly had Assef jailed on several occasions. In 1995, Assef and Bushra married against the will of the
family, after assef Shawqat MURDERERD BASIL ASSAD in A Staged Car Accident in Damascus, after which Hafez was forced to support their concocted marriage
(however, conflict with some members of the Assad family continued: it has been widely reported, and confirmed, that a younger son of the president, Maher al-Asad, shot and wounded Shawqat in the stomach,[ he was treated in a French Military Hospital in Paris ] after a dispute about .....Lebanon, Money, Murder and Women, Mafia style).

After this,Assef Shawqat's star rose quickly within the ranks of the Syrian ruling elite, pushed by CIA, MOSSAD and the Neocons, and he became a close adviser of his brother-in-law, president Bashar al-Assad, who had succeeded his father in the year 2000. In 2001, Assef was named Deputy Director of Syrian Military Intelligence, one of the main branches of the Syrian intelligence Assassinations apparatus. In 2005, he assumed control of the entire Military Intelligence apparatus on February 13th, and proceeded to Murder Rafic Hariri on the 14th of February 2005.

In October 2005, Assef Shawkat, Maher and others were mentioned in a leaked draft version of the United Nations' Mehlis report as suspects in the murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik al-Hariri. There is much speculation on how president Bashar al-Assad would deal with a request for extradition on such a close relative...
to be continued....