Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mr. Elie Hobeika, is a Nurturing, compassionate, generous, noble,courageous, heroic, unparalleled Leader....

Mr. Elie Hobeika, is a Nurturing, compassionate, generous, noble, courageous, heroic, unparalleled Leader and a Gentleman.

We miss you dearly Elie...

With tears in their eyes and flowers in their hands people paid tribute to
their national hero. Sad at the loss, which can not be compensated yet pride
was all over their faces,sacrificed their son of the soil. His was a death
for a noble cause of dying for one's own country. Such men are not born
everyday, they belong to the rare class of humanity, who are an example in
themselves, and they are the ones who set precedents. And they themselves
are unprecedented...

Since January 24th 2002, I have only awakened to a nightmare--the nightmare
of life without you Elie, and this I cannot bear. The memories showing your
pictures non stop... in my mind; you are so alive and tangible that I can
almost touch you, but it is only "almost" because already I cannot....

Elie Hobeika, you were the pillar of fire before the camp and now we are
left as only the camp, alone, in the dark, and it is so cold and sad for us
all. I know we are talking in terms of a national tragedy, but how can you
try to comfort an entire people or include them in your personal pain, when
many do not stop crying, and we are mute, feeling the enormous void that is
left only by your absence?

Few truly knew you. They can still talk a lot about you, but I feel that
they know nothing about the depth of the pain, the disaster and, yes, this
terrible void, for us, the family and the friends, who are left only as the
camp, without you, our pillar of fire.

Elie, you were, and still are, our hero. I want you to know that in all I
have ever done, I have always seen you before my eyes. Your esteem and love
accompanied us in every step and on every path, and we lived in the light of
your values. You never abandoned us, and now "they" have abandoned you, my
eternal hero--cold and lonely--and I can do nothing to save you, you who are
so wonderful.

People greater than I have already eulogized you, but none of them was
fortunate like myself [to feel] the caress of your warm, soft hands and the
warm embrace that was just for us, or your smiles which will always say so
much, the same smile that is no more, and froze with you. I have no feelings
of revenge because my pain and loss are so big, too big. The ground has
slipped away from under our feet, and we are trying, somehow, to sit in this
empty space that has been left behind,in the meantime,without any lasting or
particular success.... I am incapable of finishing, but it appears that a
strange Cabal..., a miserable person, has already finished for me. Having no
choice, I part from you, a hero, and ask that you rest in peace, that you
think about us and miss us, because we here, down below, love you so much...
Our only consolation is our complete faith in our God's special place for
you, up there with him for ever, and that he will know how to take care of
the well known "assassins" in time...

To the angels of heaven that are accompanying you now, I ask that they watch
over you, that they guard you well, because you deserve such a guard.
We will always love you Elie Hobeika, always.

The secret of selling yourself is to have a product you truly believe in.
Elie Hobeika is the perfect embodiment of these words. He is a kind,
nurturing, compassionate, generous, noble,courageous, heroic, unparalleled,
unmatched, dependable, supportive, humorous, intelligent, clever, sometimes
hilarious, talented, amazing, entertaining, proud, disciplined, profoundly
interesting man. He gave me my deeply appreciated "knowledge...," and along
with tons of documents and more....The world was my oyster as we traveled
from town to town, city to city, country to country, with the greatest
Leader ever, Mr. Elie Hobeika.

Syria's summit of dashed hopes...?

Damascus is ready and waiting, but will the guests show up ?

The Syrians continue to uphold their partnership in the infamous White House Murder Inc.,ever since January 24th 2002, and the cowardly barbaric assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika by Assef Shawkat, acting on behalf of MOSSAD and CIA, with regard to the presidential crisis in Lebanon, and stress that, "the upcoming Arab Summit in Damascus scheduled for 29 March will be held on schedule." For a variety of reasons, foremost among them is Syria's collusion with Israel and some Faction in IRAN, who are pushing for an immediate cessation of Hostilities and an immediate Peace with Israel, which should in principle, spare Iran from an Inevitable "shock and Awe" campaign by the dark forces of Dick Cheney and his cohorts in DC, hence, the summit is very important for Syria. It is the first to be held on Syrian soil since Arab leaders assembled in Daraa during the Arab-Israeli War of 1948, and it is time for the New Assad Regime of Assef Shawkat to take hold firmly in Damascus...

What's more, it means that the US-led laughable disinformation "embargo" on Damascus is coming to an end, since at the top of the VIP list are America's allies in the Arab world, including King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. That was one of the reasons why the Saudis pushed for holding the summit in Damascus, back in March 2007. At the time, King Abdullah treated President Bashar Al-Assad with full honors, and kept a distance from rival Lebanese politicians so as to send positive gestures towards Syria. The message was: come back to the so-called "Arab moderate community" (away from hard-line Iranian factions) under the patronage of Israel,Saudi Arabia and the BUSH Gang of Murderers.

However, unlike what many people believe, the Saudis did not want to disrupt the Syrian-Iranian alliance. They wanted to invest in it and use it in Saudi Arabia's favor, since the argument goes that Syria is more reasonable than some factions in Iran, as was blatantly proven with the Assef Shawqat's assassination of Imad Moughnieh in downtown Damascus...., paid for by Saudi Arabian Dollars to Assef Shawkat's SMI's band of brutal thugs and KILLERS, experts in assassinations , and does not have any long history of anti-Americanism, since CIA has a major base of operations in SYRIA, and FBI is roaming free in Damascus for years.... The Saudis wanted Syria to moderate Iranian behavior in pan-Arab affairs, mainly in Lebanon and Iraq..... but not in Palestine, since all the operations there, are sanctioned by the Israelis, and work mostly in their favor and according to their long standing plans of emptying Palestine completely with violence, killings, assassinations, murder, home destruction, misery, poverty, hunger, etc.

While this cuddling up to Syria was taking place, Javier Solana, the EU chief negotiator, came to Syria a year ago and offered the Syrians a partnership agreement with Europe in exchange for Syrian support in bringing calm to Lebanon. Then came Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, to Damascus last April, followed by a May meeting between Foreign Minister Walid Al-Mouallem and Condoleezza Rice. Everybody was offering the Syrians carrots in exchange for their cooperation on Lebanon, in the same way the Syrian goons of Assef Shawkat have been cooperating with all major western intelligence on Iraq, and more...., and paid for with Saudi Moneys to the SMI of Shawkat's brutal barbaric murderers.

The Syrians responded promptly, via more assassinations, tailor made at the White House Murder Inc., eliminating General Francois El-Hajj who was too close for comfort with Hizbullah...., and "supported" the Arab League initiative to Lebanon, backing Army Commander Michel Suleiman for president.... This explains why even France started sending signals to Syria through two phone calls between the clownish Nicolas Sarkozy and Bashar Al-Assad, the stooge of Assef Shawkat and Bushra.

But then the elections failed, over and over again, and the finger was pointed at the CIA yet again. Lebanon today has been without a president since November, and the regional and international community believe that this is the doing of the American thugs at CIA, which is close to the Syrians. The Arab leaders, through official and semi-official media outlets, began leaking news that they will attend the Damascus summit, right after the barbaric incursion if Israeli forces into Gaza, and the uproar generated on purpose by the Israeli actions, deliberately, in order to Help the fledgling support to the Syrians, within the Lebanese opposition, following the Assassination of Moughniah in Damascus by Assef Shawkat's murder squads....

"Those Lebanese who are betting on the United States flexing its muscles will be disappointed. Washington cannot impose the solution it wants. The way out has to be based on a Lebanese consensus," .