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The Main problem in USA remains one and the same: Lack of Honest, Decent Leadership.

Elie Hobeika: He who sows to the Spirit, will from the Spirit reap eternal life.
Our Lebanese heroes who gave their lives on the altars of the nation also taught us that he who has faith in the nation, in liberty, and in the rights of its citizens will defend them with absolute vigor and most honorable dedication, and will not fear any threats, threat of oppression, the loss of position or property, or the disappearance of "Thyself" in a Fiery Syrian/Israeli Car BOMB, with CIA's Blessing, aiding and abetting, since 1997, when he adamantly refused to play Ball again...
February , 2008 -- Behind the media smoke screen in the Middle East.

Reality paints a much different picture of Middle East covert operations.

Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell tipped his hand just a bit when he recently opined that Syria may have been responsible for the February 12 car bombing in Damascus of Hezbollah military commander Imad Mughniyeh. McConnell, according to WMR's Middle East Intelligence sources, provided only a small part of the ntelligence cooperation that actually occurs in the Middle East between factions from the Syrians, Iranians, Israelis, and Americans.

It is becoming apparent that the head of Syrian military intelligence, Assef Shawqat, and a group of his operatives in Syria and Lebanon have been carrying out a number of car bombings, including that of Mughniyeh and Lebanese politicians, in order to provide "plausible deniability" and a firewall between Syria and the Israelis and Americans. This whole Covert effort started in earnest with the Assassination of Mr. Elie Hobeika, January 24th 2002. Mr. Hobeika was closest to this group, earlier in his career, hence it was decided to take him out of the picture first, because he adamantly refused offers to induce him to join this whole strategy anew, since the latter part of the 1990s, and because it is a given, for people "in the know", that had he been alive today, he would be able to decipher all these covert links with exact details, names, and more...! Significantly, Shawkat is the brother-in-law of Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

WMR's sources report that "a faction" within the Iranian military decided to help the Shawkat faction take out Mughniyeh in order to avoid an outbreak of war between Hezbollah and Israel in south Lebanon and a possible concurrent "shock and awe" US air strike on Iran. Hezbollah's operational command maintains close links with the Iranian embassies in Syria and Lebanon. In addition, Hezbollah's Special Security Apparatus is provided with weapons, military training, and money by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the Al Qods force of the IRGC.

Shawkat has maintained close ties with the CIA, providing the agency with extraordinary rendition prisons and torture rooms for individuals grabbed by CIA operatives around the world, including Canadian citizen Maher Arar, a native of Syria. In September 2006, a Canadian Commission of Inquiry concluded that Arar, who was kidnapped while transiting JFK Airport in New York, was tortured by Syrian military intelligence. The report stated that Shawkat's service tortured Arar "while interrogating him during the period he was held incommunicado at the SMI’s [Syrian Military Intelligence's] Palestine Branch facility.”

After the car bomb hit on Mughniyah in Damascus, Shawkat's intelligence operatives ensured that the scene of the bombing was completely cleansed by
first light the next morning. The only signs that the bombing had occurred were some black marks on the street and some minor damage to adjacent walls.

What is lost on the Western media is that there are covert channels between Israeli, Syrian, and Iranian intelligence. The Secretary of the conservative
Islamic Coalition Society and close friend of Ayatollah Ali Khamanei is Habibollah Asgaroladi, a radical Muslim who rejected attempts by former President Mohammad Khatami to improve relations with the United States. Khatami's entreaties were also rejected by the neocons in the George W. Bush administration.

Asgaroladi is a member of the Expediency Council, an influential advisory group in the country chaired by former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
who was the main Iranian interlocutor between the Americans and Israelis in the Iran-contra scandal during the Reagan-Bush administration in the 1980s. More noteworthy is the fact that Asgaroladi, counted as one of Iran's richest men, converted to Islam from Judaism during the time of the Shah's reign.

According to WMR's Iranian sources, beyond his radical rhetoric, Asgaroladi serves as an important back channel to Israel, especially in matters of trade matters. Asgaroladi's position in Iran has been likened by WMR's Middle East sources to the large number of Turkish leaders whose families converted
from Judaism to Islam before and after the Turkish secular revolution of Kemal Ataturk. In fact, knowledgeable Turkish sources report that Ataturk,
himself, was one such convert. These Turkish leaders provide much of the support for close Turkish-Israeli relations, including military and intelligence links.

Our Middle East intelligence sources report that the Syrians, Israelis, and Iranians prefer that U.S. intelligence remain largely ignorant of "some covert" and "subtle links" between Israel, the minority Alawite Muslim regime in Damascus, and factions within the mullahs in Tehran. However, it is just possible, that ignorance by the United States... that could propel America into a disastrous military action in Iran.

Disinformation Galore In Damascus.

By Andrew Yung

Syria has vowed to soon release the results of its inquiry into the assassination of Hezbollah official Imad Mughniyah. However, there is increasing likelihood that the findings, rather than explain what happened, will become a weapon in the regional struggle between Syria, Iran and their Lebanese allies on the one hand, and Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan , and the March 14th coalition of the creeps and stooges of CIA and MOSSAD, on the other.

In the past week since Mughniyeh's funeral, unidentified sources in Beirut and Damascus have been feverishly spinning media coverage of the killing. The Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, which is close to Hezbollah, was the first to identify an Arab angle in the Mughniyeh affair, quoting someone as saying that among those arrested by the Syrian authorities were "non-civilian elements of Arab nationality." Syria's daily Al-Watan, which is owned by the powerful cousin of President Bashar Assad, Rami Makhlouf, also cited a source as mentioning an Arab the Heart of Damascus, Assef Shawkat of SMI.

In the Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai Al-Aam, a source close to Hizbullah was quoted as saying that the Mughniyah hit was "Palestinian-Israeli," using American technology and financed by an unidentified Gulf Arab official. Another Kuwaiti daily, Al-Siyassa, which is hostile to Damascus, wrote that Mughniyeh had been residing in an apartment building belonging to a business partner of Makhlouf - in effect linking the late Hezbollah official to people at the heart of Syria's political and economic elite.... which is none of his Business, never been his Business.

Perhaps most disturbing for what may lie ahead, however, was a report in Al-Haqiqa, the publication of Nizar Nayouf, a Syrian opposition figure. Nayouf was for years instrumentalized by Syria's regime, before moving to France..., to become Assef Shawqat's resident representative, with DST, DGSE, and CIA's... station in Paris. However, most observers of Syrian affairs believe his publication is often used by the White House's subsidiary of Murder Inc., incorporated with the Assad regime, as a conduit for disinformation, or for sending political messages. According to a Syrian source cited by Al-Haqiqa, the Mughniyeh investigation may accuse "official or semi-official Lebanese parties ... allied with [the 14 Hmars...]" of having participated in the Mughniyeh operation. The paper suggested investigators might also identify Walid Jumblatt, or more specifically his alleged security chief, Hisham Nasreddine, as having played a role in the killing. LOL the Heart of Damascus, Assef Shawkat of SMI.

The "official or semi-official" parties the source refers to is almost certainly the Information Department of the Internal Security Forces - essentially the state security apparatus most loyal to FBI.... A key objective of Syria and the opposition in the negotiations over a new government has been to ensure that the Interior Ministry, which oversees the Dis-Information Department, is taken out of the hands of the parliamentary majority. If the information in Al-Haqiqa becomes the basis of an official Syrian charge, the aim may be to advance this agenda. As for Jumblatt, no one will seriously believe the Druze leader has the capacity to eliminate so secretive as figure as Mughniyeh. However, if the Syrians do level such an accusation, it may exacerbate tension on the ground between Jumblatt's supporters and Hezbollah, without the latter being able to express doubt in the Syrian conclusions. The party has little margin of maneuver vis-a-vis Damascus, and Iran has reportedly indicated it wants no quarrel with the Assad regime over Mughniyeh. Hezbollah has blamed Israel for the assassination, but its secretary general, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, has also described March 14 as having sided with Israel. If the Syrians play on that theme, Nasrallah may find himself tossed back into the unforgiving alleyways of inter-Nationalized conflict.

Where would Hezbollah stand on this? One message in the Mughniyah assassination was that while the party was stuck in the viper's nest of Lebanese politics, someone, Israel, and the White House's Murder Inc., scored a goal ...against it.... through their direct the Heart of Damascus, Assef Shawkat of SMI.

The same holds for Syria's conflict with major Arab states. At a time when Iran is improving its relations with Saudi Arabia and Egypt, there is little real advantage to Hizbullah in seeing Damascus manipulate Mughniyeh's death to score points in its dispute with Riyadh and Cairo. All that would prove, again, is that Hizbullah is, and has always been, an Arab nationalist organization waging a regional struggle in Lebanon .

Recent events have shown that Hezbollah, even though many publicists will dutifully underline its independence from Syria and Iran, is in fact a National Resistance and Legitimate movement, bent on liberating the lands of Lebanon from utter destruction by the Israeli and Syrian war machines for decades. Hassan Nasrallah will prove his humanistic and moral values ounce more for all to see, because he is simply a Nationalist, bent on using all tools at his disposal to liberate his country and his people.

The Main problem in USA remains one and the same: Lack of Leadership, ever since JFK was murdered by CIA.

"We have relapsed again into an epoch where a thousand small calculations and petty opinions form the history of the day.
The sea is still tumultuous at times, but only from passing storms."

Pretending to "Rule the World" ... does not make it so, without exceptional Leadership Qualities of "A" President ?

Of course history does not exactly repeat itself. But the Congress of Vienna did demonstrate what diplomacy can accomplish in restoring stability. And the 7/8
years of President G. W. Bush have - as the writer notes - demonstrated the
immense damage rejection of diplomacy can cause (not only re Iran but worldwide).

Iran is not a monolithic dictatorship - there is Khamenei the supreme leader
and the Mullahs, there is Ahmedinajad and the Revolutionary Guards, there is
the pragmatic devious Rafsanjani and his potent ilk, there are the reformers
battered but more than ever representing the large educated and business
classes not benefiting enough from the regime. And there are the majority
country dwellers and working classes.

The 40 odd year old Iranian revolution (unlike the young French Revolution
of Napoleon's time) has lost its dynamic ....
Moreover America - overstretched and deeply resented not only in the Muslim
world but in many other areas - is not the only player.
China and Russia and all but voiceless Europe also are potentially....

What Iraq has going for it - and the Middle East in general - is that
virtually all countries have a major interest in the stability of Iraq
and the region. This partly mirrors the circumstances of the Congress
of Vienna. What is needed is a great diplomatic initiative bringing in
the world's major powers which between them can exert overwhelming
pressure (sticks and carrots) on all regional players (from Iran to Israel)
to bring about the stabilization of the area.

The big problem is, and will always be: who will lead this?
Metternich represented a victorious power - but there was also
France's Talleyrand who got much for the loser, France. And in this case
the bloodied, declining, but still immensely powerful US would have to take
the lead in such a contemporary 'Congress of Vienna'.

And that depends on the next US president: will he be another unilateralist confrontationist, or will he seek to recover the new era of
international cooperation in resolving humanity's great problems that
became possible with the end of the Cold War?

An America speaking cooperation would open the breaches in the Iranian
society, undermining the spurious unity Ahmedinajad and the
Revolutionary Guard seek to portray. The other elements in Iran, faced
with such a 'Congress' could well plump for regional stability.
If they did not - they would have the best part of the world against them...

The most unrealistic and misleading aspects of news coverage of Lebanon,
and the Arab-Israeli conflict in general is the focus on single individuals
or groups as the root cause of conflict, and the characterization of all
of Israel's enemies as terrorists... The same approach has been applied
in covering Hizbullah and other resistance factions in occupied Palestine.
All these organizations were products of the Israeli occupation and they
were created to resist and thus enjoy widespread popular order
to counter the PLO in the early 80s..., To continue to reduce such groups
and their leaders to nothing more than crazed terrorists is not only false
and counterproductive, but, in its dismissal of the vast majority of
Lebanese and others as murderers and supporters of terrorism, is also
racist, to say the least.

The Arab-Israeli conflict will continue for the foreseeable future.
According to reports, Imad Moughniyeh has already been replaced, and in
short time, the media will find another shadowy, intriguing figure to focus
its attention on, while continuing to ignore the prevailing conditions
that inevitably gives rise to both legitimate acts of resistance, and
terrorism. Israel continues to occupy Palestine, the Syrian Golan Heights,
and parts of Lebanon. It is holding over 11,000 kidnapped Palestinians,
and several Lebanese in jail. It is arguably committing a form of genocide
in Gaza, and it recently launched an attack on Syria...? It continues to
deny the Palestinians their inalienable right of return and may be
preparing for its next military adventure in Lebanon. It is only within
this context of ongoing warfare that people like Imad F.Moughniyah will
come to be known, and can be understood...
Iran's presidents do not run the country. A solution to the nuclear
dilemma - or any other problem in Iran's foreign relations - is in
the hands of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Among his responsibilities, Khamenei serves as commander-in-chief
of the military, controls the intelligence services, and appoints
directors of the national media. His appointees effectively control
most ministries and Iran's major cities.

In diplomacy, Khamenei tends to operate in a clever but recognizable
fashion. He sends different diplomats into negotiations with
contradictory instructions. Each claims to be acting with the
Supreme Leader's full authority, but ultimately they are unable to
make commitments because they have little idea of what Khamenei wants
to do. After a time, they are removed, and a new set of representatives
is dispatched.
In order to dominate decision-making, Khamenei prefers weak presidents.

Ahmedinejad is no different. His political base has faded, owing to
Iran's deepening economic crisis, which has been intensified by the
conflict with the west over the nuclear issue. His support in the
parliamentary election next March seems particularly weak, which will
no doubt please western observers. But the election results will not
matter: parliament, too, has little influence over Iran's foreign policy.

Some western diplomats recognize the Supreme Leader's role.
In practice, however, western diplomacy tends to ignore Khamenei, who
sabotages any effort to get around him as the final arbiter of Iranian
policy. This might partly explain why Khamenei has been distrustful of
negotiations with the west. Westerners don't seem to understand
who is in charge.

The west should learn from the example of Russian President Vladimir
Putin, who did not travel to Iran until he was allowed a direct meeting
with Khamenei, during which Putin is reported to have made a proposal
to end the nuclear stand-off. There has been no answer yet, because
unlike the "Arabs", Iranians have a very good long memory... an
"elephant's memory", and they still remember who dismantled the
Persian Empire... in the past, though there does seem to be some
recent movement between Russia and Iran on the provision of nuclear
fuel for Iran's controversial reactors, so long that the Cash is
coming handy, the Russians will oblige .

To be sure, Khamenei is reluctant to meet with non-Muslim foreign
leaders. But that shouldn't stop the west from reaching out to him
directly, or pressing him to publicly appoint the representatives
who negotiate with the west.

One American politician who understands how to work with the Iranian
power structure is former Congressman Lee Hamilton, now head of the
Woodrow Wilson Center. When Wilson Center researcher Haleh Esfandiari
was arrested in Iran, Hamilton wrote to Khamenei, pleading for her
release on humanitarian grounds. Khamenei responded - reportedly the
first time he answered an American - and Esfandiari was released in
a matter of days...

Khamenei would be hard-pressed to ignore a direct invitation from
the US to negotiate on Iran's most vital concerns. His clear priority
is the Islamic Republic's survival, not the fate of particular
Iranian politicians... or "shrewd operators" like Imad Moughniah...,
While Ahmedinejad's apocalyptic vision makes it difficult for
westerners to deal with him, Khamenei does not want to stumble
into a military confrontation with the West, which would destabilize
Iran and possibly lead to the regime's downfall. To resolve outstanding
issues with Iran, the West should be dealing with the only person
powerful enough to make deals and deliver concessions. That person
is Khamenei, not Ahmedinejad... who is about to be booted out...
one way or another? The big question is: Is it going to happen
"en Douce" or forcibly ejected by an ambitious... "coup" !

Lebanese, Please Remember who has unconditionally rubber-stamped Israeli policies, it's G. W. Bush... one year is not enough to set
long-term goals..., but it’s enough to ignite catastrophic chaos.

The " Foursome" Love making machine, in Syria, Israel,
and Lebanon, is desperately trying to avoid a new US
"inspired war" .... I call it the Four Suleimans, or Suleiman4.
Bahjat Suleiman, Ibrahim Suleiman, Michel Suleiman and the
Suleiman Temple... Chaired by "CEO" Assef Shawkat, the
Serial Mass Murderer Incorporated... “stovepiped,”.....
since Basil's Demise... in 1994....

So, the question arises: Will Mughnieh's assassination be a ticking
time bomb that threatens the region with a devastating new war?

"A new era is upon us [in US-Syrian relations]." With a sense
of déjà vu, so-called March 14 stooges will begin to realize that
Bush has done a Kissingerian trick on them and the ground has
shifted beneath their feet. Since their last visit to DC..., they have
been resigned to the inevitability of joint.... military operations
in the coming months.... More important, they have assessed that
with the u-turn in US policy, the odds are heavily stacked against
them. The stooges know from "long experience", it is futile to be
defiant of a superpower, especially when it bonds with a strong
regional power ....- at least for the time being.... in order to try a
New Adventure in south Lebanon.... betting on a different set of
rules of the Game... and a chimerical "Victory" of their Axis.... ?

Washington has many cards to play. Sympathy to stooges
like Sanioura is understandable, because he was recruited
so long ago and served them well so far...but is increasingly
based on myth. US goodwill should never be an entitlement.
Some might remain as "allies", but most have disqualified
themselves from any substantive partnership....

It is time to take a tough-love approach to March 14th crooks.
There should be no aid and no diplomatic legitimacy so long
as "Government" remains a CIA safe haven, sells US security
to the highest bidder..., and leaves democratic and institutional
reform stagnant... deliberately for decades..."

Nothing like this has ever been said by leading Americans
"in the know..." analysts nor scholars about the March 14th
cronies, who were the darling of US policymakers through the
past 17-odd years period, since Saddam's catastrophic Gulf
War in 1991.... Hayden sent out a deadly message - Washington
has no more critical need of March 14th helpless creeps....

He was spot on. The US military in "theater" have concluded
that the best means of countering the various "insurgency" is by
bribing the militants.... The success of the policy has sharply
reduced US dependence on the "alliance of the unwilling and
unable to deliver...".

As the US military concluded successfully a similar deal with the
Shi'ite Sadrist militias as well as a new attempt is in the offing...
on Hizbullah..., in order to "maximize" the potential... for a similar
deal, reminiscent of Bandar Bin Sultan's deal in the 80s...the use
of proxy-militias as foot soldiers of counterinsurgency operations
further diminishes in Lebanon.... and augments exponentially in
SYRIA.....concludes Hayden's inner sanctum.

It was the highlights of a recent talk at the Middle East Institute in
Washington by Alon Liel, the former director general of Israel’s
Foreign Ministry and the chairman of the Israel-Syria Peace Society.
Liel was the man who had engaged in unofficial contacts with a
Syrian-American envoy, Ibrahim Suleiman, between September
2004 and July 2006.
While the Israeli and Syrian governments distanced themselves from
the channel (its “unofficial” nature useful mainly to offer deniability),
for a time they were both plainly interested in reaching a positive

This was no doubt confirmed by the presence of Suleiman, a
businessman living in the United States. He once, coyly, declared
that he had “friends in Damascus” and knew the Assad family from
the old days in the neighborhood. That was an understatement. He is
the brother of Bahjat Suleiman, who, when the Liel-Suleiman talks
began, was one of Syria’s leading intelligence chiefs. As unofficial as
the contacts were, this relationship meant the Syrian regime knew
exactly what was going on.... as always, since Elie Cohen....

But back to the Middle East Institute event and the highlights of
Liel’s presentation. What we learn is quite interesting about
Syrian-Israeli interaction, and quite embarrassing in what it says
about the Assad regime. Without any further ado, here is some of
what Liel said: “I was in charge of talking to the top leadership in
Syria through the Swiss and Syrian-American negotiator Ibrahim
Suleiman. The Swiss and Suleiman were our channel to the Syrian
Vice President and Foreign Minister. They agreed with us to spread
Israel’s withdrawal from the Golan Heights over a period of 15 years.
They also agreed to turn 30 percent of the Golan into a park where
Israelis can visit with no visa and that there will be no settlement
of the land by Syrians.”

Through Israeli press reports, and through the website of the
Foundation for Middle East Peace, whose Geoffrey Aronson
participated in the process, we knew a lot of this. But it’s worth
again hearing that senior Syrian officials were much more in the
loop on the details of the talks than Damascus ever admitted to.

Liel again: “We recently contacted the Syrians to assure [us] that
they still stand behind the suggested arrangement, and they
responded by saying it [was] their own idea and therefore it still

So, despite Israel’s terrible relations with Syria’s allies, Iran and
Hezbollah, Damascus continues to talk to the Israelis and plan a
final deal..... which will be a Monumental BANG in Lebanon...

“During the 11th day of the [2006] war with Lebanon we got a
message from the Syrians that they want[ed] to talk about
controlling Hezbollah and meet in Bern. When we checked with
the Israeli Foreign Ministry they rejected [it] because they believed
the Americans would protest.”
Fascinating. So while Lebanese were being massacred by Israel,
and while Hezbollah was on the defensive, the Syrians contacted
the Israelis with an offer to sell Hezbollah out. The Americans didn’t
want the Israelis to go ahead, but Syria and Israel might have
considered it otherwise.

“Then on a trip to Turkey [in February 2007, Israeli Prime Minister
Ehud] Olmert asked the Turkish [prime minister] to check with Syria
about its gestures. The response from Syria was always the same;
they want bilateral talks but only with US participation. The Syrians
see talks with Israel as being limited, but with the US they can [hold]
talks about a broader regional understanding.”

So, not only did the Syrians have no qualms about communicating
with Israel at the height of the 2006 war; they were actively seeking
to expand on this to include a relationship with the United States. You
have to wonder what Hassan Nasrallah would say; or Iran’s leadership.
And just to clarify his previous quote further, Liel added: “Syria risks
its strategic relation with Iran if it moves to negotiate with Israel
without support and assurances from the US to compensate for the
loss of Iran.”

Liel continued: “By the time Olmert came to Washington [in June 2007]
he knew that the only way forward [was] for the US to take part in the
talks. Bush’s reaction however was clear when he announced after the
meeting that it’s an Israeli-Syrian bilateral issue and the US won’t
participate. This was effectively an American veto.”

So what happened? The Syrians had failed in their efforts to use talks
with Israel to open a line to the Americans. Liel admitted that
“Suleiman lost motivation after strong criticism for visiting Israel,
much publicity and repeated disappointments. Other Syrians
approached us instead.”....

Now Liel is peddling the argument that Washington must be more
involved in talks for them to get anywhere. We don’t expect him to
care about Syria’s efforts to return to Lebanon or its involvement in
the Hariri assassination, because we believe Israel is on Syria’s side
when it comes to those issues. The Israelis were never pleased with
the Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon in 2005. But then Liel dropped
a genuine blockbuster, outlining a specific reason why Israel is so keen
on a deal with Syria.

In answer to a question, Liel pointed out: “Part of our talks with the
Syrians included the [400,000] Palestinian refugees in Syria and they
indicated willingness to consider nationalizing them. This will then …
likely make it easier to promote the same in Lebanon.”

So Syria not only wants to impose Syrian nationality on Palestinians
in Syria, Israel sees this as a way of doing the same in
long as they are able to get back into Lebanon with full force, just
like they did in 1989/90 with Full USA's backing and Israel's lofty

Or to put it bluntly: The Assad regime is not only up to betraying
Hezbollah and Iran, while ignoring Lebanese deaths at Israel’s hands,
it will happily kill a core issue of the Palestinian national struggle –
namely the refugees’ right of return. Syria’s allies in Beirut have
blamed the Siniora government for wanting to do just that. Shouldn’t
they bring that matter up in Damascus when they next get instructions
from there?

One of our readers has noted that the information that Ibrahim Suleiman
and Bahjat Suleiman are brothers is false. As a result, we have
rechecked our sources. Some suggest the two are brothers; others refer
to them as "relatives." However, did what appears to be
authoritative research into the relationship, and underlined they were
neither brothers nor relatives. The story seems to confirm what our
reader noted: namely that they hail from different parts of northern
Syria. That does not alter the main argument of the editorial that
Syria's top leaders closely followed the Suleiman-Liel talks, but that
is also irrelevant....because:

The " Foursome" despicable Love making machine, in Syria, Israel,
and Lebanon, is desperately trying to avoid a new US hegemonistic
"inspired war" .... I call it the Four Suleimans, or Suleiman4....
Bahjat Suleiman, Ibrahim Suleiman, Michel Suleiman and the criminal
Suleiman Temple... Chaired by "CEO" Assef Shawkat, the barbaric,
Serial Mass Murderer Mobile BUSHRA ASSAD...

But Don't be so naive always my fellow Lebanese, America
must maintain her usefulness in the region. That means maintaining a
state of tension but not necessarily hostility. America does not want to
get into talks with Syria because she does not own any of the conflict
and has nothing to offer but money, words and point of a gun. She really
has no business at all save looking for WMD's and that hunt I hear is
If Arabs and Jews made peace, there'd be less weapons sales, less and
less opportunity to spread all things American and Empire drive to take
over Jerusalem. They're itching to get into Gaza when "Oubama" pulls
out prematurely from Iraq. Arab states westernize more by alienating

Punishment must always follow a crime.... And crimes committed by Israel ,
Syria and USA, at the hands of Serial Mass Killer Assef Shawkat, are so
abhorrent....Baby Assad is one of the most hypocritical little despots on
Planet earth....and "crowned" member of the Legendary Criminal Enterprise,
The White House Murder Inc.

Israel does not care about the opinion of this one or that one...Israel has
ALWAYS de-negated that it was involved into this kind of operation, and
any country would do the same. ( Now , accepting your opinion means
clearly that no Arab country is able to put together such sophisticated
operation....which we know already ( we call their messy intervention
" AVODAH ARAVIT = work of poor quality performed by .....)

Syria has always been a terrorist country which has chosen the terror camp
long ago. Terrorism and dictatorship are often related in countries where a
single person is taking care of his own ego and depriving people of the basic
civil liberties. Syria has always been a country where Israelis have operated
( remember our man in Damascus Elie Cohen, Now with ASSEF SHAWKAT...)
and you know my friend that Israeli and Syrian share a lot in term of physical
appearance... and MORE ! I just let you imagine the rest .... Eliminating
terrorists has always been a legitimate concern of the successive Israeli
governments and will certainly remain so .... Killing terrorists is not a pastime ,
it is a duty not only towards the Jews but also towards the international
community.... LOL....

Now there is a very very GOOD chance that the bearded hoodlum Mougniyah
has been eliminated by the Syrian Military Intelligence services of CEO
Murder Inc. Assef Shawkat...which could also serve some political goal such
as appearing " credible" to the international community.......It has been a new
murderous joint operation of the White House Murder Inc. in return for what ?

Think a bit further , Lebanese...!


Mossad knew the US Marines, and CIA station Chiefs meeting at the US Embassy in Beirut Lebanon, were going to get bombed to oblivion... in 1983, but didn't inform the CIA because it was good for Israel - remember ?

"... Secret CIA operations constitute the usually unseen efforts to shore up unjust, unpopular, minority governments, always with the hope that overt military intervention ... will not be necessary. The more successful CIA operations are, the more remote overt intervention becomes, and the more remote become reforms.... Case in point : Siniora's illegal Government, despised by over 2/3rd of the Lebanese and Arabs at large, CIA agent for decades, infiltrated into Rafiq Hariri's entourage by American Intelligence...."

"In order to survive, nations need strong intelligence services. But the idea that the
CIA is primarily an intelligence-gathering operation is itself one of the agency's greatest propaganda triumphs... Despite its name, the Central Intelligence Agency's main purpose is, and has always been, carrying out covert operations involving economic warfare, rigged elections, assassinations and even genocide...
The CIA is also expert at distorting intelligence to justify its own goals, and this "disinformation" leads to dangerous illusions among our policymakers. But covert operations are its life's blood... The litany of illegal, murderous CIA activity is enough to chill the bones of anyone who cares about liberty and justice... As long as the CIA exists, our government can break any law it chooses in the name of national security...."

"American capitalism, based as it is on exploitation of the poor, with its fundamental motivation in personal greed, simply cannot survive without force - without a secret police force.Now, more than ever, each of us is forced to make a conscious choice whether to support the system of minority comfort and privilege with
all its security apparatus and repression, or whether to struggle for real equality of opportunity and fair distribution of benefits for all of society, in the domestic as well as the international order. It's harder now not to realize that there are two sides, harder not to understand each, and harder not to recognize that like it or not we contribute day in and day out either to the one side or to the other."

"But what counter-insurgency really comes down to is the protection of the capitalists back in America, their property and their privileges. US national security, as preached by US leaders, is the security of the capitalist class in
the US, not the security of the rest of the people."

Moreover, I strongly disagree with this "cover notion...", which shields the Agency... and that is :

"... what the Agency [CIA] does is ordered by the President and the NSC [National Security Council]. The Agency neither makes decisions on policy nor acts on its own account. It is an instrument of the President...." Far from it... Rogue Factions... and Turf Battles... rule with brute force.... 9/11 etc.

That may be the official policy, but in no way is it the reality. Was the Agency JFK's instrument, or were they a mutinous covert army that didn't like his style? More and more I have come to see that presidents come and go, according to the whims of the electorate, but the Agency, with its dark history and career criminals, endures. They don't work for the president, they only pretend to. They jump to
attention when he calls them, but they also snigger behind his back. There's nothing he can do for their benefit except bestow the occasional Medal of Freedom and allow their funding increases to pass without a veto. Other than that, he is just a nuisance to be tolerated, and as far as possible, kept out of the loop. The less he knows, the less trouble he can make.

Of course I don't mean to imply that the Agency is a seamless and unified body. Anything but! We have witnessed in the past eight years a war going on between various CIA factions---including those who actually work for the good of their country (as they perceive it) and those who work for private gain. We have seen that a rogue faction can commit enormous crimes for private gain, which because of their very enormity must remain secret "for the good of the public"---just as in a corrupt big-city police department, good cops struggle against the bad ones and usually end up dead for their trouble.

In the question of whether we "work for Israel", I think the following.... While it often appears the Israelis are calling the shots, I think it's more a matter of agents of organized crime who have allied themselves with (shielded themselves behind) the nation of Israel. The organized crime/defense industry/international bankers are the ones calling the shots, but they're doing it while hiding behind Israel for cover---because Israel is the one who cannot be criticized. Holocaust imagery has provided a powerful sainthood for them which is very useful to the criminals. The evil ones are using Israel, and Israel goes along with it because they're afraid of losing powerful friends, and because their corrupt leaders are benefiting from the arrangements... of CIA/MOSSAD and the New Alliance..., translated into the White House's Murder Inc.,. But for ordinary Israelis, who wish for peace, all it brings is bloodshed , cynicism and hypocrisy.... and the majority
of Israelis go along with it .

Before Philip Agee there was General Smedley Butler he said it better... It all started in 1913. The Warburgs and the Master sending their agents over here to finance a War they knew would come.Many people profited outrageously from the War. Its been their "the special ones" game ever since. War and Profits and make enemies for profits all about Money lots and lots of Money. Its a formula works every time. The American Aristocraps did not lose the Vietnam War they got Rich and President Carter got the post war depression its always the same. The Great Depression was a factor of WWI There was almost a problem after WW II but thank "Satan" we had the Soviet Demon to keep the game going. War, Debt, Inflation, Taxes (lowered buying power from inflation) Rich get richer, Psycho Enemy creation its a Movie. Same script over and over. Yawn and Boring stupid think tanks. Read : "War is a Racket" Smedley much superior and precise not all blah blah talker or boring "I am so Smart" big worded freaks.Same old Crap. Smedley a Great Quaker got to point.

For those of us, who worked for the various "services". How can we believe that the US intelligence community is ignorant on the subtle goings on in the Middle East? They are behind it all.... When the US goes to war with Iran it will be for Oil interests and US balance of power not for Israel.... just like the situation of Iraq, for those knowledgeable few... Israel was against the war in Iraq... and was very
happy with the clown Saddam... and the same goes for the Baby Dictator of Damascus... Israel will do its utmost to keep him and his killers in office for 3 decades.

I agree with the historical precedents: Jewish leaders such as Sharon and Zelikow have stated repeatedly that the USA went to war for Israel and that they control our government. The intelligence agencies all need money to operate, and just like everything else the bankers control the intelligence agencies. It's fair to say they are all part of one organization controlled by the international bankers.
The Rothschild's developed the first international intelligence operation, and they have been growing it ever since. Since Israel is their home country, it's reasonable to assume that Mossad is the lead agency in that part of the world. Mossad knew the Marines in Lebanon were going to get bombed, but didn't inform the CIA because it was good for Israel - remember? I understand that some want to place the blame on the CIA, but that isn't being realistic. The CIA works for Wall Street which is controlled from the City of London by the Rothschild's and other elite bloodlines.... but was able to "overcome"... with great strides, time and unscrupulous gangs, made in ....Jackson Hole, Wyoming.... completed the IPO and the New Alliance .... in the 1990s.

Considering how much it's happened throughout history. For instance, most of the Jews from NY that were imported to create the Soviet leadership of the Bolsheviks changed their names, and it's been a common practice the last few hundred years at least. The "Turks' who massacred the Armenians were supposedly cryptos called Donmeh, and judging from how furiously Jewish leadership (along with Turks) has always denied the Armenian genocide, along with the Bolshevik genocide which was 20-60 million victims during the Bolshevik reign of terror, depending on who you believe...some people estimate up to 100 million if you include the years up to Stalin's death.
He may have been poisoned because of his persecution of the Jews?



Sabbatai Zvi proclaims himself the Jewish Messiah in Salonika. He leads thousands of Jewish followers on an exodus to Palestine. On the way Zvi becomes a Muslim. His followers saw this as God’s plan and also become Muslims.


In 1716 a group called the “Donmeh” forms in Salonika headed by Sabbatai Zvi’s successor, Baruchya Russo. In 1900 the Donmeh numbers over 100,000. Known as “Crypto Jews,” they appear to be Muslims, but were Jews.


In 1891 a political group from the Donmeh forms called The Committee of Union and Progress, later called The Young Turks. The group is headed by Freemason Jew Emmanuel Carrusso with the help of the Rothschild's.


In 1902 & 1907 two Congresses of The Young Turks meet in Paris to plan the penetration of the Sultan’s army leading to the military coup of 1908.


In 1908 the Jewish Young Turks revolt and force the Sultan Abdül Hamid II into submission.


In 1914 the Jewish Young Turks bolster the paid assassin Gavrilo Princep which sparks WW I.

In 1915 The Armenian Holocaust engineered by the Jewish Young Turks leaves 1.5 million Armenian Christians murdered.


In 1918 Jew Mustafa Kemal “Ataturk” ascends into leadership. In 1920 the Russian Jewish Bolsheviks supply Ataturk with 10 million gold roubles,
45,000 rifles, and 300 machine guns.

In 1921 Ataturk occupies the Port of Batu ceding it to the Jewish Bolsheviks five days later. The Rothschild's are delighted as they now have their
Batu Oil Company in Jewish Bolshevik territory.


In 1922 Jewish Kemalists orchestrate the burning of Smyrna resulting in 100,000 Christians tortured, starved, raped, and dead.


Talaat Pasha: A “Donmeh” Jew. Interior Minister of Turkey during WW I. Chief architect of the Armenian Holocaust;

Djavid Bey: “Donmeh Jew.” Talaat’s Finance Minister;

Messim Russo: Assistant to Djavid Bey;

Refik Bey: Editor of Young Turk newspaper Revolutionary Press; Prime Minister of Turkey in 1939;

Emanuel Qrasow: Jewish propagandist for The Jewish Young Turks;

Vladimir Jabotinsky: Russian Bolshevik who moved to Turkey in 1908. Editor of the newspaper Young Turk;

Alexander Helphand: Liaison of the Rothschild's. Editor of The Turkish Homeland;

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk: A Jew of Sephardic origin. Ataturk attended the Jewish Elementary school known as the Semsi Effendi School run by
the Jew Simon Zvi.