Friday, February 15, 2008

How to protect the "Prized" asset of CIA/MOSSAD, In Syria's Highest Echelons...Assef Shawkat

The " known unknowns " ...
"We also know there are known unknowns," "absence of evidence,
is not the evidence of absence" ...Such tit-for-tat behavior,
is in the realm of the "unknown unknowns"....

For Israel's scheme to succeed, the internal conflict in Lebanon
must escalate and internal cohesion must not be achieved, an
ongoing mission entrusted to the "mysterious" car bombings that
have been blamed squarely on Syria and its Lebanese allies....
in the "legendary" , cowardly, White House Murder Inc., and its
Chief Operating Officer, Assef Shawkat,the Lieutenant of
Elliott Abrams, CIA , MOSSAD and OSP.

Here's a "taste" of what's to come for Lebanon.....

Annapolis will represent another signpost in the US drive to solidify the de facto unholy alliance that has bound Israel and the so-called "moderate" Arab states under US patronage. In this case, it is difficult to be optimistic about prospects for Lebanon or the region....

For Lebanon the US project means eliminating Hizbullah's core "Resistance" capabilities..., one way or the other, so as to remove Israel's only genuine security threat and deprive Syria and Iran of leverage in their own negotiations with the US regarding the Golan Heights and nuclear arms respectively....

However, in light of the failure of the July 2006 US-Israeli war to destroy Hezbollah, the US has for now shifted its strategy away from a military solution to co-opting the Lebanese state, its cronies, stooges and creeps of Elliott Abrams, itself to pursue these tasks on its behalf-much as it has done in Palestine with Abu Mazen's recent declaration of war against Hamas....

By recognizing March 14's disputed claims to executive authority (now apparently reinforced with the governments' assumption of presidential powers), encouraging it to reject the opposition's repeated calls for a national unity government, and supporting its call for the full implementation of UNSC resolution 1559, the US appears to believe it has accomplished the first stage of this strategy which has focused on removing the Resistance's official cloak of state legitimacy it enjoyed under President Lahoud....

The second phase of US strategy is to create what the Pentagon calls a "strategic alliance" with the Lebanese army--the only state institution that enjoys broad support from all Lebanese communities, regardless of sect or class-- by transforming it into a force that would confront, rather than support, the Resistance. US military aid has been rising exponentially, as has the EU's; while March 14 has been working hard to install officers loyal to its cause in a bid to reverse the army's pro-Resistance sympathies...., and the "White House Murder Inc.", was busy... Murdering those who are not compliant, as was the case, with the assassination of General Francois El-Hajj .... and More...

After seven years of ignoring the plight of the Palestinians and often actively undermining the “Road Map” and other such peace agreements, the Bush administration decided to convene Annapolis at a time when the American, Israeli, and Palestinian leaderships were in their weakest political positions; hardly a recipe for success, unless, we look at things from a different angle.

The Palestinian leadership, considered illegitimate by a large portion of Palestinians, when looked at from this new angle, barely makes it into the picture as the disposable policy conduit of the heavy weights, the U.S. and Israel.

The only way we can understand and explain Annapolis is through the consistent behavior of both the U.S. and Israel over the last years; through their methods of operation - that would hardly change overnight - and not through their words or photo ops. We need to look for similarities in their policies and approaches and to consider where they would be implemented next and how Annapolis would facilitate that.

Fighting terrorism and outside threats is at the core of both American and Israeli domestic and foreign policies and their sustainability depends on such threats. Recently, even though such threats have not diminished, the populations all over the world have adjusted to their levels as in the case of Al-Qaeda, or outright rejected them as insignificant regional threats as in the case of the violence between Israelis and Palestinians, even worse for Israel, more and more the violence is perceived as disproportionately one sided and a direct result of the occupation of Palestinian lands and Israeli intransigence.

For the U.S. and Israel to preserve their policies and strategic objectives, the threat level has to evolve and increase beyond what it is today.

The grounds are being prepped for such an increase and Annapolis is but a “signpost”, it is so correctly cautioned. The U.S. and Israel are actively engaged, through the use of military force, economic pressure, financial incentives, political arm-twisting, etc…, in creating and widening rifts between countries and within populations in the Middle East in order to transform an entire region stretching from Pakistan to Algeria.

By the day, the rifts are expanding in Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine, and it is no secret that the U.S. is going to implement the so-called successes of the Anbar province of Iraq, paying a segment of the population for forcibly policing another, in the volatile Tribal Regions of Pakistan. We also know of clandestine operations in Iran to undermine the Iranian government through discontented minorities. Such clandestine operation could also be taking place elsewhere.

The large and enduring threat that the U.S. and Israel are looking for can be described as a contiguous swath of land where the so-called radical Muslims roam unchecked. The relationships between populations and countries that compose it is of no consequence as long as, to the average western observer, the region resembles an incomprehensible and menacing brew, a sort of an active volcano, impossible to control or predict, that could spew its terrorism lava at any moment and only the vigilant eye of the U.S. and its allies could protect the world.

“with us or against us” will be redefined and re-imposed. Even though the question is the same as after 9/11, the scope is different. After 9/11, it was imposed on countries, now, it will be imposed on individuals in the greater Middle East region; it will be the question that defines the fault line of a rift.

Annapolis is the forum where the new “with us or against us” was formally proposed and the Palestinian issue will be split in half along the fault line it creates. There will be moderate Palestinians who are “with us”, and radicals “against us”; the Palestinian issue would be solved by simply having it vanish.

Annapolis is where Israel is given the cover to pursue two diametrically opposed policies. One that would reward a so-called moderate (compliant) West Bank with some form of peace while the other would punish Gaza with the harshest of treatments to make certain that Gaza is forced into the “against us” camp.

The so-called moderate Arab states would use the treatment of the West Bank as the fig leaf they so desperately need to relieve them from the burdensome Palestinian issue. They might even help rehabilitate Israel, normalize relationships, or even form an alliance if Israel is made to be perceived as the only regional power that could counter-balance a menacing nuclear Iran.

In contrast, the treatment of Gaza, which is mostly Muslim, would be a stronger rallying cry for the radicals and would surely increase their fervor and numbers.

Both sides of the rift, the “with us” and “against us”, would have their supporting arguments but they are no longer countries, they are now individuals. The net effect of this policy toward the Palestinian issue would be the polarization of Arab and Muslim societies down to the smallest of social units; the rift will be within families, even between couples.

Still, this is not sufficient for the U.S. and Israel since these individuals are too dispersed. If we were to think of this new policy toward Palestine as the driving force behind this rift, the critical mass where all the ingredients are present, the powder keg that would make it happen is Pakistan and no one other than bin Laden is holding the match.

In his recent audio, released through Al-Jazeera, bin Laden hinted at the illegality of the War in Afghanistan but supplied no credible evidence. His attempt at driving a wedge between Europe and the U.S. could only be described as amateurish and his allegations dismissed as bogus.

As someone who has researched and written extensively on the legality of the Afghanistan war, I can assure you that bin Laden’s allegations are no joke. The Afghanistan war was illegal beyond the Iraq war; the victims of the Afghanistan war are not only the innocent civilians, but also every soldier who has died, and even you and I.

It is reported that bin Laden’s recent release targeted Europe’s population. The truth is, it targeted U.S. and European leaderships since they are the only ones who knew what he was talking about.

The proper evidence will be supplied by bin Laden sooner or later since the West would never dare supply it. It will surface when it benefits him the most. The most likely time would be, since it also fits the often observed symbiotic relationship between him and Bush, shortly after Musharraf, the Pakistani president, launches the long awaited military campaign against the Tribal Regions with the help of U.S. military advisers.

Should we wait for bin Laden to light the fuse when it benefits him and those imposing the “with us or against us” option, or, should I inform you now in the hope that you could resurrect the good options?

Since I have written about this crime extensively, and fulfilled my duty by informing the Democratic Judiciary Committees in both U.S. House and Senate, I see no reason why you should not have known about it even sooner.

What bin Laden said is true; the evidence that Al-Qaeda bore the sole responsibility for 9/11 was obtained by the U.S., through human intelligence, on September 26, 2001, ten days before the invasion of Afghanistan.

The tape released by the Pentagon on December 13, 2001, showing bin Laden confessing to Khaled Al-Harbi of his involvement in the attacks was the result of a sting operation run by U.S. intelligence with the help of Saudi intelligence on September 26, 2001.

Intelligence operatives had four days advance notice of the date of the meeting and taping, twenty four hours advance notice of its location, and knew that bin Laden would be in that village for at least three hours if not overnight since his family also lived in that village.

Instead of killing him or capturing him as per Bush’s famous promise “dead or alive”, this perfectly scripted opportunity was used to tape him. If bin Laden was killed or captured on that date, the U.S. would not have had any international support or legal standing to invade Afghanistan ten days later.

Based on actions by NATO, and statements by high-ranking Pakistani officials in the beginning of October 2001, the evidence seems to have been shared with them because of their importance in the war effort, but, such evidence of bin Laden’s guilt was not shared with the Taliban even though they offered bin Laden in exchange.

The U.S. had the military clout and, so shortly after 9/11, the strong international support that would have forced the Taliban to hand over bin Laden and avert war if evidence of his guilt was provided. This is also the path dictated by the Geneva Convention and the UN Charter. The U.S. chose to conceal the evidence and go ahead with the invasion; that is what bin Laden means by “the U.S. insisted”.

The release of such information by bin Laden, coupled with verses from the Koran, Hadeeth, or Muslim history relating to acts of treason against Islam or the Prophet, augmented by announcement of the capture of a Saudi intelligence cell inside Al-Qaeda assigned to kill him, would surely inflame sentiments in Pakistan and elsewhere against Musharraf and his patrons, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

The rift could only get wider and would stretch from Pakistan to Gaza on the Mediterranean and maybe even Algeria and Morocco on the Atlantic; now that is big enough. Iran, caught in the middle would be further isolated and cut off from an important energy client, India. The U.S. would re-deploy to the safety of the Kurdish area in Iraq and meddle at its leisure while the rest of Iraq plunges into a civil war. The Iraqi Sunnis would rely on the U.S. for military support, and Saudi Arabia for financial support and volunteers. Iran would be sucked deeper into the conflict.

This last option, “with us or against us”, put on the table in Annapolis is a lose-lose proposition; it is an ugly choice between sides of a rift at the expense, and thereby demise, of all the good options that reflect peoples’ aspirations, interests, visions, and true potential.

The facts will always point the finger at Assef Shawkat in this assassination, as he tried to "convince" Hizbullah to keep Imad Moughnieh's assassination in Damascus, a SECRET... and burry him secretly... without "Fanfare"...that the initial announcement of Imad Fayez Mughnieh's death was made public by Hezbollah, rather than by Syrian a testament to Mr. Hassan Nasrallah's complete independence from the Syrian Murderers, killers, assassins, working for CIA and MOSSAD's Meir Dagan, "The Gun"....

How to protect the "Prized" asset of CIA/MOSSAD in Syria's Highest Echelons..... Assef Shawkat ,

Sayeret Matkal elite commando unit, or Caesarea, the secret Mossad unit.... The criminal mind is one and the same...." the "Murderous alliance" made at Langley: CIA/MOSSAD in the latter part of the 1990s until today...".

From the White House's Murder INC. ,



Judging from the behavior of Nasrallah and Mughniyah, we can conclude that they doubted the assumption that they, like everyone else, are replaceable. They, who ordered attacks in which dozens and hundreds lost their lives, also did not hesitate to order assassinations of individuals - key people-.... Whoever decided to murder Mr. Elie Hobeika and Rafik Hariri did not avoid such attacks because Amine Gemayel and Saad Hariri or other leaders would have filled their spot. The murderers assumed, justifiably, that the quality of the original cannot be imitated.

Of course, they have not always been able to foresee the side effects. In the first case they managed to foil the peace talks between Israel and Lebanon; in the second case they failed and brought about the withdrawal of Syria from Lebanon....
This is the substantive aspect of the removal of a first-rate expert from the scene. Moughniyah belonged to the blacklist of arch-terrorists whose organizations will find it very difficult to prepare a replacement for them, with the kind of skill, professional knowledge and personal contacts in the shadow world, where trust and experience are acquired through years of work. The bedlam that this creates in an organization hurt in this way, and so suddenly, leads to further intelligence and targets.
Also important is the psychological aspect: the ability to reach a specific location in the Syrian capital, know precisely where a fugitive is hiding under a false identity, prepare the lethal mechanism, carry out the assassination and disappear without a trace....

The significance is that Moughaniyah, a master of terrorism and special operations, finally met worthy adversaries. This was not done through an F-16 bombing or a missile fired by an unmanned aerial vehicle, as the Americans do in Iraq and Afghanistan - if we are to believe the Arabs who blame Israel of undercover operations, like those oft-repeated stories attributed to the Sayeret Matkal elite commando unit, or Caesarea, the secret Mossad unit. This operation will not deter Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Guard, but it will be a reminder that others are also not deterred.


This is a man who knew too much! It may have been Iran or Syria or both have their hands in his assassination. He was getting old and had become liability rather than asset....While Moughnieh was walking towards, or getting into his Mitsubishi Pajero, in the middle-class Kfar Sousse neighborhood in Damascus, a blast killed him instantly.
No way for outsiders to do such clean job. It was inside official Syrian style job like in Lebanon of late, since January 24th 2002, 9.40 AM in Hazmieh.... Report from Iran that Mughniyah met with Syrian defense ministry official just before being blown up. Syria has everything to gain to play one against the other. Again, no way for outsider to pull off such timing assassination.... except for Assef Shawqat, a New Mitsubishi Pajero, with a "special" Head-Rest, and seats... fit for an F15E Fighter jet......just in time for a late "supper" in Damascus. And, BINGO.
Imad is "smoked" and the White House's situation room is ecstatic and in AWE...Assef and the White House's Murder INC., has delivered , time to celebrate and Jubilate...
To top it all off.... CIA and MOSSAD have thought about it all for ASSEF this time around... he will be able to present a "believable" alibi and credible "proof" of who did what and where to the Iranians and to Hezbollah... or so they think...?
Walid Al-Moallem has come out with an official pronouncement, saying : after the Enormous Efforts of our "investigators" we will present the world with Solid, irrefutable evidence of who was behind this terrorist act..."Clap, Clap, Clap,
Mr.. Mouallem..." , this "evidence" is "packaged" with the Car Bomb assassination,
for you to "find" and disclose,to Protect your ugly stooge of MOSSAD, Assef Bushra Shawqat, and no one will buy it, rest assured....

If captured, he would spill many beans that was not to be spilled. So don't think Israel has it's hand in this assassination. People looking for revenge, please look up Bashar Assad , Assef Shawqat and BUSHRA!
The war between Hezbollah and Israel is not dependent upon one man. If Nasrallah were killed today then the war would go on. It might even go on at a bloodier and more chaotic pace. The assassination of one man set off the European tinderbox and started WW1. Perhaps some bright boy has started a similar chain of events in the Mideast. One thing is sure. The worst is yet to come...

Syria has vowed to soon release the results of its inquiry into the assassination of Hizbullah official Imad Mughniyah. However, there is increasing likelihood that the findings, rather than explain what happened, will become a weapon in the regional struggle between Syria, Iran and their Lebanese allies on the one hand, and Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan , and the March 14th coalition of the creeps and stooges of CIA and MOSSAD, on the other.

In the past week since Mughniyeh's funeral, unidentified sources in Beirut and Damascus have been feverishly spinning media coverage of the killing. The Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, which is close to Hezbollah, was the first to identify an Arab angle in the Mughniyeh affair, quoting someone as saying that among those arrested by the Syrian authorities were "non-civilian elements of Arab nationality." Syria's daily Al-Watan, which is owned by the powerful cousin of President Bashar Assad, Rami Makhlouf, also cited a source as mentioning an Arab connection.

In the Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai Al-Aam, a source close to Hizbullah was quoted as saying that the Mughniyah hit was "Palestinian-Israeli," using American technology and financed by an unidentified Gulf Arab official. Another Kuwaiti daily, Al-Siyassa, which is hostile to Damascus, wrote that Mughniyeh had been residing in an apartment building belonging to a business partner of Makhlouf - in effect linking the late Hezbollah official to people at the heart of Syria's political and economic elite.... which is none of his Business, never been his Business.

Perhaps most disturbing for what may lie ahead, however, was a report in Al-Haqiqa, the publication of Nizar Nayouf, a Syrian opposition figure. Nayouf was for years instrumentalized by Syria's regime, before moving to France..., to become Assef Shawqat's resident representative, with DST, DGSE, and CIA's... station in Paris. However, most observers of Syrian affairs believe his publication is often used by the White House's subsidiary of Murder Inc., incorporated with the Assad regime, as a conduit for disinformation, or for sending political messages. According to a Syrian source cited by Al-Haqiqa, the Mughniyeh investigation may accuse "official or semi-official Lebanese parties ... allied with [the 14 Hmars...]" of having participated in the Mughniyeh operation. The paper suggested investigators might also identify Walid Jumblatt, or more specifically his alleged security chief, Hisham Nasreddine, as having played a role in the killing. LOL

The "official or semi-official" parties the source refers to is almost certainly the Information Department of the Internal Security Forces - essentially the state security apparatus most loyal to FBI.... A key objective of Syria and the opposition in the negotiations over a new government has been to ensure that the Interior Ministry, which oversees the Dis-Information Department, is taken out of the hands of the parliamentary majority. If the information in Al-Haqiqa becomes the basis of an official Syrian charge, the aim may be to advance this agenda. As for Jumblatt, no one will seriously believe the Druze leader has the capacity to eliminate so secretive as figure as Mughniyeh. However, if the Syrians do level such an accusation, it may exacerbate tension on the ground between Jumblatt's supporters and Hizbullah, without the latter being able to express doubt in the Syrian conclusions. The party has little margin of maneuver vis-a-vis Damascus, and Iran has reportedly indicated it wants no quarrel with the Assad regime over Mughniyeh. Hizbullah has blamed Israel for the assassination, but its secretary general, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, has also described March 14 as having sided with Israel. If the Syrians play on that theme, Nasrallah may find himself tossed back into the unforgiving alleyways of inter-Nationalized conflict.

Where would Hezbollah stand on this? One message in the Mughniyah assassination was that while the party was stuck in the viper's nest of Lebanese politics, someone, Israel, and the White House's Murder Inc., scored a goal ...against it.

The same holds for Syria's conflict with major Arab states. At a time when Iran is improving its relations with Saudi Arabia and Egypt, there is little real advantage to Hizbullah in seeing Damascus manipulate Mughniyeh's death to score points in its dispute with Riyadh and Cairo. All that would prove, again, is that Hizbullah is, and has always been, an Arab nationalist organization waging a regional struggle in Lebanon .

Recent events have shown that Hezbollah, even though many publicists will dutifully underline its independence from Syria and Iran, is in fact a National Resistance and Legitimate movement, bent on liberating the lands of Lebanon from utter destruction by the Israeli and Syrian war machines for decades. Hassan Nasrallah will prove his humanistic and moral values ounce more for all to see, because he is simply a Nationalist, bent on using all tools at his disposal to liberate his country and his people.


A 'great national leader,' ...? for the A Team....

You only have yourselves to Blame.... CIA/MOSSAD,...Un-natural Alliance...
CIA never had the Guts... to tell the truth... the whole truth in 1982-83...


The West that would allow such a public accolade be paid to a butcher like
Ariel Sharon in the first place, and calls him a "Man of Peace", should not
be surprised, "If Mughniyeh may so-easily be described in some World
media as a 'great national leader,' ...
Then how do we describe the likes of MOSSAD, SS commander Meir
DAGAN, Assef Shawkat and his henchmen, any of the faceless CIA
assassins who operate in today's "New" Cold War, or any who
committed war crimes under Ariel Sharon, Begin, Barak, BUSH,
ASSAD, and others?"
"The only 'greatness' Sharon and BUSH have been accorded,
stems from some quarters in the Western media which are cowards,
ignorant and confused, bought by CIA disinformation machinations,
structured in DC, Langley and Herzliah, with redundant echoes,
bouncing off satellites and fiber-optic cables worldwide....
The CIA, MOSSAD Alliance, started anew in 1996..., is a
marriage made In HELL, and will bring Havoc to America's
shores and cities.