Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why nemesis is at US door...?

Rice pointing to Siniora's "DIKK" and March 14th achievements..., after 13 Years of direct, daily and constant support from CIA/MOSSAD/DGSE/MI6/SIMI/GID, EGID, KSA-GID/CSIS/ASIO/DIA/DEA/ and many others....and BILLIONS of USD in electoral BRIBES.....

The KILLERS, Murderers and assassins of the Infamous White House Murder INC,...

MADE IN USA and ISRAEL of course... as usual for DECADES....

The Killers of our Hero, Mr. Elie Hobeika... Assassins on the Loose...


Bashir RIP. You will always be remembered as the most Charismatic Leader of all times.

The babble about the war in Iraq having been won or lost
is just that - babble. Iraq has never been America's to win
or lose. The country belongs to the people of Iraq, and it's
theirs to win or lose.
The Bush administration started something it cannot
finish without further destroying thousands of Iraqi lives
and hundreds more American lives.
The reality is that Iraq is, and always will be, an Islamic,
a Shiite majority nation with close ties to its neighbor,
Iran. Any freely-elected government will reflect this, as
the present government does.
To resolve the Iraqi conflict, there must be regional
diplomacy, something the Bush administration has
been loathe to do. The overwhelming majority of Iraqis
see the United States as occupiers and the day is
coming near when the Iraqi government will tell the
Americans to get out.
To do so honorably, the United States must engage
Syria and Iran in direct, unconditional negotiations
based on mutual respect, otherwise nothing will change.
The cost of President George W. Bush's adventure in
Iraq in men and materials will continue to mount...and
his late found stooges in Lebanon will be squeezed like
dead cockroaches.

"That is the meaning of the martyrdom of Mr. Elie Hobeika, and it is a tragedy for all of us.”

As the engineered sectarian melt-down in Lebanon crawls forward, it is interesting to read the neocon columnists as they bewail the erosion of the “Cedar Revolution,” that is to say the neocon-neolib subversion of Lebanese politics.

“In this sense, the HOBEIKA assassination is one of the opening shots in Hezbollah’s showdown with supporters of the Cedar Revolution,” which culminated in the Assassination of Rafic Hariri, both engineered in CIA and MOSSAD.

But what of this so-called Cedar Revolution? Is it purely a Lebanese political phenomenon, having risen out of the anger and opposition to the presence of Syria in the country?


“Standing behind Lebanon’s current effort to build democracy are U.S. and other international aid groups. Many had spent the past years building the foundations for democratic change. Now they can help ensure the success of what is known as the Cedar Revolution—named after the national tree depicted on the Lebanese flag,” explains USAID, a documented CIA asset, now more precisely an asset for the Pentagon and the State Department, as noted by Bill Berkowitz earlier this year.

“The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) functions as an instrument of CIA penetration into civil society, by enabling the ‘legitimate’ funding of millions of dollars to promote U.S. foreign policy abroad and influence internal politics of foreign nations while avoiding Congressional scrutiny,” writes Eva Golinger. According to Ralph McGehee, a former CIA agent, and other former CIA operatives, the agency manipulated the trade union movement in the Philippines through USAID front organizations.

“In a recent article in the Journal of Contemporary Asia, American sociologist James Petras describes how progressive non-government organizations can be neutralized, if not co-opted, thru US government, big business-backed funding agencies or CIA fronts and conduits masquerading as foundations,” writes Roland G. Simbulan for the Manila Studies Program at the University of the Philippines.

The purpose, according to Petras, is “to mystify and deflect discontent away from direct attacks on the corporate/banking power structure and profits toward local micro-projects …that avoids class analysis of imperialism and capitalist exploitation.” Neo-liberalism today, according to Petras, encourages NGOs to “emphasize projects, not movements; they ‘mobilize’ people to produce at the margins, not to struggle to control the means of production and wealth; they focus on the technical financial aspects of projects not on structural conditions that shape the everyday lives of people.” While using the language of the Left such as “people empowerment,” “gender equality,” “sustainable development” etc., these NGOs funded by USAID, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Asia Foundation, etc. have become linked to a framework of collaboration with donors and even with government agencies with whom they have partnerships that subordinate activity to nonconfrontational politics, rather than militant mass mobilization.

But it is not simply Asia where USAID works its “democratic” magic, more accurately described as cultural and economic voodoo. The CIA (and Pentagon) connected so-called NGO has turned up in Iraq, Haiti, the Palestinian Territories, Pakistan, Russia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Nigeria, and elsewhere.

It is especially interesting to read the account of USAID interference in Lebanon, as recounted by the Lebanese socialist Bassem Chit. “Lebanon’s ‘cedar revolution’ is being touted as the shining example of regime change on the cheap. Since the mass protest drove out the Syrians last year, Lebanon has seen an ascending flow of US interference. It varies from direct political manipulation and media campaigns to discreet funding of civil movements through ‘NGOs,” Chit wrote in May of this year.

It is worth quoting Chit at length:

A few months after the protests I received a call from a friend telling me that a US NGO called Freedom House wanted to meet “Lebanese activists”. Being a well known activist on the left and one of the organizers of the anti-war movement, I was intrigued by the purpose of the meeting. A few of us were invited to an expensive British restaurant in one of Beirut’s trendy neighborhoods.

An American-Lebanese woman representing Freedom House was accompanied by a “retired revolutionary” from Ukraine. The guy was eager to get us on board, and boasted of the joys of being “US-funded” — he added that after Ukraine’s Orange Revolution he even had the opportunity to “meet George Bush.” He obviously thought that was enough to close the deal.

After some questioning about the intentions of Freedom House it became clear they wanted to “fund youth movements to help the process of democratization”. At that point we told them that if they really wanted democracy to thrive in Lebanon they should leave the country immediately. Undeterred, they returned a few months later wanting to fund “transparency workshops and projects”. Again we refused.

That the US is wanting to finance Lebanese leftists might seem odd, but it is part of a pattern of political interference that emerged since the invasion of Iraq. During the “cedar revolution” US ambassador Jeffrey Feltman invited many of the leaders of the anti-Syrian movement to dinner parties. The US embassy also had a direct hand in fomenting the anti-Syrian protests.

The New York Post reported how, at the height of last year’s protests, “the CIA and European intelligence services were quietly giving money and logistical support to organizers of the anti-Syrian protests to ramp up pressure on Syrian president Bashar al-Assad… The secret program is similar to previous support of pro-democracy movements in Georgia and Ukraine, which also led to peaceful demonstrations.”


Now the country is awash with dubious NGOs. Among them is the United States Committee for a Free Lebanon, headed by Ziad Abdel Nour. The son of wealthy right wing Lebanese MP, Ziad Abdel Nour let the cat out of the bag when he declared, “We have absolutely no problem with heavy US involvement in Lebanon. On an economic level, military level, political level, security level… whatever it is. Israel is the 51st state of the United States. Let Lebanon be the 52nd state. And if the Arabs don’t like it, tough luck.” We will Murder, kill, assassinate anyone in Lebanon to get to our goals...


As well as trying to tempt the left into its orbit and bankroll the many genuine civil movements, there is a whiff of arrogance about the US in Lebanon. Embassy staff and their hangers-on regularly colonize the cafes and restaurants in downtown Beirut. It seems no expense will be spared to wine and dine their way to regime change.

Yet the US has a problem. The sparkle has gone out of the “cedar revolution” and, far from delivering stability and prosperity, the country is sinking into economic malaise. The slogan that marked the revolution, “We have had enough of your lies, now leave”, is still being chanted, but now its is not aimed at the Syrians but at the US-backed politicians that run the country. You can’t buy that.

It is interesting Chit mentions the Freedom House. This so-called NGO is stacked with neocons and neolib one-worlders, including James “World War Four” Woolsey, a former director of the CIA and VP for Booz Allen Hamilton, and the Rockefeller protégé Zbigniew Brzezinski, the engineer behind the Afghan Mujahideen, eventually to conveniently morph into al-Qaeda. Others include the Trilateralist Samuel P. Huntington, architect of the “clash of civilizations” currently underway, and Clinton national security adviser Anthony Lake, former Kissinger lackey and Clinton’s pointman on the bombing of Yugoslavia.

It now appears all the hard work of the neocons and the USAID, NED, and other reactionary NGOs—work designed to subvert indigenous political activity frowned upon by the one-world types and their neocon kissing cousins—is for naught. “Hezbollah may be about to win power in Lebanon,” laments Mario Loyola. “But in the political dialogue of Lebanon—and the Arab world—Hezbollah has already won the argument. The murderous law of Hezbollah’s many grievances is now the real constitution of that country. Of course, Mr. Loyola is speaking the language of his masters—the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, yet another neocon “think tank” aligned with the American Enterprise Institute, the Hudson Institute, and the above mentioned Freedom House.

Predictably, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies includes on its roster the usual suspects, including the Ritchie Rich Steve Forbes, Jack Kemp, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Newt Gingrich, Joseph Lieberman, James Woolsey, Frank Gaffney, William Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Richard Perle, and walid Phares.

Obviously, with friends like these, Lebanon needs no enemies.
The American Commission

Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, made a remarkable statement last week. He praised Israel for conducting an inquiry into last year’s war with Hezbollah — an inquiry that accused Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of “serious failure in exercising judgment, responsibility and prudence.”

Mr. Nasrallah was quoted by the BBC as saying Israelis “study their defeat in order to learn from it,” in contrast with the American pseudo-democracy that “do not probe, do not ask, do not form inquiry commissions ... as if nothing has happened, but form endless congressional chatter boxes, filled with potted plants that regurgitate AIPAC's and Neo-Zionist crap for years, like in the 1980s Iran-Contra etc. which end in "naught".”

One has to be impressed by his honesty, but he did not take it all the way, since the American leader who most needs to be probed is Dick Cheney himself. He started the war on Lebanon, which was a disaster for civilians all over Lebanon. If there were an honest American Inquiry Commission into the war, here is what it would say about him:

On July 12, 2006, Hezbollah fighters directed by Mr. Nasrallah abducted two Israeli soldiers and killed eight others in a provoked attack across the Lebanon-Israel border, after daily Israeli incursions into south Lebanon and all over Lebanon, which UNIFIL has counted at about 18000 encroachments on Lebanese sovereignty over a period of 30 years, including several wars on Lebanon costing tens of Billions of USD in damages and tens of thousands of civilian casualties. This triggered an American war that killed about 1,400 Lebanese and 160 Israelis this last summer. After interviewing all relevant parties, the American Commission finds Mr. Cheney guilty of a serious failure of judgment, responsibility and prudence — for the following reasons.

1. Mr. Cheney demonstrated a total failure to anticipate Lebanon’s response to his raids. He assumed Hizbullah would carry out the same limited retaliation it had with previous raids. Wrong. He failed to take into account the changed circumstances in Lebanon. The kidnapping of an Israeli soldier in Gaza a few weeks earlier, plus the fact that a new chief of staff, who is a criminal savage of the Israeli Army, a new idiotic prime minister and a new stupid defense minister had just taken office and all felt they were being festered by USA to attack Lebanon and Hizbullah, triggered an enormous Hizbullah response that defeated the IDF and the Israeli stooges of the USA in Israel. Some 1,400 Lebanese died because of this gross culture of Violence, made in USA and Israel.

2. In unilaterally launching a war against Lebanon, without a vote of the Israeli cabinet — of which the Pentagon is a member — the IDF did grievous harm to Israel’s fragile democracy and democratization in the Palestinian territories. All the fears that if you let an idiot, [olmert, Peretz, Halutz] made by the butcher Ariel Sharon into government, it will respect the rules of the game of similar butcheries carried out by Sharon in the past, all over the Middle East.
Hence, Dick Cheney and GWB should be impeached and AIPAC should be considered an enemy of the USA and disbanded, and the American Media pundits
sent to Guantanamo Cuba for re-education, since they failed to inform the American public about their Governments criminal record.

3. The ICC in the Hague should indict all the military and Political Leaders in USA and Israel, for their atrocious actions in Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine, and brought to Justice henceforth. The ICC should draw upon the decades of "Violence and Intrigues" made in USA and Israel in the Middle East, to produce the most trenchant, vivid, and thought-provoking court hearings yet on the region and the World.
No issue in international politics has been more hotly disregarded than the US-Israeli "culture of Violence". And no reporter has dis-illuminated both the conflict and the rhythms of life in the Middle East with more immediacy and dis-information than Tom Friedman, twice winner of the CIA Prize for international Obfuscations, Extremism, terrorism, fundamentalism on USA and Neo-Zionism, Friedman puts all the operative currents into perspective with an inimitable specificity and clarity in his daily justification for the BUSH Neocon agenda and the emancipation of the Neo-Pseudo-Christian Zionists in Dc and Herzliah.

On Friedman's own remarkable journey from St-Paul to Langley, he writes, "This is a book about the people in Langley and Jerusalem themselves, who were going through remarkably similar identity crises. Each was caught in a struggle between the new ideas, the new relationships, the new nations they were trying to destroy for the future of the "energy Matrix" of Dick Cheney and the mother of ALL Lobbies, and the ancient memories, ancient passions, and ancient feuds that kept dragging them back into the past wars." "From Langley to Jerusalem" is a major work of dis-information, a much needed framework for understanding the "NEW" Middle East, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, made in the USA's dark rooms with the stooges in IDF, AMAN and Mossad.

Obviously, with friends like these, Lebanon needs no enemies.
ماذا لو لم يتمّ اللقاء بين العماد عون وولش؟
كنعان: من يتباكى على المسيحيين هو المسؤول عن تهميشهم
المسيحيون ممثلون بـ 16% ويجب تصحيح الخلل باعادة تكوين النظام
طرحنا آلية لمعالجة سلاح حزب الله، ومن لديه تصور آخر غير المواجهة العقيمة فليطرح تصوره، والتيار ليس مع سلاح حزب الله إلى الأبد.
مشكلتهم ليست بورقة التفاهم إنما بكون العماد عون شخصية قادرة على إلزام الغير بحلٍّ حقيقي فوق الطاولة في وجه حلول مستحيلة تحت الطاولة"
هل العماد عون يريد عودة سوريا إلى لبنان، وهو الذي دفع الأثمان الباهظة للوقوف بوجهها؟
18 ايار 2007
أكدّ عضو تكتّل التغيير والإصلاح النائب ابراهيم كنعان أنّ قول مساعد وزير الخارجية الأميركية دايفد وولش بأنّ الولايات المتحدة لن تفرّط بسيادة لبنان يأتي ضمن تبدبد المخاوف التي تحدثت عنها بعض الدوائر السياسية في لبنان، عن إحتمال أن تكون هناك تسوية ما في المنطقة على حساب لبنان.
ورأى كنعان في حديث إلى "كلام الناس" وجوب أن يكون الحلّ لبنانياً بالدرجة الأولى حتى لا تغيب الحقوق والمصالح الوطنية، مشيراً إلى أنّ التيار الوطني الحرّ يأمل "التوافق مع الجميع بمن فيها الولايات المتحدة، مرحبّاً بالجهود الدولية المبذولة شرط تقاطعها مع الإرادة اللبنانية".

واعتبر كنعان أنّ لقاء العماد ميشال عون بدايفيد ولش "خطوة أولى للتواصل والحوار، والذي يهمّ العماد عون هو المضمون وليس الشكل، لأن هذا ما نحتاجه كلبنانيين، الشكل في السنوات الماضية لم يحافظ على السيادة اللبنانية، بالرغم من بقاء المؤسسات الدستورية شكلاً"، وسأل كنعان: "ماذا لو لم يتمّ اللقاء بين العماد عون ودايفد وولش في السفارة في هذا الظرف الإستثنائي، خصوصاً أنّ الأول يمثّل شريحة كبرى من اللبنانيين عموماً والمسيحيين خصوصاً، والثاني يمثّل حكومة وإدارة الولايات المتحدة؟

ووصف كنعان اللقاء ب"الهادئ" و"المفيد"، لأنّه حمل عرضاً موضوعياً لرؤية الجنرال للمشاكل العالقة بالرغم من وجود التباين بين الرؤيتين من ناحية التنفيذ، وقال: "العماد عون بمقاربته السياسية قدم طرحاً متمايزاً بمعالجة جميع الملفات برؤية واضحة وشاملة.".
وردّ كنعان على الإدعاءات الكاذبة التي تقول أنّ العماد عون مع سلاح حزب الله إلى الأبد بقوله: "نريد آلية لمعالجة سلاح حزب الله، هناك اسباب فرضت حمل السلاح، منها تلاشي الدولة، والقرار 1701 يتحدث عن قيام الدولة والجميع مع قيامها في العلن. حزب الله حزب لبناني وكل اللبنانيين، بمن فيهم حزب الله، مسؤولون عن معالجة قضية السلاح ليكون بيد الدولة، والخطورة تكمن في اجتزاء الحل حتى لا يكون هناك حل".

ولفت كنعان إلى أنّ الهجوم على العماد عون ليس بسبب ورقة التفاهم بينه وبين حزب الله، "مشكلتهم هي في العماد عون نفسه، لأنّه يشكّل عائقاً أمام طموحات البعض، فيما ورقة التفاهم تتحدث عن قيام الدولة، وتتحدث عن إحترام الديمقراطية التوافقية، وعن العلاقة الندّية بين الدولتين اللبنانية والسورية، بالإضافة إلى موضوع سلاح حزب الله الذي وضع ضمن الإطار اللبناني الواضح بعكس ما طالب به الشهيد رفيق الحريري عام 2004 بربطه السلاح بقضية التسوية في الجولان والمنطقة"، وأضاف: "مشكلة العماد عون الحقيقية أنّه ذو شخصية قادرة على إلزام الغير والإلتزام بحلٍّ حقيقي فوق الطاولة في وجه حلول مستحيلة تُعدّ تحت الطاولة".

وفي الاستحقاق الرئاسي رأى كنعان أنّ المجلس النيابي غير مؤهل للقيام بواجبه في هذا الاستحقاق بسبب الخلل البنيوي والمعنوي. "المسيحيون ممثلون بحوالي 16 % من طاقتهم الإنتخابية، وبالتالي يجب تصحيح الخلل حتى لا تكون الرئاسة محطّ تجاذب وإنقسام اللبنانيين، وذلك لتفادي أن يؤتى برئيس ضعيف يدير الأزمة ولا يحلّها".

وسأل كنعان إلى متى سننتظر الحلول المستوردة؟ وهل على اللبنانيين أن ينتظروا الفرج الإقليمي والدولي لتبريد الساحة الداخلية؟ وتابع: "الحلّ يبدأ بتصحيح الخلل والعماد ميشال عون بمبادرته يحاول إنقاذ الدولة اللبنانية وديمقراطيتها المريضة بطرح صورة ورؤية إنقاذية شاملة غير مجتزأة تستند في جزئها الإقليمي على حيثيات القرار 1701".

وقال كنعان أنّ موقف التيار الوطني الحرّ الثابت هو دعم قيام المحكمة ذات الطابع الدولي، " وعدم تحويل هذه المحكمة إلى مادة تجاذب سياسي محلياً وإقليمياً بحيث لا يتمّ إستغلال الشهداء في معارك سياسية لا تمتّ بوظيفة المحكمة الأساسية، مهمة المحكمة بالنسبة للبنانيين بالإضافة إلى كشف الحقيقة في الإغتيالات التي حصلت تحقيق عدالة كاملة وحماية المجتمع اللبناني، وفي السياق نفسه نعتبر بأنّ حتى فيما لو أبرمت المحكمة تحت الفصل السابع فانها تحتاج في عدة مجالات إلى المؤسسات الدستورية اللبنانية وتحديد آلية عملها محلياً للقيام بمهامها، من هنا نرى بأنّ السلطة قد ساهمت من خلال الخلل الحاصل في تكوينها وآدائها في إبعاد المحكمة الدولية عن مسارها الطبيعي".

وأشار كنعان إلى أنّ الأغلبية الحاكمة تضرب عرض الحائط بالوضع التمثيلي المسيحي لتستأثر بالسلطة، وهي تكيل الإتهامات والإفتراءات على العماد عون لتشويه صورته، و"يبدو أنّ بروباغاندا السلطة قوية لدرجة أنّها حاولت تشويه صورة الوفد النيابي الذي زار مؤخراً الولايات المتحدة وكنت في عداده مع الزميل غسان مخيبر، فقط بهدف تشويه صورة التيار الوطني الحرّ. فهل من المعقول أن يصبح النائب كنعان إرهابياً لدى الجوقة الإعلامية هذه لأجل "القوطبة" على التيار حتى لا يطرح رؤيته داخل المجتمع الأميركي ومؤسساته؟ هذا الحقد السياسي وهذا التطاول هما دلالة على ضعف خطابهم الذي لا يقوم الاّ على سياسة التجنّي وتشويه الوقائع والحقائق".

وقال كنعان من المعيب القول أنّ العماد عون يريد عودة سوريا إلى لبنان، وهو الذي دفع الأثمان الباهظة للوقوف بوجهها.! "هل محاولة توحيد اللبنانيين وراء مشروع واحد أصبحت تخدم الخارج في لبنان؟".

وتمنّى كنعان أن يأتي التغيير بالسرعة المطلوبة، لافتاً إلى انّ "الحلّ قد يبدأ بتكوين سلطة جديدة على أساس قانون إنتخابات جديد يحترم فيه التمثيل الصحيح كما نصّت عليه وثيقة بكركي، وعلى تحرير المجلس الدستوري، لأجل تكوين سلطة جديدة قادرة على معالجة قضية سلاح حزب الله من ضمن مقاربة القرار 1701 والحقوق اللبنانية المتوجبة على ذمّة المجتمع الدولي". وقال: أنّ القرارات الهامة في جميع دول العالم تتطلب أكثرية الثلثين، وقرار ال"فيتو" لدى المجتمعات المركبّة ضروري، " هو ليس تعطيلاً للدولة بل وقفاًً لأيّ تعسّف يمكن أن تلحقه جماعة بأخرى. هذا الحق الدستوري لم يأتِ من عدم، وهو المحصّلة النهائية لتجارب الشعوب ومنها لبنان".

وختم كنعان بأن من يتباكى على المسيحيين، عليهم إقران اقوالهم بالأفعال، المسيحيون، كما سائر المواطنين يريدون قانون إنتخابات جديداً وعصرياً يعيد لهم التوازن والشراكة في المؤسسات، "الفرق بين الذي يطالب بالتغيير وبين الذي يشارك في القرار هو ان قرار هذا الأخير في نهاية المطاف يشكل إمعاناً بتهميش المسيحيين".
على مَنْ تَقرأُ مزاميرََك يا دَاوود ؟
صوت الغد - قولنا والعمل 31 ايار 2007
د . جورج زكي الحـاج

لا أغالي إذا قلت إن أهل السلطة في لبنان إختصاصيّون في فنّ التلفيق والقيل والقال ، ومحترفون في نسب التُّهم إلى غيرهم من الناس ، ويجيدون فنَّ اللحاق بالآخرين ، إذا وجدوا في الآخرين ما يُرضي أطماعَهم ومراكزَهم وجيوبَهم ... وبارعون في تعميم أمراضهم ونواياهم ، وحتى أفعالهم على الآخرين...فهم يرتكبون الإثم ويقولون لغيرهم أنتَ الذي ارتكبت ، ويتكلمون على غيرهم وكأنه هم ، فيُغدقون عليه الاتهامات والقبائح، وينسون أو يتناسون أن ما يقولونه هو الكلام عينه الذي يقوله الناس عنهم في كلّ يوم ...

والآفة الكبرى هو أنهم يحسبون الناس أغبياء انطلاقًا من نظرتهم إلى مناصريهم ومحازبيهم وزبانيتهم الذين يعيشون على فُضُلاتهم ... والآفة الأكبر هي عندما ينبري واحدهم ليكون محامي الشيطان ، وبما أنه لا يملك الحقيقة ، ولا الجرأة على قول الحقيقة ، تراه يلجأ إلى الديماغوجية مستخدمًا اللفَّ والدوران، فيُغيّر في السؤال، ويُحوِّر في الكلام، ويستبدل مفردةً بأخرى ، ويطرح تفسيراتٍ مغايرةً ، وأبعادًا مختلفة ، ويصوغ السؤال ، برمّته ، كما يحلو له هو ، حتى يُصبح السؤال تجنيًّا على الموضوع ، ومخالفًا لآراء الناس ، واستفزازًا لمشاعر بعضهم أو غالبيتهم ، ليستطيع الإجابة عنه أو الردَّ عليه .. ويكون الردُّ بعيدًا عن الصدق والصراحة ، لأنه ردٌّ على سؤالٍ لم يُطرح في الأساس .. وبذلك يستقطب هذا " الواحدهم " عددًا من قصيري النظر ومحدودي الثقافة ، والغارقين في بحار التعصّب الطائفي أو الفكري ... ثم نسمع هؤلاء يرددون ببغاويًّا ما قاله جِهبذُهم الألمعي الذي كان همُّه أن يرى الناسُ ، ربطةَ عنقه ، ومُثبِّت شعره ، وحركات يديه .
ولا أغالي إذا قلت أيضًا إنهم جعلوا الناس يكفرون بالسياسة واالسياسيين ، وبالأرض وحكامِّها إذا كانوا على شاكلتهم ، وبات همُّهم كيف يتخلّصون من هذه الطُّغمة الفاسدة التي ابتلي بها الوطن منذ عقودٍ من الزمن ، وإنْ كان بعضها لم يُكمل العقدين أو العقد الواحد بعد ...

مَنْ منّا يعرف ماذا يجري في كواليس الأمم المتحدّة ، غير الذي نسمعه في وسائل الإعلام ؟ ومَن منّا يعرف ما هو الموقف الحقيقي لكلّ دولة ، غير الذي يُعلنه سفيرها أو الناطقُ باسمها ؟ ولكننا جميعًا نعرف ، أنه كلّما تعثّرت المحكمة ذات الطابع الدولي ـ كما يسمونها ـ كانت تقع جريمةٌ ، أو يحدث تفجيرٌ على أرض لبنان ، فينبري أهل السلطة ليتّهموا مَن يتهمون ، بحجّة تعطيل المحكمة أو إبطائها ... والناس يعرفون أن مثل هذه الجرائم تُسرَّع إنشاء المحكمة ، ولا تؤخّره ، فمن يكون الجاني يا تُرى ؟!

لقد أقاموا الدنيا ولم يُقعدوها عندما سمعوا كلام العماد ميشال عون على البؤر الأمنية ، في مناقشة البيان الوزاري للحكومة السنيورية ، واعتقدوا أنهم بهجومهم ذاك يستطيعون النيل منه ، فكانت النتيجة أن جيّروا ما قاله العماد لأنفسهم ، وصاروا هم المطالبين بحلّ المشكلة ، عساهم يظهرون أبطالاً... لكنّ هذا لم ينطلِ على أحدٍ من الناس ...
أتوا بـ " فتح الإسلام " فربّوا عناصرها ، ودرّبوهم ، وموّلوهم لغاياتٍ ليست بريئةً ، كي لا نقول أكثر ، وبات معظم الضالعين معروفين من القاصي والداني ، ثم اتهموا الخارج بتربية هذه المجموعة وبإرسالها إلى لبنان ... لكنَّ هذا لم ينطلِ على أحدٍ من الناس أيضًا ...

وعندما أتى السيّد ولش إلى لبنان، زارهم فردًا فردًا ، لكنّه دعا العماد عون إلى السفارة للاجتماع به ، ظنًّا منه أن الجنرال سيرفض الدعوة لأنها ليست في بيته ، وبذلك يكون قد أُسقط في أيديهم .. لكنّه لبّى الدعوة بطيب خاطرٍ ، وخرج من الاجتماع غير منزعجٍ .. " وعشرا حصرم بعين الحسود "

وكلما كان تصريحا العماد عون والسيّد نصرالله مختلفين في الأسلوب ، وإنْ كانا متفقين في الجوهر والمضمون ، تنادت وسائل إعلامهم ، وبدأت التحليلات الأصمعية ، والتساؤلات والاستفهامات ... حتى يكاد المرء يحسب أن الخصامَ قد وقع بين الرجلين ، وأن الرهان قد سقط ... لكنّ هذا لم يعد ينطلي على أحدٍ من الناس أيضًا ...

وكانت أحداث نهر البارد ، وما رافقها من إبهاماتٍ وعلامات استفهام ، باتت شبه معروفةٍ عند الكثيرين من أهل العقل والرأي ، وكيف تحوّلت من مسرحيةٍ فاشلةٍ إلى مأساةٍ لا تُنتسى ، فانبرى الغيورون على الجيش والوطن ، ينادون بالحسم القاطع والحتمي ، وهم لا يرضون دونه حلاًّ ... لكنّ الغايةَ الحقيقية لم تكن القضاء على زمرة " فتح الإسلام " ، ولا الدفاع عن كرامة الجيش والقوى الأمنية ... فـ" فتح الإسلام " تربية أيديهم ، أما تاريخ بعضهم مع الجيش فأحمرُ أسود على مدى عقودٍ من الزمن ... فمن أين أتت هذه الغيرةُ ، وتلك المحبة فجأةً ؟ والكثيرون من أبناء هذا الوطن ، لم تفارق مخيّلتهم نعوشُ آبائهم وأبنائهم وإخوتهم ، وهي ملفوفة بالعلم اللبناني ، وقد سقطوا شهداء على أرض لبنان برصاص لبنانيين يُنصبّون أنفسهَم اليوم مدافعين عن الجيش وكرامة الجيش ... ؟

نعم ، الغاية الحقيقية لم تكن هذه ، وإنما كانت ـ حسب ظنِّهم ـ تحميسًا للسيّد حسن نصرالله لكي يجاريهم بما يطالبون به ، ويسير في خطِّ الحسم العسكري ، فيكون هو الشيعي قد طالب بإنهاء ظاهرةٍ سنيّة ، وتكون الحرب المذهبية ، ويكعلى مَنْ تَقرأُ مزاميرََك يا دَاوود ؟ون لهم ما لم يستطيعوا تحقيقه في كثيرٍ من المرّات ، وبعدها ينقلبون عليه ذئابًا . غير أنّ السيّد نصرالله خذلهم ، ورفض حسمهم العشوائي ، وأقفل أمامهم كلّ الأبواب ، فتراجعوا عن حسمهم ، واحدًا بعد الآخر ، كعادتهم ، ولحسوا ما كانوا قد صرّحوا به ، وبدوا صغارًا كما هم دائمًا أمام كبيرين من بلادي ، قال لي أحدهما عندما كان يسمع بياناتهم ونخواتهم وبهوراتهم : " على مَنْ تقرأ مزاميرَك يا داوود
. "


Masters in Deceit and Deception

This is a MOSSAD Agent , last year he was privy of the OPS. in JULY since End of May...



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A creep and a Stooge of Ghazi Kanaan for decades

The Assassination of MP and Minister Mr. Elie Hobeika, January 24th 2002.
"A wilderness of mirrors" .


On September 15, 2001, just four days after the 9-11 attacks,
CIA Director George Tenet provided President [sic] Bush with a Top Secret
"Worldwide Attack Matrix"-a virtual license to kill targets deemed to be a
threat to the United States in some 80 countries around the world. The Tenet
plan, which was subsequently approved by Bush, essentially reversed the
executive orders of four previous U.S. administrations that expressly
prohibited political assassinations. Mr. Elie Hobeika will be the first
target of the US administration, to pave the way for its Iraq Invasion .
It planned to directly control the "Energy Basin" and ALL the OIL
Transportation routes,from Pipelines to the Maritime avenues and choke
points in the Gulf areas, and from central Asia to Mauritania and beyond.

But most of all, Mr. Elie Hobeika will be made to pay dearly with his life,
for daring to change his politics and views, after experiencing first hand,
and their CULTURE OF VIOLENCE , Intrigue, murder & very bad Politics.
Elie Hobeika knew first hand about ALL their dirty tricks and deeds,
and he knew first hand, all about their sources and methods & tools, in
the 70s and 80s, they wanted him out, because the US was about to
re-enact the same deeds in IRAQ and beyond, to fracture the whole
area along sectarian lines, in order to serve Israeli and American
interests for decades to come...

Cheney's back office and OSP were to make this operation a prime
example of what is to come in the New Middle East of BUSH.

The Domination of the Energy resources and its ROUTES, could now begin in
earnest, for Mr. Cheney and his GANG, wanted for friend and Foe, to be
forewarned of the Harsh consequences of opposing their monstrous and
Machiavellian Plans for the New " New Middle East " second or third edition.
This Jan. 24th 2002, will be made an example to see worldwide... within
Intelligence circles worldwide, especially in Lebanon and the immediate

This targeted Political assassination would pave the way for another attempt
by the USA, to reshape the Politics of Lebanon, by re-engineering its Pawns
and tools, the Trio Joumblatt, Geajea, A.Gemayel with the young Hariri ,
after taking out the cumbersome Hariri Senior 3 years later, in a strikingly
similar operation, for as the manipulation and penetration of the Syrian and
Lebanese Intelligence services is exactly identical in nature and pawns.....
Hence the US of A , will do its utmost to make sure that the HOBEIKA
Murder will not be investigated in any way, shape or form...so far.
No free press, no courage, no guts , no glory for the Lebanon, the land
of the legendary Cedars? Despite the fact that some of the journalists,
know quite a bit on many issues relating to this and other murders, as well
as some Politicians....
The relationship between the United States and Syria is still contradictory
and obscure. Washington is facing increasing problems in the Middle East.
In his speeches, Bush continues to accuse both Iran and Syria of causing
instability in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, although some
political moves seem to suggest that a distinction has been made between
these two countries, because it is clear and obvious that they are partners
in some of the covert political assassinations that took place in Lebanon,
through manipulations, penetrations of secret services and military
intelligence structures in Syria and Lebanon to directly serve US and
Israeli interests.
Hence, the International tribunal has no legs to stand on as of yet, and the
jury is still out to see whether it will ever take shape or where it will be
driven to achieve goals which have nothing to do with "Truth", Justice
or the like.
The obvious game of these parties, "playing enemies" is very very clear and
transparent for the world to see.
People tend to forget so quickly that the USA, especially the Pentagon, was
the main driving force behind the elimination of the Belgian Law of 2001,
which was the main reason for indicting Ariel Sharon for the sabra Shatila
Massacre, and the most adamant adversary of such tribunal was the US

The US has a long history of opposing such international bodies and such
claims to International investigations and criminal courts run by
"international judges".... this will not change now, to the contrary the US
will do its utmost to KILL any such jurisdictions... and they will do it using
the usual proxies to do the dirty work for them, and they will keep
pretending to be for Justice, freedom, Peace and democracy, which is
utterly False.
ALL the Investigations since the Hariri Murder of Feb. 14th 2005,
which has striking resemblance with the Hobeika Murder of Jan. 24th 2002,
in its Modus Operandi PRIOR and after the horrendous Car bombs, in the
sense that both personalities have been demonized since 1998 in shady
publications in Beirut and elsewhere , like the infamous book [The Black
Hands ]which was fabricated by Jameel El-Sayyed from Lebanese
Intelligence, and Military Intelligence which provided a lot of the info
on Hariri Senior, on the shady deals of Fouad Sannioura and complete
fabrications and lies about Mr. Elie Hobeika, which proved utterly baseless
since, like all the other publications which came out in the ensuing years,
and continue to this day... It seems that CIA has to find an ongoing "safe"
to burry all its dirty laundry in Lebanon... From "VEIL" to MEHLIS !
The clown who was chosen to put his name on this book ( Black Hands ) is a
rabid buffoon by the name of Najah Wakim. Just like Naji N. Najjar has done
2 years later with another book, using another criminal idiot as "Author",
in a similar Intelligence operation to smear another target for assassination,
Mr. Elie Hobeika, as a prelude to a bigger HIT on Rafic Hariri, 3 years
These operations are linked and the criminal mind is the same.
A very interesting and "telling" conversation, between Bashar Al-Assad
and someone...[ I will withhold the name ] for his protection, and to
respect his wish to remain "anonymous" for now, told me that Bashar
called Rafic Hariri: "A traitor" .... in JULY of 2004..., This "meeting"
and personal conversation, between xxxxxx xxxx and Bashar Al-Assad was
relayed to CIA very quickly, and confirmed in July 2004, but that person
will come to regret very deeply his de-briefing by CIA, and will "age"
10 years in a month....after a cataclysmic operation....almost succeeded
in depriving him of a "significant" ...? I will STOP for now.
In the case of Rafic Hariri,a casus belli was created by the Israeli
Mossad's assassination of Rafik Hariri, a popular Lebanese politician
and subsequent disinformation promulgated and instigated by both Israel
and the United States blamed Syria for the killing, because Syria, more
specifically Assef Shawkat, did carry out this operation on behalf of
Mossad, CIA and Syrian Intelligence, because all three wanted Rafic
Hariri out of the picture, in the New Middle-east of Condi and Dick,
and their Energy Matrix. http://anaconda-manifesto.blogspot.com/

"A Wilderness of Mirrors"

Assef Shawkat prepared the "PLAN",with the same group of people who
masterminded Elie Hobeika's assassination on January 24th 2002,
[Jamil Al-Sayyed and Raymond AZAR],the Mitsubishi truck, the BOMB
and the suicide bomber. The suicide bomber's name is "Abou 3Ala'".
In order to "prime" Assef Shawkat to carry out this operation,a very
simple design was put in motion. Rafic Hariri was well known for
distributing money, to ALL groups, Militias, overtly or covertly, for
a very long time. In fact it's Hariri's Modus Operandi all his life...
Rafic Hariri did distribute money to ALL warring factions during the
long Lebanese war, hence, someone pushed Hariri into giving large
amounts of money, to extreme elements within the Sunni Muslim
Brotherhood of Syria, even to a group on the right of the famous
Bayanouni, who is now "allied" with Abdel Halim Khaddam,
and Mossad and CIA, knew that Assef Shawkat had penetrated these
groups, so it was a matter of time until Assef Shawkat, "discovered"
the fact that Hariri is actually financing extremist groups, bent on
toppling the ASSAD regime in Damascus. Since 1559, the Damascus
regime was very very edgy in Syria, and believed that somebody is
truly out to get them this time around.... and BINGO, Assef Shawkat
put his shrewd plans into action....et VOILA, Hariri was "Toast"....
What is very very interesting, is that a meeting in Damascus was
arranged for Seymour Hersh with President Bashar Assad of Syria.
This appointment for that private meeting was done within 2 days.
The date of that meeting was February 14th 2005.... The time of
that meeting: NOON to 13.30 Damascus local time...
When the suicide bomber blew his Mitsubishi truck in Beirut at 12.55,
killing Rafic Hariri and 22 other people in a devastating explosion,
Bashar Al-ASSAD was in his office meeting with Seymour Hersh, and Mr.
Hersh was able to "WITNESS" FIRST HAND, how "angry and upset" Bashar
al-Assad was, when one of his aides "broke" the news to Bashar and
Mr. Hersh, by barging into this "particular" meeting....
How convenient, for this meeting to be taking place at this particular
time...? allowing for Bashar Al-ASSAD to manifest his "utmost anger"
in front of such a great reporter.....How convenient for Bashar ASSAD
to have this fantastic opportunity to say "one Day" , if need be, you
can ask Seymour Hersh: I was with him in a meeting in Damascus and had
absolutely no idea about any of this... what a great cover and a
wonderful "alibi" for him , for Maher Al-Assad and ASSEF Shawkat and the
ubiquitous Buthaina Shaaban....{ Great Planning }.
It's that simple. People who are not versed in Covert and False Flag
operations, have a hard time understanding the subtleties of the crude
intelligence world.... and the Press spreads enough garbage to blur
the picture, and help shrouding the whole scene in cacophonies on
a daily basis, just to fill air-time and sell newspapers...
"A Wilderness of Mirrors" http://anaconda-manifesto.blogspot.com/
Assef Shawkat is so proud of his biggest operation yet... that he even
challenged ALL western Intelligence agencies, in their faces, because
he is still meeting in Paris with DST, DGSE and others, to be able to
find the identity of this Brain-washed suicide bomber. The best
estimates which Mossad, CIA , BND, and many other intelligence
agencies had been able to come up with until today, is that this
suicide bomber is either coming from Morocco, Iraq, or Arabistan in
Iran, but are still unable to go any further.
He has been told that his target is an American Infidel coming from
overseas to Lebanon, and he had been "primed" for the KILL, and he
did just that, blow himself up, in order to destroy the Imperial Infidels.
This brain-washed time-bomb, had no idea who the exact target was
when he carried out his monstrous act, killing Hariri and 22 other people
near St. Georges Hotel in Beirut.
Western Intelligence agencies are still incapable of determining the
nature of the explosives used, nor their exact origin, despite all the
sophisticated techniques, and all the DNA testing, the highest
technologies etc. All they did so far, is speculate with hyperboles and
projections, because the bomb was so large and devastating in nature,
nothing of any value remained on the scene, was worthy for the
investigations to be precise and adequate, and it will remain that way,
because this is exactly what the criminal mind intended it to be in
the first place. Assef Shawkat is and will remain "protected by his
peers in the Middle East and worldwide, especially MOSSAD, since
he is their "MAN" in Damascus. It goes without saying that all 4
Lebanese Generals who are in jail today, are there for one reason
only, and that is for their own protection, and they are ALL assets
of various western Intelligence agencies of one kind or another, and
because they Know Too Much...
They will be freed in time, when enough time has gone by, to do it in
such a way, that no major outcry will ensue...
Jameel Al-Sayyed for instance, was granted a 5 year permanent
status resident in France, only 4 days before he was to be arrested
in Beirut.
This is precisely for his protection, after the whole operation will be
put to rest for good...some day...!
Jamil Al-Sayyid has a style of providing little information to one side
in order to extract more valuable information for the other side....a
trick of the trade, he learned in his "advanced Intelligence Course"
in Arizona....The Americans had him play this role vis-à-vis the
French in the 1980's... and, during the 1990's, with Western
intelligence services. The rapid advancement of his career testifies
to his dedicated service on behalf of the Americans and Israelis....
Presently, Jamil Al-Sayyed's assignment is to keep his cool, just
like Geagea did in the 90s, for the potential he carries from his
loads of Information, to do maximum damage to the CIA ,
MOSSAD , Assef Shawkat, Maher Al-ASSAD and Bashar ASSAD.
Jameel Al-Sayyid planed to run for parliament in 2004 and was being
groomed to become speaker of the parliament shortly thereafter.....
but fell in the trap of his superiors of CIA... He is related by marriage
to Mustafa Hamdan, the ex-commander of the Lebanese Presidential
Guards.... who is presently in Prison too, together with Raymond AZAR,
"the James Jesus Angleton" of Lebanese Army Intelligence stooges
displayed the seedier elements of the spy trade: the entrapments,
the blackmail, the assassinations. Yet the analytical, brainy side of the
profession has always been of equal importance: There is a reason why
spies are said to belong to the "intelligence community." Just as James
Bond needs his boss M for guidance, real-life spies rely on armchair
accomplices to shape raw data into coherent and meaningful analysis.
But what kind of analysis? Attempting to distinguish "signal" from
"noise," officials at the CIA and Defense Department debate competing
methods of data-sifting and weigh the aggressive, "hypotheses-driven"
style of interpretation favored by the Pentagon. Probability and risk are
continually assessed, and sometimes the talk can sound nearly
philosophical. Referring to the lie of the centuries, the search for illegal
weapons in Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld declared on
Aug. 5 that "the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence."
"the practical criticism of ambiguity." (As William Epstein observes,
this phrase is "derived from the titles of two of the most influential texts
of formalist criticism, Richards's `Practical Criticism' and Empson's
`Seven Types of Ambiguity."
The New Critics famously attacked the "intentional fallacy," arguing
that the meaning of a text could not be identified with its author's
intentions. They also put a high value on paradox, indirection, and all
the many ways in which a written artifact does not mean what it
seems to mean.
Angleton once described the intelligence world as "a wilderness of mirrors",
a quote taken from one of his favorite poets, T.S. Eliot. For all his
reputed brilliance, Angleton got lost in that wilderness....
Perhaps the moral of Angleton's story can be found in another work of
literature. Norman Rush's recent novel, "Mortals," tells the story of a CIA
agent and John Milton scholar whose cover is his job teaching literature
at a university in Botswana. At one point, Rush's scholar-spy reflects:
"The past is a forest of signs. The problem was that you could only
read them when you turned around and looked back, unfortunately." ......
"A Wilderness of Mirrors"
Amine Gemayel was working behind the scenes for Pierre to become the
next "president"...it cost his son's life....
As a side note, the young and ignorant,[he should have seen it coming],
Pierre Gemayel, was murdered by the killers of samir Geagea and his
so-called Lebanese Forces of thugs, who are a "proxy Militia" for CIA,
in collusion with Ashraf Riffi in person, who protected the whole team
and the operation, wall to wall. Amine Gemayel is privy to these details
in FULL, but he is such a coward that he would not dare speak, and has
fully accepted the crap given at the white house, DOD and state, and CIA,
and did SHUT-UP, for the "higher good" in his view...typical Amine
Gemayel vintage, and he will remain so all his life.
Also, it has been proven beyond doubt, that Ramzi IRANI was also murdered
by Samir Geagea, and info was given to Geagea by a certain "Kairouz..."
that Ramzi was too close and personal with Sethrida... but this was the
case for so long... since Nigeria.... but Jealousy is too strong for the
criminal Samir Geagea... and his complete s... impotence does not help,
so he murdered Ramzi Irani in cold blood....
"A Wilderness of Mirrors" http://anaconda-manifesto.blogspot.com/

The project of this book is the work of a Sunni tool of Jameel El-Sayyed ,
another puppet, tool like so many others, Tahseen Khayyat, Chairman of
NTV or NEWTVSAT,who is but another lackey who made a fortune
from printing several million copies of the Holy Qoran in Saudi Arabia,
and is but another pawn in the Lebanese Chess game, masterminded by
CIA, Saudi Intelligence, CIA & MOSSAD, among other Intelligence
agencies fighting for "space" on the Lebanese Turf....
Jamil Al-Sayyed was/is CIA, with a direct link to MOSSAD also .
He is a multidimensional agent, working for Syrian Israeli and American
Intelligence, instead of working for the Lebanese National Interest.
Jameel El-Sayyed is the Master Manipulator in Lebanon.
He masterminded the arrival of Lahoud in 1998, together with CIA.
Stories abound in Lebanon about Jameel Al-Sayyed being the "real"
President and the real power behind the facade of the Lebanese
institutions for years. His "Training in the early 80s, his career
path, his personal friendship with Bashar Al-Assad, his known and
documented contacts with American and Israeli handlers, speaks
volumes about this "classic" manipulation Made In Langley and Herzlia.
Emile Lahoud is absolutely perfect for the period 1998/2008, because
they know that he is a harmless idiot, and will accept to be completely
and utterly manipulated by Jameel-El Sayyed.


"A Wilderness of Mirrors" http://anaconda-manifesto.blogspot.com/

Jameel el-Sayyed was the main conduit and mastermind of the Hariri
Assassination, which he started planning for since 1998...
It is interesting to see the choice of Judge Elias EID in the scope
of the International Investigation of Hariri's Murder, knowing that
Judge Elias EID was a STOOGE of Kamel Jamil Al-Sayyed, the son of the
Director Jameel Al-Sayyed.... but Elias EID has now switched his fake
"allegiance" again..., and of course SAID MIRZA IS a Hariri pawn.
Jamil El-Sayyed is well known for being extremely smart, intelligent
and extremely manipulative. He was/is a FAVORITE of the weasel Walid
Joumblatt, and his main contact and main source of information
for years, during the Pax Syro-Americana in Lebanon. Waleed Joumblatt
is part and parcel of the Israeli/ American manipulation to eliminate
Rafic Hariri, despite his outward signs of sorrow and fake emotions.
Waleed is a master clown in disguise, and a pathological liar, just
like his masters in Neoconville. The remaining "tools" are : Geagea
the Killer, who did not hesitate in murdering his own brother in law,
in front of his son, blowing his brains out... , Amine Gemayel who at
the behest of CIA, ordered the terror car bomb of Bir El-Abd, targeting
Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah in 1985, killing 85 innocent civilians
in the process, in retaliation to the Marine Barracks bombing of 1983.
A storm ensued in USA at the time, hence the charade of the Book: VEIL
authored by Bob Woodward, another CIA asset...
This was another extra-judicial assassination attempt ordered by the US
government in the 80s. The tools were Lebanese Military Intelligence and
Amine Gemayel. http://newhk.blogspot.com/

The Lebanese people are still not fully aware, that there is absolutely
no free press in Lebanon whatsoever. ALL the Media in Lebanon are
completely and utterly manipulated to serve specific interests and ALL
these interests are not Lebanese in any way shape or form.... so far...
No rude awakening as of yet ???
Subsequent "extension" of the UN so-called commission
investigating the Hariri Murder, have been carefully and deliberately
crafted by USA and its Chief Neocon and friend of Karl Rove, Jeffrey
"Neozionist" Feltman, to hide the obvious link between the two terror
bombs of Hobeika and Hariri , & make sure any attempt at investigating
" political Murder " in Lebanon starts from October of 2004 and beyond,
to avoid at ALL cost getting to Elie Hobeika's Murder, which is ,
MADE IN USA... It is even forbidden to talk about the Elie Hobeika
murder in Lebanon's Media and official circles, thanks to the growing,
direct and overwhelming influence of the US Government agencies in this
"particular" Sinniora shadow of a government, filled with weak cronies,
made to measure in USA's Neocons Dark rooms of Condi Rice and
Dick Cheney & Elliot Abrams ,to obediently serve American Neocons
Interests in the " New Middle East...".


According to high level European intelligence officials, Bush's counselor,
Karl Rove, used the new presidential authority to silence a popular Lebanese
Christian politician who was planning to offer irrefutable evidence that
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon engineered the massacre of hundreds of
Palestinian men, women, and children in the Beirut refugee camps of Sabra
and Shatilla in 1982. In addition, Sharon provided the SLA forces & IDF who
carried out the grisly task. At the time of the massacres, Elie Hobeika was
intelligence chief of Lebanese Christian forces in Lebanon who were battling
Palestinians and other Muslim groups in a bloody civil war. He was also the
chief liaison to Israeli Defense Force (IDF) personnel in Lebanon. An
official Israeli inquiry into the massacre at the camps, the Kahan
Commission, merely found Sharon "indirectly" responsible for the slaughter
and fingered Hobeika as the chief instigator, while in fact Mr. Elie Hobeika
was never anywhere near Sabra or Shatila in Sep. 82, he was very busy
investigating the assassination of President elect Bashir Gemayel .
The Sabra and Shatila Massacre was planned within the Invasion plans
of the IDF in 1982 when it invaded Lebanon, and it appears under the
name of Operation Spark, and Operation Iron Brain.
Its finer details were worked out between the 1st of September when the
alliance with Bashir collapsed, and the 12th of the same month when Sharon
met with Bashir. The LF was perceived as unreliable and that the mopping up
of the camps was to proceed with or without them. AMAN could rely on the
SLA to get the job done, and it would assist them with IDF Special Forces,
or Sayerets as they are called in Hebrew. It is quite clear that the
Sayerets were in the camps as the former fighters in the camp have told us
repeatedly . But the presence of the Sayerets indicates clearly that the
Massacre was what is called in intelligence lingo a Black Operation, which
is a secret operation that is carried out by the intelligence agents and
special forces upon a decision taken by the Chief Executive and a few of his
ministers. Israeli Secret Services and the Sayerets have carried out many
Black Operations, including the Qibya Massacre of 1953, the attack on the
Beirut International Airport in 1968, and the assassination of Abu Jihad in
Tunisia, 1988. During the 1982 Invasion, and according to IDF historian
Samuel Katz, the Sayerets were deeply involved in the military operations.
These forces,which like all Special Forces in the world, are made up of hard
brutal killers, who volunteer for the job and know exactly what it entails.
In short, Israel's Secret Services' role in Sabra and Shatilla Massacre is
not only undeniable, but is far more involved than what "Kahan Commission"
stated. One day when Appendix B finally comes to light, this theory will
be proven, although it is clear that there is enough evidence to back it up.
As an epilogue, Israel's secret services, CIA & the Mossad, assassinated
Elie Hobeika in Beirut in 2002, using CIA & local witting proxies, in what
is obviously an attempt to conceal the truth about the Massacre. If anyone
doubted the involvement of the Israeli intelligence, this should silence the
naysayers. Mr. Elie Hobeika Never set foot at Sabra & Shatila in September
of 1982, nor had anything to do with that horrible crime, in any way shape
or form. It was an IDF operation with AMAN and MOSSAD at the Helm.
Besides Sayyeret Metkal's units in the camps, there were three additional
units which came from 3 different entrances to the camps, and the SLA
forces of Saad Haddad, brought into Beirut by IDF.

ALL these units were under direct orders of IDF officers, and IDF troops
were totally occupying Beirut militarily .
The First unit was lead by Z.M. , The second unit was lead by M.M. and
the 3rd by C.G. It is noteworthy to say that M.M. had met and had dinner
with B.N. in his home in west Beirut, before entering the camps, he dined
and spent the night there....but these units were brought in the camps on
the last day of the operations, to set them up for the world media to see
and portray as if they were the instigators. Combatants who were there said
that upon arrival to the camps, they were shocked to see all the killings,
because ALL of these units arrived there when the Sayyarets had finished
the job completely with the SLA forces of Saad Haddad. These are eye witness
accounts. Those LF will be forced into the mountain war within few months,
and a new trap will be set up for them by IDF, whereby eye witness accounts
say that every time they advanced into a new village, winning a very bloody
battle with casualties, orders will come for them to retreat from IDF
In some cases IDF artillery were shooting at both sides,reigniting the
battles again and again. Thousands of Christians were massacred, their
villages in ruins in a futile fight until exhaustion and complete retreat.
This is the legacy of IDF in Lebanon over 40 years.
The Kahan Commission never called on Hobeika to offer testimony in his
defense. However, in response to charges brought against Sharon before a
special war crimes court in Belgium, Hobeika was urged to testify against
Sharon, according to well-informed Lebanese sources. Hobeika was prepared
to offer a different version of events than what was contained in the Kahan
report. A 1993 Belgian law permitting human rights prosecutions was unusual
in that non-Belgians could be tried for violations against other
non-Belgians in a Belgian court. Under pressure from the Bush
administration, the law was severely amended and the extra territoriality
provisions were curtailed. http://newhk.blogspot.com/

Hobeika headed the Lebanese forces intelligence agency since the mid- 1970s
and he soon developed close ties to the CIA. He was a frequent visitor to
the CIA's headquarters at Langley, Virginia. After the Syrian invasion of
Lebanon in 1990, Hobeika held a number of cabinet positions in the Lebanese
government, a proxy for the Syrian occupation authorities. He also served in
the parliament. In July 2001, Hobeika called a press conference and
announced he was prepared to testify against Sharon in Belgium and revealed
that he had evidence of what actually occurred in Sabra and Shatilla.
Hobeika also indicated that Israel had flown members of the South Lebanon
Army (SLA) into Beirut International Airport in an Israeli Air Force C130
transport plane, in full view of dozens of witnesses, including members of
the Lebanese army and others. SLA troops under the command of Major Saad
Haddad were slipped into the camps to commit the massacres. The SLA troops
were under the direct command of Ariel Sharon and an Israeli Mossad agent
provocateur named Rafi Eitan. Hobeika offered evidence that a former U.S.
ambassador to Lebanon was aware of the Israeli plot. In addition, the IDF
had placed a camera in a strategic position to film the Sabra and Shatilla
massacres. Hobeika was going to ask that the footage be released as part of
the investigation of Sharon.
After announcing he was willing to testify against Sharon, Hobeika became
fearful for his safety and began taking precautionary moves. Hobeika was
not aware that his threats to testify against Sharon had triggered a series
of fateful events that reached well into the White House and Sharon's
office. http://newhk.blogspot.com/
On Jan. 24, 2002, Hobeika's car was blown up by a remote controlled bomb
placed in a parked Mercedes along a street in the Hazmieh section of Beirut.
The blast was a "cone-shaped charge" that used "moldable high explosives
such as SEMTEX H," shaped to create a high-speed, high temperature blast
wave. The blast took place in two stages over a fraction of a second.
During the first stage, the blast "forces all the air out with tremendous
force, " creating a vacuum, but as air rushes back in, it creates another
tremendous force that causes further damage. "It's a trademark of bombs
made by CIA and the Pentagon", in their regular training of proxy forces
over the years, in various exchanges of military expertise with Lebanese
Army Intelligence, and the Lebanese forces in the 1980s, and elsewhere
in the world.
Such expertise was deliberately aimed at eliminating Sheikh Muhammad
Hussein Fadlallah, the chief interpreter of Islamic law for the Shia'.
An attempt was made on Fadlallah's life on March 8, 1985, when an
explosive-packed car was driven into a Beirut suburb about 50 yards from
Fadlallah's residence. The car disappeared in a blinding blue flash that
killed 85 people and wounded 200 more. Longs weeks of training were
carried out in various places, including Safra, where Israeli and American
expertise was also brought to bear, in order to insure success for this
major operation of CIA and MOSSAD, with Lebanese Army Intelligence,
and it was supposed to be a revenge for the Marine Barracks Bombing
of 1983, in which 241 service members died in a suicide operation,
believed to have been carried out by Hizbullah in its infancy....
This operation was a total failure, and Sheikh Muhammad Hussein
Fadlallah survived miraculously, but the whole neighborhood was
devastated. http://anaconda-manifesto.blogspot.com/
CIA scrambled in Washington Dc and elsewhere to cover their tracks
and hide all evidence of their DIRECT involvement in this operation
from the US Congress, hence a book was written then, by BOB
WOODWARD, "VEIL" to fabricate a story about this US/Israeli
operation. It is interesting that Sheikh Fadlallah read Woodward's
book and cites its content in some of his interviews....
Hizbullah tracked several of the "executors" of the operations,
and at least 2 of them were executed....
A former State Department official said that the group behind the bombing
had been trained in the United States, and that there was direct American
involvement in the assassination attempt, CIA and Lebanese Army
Intelligence, headed then by Officer Johnny ABDO, during the tenure
of Amine Gemayel, and on direct orders from President Amine Gemayel.
Both Johnny Abdo and Amine Gemayel were/are, the Darlings of all
American Administrations until today....

The bomb exploded when Hobeika and his three associates, Fares Souweidan,
Mitri Ajram, and Waleed Zein, were driving their Range Rover past the
C4-laden Mercedes at 9:20 am Beirut time. The Range Rover's four passengers
were killed in the explosion. In case Hobeika's car had taken another route
through the neighborhood, two additional parked cars, located at two other
choke points, were also rigged with C4. The powerful bomb wounded a number
of other people in the vicinity. Other parked cars were destroyed and
buildings and homes were damaged. The Lebanese president, prime minister,
interior minister and the Military Prosecutor, all claimed that Israeli
agents were behind the attack, which was partially true, but they also
knew this to be, a CIA operation par excellence, since the Chief Architect
of the "Local" plans, timing , etc. was Jamil El-Sayyed , the head of the
Surete Generale, with direct assistance from Lebanese Military Intelligence,
and some latitude for the "end users" in the area of the crime... in a
specific building, with 3 floors...ideally situated for the surveillance and
execution of the crime... etc.


The IED in the Bomb laden Mercedes, was a "Shaped Charge " with a very
specific signature, hence the immediate arrival of large water tanker trucks
of the civil defense, to cleanse the area with high powered water guns for a
long long time... with specific direct orders from Baabda & Anjar and the
infamous Interior Minister Elias MURR, who will be given TOP honors from
Richard Noble of Interpol & FBI for a job well done in removing any traces
of the American/Israeli assassination of Hobeika, courtesy of AZAR...
Ghazi Kanaan will do the rest to cover ALL tracks and " reassure " the
grieving folks and relatives of his "deepest sorrow" and close this chapter
securely, in order to forbid any official investigations for Good, for he
was to serve his AMERICAN HANDLERS... well, very well , until 2005.
It is noteworthy that the State Department's list of global terrorist
incidents for 2002 worldwide failed to list the car bombing attack on
Hobeika and his party. The White House wanted to ensure the attack was
censored from the report. The reason was simple: the attack ultimately had
Washington's fingerprints on it...


A U.S. intelligence source revealed to me, that in the world of intelligence
"carve out" subcontracts such confusion is often the case with "plausible
deniability" being a foremost concern in ALL covert operations, especially
in Elie Hobeika's case on January 24th 2002, & Hariri's Feb. 14th 2005...
Notwithstanding Jacques CHIRAC's gesticulations and false sorrow for
the loss of his "friend" Rafic HARIRI, he has been regularly organizing
official meetings in Paris for Asef Shawkat with his services to secure
SYRIA for and with Asef Shawkat,hence,In a series of secret meetings
in Israel and Europe, between 2000 and July 2006, Syrians, Americans
and Israelis formulated understandings for orchestrating several murders
in Lebanon ...and were executed well, with great precision and excellent
timing like clock work, the extreme sophistication of Hariri's MURDER
is a case in point for later comments in due course...
High level European intelligence sources now report that Karl Rove
personally coordinated Hobeika's assassination. The liaison with American
Intelligence was done through Bahjat Suleiman from Syrian Intelligence.
French DGSE played a major role in Paris, by helping in the " orchestrated "
attack on Mr. Elie Hobeika , with various shady books and publications, and
by giving refuge in France & sanctuary to criminal elements directly linked
to MOSSAD and CIA who authored these phony publications .
This help was provided prior to the murder, by tolerating a full fledged
smear campaign, orchestrated by intelligence operatives preparing the
grounds for a horrendous murder, and help continued after the murder has
been well executed , and after ALL the facts were available to the French
Government and DGSE, and even more phony publications by the same
individuals were willingly nurtured and publicized.

French DGSE knew full well the criminal history of these individuals,&
French DGSE knew full well that those guys were proven LIARS, but still
gives them sanctuary, help, assistance and more... in France today.
It is well established that CIA has a MAJOR base of operations in Paris,
together with DGSE , since Sep. 11th 2001, against the so-called war on
" Terror ", despite the highly publicized positions of Jacques Chirac,
critical of the Iraq invasion, prior to 2003 and beyond....
The hit on Hobeika was sold by CIA through a tortuous web & employed
Lebanese CIA agents. Syrian President Bashar Assad was trying to
curry favor with the Bush administration in the aftermath of 9-11 and was
more than willing to help the White House, and Ghazi Kanaan did everything
he could to help CIA in this Murderous Endeavour to assassinate Mr. Elie
Hobeika, and did ALL he could after the Murder to cover ALL tracks and
wash the crime scene with high powered water guns in the hour that followed
the Terror Car Bomb in Hazmieh...
Syria believed that the massive support it gave Washington in the
investigation of Al-Qaeda activists - "after September 11, the Syrian
leader, Bashar Assad, initiated the delivery of Syrian intelligence to the
U.S. The Syrians had compiled hundreds of files on Al-Qaeda, including
dossiers on the men who participated, and others who wanted to participate,
in the September 11 attacks," Seymour Hersh wrote in the July 28 issue of
The New Yorker - it would be able to "protect itself" in the face of
American pressure. http://hk-elie-hobeika.blogspot.com/

According to Sy Hersh, he uncovered close ongoing relations developed
between Syria , the CIA and FBI, in the course of which Syria transmitted
information that saved many American lives. "In one instance," Hersh writes,
"the Syrians learned that Al-Qaeda had penetrated the security services of
Bahrain and had arranged for a glider loaded with explosives to be flown
into a building at the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet headquarters there." Thanks to
Syria's help, the operation was thwarted. Agents of the CIA and FBI were
allowed to conduct "intelligence-gathering operations" in Aleppo, where they
questioned people who knew Mohammed Atta, one of the planners and
implementers of the September 11, 2001, attacks, and the family of bin
Laden, in Latakia. George Tenet, the director of the CIA, was a frequent
visitor to Syria and received full cooperation. At one stage, the CIA wanted
to establish a permanent "back" channel with Damascus but apparently ran
into some obstacles: the State Department, which didn't want the CIA poking
around in foreign policy...
CIA has prevailed over the state department, and CIA has now a permanent
base in Syria. Syria is still providing precious help to CIA on Al-Qaeda,
and this has been confirmed this summer by none other than the DCI
Michael Hayden himself, when he said specifically that Syria's information
on Al-Qaeda and other intelligence matters provided to the USA, are
Indispensable for CIA, and he refused to sign on the attack by Israel
on Syria ..... It seems that Syria still has a lot of information up its
sleeves on the Various assassinations in Lebanon, which are without a
shadow of a doubt, A joint Venture and a Joint US/SYRIAN operation with
Israeli blessing and tacit approval and logistical support, whenever this
is needed.... to further the technical skills of the Syrian Intelligence
apparatus of Asef Shawkat and other " penetrated bodies of Intelligence "
in Damascus and Lebanon....

Hafez Assad, had been an ally of Bush's father during Desert Storm, a period
that saw Washington give a "wink and a nod" to Syria's occupation of
Lebanon. Rove wanted to help Sharon avoid any political embarrassment from
an in absentia trial in Brussels where Hobeika would be a star witness. Rove
and Sharon agreed on the plan to use Syrian Military Intelligence agents to
assassinate Hobeika. Rove saw Sharon as an indispensable ally of Bush in
ensuring the loyalty of the Christian evangelical and Jewish voting blocs in
the United States. Sharon saw the plan to have the United States coordinate
the hit as a way to mask all connections to Jerusalem.
Turning a blind eye was ordered by Assef Shawkat, the number two man in
Syrian military intelligence and a good friend and brother in law of Syrian
President Bashar Assad. Assad's intelligence services had already cooperated
with U.S. intelligence in resorting to unconventional methods to extract
information from al Qaeda detainees deported to Syria from the United States
and other countries in the wake of 9-11.
It is noteworthy here to disclose to the world, that Asef Shawkat had
arranged for the "Car accident"/assassination of Basil Al-Assad in 1994,
in order to pave the way for his marriage with Bushra Al-Assad. Basil was
adamantly opposed to this relationship and Asef knew that the only way to
get his way, is to KILL Basil Al-Assad....which he did.... !
The security was ordered to be completely removed , months before, from
Hobeika's neighborhood by General Raymond AZAR, the head of Lebanese
Military Intelligence and his deputy. CIA "arranged with their KILLERS"
remote controlled cars to be parked along Hobeika's route in Hazmieh; only
few hundred yards from the Barracks of Syrian Special Forces which are
stationed in the area near the Presidential palace , the ministry of Defense
and various Government and officers quarters. The KILLERS were CIA
operatives who got DIRECT operational help from the Deuxieme Bureau,
the Lebanese Army's Military Intelligence Arm.
This particular area is covered 24/7, by a very sophisticated American
multi-agency surveillance system to monitor Syrian and Lebanese security
activities, and is a " Choice " area to live in for its perceived high
security, [Courtesy of the Special Collections Services "SCS" , which is a
joint CIA & NSA & DIA team endeavor worldwide .]

The plan to kill Hobeika had all the necessary caveats and built-in denial
mechanisms. If the Syrians were discovered beforehand or afterwards, Karl
Rove and his associates in the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans would be
ensured plausible deniability, given the professional denigration effort
started in earnest, years ahead, in USA,Israel,France,Lebanon,using multi
layered organizations to denigrate Mr. Elie Hobeika in books and shady
publications, in print and on the Internet. The operation took years in
planning, but succeeded in eliminating a Lebanese Icon, using Syrian,
and Lebanese operatives, with the full "tacit" agreement of a complex
web of actors, after years of intense covert disinformation, an Operation
run by highly skilled professionals, who use "witting" and "unwitting
elements"...a Classic Black operation for the people in the "Know"....
From David Halevy in Time Magazine in 1982, to Barbara Newman, & from
USCFL to local and other International creepy actors and seedy players,
Mr. Elie Hobeika bore the brunt of a skilled disinformation machine,
single-handedly, for well over 20 years. In other words, during Times of
WAR, and in "Peace Times" of the NEOCONS.,(FDDC),& DOD's OSP,
THE TRUTH will always be the first Victim.

Hobeika's CIA'S SHADOW.... in Beirut, a man only referred to as "Jason" by
Hobeika, was a frequent companion of the Lebanese politician during official
and off-duty hours. During Hobeika's year 2000 election campaigns for his
parliamentary seat, Jason was often in Hobeika's office offering support and
advice. After Hobeika's assassination, Jason became despondent over the
death of his colleague. Eventually, Jason disappeared abruptly from Lebanon
and reportedly later emerged in Pakistan. Jason was very close to Hobeika.
Karl Rove's involvement in the assassination of Hobeika may not have been
the last "hit" he ordered to help out Sharon. In March 2002, a few months
after Hobeika's assassination, another Lebanese Christian with knowledge of
Sharon's involvement in the Sabra and Shatilla massacres was gunned down
along with his wife in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A bullet fired at Michael Nassar's
car flattened one of his tires. Nassar pulled into a gasoline station for
repairs. A professional assassin, firing a gun with a silencer, shot Nassar
and his wife in the head, killing them both instantly. The assailant fled
and was never captured. Nassar was also involved with the Phalange militia
at Sabra and Shatilla. Nassar was also reportedly willing to testify against
Sharon in Belgium, as a nephew of SLA Commander General Antoine Lahd,
may have had important evidence to bolster Hobeika's charge that Sharon
ordered SLA forces into the camps to wipe out the Palestinians.
But further detailed Investigations proved that the HIT on Nassar was
only a Diversion ordered by CIA and carried out by Ghassan Touma , Ragi
Abdo, Alias "Al-Capitaine" - Naji Najjar & their Killers in Brazil... and
elsewhere! More Later... on a related topic and Robert Nassar ???
Based on what European intelligence claims is concrete intelligence on
Rove's involvement in the assassination of Hobeika, the Bush administration
can now add political assassination to its laundry list of other misdeeds,
from lying about the reasons to go to war to the torture tactics in
violation of the Geneva Conventions that have been employed by the Pentagon
and "third country" nationals at prisons in Iraq , Guantanamo Bay,
Morocco, and various East European locations, among others....

Given the actual climate of political cacophonies, deceit,
deception and intrigue in Lebanon of today, Lebanon of
the LIARS of NEOCONVILLE, it has been
proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Mr. Elie Hobeika
was a visionary Leader . http://hk-elie-hobeika.blogspot.com/
Despite the horrendous Fabrications, LIES , False Flag operations,
by CIA and MOSSAD, to discredit Mr. Elie Hobeika,
It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt,
that ALL stories which came out immediately
after the Assassination of Mr.Elie Hobeika, Fares Sweidan,
Dimitri Ajram, and Waleed El-Zein, were completely &
utterly FALSE. It was a pure fabrication by the KILLERS;
AND the DOD'S Foreign Denial and Deception Committee (FDDC),
to cover their tracks. Standard operating procedure.
I mean by that, the stories relating to Elie trying to find
IMAD Moughnieh, the alleged attempted contacts with CIA,
MOSSAD, etc. , the missing Iranian diplomats, the 9 most
wanted by CIA, whose names have been circulated then,
on purpose by CIA, to 7 ministers in the actual Lebanese
Government, etc. [ which CIA has completely forgotten now,
one of them has proven since to be a CIA asset himself...]
ALL these were a tortuous web of lies to cover the
tracks of the Murderers of CIA, MOSSAD, and their Syro-Lebanese
tools. http://anaconda-manifesto.blogspot.com/

This is some of the evidence ...article&sid=1052
~encrypted/logs/access ====>> INTELLIGENCE Agencies Servers footprints.
Not to mention hundreds of private companies and governments........!

See Below : INTELLIGENCE Agencies , INTELL. :

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Why Nemesis is at the US's door.

By Chalmers Johnson.

History tells us that one of the most unstable political combinations is a
country - like the United States today - that tries to be a domestic
democracy and a foreign imperialist.

Why this is so can be a very abstract subject. Perhaps the best way to offer
my thoughts on this is to say a few words about my new book, Nemesis, and
explain why I gave it the subtitle The Last Days of the American Republic.

Nemesis is the third book to have grown out of my research over the past
eight years. I never set out to write a trilogy on America's increasingly
endangered democracy, but as I kept stumbling on ever more evidence of the
legacy of the imperialist pressures we Americans put on many other countries
as well as the nature and size of our military empire, one book led to

Professionally, I am a specialist in the history and politics of East Asia.
In 2000, I published Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American
Empire, because my research on China, Japan and the two Koreas persuaded me
that US policies there would have serious future consequences. The book was
noticed at the time, but only after September 11, 2001, did the Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA) term I adapted for the title - "blowback" - become
a household word and my volume a best-seller.

I had set out to explain how exactly the US government came to be so hated
around the world. As a CIA term of tradecraft, "blowback" does not just mean
retaliation for things the government has done to, and in, foreign
countries. It refers specifically to retaliation for illegal operations
carried out abroad that were kept totally secret from the US public.

These operations have included the clandestine overthrow of governments
various US administrations did not like, the training of foreign militaries
in the techniques of state terrorism, the rigging of elections in foreign
countries, and interference with the economic viability of countries that
seemed to threaten the interests of influential US corporations, as well as
the torture or assassination of selected foreigners. The fact that these
actions were, at least originally, secret meant that when retaliation does
come - as it did so spectacularly on September 11, 2001 - the US public is
incapable of putting the events in context. Not surprisingly, then,
Americans tend to support speedy acts of revenge intended to punish the
actual, or alleged, perpetrators. These moments of lashing out, of course,
only prepare the ground for yet another cycle of blowback.

A world of bases
As a continuation of my own analytical odyssey, I then began doing research
on the network of 737 US military bases maintained around the world
(according to the Pentagon's own 2005 official inventory). Not including the
Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, the US now stations more than half a million
troops, spies, contractors, dependants and others on military bases in more
than 130 countries, many of them presided over by dictatorial regimes that
have given their citizens no say in the decision to let the US in.

As but one striking example of imperial basing policy: for the past 61
years, the US military has garrisoned the small Japanese island of Okinawa
with 37 bases. Smaller than Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands, Okinawa is home
to 1.3 million people who live cheek-by-jowl with 17,000 US troops of the
3rd Marine Division and the largest US installation in East Asia - Kadena
Air Force Base. There have been many Okinawan protests against the rapes,
crimes, accidents and pollution caused by this sort of concentration of US
troops and weaponry, but so far the US military - in collusion with the
Japanese government - has ignored them. My research into America's base
world resulted in The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of
the Republic, written during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

As the US occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq turned into major fiascoes,
discrediting America's military leadership, ruining its public finances, and
bringing death and destruction to hundreds of thousands of civilians in
those countries, I continued to ponder the issue of empire. In these years,
it became ever clearer that President George W Bush, Vice President Dick
Cheney, and their supporters were claiming, and actively assuming, powers
specifically denied to a president by the constitution. It became no less
clear that the Congress had almost completely abdicated its responsibilities
to balance the power of the executive branch. Despite the Democratic Party's
sweep in last year's congressional election, it remains to be seen whether
these tendencies can, in the long run, be controlled, let alone reversed.

Until the 2004 presidential election, we ordinary citizens of the United
States could at least claim that our foreign policy, including our illegal
invasion of Iraq, was the work of George Bush's administration and that we
had not put him in office. After all, in 2000, Bush lost the popular vote
and was appointed president thanks to the intervention of the Supreme Court
in a 5-4 decision. But in November 2004, regardless of claims about voter
fraud, Bush actually won the popular vote by more than 3.5 million ballots,
making his regime and his wars ours.

Whether Americans intended it or not, we are now seen around the world as
approving the torture of captives at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, at Bagram
Air Base in Kabul, at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and at a global network of
secret CIA prisons, as well as having endorsed Bush's claim that, as
commander-in-chief in "wartime", he is beyond all constraints of the US
constitution or international law. We are now saddled with a rigged economy
based on record-setting trade and fiscal deficits, the most secretive and
intrusive government in our country's memory, and the pursuit of
"preventive" war as a basis for foreign policy. Don't forget as well the
potential epidemic of nuclear proliferation as other nations attempt to
adjust to and defend themselves against Bush's preventive wars, while our
own already staggering nuclear arsenal expands toward first-strike primacy
and we expend unimaginable billions of dollars on futuristic ideas for
warfare in outer space.

The choice ahead
By the time I came to write Nemesis, I no longer doubted that maintaining
America's empire abroad required resources and commitments that would
inevitably undercut, or simply skirt, what was left of our domestic
democracy and that might, in the end, produce a military dictatorship or -
far more likely - its civilian equivalent.

The combination of huge standing armies, almost continuous wars, an ever
growing economic dependence on the military-industrial complex and the
making of weaponry, and ruinous military expenses as well as a vast, bloated
"defense" budget, not to speak of the creation of a whole second Defense
Department (known as the Department of Homeland Security) has been
destroying our republican structure of governing in favor of an imperial
presidency. By republican structure, of course, I mean the separation of
powers and the elaborate checks and balances that the founders of the United
States wrote into the constitution as the main bulwarks against dictatorship
and tyranny, which they greatly feared.

We Americans are on the brink of losing our democracy for the sake of
keeping our empire. Once a nation starts down that path, the dynamics that
apply to all empires come into play - isolation, overstretch, the uniting of
local and global forces opposed to imperialism, and in the end bankruptcy.

History is instructive on this dilemma. If we choose to keep our empire, as
the Roman republic did, we will certainly lose our democracy and grimly
await the eventual blowback that imperialism generates. There is an
alternative, however.

We could, like the British Empire after World War II, keep our democracy by
giving up our empire. The British did not do a particularly brilliant job of
liquidating their empire and there were several clear cases where British
imperialists defied their nation's commitment to democracy to hang on to
foreign privileges. The war against the Kikuyu in Kenya in the 1950s and the
Anglo-French-Israeli invasion of Egypt in 1956 are particularly savage
examples of that. But the overall thrust of postwar British history is
clear: the people of the British Isles chose democracy over imperialism.

In her book The Origins of Totalitarianism, political philosopher Hannah
Arendt offered the following summary of British imperialism and its fate:

On the whole it was a failure because of the dichotomy between the
nation-state's legal principles and the methods needed to oppress other
people permanently. This failure was neither necessary nor due to ignorance
or incompetence. British imperialists knew very well that "administrative
massacres" could keep India in bondage, but they also knew that public
opinion at home would not stand for such measures. Imperialism could have
been a success if the nation-state had been willing to pay the price, to
commit suicide and transform itself into a tyranny. It is one of the glories
of Europe, and especially of Great Britain , that she preferred to liquidate
the empire.

I agree with this judgment. When one looks at British Prime Minister Tony
Blair's unnecessary and futile support of Bush's invasion and occupation of
Iraq, one can only conclude that it was an atavistic response, that it
represented a British longing to relive the glories - and cruelties - of a
past that should have been ancient history.

As a form of government, imperialism does not seek or require the consent of
the governed. It is a pure form of tyranny. The US attempt to combine
domestic democracy with such tyrannical control over foreigners is
hopelessly contradictory and hypocritical. A country can be democratic or it
can be imperialistic, but it cannot be both.

The road to imperial bankruptcy
The US political system failed to prevent this combination from developing -
and may now be incapable of correcting it. The evidence strongly suggests
that the legislative and judicial branches of the US government have become
so servile in the presence of the imperial presidency that they have largely
lost the ability to respond in a principled and independent manner. Even in
the present moment of congressional stirring, there seems to be a deep sense
of helplessness. Various members of Congress have already attempted to
explain how the one clear power they retain - to cut off funds for a
disastrous program - is not one they are currently prepared to use.

So the question becomes, if not Congress, could the people themselves
restore constitutional government? A grassroots movement to abolish secret
government, to bring the CIA and other illegal spying operations and private
armies out of the closet of imperial power and into the light, to break the hold
of the military-industrial complex, and to establish genuine public financing of
elections may be at least theoretically conceivable. But given the
conglomerate control of the US mass media and the difficulties of mobilizing
America 's large and diverse population, such an opting for popular
democracy, as we remember it from our past, seems unlikely.

It is possible that, at some future moment, the US military could actually
take over the government and declare a dictatorship (though its commanders
would undoubtedly find a gentler, more user-friendly name for it). That is,
after all, how the Roman republic ended - by being turned over to a populist
general, Julius Caesar, who had just been declared dictator for life. After
his assassination and a short interregnum, it was his grandnephew Octavian
who succeeded him and became the first Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar.

The US military is unlikely to go that route. But one cannot ignore the fact
that professional military officers seem to have played a considerable role
in getting rid of their civilian overlord, secretary of defense Donald
Rumsfeld. The new directors of the CIA, its main internal branches, the
National Security Agency, and many other key organs of the "defense
establishment" are now military (or ex-military) officers, strongly
suggesting that the military does not need to take over the government to
control it. Meanwhile, the all-volunteer US Army has emerged as an ever more
separate institution in US society, its profile less and less like that of
the general populace.

Nonetheless, military coups, however decorous, are not part of the US
tradition, nor that of the officer corps, which might well worry about how
the citizenry would react to a move toward open military dictatorship.
Moreover, prosecutions of low-level military torturers from Abu Ghraib
prison and killers of civilians in Iraq have demonstrated to enlisted troops
that obedience to illegal orders can result in dire punishment in a
situation where those of higher rank go free. No one knows whether ordinary
soldiers, even from what is no longer in any normal sense a citizen army,
would obey clearly illegal orders to oust an elected government or whether
the officer corps would ever have sufficient confidence to issue such
orders. In addition, the present system already offers the military high
command so much - in funds, prestige, and future employment via the famed
"revolving door" of the military-industrial complex - that a perilous
transition to anything like direct military rule would make little sense
under reasonably normal conditions.

Whatever future developments may prove to be, my best guess is that the US
will continue to maintain a facade of constitutional government and drift
along until financial bankruptcy overtakes it. Of course, bankruptcy will
not mean the literal end of the US any more than it did for Germany in 1923,
China in 1948, or Argentina in 2001-02. It might, in fact, open the way for
an unexpected restoration of the US system - or for military rule,
revolution, or simply some new development we cannot yet imagine.

Certainly, such a bankruptcy would mean a drastic lowering of Americans'
standard of living, a further loss of control over international affairs, a
sudden need to adjust to the rise of other powers, including China and
India, and a further discrediting of the notion that the United States is
somehow exceptional compared with other nations. We will have to learn what
it means to be a far poorer country - and the attitudes and manners that go
with it. As Anatol Lieven, author of America Right or Wrong: An Anatomy of
American Nationalism, [1] observes:

US global power, as presently conceived by the overwhelming majority of the
US establishment, is unsustainable ... The empire can no longer raise enough
taxes or soldiers, it is increasingly indebted, and key vassal states are no
longer reliable ... The result is that the empire can no longer pay for
enough of the professional troops it needs to fulfill its self-assumed
imperial tasks.

Last February, the Bush administration submitted to Congress a US$439
billion defense appropriation budget for fiscal year 2007. As the country
enters 2007, the administration is about to present a nearly $100 billion
supplementary request to Congress just for the Iraq and Afghan wars. At the
same time, the deficit in the country's current account - the imbalance in
the trading of goods and services as well as the shortfall in all other
cross-border payments from interest income and rents to dividends and
profits on direct investments - underwent its fastest ever quarterly

For 2005, the current-account deficit was $805 billion, 6.4% of national
income. In that year the US trade deficit, the largest component of the
current-account deficit, soared to an all-time high of $725.8 billion, the
fourth consecutive year that America 's trade debts set records. The trade
deficit with China alone rose to $201.6 billion, the highest imbalance ever
recorded with any country. Meanwhile, since mid-2000, the US has lost nearly
3 million manufacturing jobs.

To try to cope with these imbalances, last March 16, Congress raised the
national debt limit from $8.2 trillion to $8.96 trillion. This was the
fourth time since George W Bush took office that it had to be raised. The
national debt is the total amount owed by the government and should not be
confused with the federal budget deficit, the annual amount by which federal
spending exceeds revenue. Had Congress not raised the debt limit, the US
government would not have been able to borrow more money and would have had
to default on its massive debts.

Among the creditors that finance these unprecedented sums, the two largest
are the central banks of China (with $853.7 billion in reserves) and Japan
(with $831.58 billion in reserves), both of which are the managers of the
huge trade surpluses these countries enjoy with the United States. This
helps explain why America's debt burden has not yet triggered what standard
economic theory would dictate: a steep decline in the value of the US dollar
followed by a severe contraction of the US economy when Americans found we
could no longer afford the foreign goods we like so much. So far, both the
Chinese and Japanese governments continue to be willing to be paid in
dollars to sustain US purchases of their exports.

For the sake of their own domestic employment, both countries lend huge
amounts to the US Treasury, but there is no guarantee of how long they will
want to, or be able to do so. Marshall Auerback, an international financial
strategist, says the US has become a "Blanche Dubois economy" (so named
after the leading character in the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named
Desire) heavily dependent on "the kindness of strangers". Unfortunately, in
America 's case, as in Blanche's, there are ever fewer strangers willing to
support our illusions.

So my own hope is that - if the American people do not find a way to choose
democracy over empire - at least our imperial venture will end not with a
nuclear bang but a financial whimper. From the present vantage point, it
certainly seems a daunting challenge for any president (or Congress) from
either party even to begin the task of dismantling the military-industrial
complex, ending the pall of "national security" secrecy and the "black
budgets" that make public oversight of what the government does impossible,
and bringing the president's secret army, the CIA, under democratic control.
It's evident that Nemesis - in Greek mythology the goddess of vengeance, the
punisher of hubris and arrogance - is already a visitor in the United
States, simply biding her time before she makes her presence known.
May 28-29, 2007 -- Neo-con cabal born in treason in the late 1970s. Lying, massive fraud, illegal weapons smuggling, forged documents . . . all sound like a description of the lead-up to the war in Iraq. However, this same situation existed in the late 1970s. Some of the same players who got this nation into the bloody quagmire of Iraq also criminally conspired to bring down the administration of President Jimmy Carter. President Carter's indignation about the neo-cons -- their blind support for Israel, their whittling away of our Constitution, our neo-con foreign policy -- is rooted in the treason they committed against the United States during his administration. There is no statute of limitations on treason and the neo-cons should face double barrel treason charges from incidents a generation apart.

The neo-con attacks on President Carter were planned in the office of the late Democratic Senator from Washington, Henry "Scoop" Jackson. Jackson was the Joe Lieberman of his day -- more concerned about representing the interests of a defense contractor, Boeing (Lieberman represents the interests of General Dynamics), and the expansionists and military-intelligence complex of Israel (as does Lieberman). Jackson's treason against the United States is honored today in Britain, where the Henry Jackson Society pushes the neo-con agenda in the British Parliament and media. Jackson, his chief assistant, Richard Perle, and foreign and defense policy aides Frank Gaffney, William Kristol, Douglas Feith, and Elliott Abrams, as well as unofficial Jackson adviser Paul Wolfowitz, did everything possible to derail U.S.-Soviet detente and arms limitation treaties, including the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT II). Jackson and Perle helped initiate sanctions against the USSR, at the expense of American farmers, with the help of Ohio Democratic Rep. Charles Vanik (the Jackson-Vanik sanctions act). Jackson's Coalition for a Democratic Majority (CDM) was the "Democratic Leadership Council" of its time. CDM worked tirelessly to damage President Carter and among its ranks were, in addition to Jackson, Texas Democratic Senator Lloyd Bentsen, Oklahoma Senator David Boren, Georgia Senator Sam Nunn, Louisiana Senator J. Bennett Johnston, Ben Wattenberg, Irving Kristol, Max Kampelman, Richard Pipes, John Roche, Samuel Huntington, and James Woolsey. In 1976, the CDM helped form the Committee on the Present Danger, reactivated in 2004 by Lieberman, Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl, Laurie Mylroie, Norman Podhoretz, Frank Gaffney, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Boeing, American Enterprise Institute, and the Heritage Foundation.

The treason committed by these neo-cons against the Carter administration centered on machinations in Rome (Rome was also at the center of the later conspiracy to drive the United States into war in Iraq). Arch neo-con and foreign policy adviser to Karl Rove, Michael Ledeen, served as the Rome correspondent for The New Republic from 1975 to 1977 and a journalist for the right-wing Milan newspaper Il Giornale. In Rome, Ledeen cultivated close ties with neo-fascist groups.

Jackson's and his staff's first documented case of treason against the United States concerned the leak of a Top Secret CIA report on the SALT talks by CIA nuclear weapons analyst Daniel S. Sullivan to Jackson and Perle in 1978. Sullivan, believing the Soviets deceived the U.S. in SALT talks, took it upon himself to pass Top Secret information to Jackson and his band of neo-cons. However, rather than being prosecuted, Sullivan was permitted to resign due to "insubordination," not illegally passing classified information to unauthorized persons. Sullivan later joined the staff of Senator Bentsen and received another Top Secret clearance as a member of Bentsen's staff. The conspiracy by Sullivan, Jackson, and the neo-cons to derail a major policy initiative of President Carter was not the only act of treason by these early neo-cons.

However, the leak of the Top Secret SALT CIA document to Jackson may not have been the only leak to have taken place. In February 2005, the Everett (WA) Herald reported that five federal agents from the Departments of Defense and Energy removed several documents from the archived papers of Jackson housed at the University of Washington's Suzzallo-Allen Library. The seized documents were re-classified by the government. The retention by Jackson and his staff of top secret documents is reminiscent of the Larry Franklin-AIPAC case, in which Franklin, opposed to U.S. policy on Iran, passed a number of classified CIA documents to AIPAC and the Israeli embassy's Mossad station in Washington.

Rather than being treated as the traitor he was, Jackson is today lauded by Democrats of various political stripes. His ideological descendants are at the core of the Republican pre-emptive strike foreign policy machinations.

In 1976, two years after Secretary of State Henry Kissinger threatened then-Italian Foreign Minister Aldo Moro against forming a coalition with the Communists, Jackson, on a trip to Italy, issued a similar warning to Moro. In Phillip Willan's Puppetmasters, Moro's widow recounted Kissinger's warning, which was undoubtedly echoed by Jackson: "You must abandon your policy of bringing all the political forces in your country into direct collaboration . . . or you will pay dearly for it." Moro was kidnapped for 55 days by so-called Red Brigades, who were later found to be in the service of Italian fascists, Italian intelligence, the P-2 Masonic Lodge, a parallel SID [Italian Defense Intelligence Service], and the CIA. Some of these same elements would be behind the infamous Niger yellowcake forgeries used by the neo-cons to prove a case for war against Iraq.

The same neo-con network would alter Mehmet Ali Agca, the would-be assassin of Pope John Paul II, from a right-wing member of the Turkish Gray Wolves to a Communist in the employ of the KGB and Bulgarian intelligence. The Judith Miller-like journalist in those days who spun the story about Agca's Soviet Bloc connections was Claire Sterling, whose disinformation was quickly picked up by The Reader's Digest, New York Times, NBC News, and other mainstream media outlets. Sterling's fellow disinformation journalist was Ledeen.

Agca told a fantasy story about his orders to kill the Pope coming from a Bulgarian "control officer" and that he had also been involved in a plot to kill Polish Solidarity leader Lech Walesa, Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba, and Malta's Prime Minister Dom Mintoff. In fact, there was a plot to overthrow and possibly kill Mintoff, Allende-style, but it was being crafted by U.S. Navy intelligence in conjunction with the neo-fascist and renegade Italian intelligence elements in Rome. The U.S. Navy wanted to overthrow Mintoff to gain access to its former NATO base on the island nation off the Libyan coast. Bourguiba was not popular with the neo-cons because he allowed Yasir Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organization to maintain its headquarters-in-exile in Tunis.

The Turkish Gray Wolves and the pan-Turkic National Action Party (NAP) made common cause with the neo-cons and their Israeli friends. The Wolves and the NAP considered the peoples of Soviet Central Asia to be "captive Turks." The Turkish right-wing nationalists foresaw a nuclear-armed Turkey extending from Thrace to the central Asian steppes. The anti-Soviet concordat between the Turkish right (and the Turkish intelligence agency MIT) and the neo-cons in America, Israel, and Italy would later serve as a basis for the political alliance between AIPAC and the American Turkish Council.

Ledeen operated a right-wing cell in Rome that included Francesco Pazienza, an Italian businessman linked to P-2, Italian SISMI military intelligence chief General Giuseppe Santovito, and the mafia; P-2 "Venerable Master" Licio Gelli; and Banco Ambrosiano chief Roberto Calvi (later murdered Masonic ritual-style in London on Blackfriar's Bridge). Ledeen provided a conduit between this group and Ronald Reagan's Secretary of State Alexander Haig.

In an attempt to embarrass President Carter during the 1980 presidential race, Santovito, Pazienza, and Ledeen conspired to entrap Bill Carter, the president's brother, into a business relationship with Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi. La Repubblica reported on the Italian investigation into the conspiracy:

"The scandalous material was gathered mostly by Pazienza and by his American friend Michael Ledeen . . . Pazienza availed himself of SISMI both for the use of some secret agents and for the expenses of organizing the scandalous plan. It seems that the organizers got a huge payoff for "Billygate." Moreover, Santovito and Pazienza got great advantage in return from American officials, in fact, may have been helped in other obscure affairs. The "Billygate" operation did not come from SISMI's institutionally mandated task, and for that reason Judge Sica brought charges of pursuing private interests through official activities." [Translated in Diana Johnstone, "The Ledeen Connection," In These Times, Sept. 8-14, 1982].

Rather than being charged and prosecuted for treason against the United States, Ledeen was rewarded with a consulting job for the State Department and Pentagon in the Reagan administration, a position from which he was free to continue his anti-American activities with fellow traitors from the Henry Jackson staff.

While the traitors in the Washington office of Jackson and Ledeen in Rome were conspiring against President Carter, George H. W. Bush, Carter National Security Council staffer Robert Gates, and William Casey criminally conspired with the Ayatollah Khomeini's government to keep 52 hostages held in Tehran captive in return for the shipment of weapons. A meeting between Casey, Gates, and Bush and Iranian agents was held on October 19, 1980 in what became known as the "October Surprise." The deal was worked out using As WMR has previously reported, the CIA arranged a pre-election weapons shipment, unknown to President Carter, to Iran on the SS Poet from Chester, PA to Iran. The Poet was later disposed of along with its American crew by U.S. intelligence or those in its service. And what magazine later debunked the "October Surprise" story of a Bush-Casey treasonous deal with Iran? None other than Ledeen's old employer, The New Republic.

1970s traitors to their country : Michael Ledeen as a P-2 fascist MOSSAD agent in Rome, Richard Perle, MOSSAD. George H. W. Bush... Creep in Chief

May 28, 2007 -- Memorial Day. We, the American people, no longer have control over our elected officials. Republicans and Democrats have voted for war. We should give them no peace....

There seems to be a common factor between these events, however, one can say that there are three substantial crises in which the world has been severely embroiled since the beginning of the new millennium. The current year that is about to end has been a milestone in the dynamics that can be summarized in: the crisis of the global financial system, the crisis of the international security system and the crisis of universal democratic expansion.
The first crisis, which is symbolized by the collapse of the monetary unit of the global capitalist economy, namely the dollar, in reality, exceeds being an important indicator and reflects a deep structural deadlock that has plagued the capitalist system from within. A set of successive studies had elaborated upon the magnitude of the threat that endangers the world economy. These studies include distinguished French economist Patrick Artus’ book ‘Le capitalisme est en train de s'autodétruire’ [Capitalism will Destruct Itself] and ‘Les Incendiaires’ as well as works by American economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz.

I believe that the world today is on the brink of a crisis that would be worse than the crisis of 1929. Some of the indicators of this include: the rise of American debt to a rate of 230% of the Gross National Product, the financial collapse caused by the separation of financial liquidity from economic activity (the first signs of which appeared in the terrible experiences of Latin America in the eighties and in Asia in the nineties) as well as the simultaneous rise in the prices of oil and food that leads banks to raise interest rates, in addition to serious social ramifications.
I believe that the three mechanisms that allowed capitalism to contain its internal crises over the past sixty years are no longer effective. These three mechanisms include the social security system, the policy of monetary intervention that was developed by [John Maynard] Keynes to absorb external shocks and the policy of intensifying consumption by raising the wages of workers that was developed by the American Industrialist Ford.
As for the security crisis, it seems evident on three distinct levels, which are:
- The strategic impasse that was generated by the failure of traditional mechanisms to administer the international system and the inability to replace these mechanisms with effective ones so as to control new international relations that are no longer determined by the logic of the balance of power and the dualism of ally versus enemy.
- The failure of the strategy used in combating terrorism, which formed the theoretical and normative framework of the American vision that was aimed at combating the so-called balanced conflicts, in other words the structural link between religious extremism, rogue regimes and weapons of mass destruction.
- The international failure to contain internal conflicts that now form the most dangerous security challenge in most parts of the world. These conflicts have an obvious disastrous impact upon the nature of national entities and the relationship within nationalities, cultures and sects in a way that allows for discussion on the growing threat of “universal civil conflict”.
As for the crisis of democratic expansion, this is evident through the failure of various attempts of transformation and political openness that once appeared to be promising in the post-Cold War era, which was widely considered the era of democracy’s triumph and the defeat of tyranny and totalitarian regimes.
What we are clearly witnessing today is the emergence of new models of governance that use the mechanisms of free elections and open media to tighten the unilateral grip on power by focusing upon the wealth brought in from revenues from raw materials and oil, as is the case in Putin’s regime in Russia and Chavez’s regime in Venezuela. These regimes may also depend upon security-financial networks that establish new forms of oligarchic regimes which in turn are not impeded by the democracy’s formal mechanism of transformation of power, as is the case with a number of regimes in Eastern Europe and Africa. Such transformation poses fundamental questions over the efficacy of the procedural dimension of democracy in ensuring public freedoms outside the context of liberal environments. This in turn could result in the emergence of patterns of “soft” dictatorships as expressed by great French philosopher Jacques Derrida who asserted upon the automatic tendency of democracy to deconstruct.


Frenzy in France Over "Iranian Threat"

By Diana Johnstone


For a long time, there has been an unwritten law that only Jews (at risk of being called "self-hating") may criticize Zionism. But things have gone too far. This aggressive paranoia of Israel is not just a "Jewish question", it is dragging the whole world into disaster.

02/07/06 "Counterpunch" --- - Four years ago, French President Jacques Chirac saw the Iraq disaster looming and openly warned against it. It was by far the best thing he ever did in his political life, and he is not to be allowed to do it again.

Today another, potentially even greater disaster is looming as Israel and the United States ostentatiously prepare to bomb Iran on the pretext of preventing "a second holocaust". But this time around there is a curious absence of the public opposition and mass protest demonstrations that preceded the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

It is as though the enormity of events and the comforts of daily life have caused the Western world to give up thinking about grave matters and to take refuge in officially inspected and approved platitudes. Debate is replaced by an alarm system that sends up cries of scandal at any deviation from the accepted discourse.

In France, where people pay a lot of attention to words, the denunciation of verbal heresy even goes so far as enacting laws punishing politically incorrect speech.

But the more commonplace type of censorship was illustrated this week by an essentially trivial incident. During a presidential press briefing at the Elysée palace devoted to the Paris conference on climate change, a New York Times journalist changed the subject to ask the French President about the Iranian nuclear threat. Chirac began with the standard official "International Community" line, namely that Tehran's refusal to give up its uranium enrichment program was "very dangerous". But then, Chirac (thinking, he explained later, that he was speaking off the record) gave in to the temptation to speak honestly. For Iran to have a nuclear weapon was not really so dangerous, he said. To make his point, he asked rhetorically what good it would do Iran to have a nuclear bomb, or even two. "Where would it fire that bomb? At Israel? It wouldn't have traveled 200 meters through the atmosphere before Tehran would be razed."

The real danger was nuclear proliferation, he added.

Chirac even went so far as to suggest that Iran had a motive for its nuclear research, including its fear of being "challenged or threatened by the international community. And the international community, who is that? It's the United States."

The alarm bells went off. The "scandal" of Chirac's politically incorrect remarks was the top front page news story in both U.S. and French newspapers.

In themselves, Chirac's remarks hardly merited such a fuss. But the reaction was significant.

First of all, it showed that the French President, a lame duck in the midst of an election campaign to replace him, is too isolated to be able to oppose war against Iran as he opposed war against Iraq. The media are there to shoot him down before he gets off the ground, first of all the newspapers that continue to enjoy the label "leftist", "left-leaning" or "center-left" -- mainly Libération and Le Monde -- but which in reality have become the guardians of Atlanticist orthodoxy (devotion to a "European unity" closely tied to the United States). Chirac's own political party was snatched away from him by his ambitious enemy Nicolas Sarkozy, who has publicly criticized Chirac's departure from the American fold over the war against Iraq. Sarkozy's demonstrations of devotion to Washington and Tel Aviv have won him the enthusiastic support of the organized Jewish community, increasingly inspired by the U.S. pro-Israel lobby.

Deeply distrustful of Gaullism, the French Jewish community has traditionally been close to the Socialists. It was indeed a Socialist government whose secret cooperation with Israel's nuclear program was discovered, and terminated, by de Gaulle when he took office in 1958. But Ségolene Royal was not the Socialist Party candidate favored by major Jewish organizations (they preferred the very pro-Israel Dominique Strauss-Kahn) and will have a hard time competing with Sarkozy for their favors on the Middle East issue, even though she has declared that Iran has "no right" not only to a nuclear bomb, but even to civilian nuclear power plants.

The Socialists can find nothing better to do than to crow over Chirac's "blunder". The French left in general has never seen the point of supporting Chirac's action in keeping France out of the Iraq quagmire. From the viewpoint of the sectarian left (and the French left, in its countless splinters, is incurably sectarian), what matters is not to do the right thing but to do whatever one does for the right motives -- and a conservative politician like Chirac is by definition incapable of doing anything for the right motives.

Four years ago, there were huge demonstrations against the impending war against Iraq. Today, as Israel and the United States gear up to attack Iran, nothing.

Four years ago, the German Chancellor was Social Democrat Gerhard Schroeder who did the right thing, for whatever motives, so that the core of "old Europe" (Germany, France and Belgium) was able to take a united stand against the U.S. war plans. Today, the German Chancellor is Angela Merkel, who is as devoted to Washington as she was to Moscow when she began her political career in East Germany before the wall came down.

No debate on Iran

Not only is there no audible or visible movement of opposition to war against Iran, there is no real debate or discussion that does not rest on the officially approved assumption that Iran's nuclear program is a "threat". If there were such a discussion, it could include reference to the following elements:

1. Possible Iranian motives for nuclear development other than unleashing a holocaust. These would be similar to those of the late Shah of Iran, an ally of Israel, who was eager to develop nuclear power. Iran might well wish to use its oil revenues to prepare for power needs once the oil boom is over. This is all the more plausible amid recent reports of declining output in the Iranian oil industry. And today, faced with global warming, nuclear power, like it or not, can be defended as ecological.

2. The role of nuclear deterrence. Chirac's remarks were merely a reminder of France's own nuclear defense doctrine: deterrence. The old Cold War doctrine of "mutually assured destruction" (MAD) was never a popular favorite, but it nevertheless worked. Since Israel possesses a considerable nuclear arsenal, if Iran had nuclear weapons too, Israel would lose its advantage, but the result would reasonably be merely another case of mutual deterrence. That is what Chirac was driving at. But this cannot be discussed.

3. The significance of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's "threats to Israel". This has two sides, the actual meaning of Ahmadinejad's words, and the way they are exploited by Israel and its champions.

(1) The first part has been thoroughly analyzed by the Iranian artist Arash Norouzi, a political opponent of Ahmadinejad, on his web site The Mossadegh Project. The statement and its word for word English translation are as follows:

"Imam (Khomeiny) ghoft (said) een (this) rezhim-e (regime) ishghalgar-e (occupying) qods (Jerusalem) bayad (must) az safheh-ye ruzgar (from page of time) mahv shavad (vanish from)."

So, Ahmadinejad was quoting a statement made by his mentor Imam Khomeiny, who died in 1989 without ever lifting a finger to destroy Israel. It should be obvious that the statement is an opinion, not a threat, and addresses not the people who live in Israel but the Zionist "regime" which occupies Jerusalem. Coming from a Muslim religious leader, this opinion is doubtless based on objection to Jewish monopoly of a city considered holy by all three of the Abramic monotheisms.

Ahmadinejad seems to enjoy verbal provocation, but words, however offensive, are only words. The fact is that Iran has not attacked another country in over 250 years and shows no interest in doing so. As for the United States and Israel...

(2) Now to the second part: the receiving end of these "threats". Ahmadinejad is portrayed as the latest "Hitler" determined to wipe poor little Israel off the map in order to kill all the Jews and then, who knows, conquer the world. A little bit more uranium enrichment, and we'll all be dead.

It is difficult to believe that anyone takes this seriously, but just about everyone in public life in the West feels obliged to act as if this were real.


A cynical answer could be that U.S. and Israeli leaders are looking for another pretext to start another war aimed at renovating the Middle East in ways that ensure eternal control of petroleum resources as well as the regional supremacy of Israel as the only country in the neighborhood still left intact.

A dangerous persecution complex

This may be a factor, but there is another factor, less material and more psychological, that increasingly invades political life in Europe and the United States: a certain spreading pathology of persecution in what is called "the Jewish community", meaning a part of the Jewish population, and in particular the organizations that claim to represent it. The Jewish population of France, which has played an important role in the country's intellectual, economic and political life for centuries, has been shifting politically from the left to the right, mainly because of its attachment to Israel. Given the community's vitality and influence, this has an impact on the political life of the country as a wholeThis mutation is noticeable at all levels of society. It is a cause for concern among many who do not dare to mention it, for fear of being stigmatized as anti-Semitic. But is it "anti-Semitism" to try to tell Jewish people that they are not hated, that they are appreciated and even loved, and that the notion that non-Jews are just waiting for the next opportunity to exterminate them is both unjust to others and harmful to themselves?

The hysteria over Iran, which may lead to a disastrous war that will be lost by everyone, reminiscent of the First World War of 1914-1918, is visibly fed by the dominance within the Jewish community, and indeed beyond it in the West as a whole, of the "duty of memory", meaning, to be precise, a constant, repetitive recollection of the holocaust as the defining moment of the twentieth century, and perhaps even of human history.

It is enough to attend a meeting of moderate, middle class Parisian Jews to perceive this transformation. The same sort of educated, well-to-do people who not so long ago were at the forefront of universal social concern, are now centering their political preferences on the question: what is best for Israel? The terrible irony is that the more brutal Israel's policies become, provoking growing hostility to Israel, the more these good people feel not only that they must defend Israel tooth and nail, but that every criticism of Israel is a threat against themselves.

This is dividing French society itself. The vast majority of the non-immigrant French population, especially on the left, feel close to Jewish friends, admire the many outstanding Jewish people in all fields, consider Jewish people so much a part of France that they usually neither know nor care who is Jewish and who is not -- and if ever they retain an atavistic trace of ancestral anti-Semitism, this is extinguished by reminders of guilt for the holocaust.

Reminders of guilt abound. As a recent example, although the majority of French Jewish children were saved from Nazi deportation, plaques are being placed on schools as a reminder of the number of Jewish children who were deported. In these same schools, the commemorations of the annual holocaust day become increasingly elaborate.

What is the effect on the children? This sets Jewish children apart in a way that is likely to give them a sense of insecurity and distrust. As for the children of immigrants from African and Arab countries, this stimulates an unhealthy competition in victimism. The reflection is almost inevitable: so Jews suffered over sixty years ago, but today, Arabs are suffering in Palestine and in Iraq, and who cares? Why are some people eternal victims while others don't count?

As the official Jewish community has moved to the right, the right has moved toward the community. On the far right, the "vieille France" candidate Philippe de Villiers attempts to outdo Jean-Marie Le Pen by denouncing "the Islamization of France" and ardently courting the Jewish community, whose right wing also benefits from the flattering attentions of Le Pen's daughter and possible successor Marine. Such positioning stimulates anti-Jewish resentment among immigrant youth in the disinherited banlieues. One form of paranoia leads to another.

What is the danger?

To get back to the supposed threat to Israel from Iran, a most interesting comment from Israeli Deputy Defense minister Ephraim Sneh was cited by Seymour Hersh in his November 21, 2006 piece in The New Yorker on the possibility of a U.S. attack on Iran. Expressing skepticism about the possibility of influencing Iran by diplomatic means, Sneh said:

"The danger isn't as much Ahmadinejad's deciding to launch an attack but Israel's living under a dark cloud of fear from a leader committed to its destruction... Most Israelis would prefer not to live here; most Jews would prefer not to come here with families, and Israelis who live can live abroad will... I am afraid Ahmadinejad will be able to kill the Zionist dream without pushing a button."

This is truly an amazing statement that deserves careful attention. The Israeli official is suggesting that a war should be launched against a country, not because of what it may do, but because the fear of what it may do risks "killing the Zionist dream". This suggests that the fear of another holocaust, which has been the main argument for Zionism for half a century, is turning around to destroy Zionism itself.

But are we to plunge the world into war to "save the Zionist dream"? Isn't there some other way for Jews to live in the world without fear of genocide? Indeed, hasn't Zionist Israel become the greatest threat to Jews, by attaching them to the fate of a brutal state which is arousing the growing indignation of the world by its treatment of the Palestinians?

For a long time, there has been an unwritten law that only Jews (at risk of being called "self-hating") may criticize Zionism. But things have gone too far. This aggressive paranoia of Israel is not just a "Jewish question", it is dragging the whole world into disaster. Those of us who are not Jewish also have to speak up and say to our Jewish friends:

"We don't want to kill you, but we don't want to die for your Jewish State either. We are all human beings, and we refuse to plunge the world into war to preserve distinctions of identity that may mean a lot to you, but don't mean much of anything to us."

Diana Johnstone lives in Paris. She can be reached at dianajohnstone@compuserve.com

Link to this page: http://www.ichblog.eu/content/view/424/2/

Examples of grieving Brave American Soldiers, Defying BUSH's Orders.

Maronite Patriarch Elias Hoyek, a man of Honor, Integrity, dedication and courage.

False Flag Operations, and Assassinations EXPERT.



Truthout - Feb 12, 2007

Watada Follows Military Rules on Dissent

Mistrial declared as Army's case flounders

By Colonel (Retired) Ann Wright

Courage is not only shown on the battlefield by military personnel.
It takes guts and courage for a soldier to refuse to deploy to Iraq with
one's unit because he believes the war is illegal. Very few in our
country resign from their careers, much less risk imprisonment, on a
point of principle and conscience.

First Lt. Ehren Watada is the latest in a series of war resisters.
He went in front of a military court-martial for his belief that the war
in Iraq is a war of aggression based on untruths told to the American
public and Congress. As a war of aggression, Watada has characterized
the war as a crime against peace, and hence, according to international
law, a war crime. Going to Iraq would make him complicit in a war crime.
Two other US Army soldiers will be court-martialed within the next month
for their opposition to the Iraq War, making seventeen who have faced
jail rather than compromise their conscience.

I attended Lieutenant Watada's general court-martial February 5, 6
and 7, 2007, at Fort Lewis, Washington. The military law judge, Lt. Col.
John Head, declared a mistrial on the third day of the trial before the
defense had presented its case. While Watada stipulated the fact that he
missed his unit's deployment to Iraq, he pled not guilty to the charge,
as he maintained he did not have criminal intent in refusing to deploy,
but instead his refusal was to prevent his complicity in a war crime. As
to the stipulation of fact that he had spoken in a public forum in June
and August, he would argue that his statements about the illegality of
the war were based on facts provided by international law experts,
Congressional testimony and comments by retired general officers.

The defense was to consist of only two witnesses, one of whom was to
be Watada himself. Eight witnesses, including leading international war
experts and analysts, had been struck from the defense witness list by
the judge in a January 2007 pre-trial hearing. The judge ruled that
evidence concerning the legality of the war on Iraq was off-limits
during the trial. As one can imagine, the courtroom dance of not
mentioning the "ultimate question," of whether a soldier can question
the legality of a war, proved to be an incredible obstacle to justice in
the case of a military officer facing prison time for his beliefs.

The US Army prosecution called only three witnesses to meet its
burden of providing evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Lieutenant
Watada had failed to deploy to Iraq and had committed conduct
"unbecoming an officer" for public statements about the war on Iraq he
made in June and August 2006.

Ironically, in my opinion, the testimony of the prosecution
witnesses underscored Lieutenant Watada's professionalism, dedication to
duty and respect for the chain of command as he attempted to resolve his
ethical and moral concerns about the war. In effect, prosecution
witnesses undercut the prosecution's own case against Watada before the
jury panel of seven US Army officers.

Prosecution witness Richard Swain, a retired US Army colonel and
currently professor of "Officership" at the US Military Academy, West
Point, said that an officer is under no obligation to obey unlawful
orders. An officer is charged with the responsibility of making a
determination whether an order is lawful or unlawful. According to
Swain, when an officer believes that an order conflicts with his
responsibility as an officer, he must do what his conscience tells him.
But, the officer must be willing to be held accountable if he is wrong
in his analysis of the order. Swain said that the military teaches
officers to be "creative and critical thinkers." He also said that an
officer takes an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States,
not a particular person or policy.

Swain said in one's career, an officer may come to different
conclusions than his/her commander on an issue. Swain said that military
tradition requires that the officer attempt first to work out the
difference with his commander. Swain added that an officer may get
advice from his peers, officers he respects, mentors and military
lawyers on the issue under debate. He may also go to the next higher
commander for resolution of the differences or to the Inspector General.
If none of those attempts to resolve the differences are successful,
Swain said, the officer may "appeal for redress" or submit his
resignation. If an officer offers to resign on principle on a particular
issue and the resignation is not accepted, then, Swain noted, the oath

It appears to me that Lieutenant Watada explicitly followed the
principles of "officership" as described by Colonel Swain, the
prosecution expert witness.

In the autumn of 2005, upon learning of his unit's scheduled
deployment to Iraq in June 2006, Watada, on the advice of his commander,
began reading about Iraq and the war. As more and more information
emerged in late 2005 on the history of the Bush administration's
decision to wage war on Iraq, Watada became convinced that the war was
illegal. He talked with his battalion and brigade commanders about his
concerns in January 2006 and sent them a formal letter of his views on
January 25, 2006, six months before the unit's scheduled deployment to
Iraq. His commanders advised him, that despite his concern on the
illegality of the war, the unit's deployment orders were lawful. Watada
respectfully disagreed with his superiors' assessment and twice
submitted requests for resignation. Because of the strength of his
concerns about the war, his commanders reassigned him from his platoon
in anticipation that he really would refuse to deploy with the unit.
After his second request to resign was denied by his commanders and his
request to be assigned to a unit in Afghanistan was denied, he decided
he must make his concerns public.

His commanders told him they would rather he not make public
statements, but if he did, he could not make statements in uniform or
on-base, and that he must be respectful of the chain of command.
Additionally, they told him he must talk with the public affairs officer
at Fort Lewis. After the conversation with his commanders, Watada went
directly to that office for further guidance.

In his testimony for the prosecution, Watada's battalion commander,
Lieutenant Colonel Antonia, said that "a soldier has an obligation to
determine if an order is unlawful, a criminally illegal order." He added
that "the chain of command looks at an order and makes a decision on
whether it is legal or not. If the chain of command says the order is
legal, then the officer must obey." Antonia said when Watada went
public, he, Antonia, was "angry and felt betrayed by Watada's opinions
and his statement that he would rather go to jail than serve in an
illegal war." Antonia questioned how a lieutenant in the Army would know
whether the president made a decision to go to war based on lies. When
defense attorney Eric Seitz asked Antonia if Watada was citing the same
evidence about the war that was being publicly discussed by retired
generals, congressmen and women, the judge told Seitz to "move on," that
he was bringing up an issue too close to the "ultimate question."

Despite his concerns about the war from July 2005 to June 2006, his
battalion and brigade commanders said he performed his duties in a
professional manner, including participating in his unit's
pre-deployment training at the National Training Center (NTC) in March
2006. He had followed the instructions and advice provided by his
command. He was speaking publicly, but under the guidance of the Fort
Lewis public affairs officer.

After returning from training at NTC, the Army recognized that
Watada was serious and sincere in his decision not to go to Iraq. His
unit commander had him reassigned from a platoon leader position to a
staff job so that Watada's platoon would have time to bond with its new

Watada's battalion and deputy brigade commander said that Watada's
actions did not negatively affect the unit, although there was much
discussion in the unit about Watada's decision not to deploy and his
public statements. No other soldier in the unit followed Watada's
example to decide not to deploy with the unit to Iraq. No other soldier
went public with concerns about the war. As happens in every war, for
most soldiers, bonds among friends going to war overcome whatever
political discussions and debates rage about the war itself. Only
seventeen military personnel will have been court-martialed for refusing
to deploy to Iraq. Hundreds have been administratively discharged, and
over 300 soldiers are in Canada in protest of the war in Iraq.

The Army's case against Lieutenant Watada is a mess. The testimony
of the prosecution's own witnesses made a strong case for Lieutenant
Watada's professionalism and respect for military customs, courtesy and
traditions when one dissents from a policy.

As an old soldier with nearly three decades of service, I suggest
that the "good order and discipline" of the Army has not been negatively
affected by Lieutenant Watada's actions. Until his unit deployed to Iraq
on June 22, Watada had not disobeyed an order from his command. He did
not go AWOL. After he was charged, he worked professionally and
diligently everyday while awaiting his court-martial.

I urge the Army to let the lieutenant, who has acted in good faith,
with courtesy and respect for the military and responsibility for his
oath to the military and to the country, resign.

[US Army Reserves (Retired) Colonel Ann Wright served 13 years on
active duty and 16 years in the reserves. She was a US diplomat who
served in Nicaragua, Grenada, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan,
Micronesia, Sierra Leone and Mongolia. She helped reopen the US Embassy
in Kabul, Afghanistan in December, 2001. She resigned from the US
diplomatic corps in March, 2003 in opposition to the Bush
administration's war on Iraq. Her letter of resignation can be read at
www.govexec.com/dailyfed/0303/032103wright.htm ]

An Oath Every Soldier Swears To God With.
{ Beware of crude language } copied as is .

/ / she told The Nation. "If I contribute to the Army's
prosecution of Lieutenant Watada on speech-related charges, I
will have colluded in suppression of speech. What could be
more hostile to the ideas of a free press than that?" \ \

Again a Patriot Soldier whose only crime is that he refuses to
commit a crime in Your name. Do something about it. You
defend this Patriot American Citizen as if Your America
depends upon it. The "Judge" who publicly forbids to hear
Watada's freedom defense, an Oath every Soldier swears to God
with, is a "Judge" who needs to be privately arrested for
treason against YOURSELF. Support my call to demand our
voices heard for Just causes, or go die silently to the grave
prisonized in a military dictatorship your 'neighbor' will say
quietly of, (under his bushite breath,) good riddance to
caring where my pusher's overdue payment goes to??. who the
kcuf are you?? ... Eiiiaaahh!

I am the real thing,

President and CEO of Shareware Earth Co.,
King Johnny Wizard


- On yet another, praise be with US, Alex Jones News Podcast -

Bob Watada: "He did his own research, and he found that there
was not only deception, but clearly lying by the commander.
Now if YOUR boss lied to you, and put YOU out on the line, so
that you can get KILLED, what would you do? You know, your
certainly not going to walk out there... and this is what
[Patriot] Aaron is saying, hey look Our Commander lied, and
he's lying to the People. and We, the Soldiers, can not go
out there and put OUR lives at risk for the oil-barons."

..by enforcing the irrationalities of 'who needs evidence'
tyranny against the innocent as America Dreams. [I shouldn't
have to tell you anyway, but, freedoms are crying due to The
People's in-action to defend US innocent. And we wonder why
repuglicons put themselves greater than our, no greater
Taliban.. Corporate News Americans who are, in silence, not
taking sides regarding American Women, [MY BABES], acquiescing
to accept these mercury vaccines without filling questions.
Without QUESTIONS! Your Loves, my Loves, God's Loves.
Support my calls to be heard yourself. If your a Male, and
confusedly dumbfounded as I am on the mystery, just think of
yourself perhaps as a, free as a bird lesbian with rights to
be respected too - through the foolish spots with lost
yourself cycles on who truly Masters our Universe slaveboy,
[i know women can be intimidating. (especially.. the Black
Widow and old re-runs of the Shirley Temple.)] and get US
personally in the what is again, Our still hanging on
international News already! We all can agree, we love women.
Let's go Coast to Coast man! On CNN! CBC!! FOXNEWS!!!

The Fight for Survival slog match between, Johnny 'just tying
his shoes' America, and Warmonger Liar, Sean Hannity -
televised World-Wide!!! With Cheerleaders, beer, pizza, and
beer! YEAH WAY!!!

Who's with Me?

(chirp chirp)

It has been reported that some special ops out of Britain are
paying for terrorist attacks to happen in Iraq to insure more
Americans give their lives in praise - as criminally
sacrificed - to the demon antichrist, Our Mr. bush Jr.. All
unjustly suffering because corporate news america cowardly
refuse to defend freedom, by defending the truly innocent.
Nor, will Coast to Coast allow me to speak on "American"
radio. Let's change that. Will you make it so Commander?

Cause I'm ready.


A Public Letter to the "American" Coast to Coast Radio Network:

1. We, as the People, demand you allow US, the human species
to openly discuss the public evidence on who funded the
terrorist acts of 911 according to the FBI. And full
disclosure on the science of building Seven.

2. That the Iraq war never had, nor ever will have a
justification, concluding Naturally, that all stolen Iraqi
money must be returned by the will of GOD to the victims; with
those responsible for stealing it, made to pay US back, with
the true American Patriots to be found, backing US up 100
percent. The bush administration has teamed our kids to
mercenary forces who have no loyalty to freedom but to freely
die another Marine for more dying stolen values. While
successful at it corporate America, just lies and lies and
lies without shame, nor apology for the death of your poor
cowardly kin.

3. Also, that mercury tainted vaccines are deadly stupid.
Mercury is scientifically understood, without question, (no
doubt) to be a neural-toxin, and, Influenza is a constantly
mutating virus. So, pre-determining which 'deadly' strain is
going next, is only because the WHO wants to continue killing
US for huge cash profit. With cult slaves, like those who
forced Jones Towners to drink at gun point, are the same as
those who now demand we give our girls of America from Texas
such. It seems the magic TV news people don't want to trouble
us on this matter of our actual survival.

You must wake up to life's demand for you to defend our dying
lives my friend. Please? Make the call, be a man to defend
our women. Be a man to protect our children.

(all aside; just because a virus is found present in a form of
cancer inflicting our loved women, does not make that virus
the cause without question. Life is multi-dimensional. (Not
Art Bell "multi-dimensional", but actual.) Otherworld: Johnny
Wizard wants the time to see the 'science' of such claims
before God's girls are put in un-necessary jeopardy by the
deviant mind of the evil neoconistic Zionist betrayers to
Human Life.

Support our call to be heard my brother.


That's all.

Johnny Wizard


Iran prepares first nuke strike

See?, demons exist!


/ / State Department spokesman on 24 January, "that Iranian
agents are involved in these networks and that they are
working with individuals and groups in Iraq and are being sent
there by the Iranian government." \ \

We all know Iran has been trying to help Iraqis openly, so
then, what does such willful contempt for your life grant this
'spokesman'? Or, how about when Bush stated Iranians in Iraq
deserved to be murdered? (Later, the demon re-worded
himself in attempt to conceal HIS true evil identity.)

Remember the Bathists actually warred to kill and won against
al-CIA-duh forces that were caught hiding in Kurdish
territory. Killed "bin Laden"/bushite forces! Now, bushite
tell US Sunni is in kahoots with Laden. (In otherwords, Kill
a cowardly enemy of Life bushite for America to defend Iraqis
as a godly act.) Death to the bushite, death to our enemies.

/ / Tariq Aziz, the Christian Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister
said in mid September that Baghdad had provided assistance to
America's Kurdish allies, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
(PUK), when forces supported by al Qaeda attacked them. He
said, ``We gave [Jalal] Talibani [leader of the PUK] weapons
and ammunition, we helped as much as we could. We are not
allowed of course to go into what is called the
semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan physically, but the help
we gave helped Talibani in his fight for it.'' In fact, added
Aziz, ``Talibani was among the opposition leaders who went to
Washington and spoke to Dick Cheney [US Vice-President] and
Rumsfeld. He told them what had happened, so they [US
government officials] must know.'' [Independent 9/23/02] \ \


/ / The truly most as the living god King of all as Creator,
your servant and trying to be friend, a wizard and Thor,
the Secret Flower and Odin, Allah, Omega, Adam, Alpha,
Krishna, Shiva, Mithra, Mahdi, Anu and Yahweh. And even
a blade of grass, a snake and a elephant, a lion, rat,
monkey, giraffe, spider, shark, wolf, and bat, Lucifer
Morningstar, Jesus Christ, Oberon, an all mighty nobody
kinda even all ready. \ \


/ / Google bombs are one thing, delisting web sites for their
political content is quite another. For instance, take Google
delisting the Italian web site Uruknet as a news source, thus
removing it from the Google News page. According to Alexa,
the web-ranking organization, Uruknet is highly rated as an
Iraqi news source. "URUKNET is and has been the most
consistent, credible, and powerful web-based source of News
and Information on Iraq during the last 4 years. They have
incomparable lines of communication direct from inside Iraq
that fly in the face of the lies of the Global Corporate
Empire. \ \

Reject censorship of the news! Let Google know what you think!


Why Can't Americans See It?


/ / General Ivashov presented the neoconservative reasoning
that is the basis for the attack and concluded that the
world's protests cannot stop the US attack on Iran. \ \

Unless, snobby nazi corporate elites in America, get on their
princely phones, and start demanding Justice for the
nationally broadcasted LIAR Hannity, along with the rest
neocons responsible for the implementation of the 911
terrorist attack against Our interests. Bill those on
American radio who advocate the torturing and murder of the
innocent in God.


The Latest Hoax : The real origin of `Iranian' produced IED



Light and Shadow

We need to publicly devise some real-world strategies to defeat
the ungodly enemy, the bushite neocon zionist traitors to Life.



Death to our indiscriminately murderous thieving enemies of
God's Creation, who war Creation for bush's personal escape
for the crimes of 911 Christ would say right, wouldn't you say
so likewise my brothers and sisters, of the Muslim, Christian,
and Jewish religions in belief?



Great words from the lawyer of the thieving bushite child killers of

/ / "There were Harriers dropping 500lb bombs on buildings.
If they're dropping 500lb bombs without knocking on the door
first, how can you argue the troops on the ground did anything
wrong?" \ \

2000lbs of radio-active toxic waste that will murder for years
more like, while after, then striking again to get the god
helpers and screaming children, then even, as in Fallujah,
going house to house to murder every one, young and old as the
truly Satanic. Just obeying lawless orders to thieve from
Humanity as bushite for neocon zionist traitors of G-D doesn't
fly in the big book. When anyone kills a bushite, all
humanity benefits truly from the defense. You defend a real
suffering God by ending a soulless bushite threat against our

Bill Sattler.

Defend Universal Freedom by defending US innocent from the
ungodly murderous bushite torturers, rapists, and thieves to
God as Your Humanity. My hands are tied, all because
"Americans" refuse to take ANY action. 300 million people and
not one dare challenges corporate zionist nazi whores by making
a call to "talk" radio themselves. My friends, be Human
helpers to the struggle against the antichrist tyrannies
of INJUSTICE. God as ourselves, the innocent. Again, kill
a bushite, and all day long you'll have praise from the
Son of God. That is me with all the answers to questions
Americans don't even bother to ask of themselves.




/ / to think that these could have been just dumb ideas or
incompetence. (L. Paul Bremer, for instance, who made the
"dumb" decision about dismantling the Iraqi army, prior to
becoming Iraq's occupation viceroy, had headed the nation's
leading risk assessment consultancy, and surely knew what all
the risks were of his various decisions.) \ \

Bushite TRAITORS got rid of the ORHA plan.


Sir Ken, head of the Crown Prosecution Service

"The fight against terrorism on the streets of [..] is not a
war. It is the prevention of crime, the enforcement of our
laws and the winning of justice for those damaged by their

You got that right. So, join US in demanding the quick
trials, and public executions of known bushite enemies who
murdered Americans on 911 with general Ahmad, and who with
Peter Powers, murdered the innocent in Britain for more stolen
goods against God. And anyone in the air force as bushite
bombers should be a great joy for US all to hunt for
prosecuting too. The bushite dumfuk is an enemy to our lives,
with it's blantant naked contempt for the innocent, who like
the demon liar THEIVES at CJOB, George Norry, or Hannity, will
forbid ANY human defenses of the lawless dictate of the
IRRATIONAL tyrannical demon antichrist, all so to victimize
more of You as the censored forsaken.

REPENT. The TRUE Son of Man Johnny HATES godless 'lawless'
bushite enemies of Life.



Use this address in Firefox to get daily podcast of Alex Jones.
[won't work with explorer.]



Death to our indiscriminately murderous thieving enemies of
God's Creation, who war Creation for bush's personal escape
for the crimes of 911 Christ would say right, wouldn't you say
so likewise my brothers and sisters, of the Muslim, Christian,
and Jewish religions in belief?


Exit strategy to save the lives of dying Americans:

War bushite LIAR zionist repuglicons who did God wrong on 911

War bushite who LIE to American Sons and Daughters to not hunt
those who stole billions with ear-marks, Social Security,
no-bid contracts, Iraqi oil, ect.

War those who stole the Iraq Development Fund, and the
emergency monies left to save the lives of our dying children

War bushite who feed soldiers radio-active toxic waste as harmless

War bushite who support torturing the innocent to death

War bushite who sing about the joys of murdering Iraqi children

War bushite who beat to death barefoot Iraqi children

War bushite who beat lamed dogs for fun

War bushite who claim they are lawlessly un-accountable as liars.

War bushite in the air force who target bombing innocent People
like in Fallujah or Somalia with land mines and mini nukes

The godless as lawless bushite is the enemy to America, kill
it proudly for freedom, as an undying love for a real God and




/ / she told The Nation. "If I contribute to the Army's
prosecution of Lieutenant Watada on speech-related charges, I
will have colluded in suppression of speech. What could be
more hostile to the ideas of a free press than that?" \ \

Again, a Patriot Soldier whos only crime is that he refuses
to commit a crime in Your name. Do something about it.

George Norry and Art Bell are enemies of American chances for
survival of our dying teens. Their contempt for Justice in
America is blatantly EVIL, and worth killing before they do
another dumfuk, they hate US, zionist demon broadcast.
Traitors to God and Country George Norry and Art Bell are.
They'll laugh, sing, and cheer while KILLING your CENSORED
forsaken Son or Daughter, needlessly trapped sacrificing with
the ungodly 'lawless' bushite zionist enemies, all before
allowing any REAL Americans to SIMPLY discuss evidence as a
requirement to convince ourselves of something. Norry, that
demon fucker, has an endless supply of bush whore callers,
that'll tell him, he doesn't have to read the news, read his
email, or hear the screams of dying innocent murder victims.
Sure, once a year, maybe, we'll get the Patriot popular Alex
Jones, but he's too terrified of me as Puppet Master, or US,
or talking about the NO CAUSE Iraq war, that Iran doesn't have
an ability to create weapons grade uranium, or that General
Ahmad funded 911's Atta. Just the way TRAITOR George Norry
DEMANDS it. For, truly there is no defense for 'lawless'
bushite, but by an ungodly tyrannical censorship. Because YOU
fear me, or refuse to demand Justice truly, You'll DIE as
bushite victim, but Norry and Bell plan to live on 'escaping'
as multi-millionaires, broadcasting on to further destroying
freedom for others to 'cash in' with Your worthless forsaken
soul. Now, I'm the Son of Man who can only do so much. If
you won't speak for our dying freedoms, what do you expect me,
or an all powerful G to do even? No... Really? What? I
could ask all Universal species to assist US here on earth by
hunting to kill bushite everywhere, but chances of 'them'
getting here in time listening, seems rather unlikely. But

Death to the murderous bushite, death to our enemies, so says


Well, gee, Iran has no nuke program, in anyway, shape, or
form, but Israel wants to murder more of humanity for their
ungodly lies anyway. The enriched uranium Iran is making, can
not be used for a bomb because it's only enriched to 2
percent, and to get the bomb making stuff, you need a
COMPLETELY different technology. But science?, in bushite
america? Nazi America would rather be nazi chauvinist pigs,
before admitting the Son of Man exists, or to go to the
trouble of phoning someone who refuses to take our public
calls for Justice. What religion is this America?, where
Human life has little of no value? And Johnny's love means

How is a Zionist Jewish?, I, the King of the Jews Messiah ask
my fellow brothers and sisters everywhere.. How? A million
land mines in Lebanon a godly act is it? Jew only roads not
Apartide?, nor stealing a Christian's Home I suppose..? How?
Let me state the following "advise" to DAGAN "the gun":

"Going into negotiations with Syria when we have no intention of negotiating in good faith is damaging to Israel, because the weakness of our position will become obvious to all. Better to refuse to enter talks, because then nobody sees how naked our desire for keeping the Golan for ever and Shebaa farms really is, nor how duplicitous is our demand that Syria make peace when we are unwilling to make any concession in return...." So , we keep Syria stuck and busy with Murders and UN inspired so-called pressure with an International court, and a desire to recapture Lebanon, in order to keep them away from focusing on Israel and its deceit, deception and lies.... and we have great Lebanese/American allies helping us in the March 14th pawns.

The problem with Mossad and the CIA is that they don't consider what's the other options? if we change the Assad regime, the only alternative is the Sunni brotherhood, in other words a future Al-Qaeda or Syrian Hamas. In your struggle to fight Iran and Hizbullah, you are building the path to Sunni brotherhood rule in the ME, and you are ignoring the danger of already existing Pakistani nuclear bombs.
It's amazing when LF Veteran killers of Samir Geagea and Walid Joumblatt ,who live in opulence and stolen wealth, in Beirut, in Canada, Paris, London and the US starts to talk about international community, tribunals and murder!!

Compared to the rest of the dictators . Yes, Syria is as bad but it still retains some principles over who is truly a friend and ally and who is an enemy, unlike our US doormats in the Gulf region .... SYRIA IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN A US ALLY AND PARTNER SINCE THE 1960S.

The same shrill voices are calling out that Syria has done nothing
Starting with being a US ally in the First Gulf War, Syria has been more and more compliant with international decisions than ever before.
Syria withdrew all their soldiers and intelligence officers from Lebanon, but the shrill voices claim that was nothing.
Syria resolved their border disputes with Jordan, giving back land Assad's father had taken. Again the shrill voices think this is nothing.
Even the ultimate War Hawk Dick Cheney recently said that Syria was doing a good job at securing the border between Iraq and Syria. The shrill voices claim this is nothing.
And here is Assad openly calling for peace talks, something that he risks assassination just to say out loud, and the shrill voices say it is nothing and bad-talking his offers.
Meanwhile, Israel can't even manage to run a bus between Gaza and the West Bank despite promising Bush. Who is it that is doing nothing towards peace?

I never thought that I would hear SUCH CRAP again. You still seem to be wedded to the art of the dialectic. If the choice is between Assad and the Muslim Brotherhood, chances are Assad is the choice, provided you stop arming him with all manner of advanced weapons. I cannot forget that you almost sent in your troops against ??? during the various Wars of the 20th century. That was not very comradely of you. It is too late now to lament the Paki bomb. Your job now is to help prevent Iran from getting a similar bomb. You should also do something about your Neo-Israeli thugs. If your dialectic is correct, eventually they just might turn against you.

Although a catastrophe for Israel, the wanton destruction of Lebanon last summer was a gentle warning to Assad that his fragile state would be pulverized within hours if he dared to repeat the aggressive actions of his father - or even if he dared to retaliate against unprovoked aggression.

It really beggars belief that the leaders of the Israeli security state cannot see what is plainly obvious to the rest of the world, namely that the territory which the settlers have occupied illegally is the source of the conflict.

Solution: make them give it back!




/ / I happen to believe that we are reaching a moment when
critical mass is kicking in. \ \


Real Americans are those of US as humanity that believe
in liberty as Justice for all. Demon bushite nazi
whores, don't like those principles of freedom through
evidentiary findings though, for their false deity,
George W. bush Jr, wouldn't be stealing from the honest
hard working blokes who live for a better day that way.


'A military judge ruled last week that Watada cannot base his
defense on the war's legality.'

Telling US what?, that it is a crime to not commit a crime?
It isn't only high treason against America the ungodly bushite
are guilty of, but of a madness held by those truly Satanic..


/ / Four US oil companies, namely Conoco, Chevron, Amoco and
Philips have concessions in nearly two thirds of Somalia.
This quartet of oil conglomerates was granted these contracts
in the final days of Somalia's deposed dictator, Siad Barre.
The US first military engagement in Somalia was fully
supported by Conoco. \ \

In the new world, these soulless bomber bushite of the air
force, responsible for blatant first degree acts of murder
against the innocent, would be hunted down by Humans, tried,
then executed gloriously in the defense of our living justly.


/ / Al-Maliki has promised he will no longer block action
against the Mahdi Army militia \ \

So, is the block head saying American soldiers so far have
died for lawless tyranny? Kill a bushite, to protect the lives
of us as innocent victims in other words, right?


/ / And the Iraqi people owe us a debt of gratitude?

Bush continued, "I believe most Iraqis express that. I mean,
the people understand that we've endured great sacrifice to
help them. That's the problem here in America. They wonder
whether or not there is a gratitude level that's significant
enough in Iraq." \ \

Is Bush saying US dumb bastards don't give enough in
sacrifices to himself as the demon antichrist?



The Resurrection

What are you then, some kinda Jesus freak?

You are standing in defense for your own rights as you
see ourselves. For me, I got some real troubles
scrounging my next meal as nature's King and Lord of all
creation, but for you, this should be something of a
dream almost, eh?

Worshiping bush in a delusional cult like, TV trance
without any thought to care about our actual criminal
behavior, is not a good philosophy to practice as a
living world body, i do believe. For bush is an
irrational murderer of innocent good Americans as
soldiers alike, a psychopathic depiction to his true
evil self as US played intolerantly ignorant, while he
bares false witness against our eternal family of all
being humanity. Is not what you too perceive of our
world?, a reflection of your own conclusion? If we
believe we are of life when perceiving an injustice, are
we not moved to do something in favor of our remedy? To
challenge bush's contempt for ourselves as the Public,
is to demand nothing less than known facts to conclude
our guilty verdicts, as otherwise, bush would be
prosecuting US innocent as God is US included, thank
youself. And for what? All for our failure to
communicate concern about falling further as dying
bushite victims. It has been reported bush doesn't want
to be accountable to the American tax payer regarding
the pilfering of America's Social Security, like he
wasn't to follow the criminal leads of 9/11
perpetrators, and too, surprise suprise, the allocation
of public funds for his secret planned, not public
bidded for best price on every Iraqi Peoples contract,
(you know, the repaying for bush's needless war tolls
waged against your world as innocent victim), payed for
by the American tax payer getting further swindled with
the pretension, that robbing from humanity, does not
include themselves represented politically. Our Mr.
bush Jr. has decided not to do good for Iraq by opening
our floor to offers the world over, but instead has
decided to go with top secret banned bushmob embezzlers
to risk more American soldiers by lying to their
surviving siblings. Charading for US they are,
preparing to sacrifice more Americans without a thought
to Your cost. With strangely, no one at corporate
control assessing yet, "Hey! Wouldn't it be the Iraqi
people who would most benefit for being contracted in
the cost benefit analysis?", and, "Okay, so where didn't
American tax paid for lawless destruction of our Iraqi
public infrastructure occure?"

Why is CNN not defending Our Mr. bush regarding
torture? Is the bush demon threatening US by his
non-committal on Our issue as ancient Civilization
included? Arron Brown? Why can not CNN be also of our
artists, wise guys, best sellers, or elected officials?
When has CNN ever tackled Social Security on behalf of
the Democrats, or privatized corporate swindles by
Republicans who argue their ineptness is on the level?
What are Our priority issues to resolve, if we have the
stage for speaking as the global community? Justice for
all, would be in whose favor?, when understood by anyone
as unbiased? We are of the order to the cosmos, and, as
so, a good way can have an even better way when we plan
for results. Justice is freedom, and needs not murder
to resolve conflicts peacefully as dialoging persons.
Iraq People can testify to their humanity, but CNN isn't
listening for questions, or asking for solutions for
fear they may be wrong about everything we are together
as imbeciles under bush as unjust dictator. All is
right. Still, we must quickly teach that Justice is
ours, and injustice practiced, is an injustice earned
politically. Wether bush knows it or not. An injustice
against any, truly, is also, an injustice against
yourself as God is good. God can not save our world you
perceive without seeing God as a victim to our ignorance
under bushite losers. A tyranny through censorship of
criminal misconduct. Example: Walter Issacson advised
CNN story writers to not report on Afghanistan death
squads, under a pretext that followed, don't forget all
who died in the towers. Forget what? That their lives
were halted by acts of murder? What is murder advocate
Issacson, getting at about himself as unqualified to
decide our important to everyone matters?
In the whole big show Johnny, is there, inside everyone,
a potential cause for caring about our world as actually
worth something, I mean, to ourselves personally? Yes,
a potential, however, we're suffering for our contempt
of seeking for know how through rewarding info. We are
all descendent to be Universal in our own makings if we
work for success together at our national levels,
instead of as bush failures, by conforming criminality
against our living names politically, as the pirated
without equal representation, left to be victimized as
dumdum bushite whores, falling to a tyranny of blatant,
naked injustice falsely guised in the corruption of the
bush administration as your intention for personal

What is as known, is where we can only hang our beliefs
of what have we. The FBI tell US that bush's business
partner, the unarrested General Ahmad financed 9/11's
Atta. Seven of the alleged nineteen 9/11 highjackers
were found to be alive, as some, American trained Saudi
national pilots with no evidentiary terrorist
connections made to back up the therefor fraudulent
allegations. Why would a would be terrorist steal such
identification to not be discovered being so? (Or, how
then were the names found in waiting as researched
material?(Remember: evil is dumb.)) Why would Atta pack
his final draft suicide letter for the important
flight?, of which as bushmob mastermind, would have been
aware of what was outlaid in his own words? Why would,
would be terrorists, publicly bicker in a restricted
lot, parking spot they snuck into at the airport that
was running rampant with bush stooges?, right before a,
why they were there, secretly planned criminal mission?,
as devote Muslims?, holy warriors of the studious, God
what were you thinking about Quran?

Mr. bush Jr. must be immediately impeached, arrested,
or executed for treason against Ourselves as a
degenerating anti-American mass murdering, terrorist
plotter. While the UN is the closest thing we have to
world representation, and should help devise an Iraqi
Iraqi government of "The People", for Iraq. Uncertainty
has it's advantages, but we, as "The People", have to
start somewhere on our journey to wherever, and learning
of our true strengths this way, seems like the higher
ground to begin communicating from. Communicating on
the Nature of wisdom as ultimate foreseen prevailer, is
this dream of being one with creation and giving to the
cause by helping out yourself to be a blessing included.
(Not much for a paycheck though I'm afraid.). Anyway,
take to mentioning this public work where ever you may
choose, for I think someone should be running for new
office maybe if the chance presents Ourselves. Have
faith that as the Universe revolves around all things to
be known of, so too, is Life's true magnificence an
honor to honor for. Wow! You are a living God!
Thank you,

Johnny Wizard




New Recruit

Destroying enemy bushite is a gift to Humanity, it is
saying you care for the lives of the innocent a bush
bitch nazi grunt freely confesses to targeting for
murder. Liars are the bushite, who steal Iraqi
resources, allow racists and rapists to commit their
demon crimes in America's name un-challenged, and who
absent mindedly bomb the innocent without just reason
given. All the while, labeling themselves, "pro-Iraqi".
The mindlessly evil attack against the Turks recently
with an ordered bombing campaign that actually murdered
people, sighted yet another, example of the bushite's
idiotic ungodly satanic barbarity against us the Humans
as INNOCENT. After the carnage, the war criminalizing
America into bushite commanders were advised, it would
be better to pick other completely innocent families to
indiscriminately murder while lying, for the demon
bushite provisions come through that big ol' Turkey, and
if the Middle Easterners eventually learned together of
their fellow Turks who were murdered by ungodly enemy
nazi forces for admittingly doing nothing worth noting,
with the middle east's indirect help with essential
supplies coming from somewhere in that surrounding
billion man vicinity, you know, I know, we all know,
"Americans" as NAZI war criminal enemy bushite, would
massively die as the immediately recognizable to most
everyone, and rightly too as leaderless cowardly, dumb,
and real sadistic evil, dying at the hands of all US
Family men. Being as bushite, the enemies to everyone,
including themselves we've witnessed them already dying
as nazi dumfuks who eat plutonium. Or, IED? They mean
"sexy" rummy cluster dud land mine more like! (Just
where is the Middle of East anyway?) History HAS learned
these lessons already, while the corporatist bushite
plays US just dumb enough through malicious censorship
for plunder by parasitic bushite suicide, for a bushite
has no soul worth defending. See?, the committed nazi
automaton bushite enemy of America soldier has no mind
to know freedom for the individual. Therefor my friend,
kill the evil nazi George W. bush Jr. not just for me
as Johnny, but for US all man who refuse to be subjected
further as only counted by the corporate dictums to
pronounce "pro-American": as those that go silently
rooted backing "un-accountable" rapists and torturers of
the innocent, the innocent, that the bushite OPENLY rob
from with American's hard earned tax dollars funding.
Funding through leadership directed towards their very
own self destruction. See bushite, kill bushite, at
least until we are granted living access to OUR
corporate dead end news media to speak FREELY for
ourselves without bushite lies tying US down for
furthering that demon's hellish ungodly tyranny as an
enemy to all our Humanity and Royal King Johnny.

Real Americans are those of US as humanity that believe
in liberty as Justice for all. Demon bushite nazi
whores, don't like those principles of freedom through
evidentiary findings though, for their false deity,
George W. bush Jr, wouldn't be stealing from the honest
hard working blokes who live for a better day that way.

The Iraqi children did nothing to deserve such awful
suffering and fright and death at the hands of the enemy
bushite. The bushite: who the demon anti-Christ
states, are un-accountable to any rules of law in this
Universe, like with his extremely foolish criminal
decree, 13303. I kill mindless parasite bushite nazi
enemy soldiers just for that alone as eternal defender,
and I do it for to win some mercy for a real living God,
who the fascist enemy bushite hold in their ungodly
contempt as LIARS.

I have the backing of every real man alive on this
planet, and we all know it. No voices of reason have
apposed my factual claims in FREE Usenet, and Art Bell
makes no attempt to defend himself as internationally
painted enemy traitor, and that says a whole lot to Talk
America. Why? Because Mr. Bell, the bushite
propagandist, knows too, I speak and act truthfully,
honorably, and righteously, while the talk radio
american bushite lies, cheats and steals from America's
America, that as bushite, leave undefended for criminal
plunder in Your name call censored from classed
enrollment. You have just as much a right to be here as
I do, and the demon bush, he ain't no better than any of
US when he is "excused" for the murder of well more than
a hundred thousand confessed as completely innocent
people on this planet called Earth.

The fascist control bushite, don't like You to think
independently for Yourself, for we independents out here
make them look as stupid as they are. Thank you very
much for that not so secret info.

Through the pronounced bush demon's gaffes,
embarrassments, and told complete total ignorance on
subjects like the science of economics, the whys of
constitutional law, or when the bushite takes credit for
indiscriminate killing of our families and friends while
parading it's all done in bush's name for our freedom,
or for 9/11, doesn't fool me, and should get you
thinking about reaching for your guns too, for bushite
rapists and torturers will not walk this world freely
un-accountable, for as long as we remain alive to hunt
them down and kill them if so be. As the soulless
disciples of the enemy anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.,
their "officially" granted legal immunity from all
prosecution means nothing to me as a honorable man
defending my humanity, or as living Creator, who brought
all into this new world to be free, and can just as
soon, take you all nazi bushite out the old school way.

REMEMBER: Demon bush is stupid, yaw, but he knows that
he and rumsfeld with condi planned and carried out the
crimes of 9/11 with likely cheney orchestrating, don't
ever forget that part when attempting assessment how
good four more years in going to do for the state of
freedom in Your dying world. Serious this situation
truly is for everyone. Everyone.

Now, what are You going to do about this, DEMON George
W. bush Jr. actually playing US like he would like to
continue victimizing our dying world as ENEMY for four
more years towards furthering lawless tyranny? Don't we
already have it bad enough, that corporate journalists
think there is actually some merit to George bush's
re-election bid? Especially after that 9/11 thang?
Then there is the needless criminal wars, fraught with
embarrassing massive billion dollar criminal frauds as
.oops, more government fuk ups? Then of course all the
bushite thefts. I did a Internet Google search of
"Tiger Team" and I found next to nothing in all the
professional media corporate news outlets we have
advertising on our information service providers top
notched list as best sourced material. And that should
say as much or more to you too, about who's really
conning who. So, who cares about where this world is
going? I do, and so should you too.


How The Demon Bush Misled God's World

How Bush misled the world

/ / Once the document was declassified after the war it became
known that it contained 40 caveats - including 15 uses of
"probably", all of which had been removed from the previously
published version. Tenet further ingratiated himself by
remaining silent about the OSP. "That's totally unacceptable
for a CIA director," said Thielman. \ \

Thielman meant "totally unacceptable" as in HIGH TREASON.
Could it be any higher? Deliberately caught misleading
whore-dumb Congress to wage his immoral neocon 'escape' with a
unjustified criminal brutality against God as all of our
Humanity. A great deal more than a million innocent people
have been victims to the 'targeted' Zionist killings of the
irrational bushite enemy. Lawless enemies to Creation,
spreading their toxic waste who thieve, rape and murder
without reprimand from corporate news america, shall, I pray
daily, die justly in vengeances by the will of a real undying
Love for our victimized innocent family. Justice for Humanity.

Please, help US.

The guilty party of Haditha have confessed that targeted
killing of innocent children is fair game in their worlds, and
as confessed, they 'got away' committing the same Satanic acts
- going house to house in fallujah murdering more than two
hundred thousand innocent folks for LIAR E-N-E-M-Y Sattler.
Bushite corporate america, has stated in silence, the bushite
enemies of Haditha will never face public execution for such
offences, YOU apparently WILL NOT GRANT IT, too cowardly, and
in all likelihood, (like those of the Saudi Blount's third
infantry) will be allowed to walk freely down american streets
after being found guilty as politically supporting the robbing
and murder of innocent men, women, and children all because
we're rag-heads or niggers. The, deserving to die as
illiterately intolerable bushite drone soldiers HAPPILY,
WITHOUT QUESTION, co-operate with ANY lawless mercenary forces
such as south african death squad goons in finding the enemies
of themselves. Purposelessly ungodly bushite soldiers are
told they are DYING to defend Iraqis, while breaking out of
prison, mercenaries caught trying to kill innocent Iraqis for
fun and profit. While, at the same time, actually having
SLAVES from India preparing their lunches!!! And guess what?
they're coming to live bushite america as the patriots after
they get killed you're forsaken American Son or Daughter teen!
With millions of stolen American dollars to set up new

'freedom' operations.

Shirley, bin Laden would be sided with the fundamentalist
Shiites, before, everyone-is-an-equal Sunnis, who as Bathists,
had no problem WARRING al-Qeada, while counting as members of
their party, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Atheists. But
corporate bushite liar america says no, bin Laden supports
Sunni IRRATIONALLY, and that is why bushites have to sacrifice
in partnership with those who blow up PEOPLE indiscriminately
as the 'good guy' 'heroes'. Similarly like in Somalia, where
bushite forces are working to directly arm those who murdered
American GIs during Clinton. Those war criming repuglicons
responsible for the bombing need to be tried and executed for
committing first degree acts of mass murder in America's name.
CBC, in Canada reported that Pentagon sources allege their
isn't any evidence whatsoever to what bushite news america has
reported to the dumfukked populace. [Peter Lance will tell
you [mind you, half assly] on behalf of investigating officers
of our LAWS, it was a dishonorable LIAR Green Beret actually,
a Green Beret who set the bombs and blew them up to KILL
AMERICANS, but says Laden ordered him to it though, so he gets
to go free on his own apparently. An individual EVERY
AMERICAN should hunt to kill with Americxan Law firmly
established already. Why? Zionists murder Americans for
profit, by simply lying un-challenged through corporate mind
control, and culted soldiers to this day, would thoughtlessly
call the ungodly lawless bushite traitors to freedom, 'good
guys' and 'heroes'.

If your a Cop in Winnipeg, don't be stupid, support defending
my right to speak in our defenses. Support the return of my
rights in respect to my stolen property, taken through a
fencing operation run out of the Winnipeg police Department's
"exploitation Unit" run by two or three "cops", who while
cashing in on selling stolen merchandise, STOLEN themselves
from law abiding Winnipeg citizens, work unjustly to undermine
our National Security interests in Canada by expressing care
for Canadian soldiers to Forward NO interests in defending
their falling lives with lies no longer in disguise. [bushite
would bushite for a stolen nickel, for there is no honor among
thieves.] Instead they fight with flagrant lies to demonize my
better name, in a, never to succeed attempt to silence my
cries for real Justice for our forsaken dying selves.

And, then, the rest of you, join me in concluding, America's
TREEASONOUS Art Bell and George Norry seriously suck when they
refuse US to openly discuss such subjects - such as - our
evidenced conclusions in defending our honorable police
officers who actually protect our lives for freedom's struggle
from godless bushite tyranny.

G.W. Bush, the actual for real antichrist recently stated
Iraqis owe him gratitude for instituting the theft of all our
Emergency Aid monies, Iraqi Development funds, natural
resources, while raping and torturing the INNOCENT by lawless
dictate, and, or course, indiscriminately bombing at least
700,000 People loved by God. Please, I beg YOU, help
yourself. See an air force bushite enemy, kill it for God's
love for America. Please, be a man, not a bush-whore nazi
fascist enemy of Life Yourself.

I am America,

Johnny Wizard

http://www.thestream.com/ (religious programming, but good!)

Further for Winnipeggers:

In Winnipeg, we have a radio station called CJOB. That
CRIMINALLY thieve from our poorest neighborhoods with the
lotteries, literally millions. Now as a local Cop, you can
review Johnny's "Stand Together, or Don't", then call the RCMP
on this issue, and they will tell you as a Winnipegger, they
can't go in and arrest the seriously murderous enemies of our
communities at CJOB et al. because, the Premier needs to
formally institute the criminal investigation in Parliament.
While the Premier will tell you as he did me, he can't because
our People of the Province ONLY has fascist pro killing
Christian Zionists at CJOB and the Winnipeg Free Press
Editorials, as outlets that allow our political "realities" of
the VLT's to be discussed. The Lottery pays both criminal
operations STOLEN millions in advertising, so as a result,
managements, from both agencies forbid Manitobans to know the
true mathematical scam/losses. As propagandists who LIE
routinely to Our teen Soldiers about dying for Enron in
Afghanistan, our Premier fears their contempt for our lives
would continue with more viciously evil lies, (like
democratically elected eight times Socialist Chaves is an
"evil" "totalitarianist" giving out care to raise the poor,
blind bushite war bad guy terrorists, and, Israel is Jewish!)
so as a result, Doer fears another Filmon could be brought in
with CJOB propaganda to rob further worst than we already are.
[Filmon's private company responsible for selling reduced cost
shares of stolen MTS was caught by the RCMP (as reported by
CKY) buying social insurance numbers from the homeless in
Winnipeg for ten dollars, so to NAKEDLY steal hundreds of
millions, holding with CJOB and the WFP, our ability to demand
Justice - in total contempt. (They choose not to cover it
still.)] My fears of CJOB's pro-bushite enemies, stealing our
entire Universe is non-existent. Let US demand open radio
communications on the mathimatical facts to save our own
selves further victimhood to their personal contempt for the
true value of YOUR life. Thanks.

Can you help us speak this outrage to your local media outlets?

thanks again bud.


Blood Meridian: Bush's High Crimes of Torture and War

/ / "sacred duty as Commander-in-Chief to protect the nation,"
which, in his mind, means waging aggressive war, torturing
people, spying on us all and looting the treasury on behalf of
his cronies. The only possible way to derail his destructive
and criminal course is impeachment. \ \


Impeach for Peace!




I HATE bushite with everything I am.

Johnny America - The Free World President and CEO of Shareware Earth

Join the cause!

P.S. Before it's too late, do you have a few tens of
thousands of dollars to front me, so I can afford to survive
this onslaught of wars against my Humanity? ... I have huge
responsibilities to defend myself judicially through our
supreme Justice system here in Canada, all for the defense of
the truly innocent, YOU, while I'm paid not a thin dime from
anyone to work now YEARS non-stop just too keep myself from
starving broke, so please, if you Companies out-there can give
to a good cause this new year, think of me on international
radio!!!. Billion dollar love boom in the entertainment
circles Shirley, and think of all the good things we have
waiting, that could come about if such wisdom was understood
to be wiser than what we have currently? And no, I'm not
stupid. Look, George Norry and Art Bell, I'm asking you to
defend American interests by supporting the evidenced arrest,
evidenced trial, and evidenced sentencing of those who
committed the treasons of 911 through lying THEY did. To US.

Welcome Home,

Johnny America





- "The months preceding September 11 [see] a shifting of the
US military's focus ... Over several months beginning in
April [2001] a series of military and governmental policy
documents [are] released that [seek] to legitimize the use of
US military force in the pursuit of oil and gas." Michael
Klare, an international security expert and author of Resource
Wars, says the military has increasingly come to "define
resource security as their primary mission." In April, Tommy
Franks, the commander of US forces in the Persian Gulf/South
Asia area, testifies to Congress in April that his command's
key mission is "access to [the region's] energy resources."
The next month US Central Command begins planning for war with
Afghanistan, plans that are later used in the real war.
[Sydney Morning Herald, 12/26/02]

See? It's admitted that the zionists planned to STEAL the
rights of Afghans for Enron, by LYING to SOLDIERS to get them
killed as the American Pension thieving bad guys. Too
COWARDLY parasitic to hunt those responsible for murdering
thousands of "Americans". So, as a consequence, they, as
loveless bushite drones, die cowardly with the once great
America as enemy corporate fascists to Freedom's Justice, Our
Living God.

John's truth. Killing a THIEVING bushite is to save the lives
of the innocent they target for murder. The cowardly bushite,
dies sacrificed - all to help IT slavishly escape those
responsible for 'getting away with' murdering thousands of
Americans in New York City on 911. Sorry George W. Bush and
company, enemy traitors to God and America, not under our
eternal watch. The People has spoken forever on this subject
of direct accountability. Bush told us we didn't need any
evidence, well, I know that WE DO, so, fuck you too George
Bush Jr.. This is my World..

Demon bush told us Saddam wouldn't let inspectors in, and
that's why he irrationally started this war against God
conflict. Impeach him, then have him PUNISHED for high
treason against a further dying as truly unheard from America
- for that lie alone - we ALL could/should stand together as
equals demanding re-dress for the innocent murder victims
who've suffered for such contempt, and belligerence for the
basic precepts of freedom as Justice, or G-D as Johnny.


No evidence against an accused is US being truly abused

"These are not terrorists, they are not al-Qeada, they are
ordinary innocent men, women and children."



"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the President
to explain to us what the exit strategy is."

- George W. Bush, discussing Kosovo, Houston Chronicle, 04-09-99


"First we sent Americans to their deaths for your lie, Mr.
Bush, now we are sending them to their deaths for your ego.



Death to the godless bushite, death to America's lawless enemies

DUMFUK BUSHITE ENEMY OF GOD "This is not a job in anyway
shape or form, this is not a job. this is a lifestyle. and
we choose this type of lifestyle."

Traitor LIAR Hannity "Knowing the danger?"


Traitor LIAR Hannity "Well, isn't that the definition of Bravery?"


See, TRAITOR Hannity [who deserves to be executed for the
treasonous DOCUMENTED lies he tells America almost daily]
would claim any and all serial murderers and rapists in
America are the definition of bravery. Bushite dumfuks
deserve to die as enemies of America because they openly,
purposefully target the innocent to rob from and murder, as
bushite did on 911. They bomb cities. Thus is why Christ
[ME] tells loving children to gladly help Life kill their own
godless fathers or brothers who CHOOSE to commit these war
crimes against our humanity with their contempt for Justice,
Johnny and America. {Especially those in George W. Bush's
air force.] A bushite's hatred for America is blatant with
every monosyllabic grunt they make. In nazi zionist america,
they have a Zionist national radio program that forbids the
nation to know they're presently being victimized for criminal
sacrifice, and apparently, Americans would rather DIE, than
hunt George Norry, or Art bell for questioning. A nation of
fascist nazi cowards, who go silently to their graves in their
support of torturing innocent people to death for the thieving
EVIL bushite's pleasure.

Death to the godless bushite, death to America's lawless enemies.

Bushite Zionist atheists believe that I, as the Son of Man,
Couldn't be anything but their worst nightmare. No, WE, as
Humanity, will religiously really kill bushite continuously to
hasten the day when America actually fights to win, free
communications for Justice's claim. General Ahmad funded
911's Atta.

Die bushite die. Die bushite die. die bushite die.

/ / "How could I order men to die for something I believe is
wrong?" \ \

Bushite aren't human as disciples of the for real antichrist
enemy of Creation. They eat radio-active toxic waste before
asking, why would we eat radio-active toxic waste without


/ / We are reminded today of how far the Iraqi people have
come since the end of Saddam Hussein's rule - and that the
progress they have made would not have been possible without

the continued service and sacrifice of our men and women in
uniform. \\

Progress? Fuck don't you too hate bushite with everything YOU
are? Iraqis had public health care, and University prior to
the bushite stealing everything they could as sworn enemies to
progress. Had a justice system that Bush never aired any
concern regarding the evidence requirement to form our
conclusions. kill a bushite and all day long you win God's
praise as a bonafide, as honorable, freedom fighting


"For every fatal shooting, there were roughly three non-fatal
shootings. And, folks, this is unacceptable in America. It's
just unacceptable. And we're going to do something about it."
- George W. Bush

Kill a bushite and God wiill love you for
defending US, the innocent in war time.



"The truth of that matter is, if you listen carefully, Saddam
would still be in power if he were the president of the United
States, and the world would be a lot better off." George W.


America, the ungodly



/ / Yes, those words coming from the man who's decided the
only way to turn things around in Iraq is by sending in more
troops. Despite being told by the Joint Chiefs, Colin Powell
and the man running the Iraq war, General Abizaid, that
sending more troops to Iraq would only get more Americans
killed Now, seeming to confirm his opponent's worst suspicions
that this president does not value the opinions of those with
whom he disagrees, Mr. Bush has now decided to go it alone in
Iraq against the wishes of his allies, against the desires of
his fellow countrymen, and yes, even against the advice of his
own generals. \ \

The demon enemy of America, Our Mr. bush Jr., responsible for
911, creates hope in God that honorable men of this Earth,
will assist the Humans in hunting to kill bushite enemy
terrorists who support torturing and thieving from US, the
godly as innocent. Every time we hear of another bushite
death, god celebrates OUR wins over the ungodly demon
antichrist forces. Death to the bushite, death to our enemies
who murder innocent people with LIES against America and GOD.

/ / The Crown would suggest her ignorance on such subjects is
irrelevant to her case against me, for those children's lives,
and others like them, are not who she is working to protect.
So, where I demand is a crime against our real God occurring I
ask the hiding in darkness Crown to explain herself publicly
in the light of these proceedings to our Honorable Lord. \ \



Let it be known, that the senior management national news
reducers of CBC and CNN, know full well, they would rather
watch American Soldiers die as the thieving bad guys, than to
defend God's America by reporting that the demon enemy George
W. Bush, and his business partner General Ahmad, committed
the terrorist acts of 9/11, along with Rumsfeld, Rice, Cheney,
and Myers.

We shall, start there, and continue on until we've nabbed
every last treasonous culprit found at the ends of the ample
crimes scene leads. Propagandized stupider than the fates
will allow, an American is universally recognizing itself as
an enemy to their own cowardly dying selves. For, my friend,
America's America will not stand undefended with these beliefs
of mine I give freely. Soldiers along with honorable Police
officers I would ask, to bravely/politely demand our time
on national broadcasts for the spoken defense of Justice for
America. For, Johnny wants to debate the bushite publicly on
the validity of the Iraq war, considering that it has no true
justifiable cause. Meaning: all stolen revenues will be
returned to the Iraqi people, with interest, paid for by those
responsible for stealing it. Justice Johnny has now
officially arrived on the scene to hunt bushite down to the
ends of life - to teach'em with kind words, or the other way
with graver sentences handed down by us believers in freedom
from tyranny. Hint: Don't fuck with the real People of God
who are refusing to take more chances with enemy bushite
neo-con bullshit. An innocent person shall not be imprisoned
in my name, nor shall they be tortured, robbed, or murdered.
Bushite enemies that don't like that arrangement, we arrest,
try, and if convicted on the war crime capital offenses of
first degree mass murder, such as we will find regarding
Mattis, Blount, Russell, and Sattler, Allawi and Doud, then,
and only then, we together will joyously have them publicly
executed for the good of the entire human species. In the
name of Jesus, Allah has spoken for life in which all are
granted equal privilege to love with everything we are
together alone with the stars. Death to the ungodly bushite,
instead of the innocent they target for plunder with
treasonous lies as a betrayal to our real names. God and the
Great America.


Realize, CNN and CBC have received this post, yet, continue to
lie to dying soldiers for the unholy benefit of the enemy

The "Shock and Awe" Gallery©

/ / "The children seem to be the most openly enthused.
They are getting a chance at a future the likes of which
would never have been possible under the oppressive
regime..." \ \


When we cancel other people's human rights, we cancel our own.

= Highwater =


The Verdict

The Winnipeg Police Department is running a fencing operation
out of their "Exploitation" Unit. Disclosed by a current
serving officer in the Unit during the preliminary. In one
case used as an example, a law abiding Winnipeg business owner
had 50,000 dollars worth of business equipment stolen, and if
he wanted it back, he would have to make costly "legal"
efforts through a corrupted Justice system in Winnipeg that
holds Canadian Soldiers in complete contempt by "Law". The
Crown is not only refusing to co-operate with defending
Winnipeg citizenry, in relationship to the, National problem
of fencing through bad lawed Police action operations, and the
lotteries [information forwarded in part by the elected
Premier of our Province], but also, in respect to our
sacrificing soldiers. Soldiers who Canada now knows without
shadow of doubt, are being maliciously propagandized through
the corporate mouth pieces of the most heinous war criminal of
history, the ungodly enemy of Creation responsible for
instituting the terrorist crimes of 9/11. Obstructing Justice
by aiding and abetting the terrorist crimes of first degree
mass murder in New York City is suppose to be a serious
offence in Canada. So, as treasonous to Canadian Liberty, the
Crown in my case is refusing to have the police chief, or
other Crowns look into this matter. [I suggested by my Court
motion to our Court system to consider contacting another
office from a different province perhaps.] While the Judge,
publicly for the Winnipeg record, agreed to side with the
Crown instead, without stating the whys - that Justice for
Canada would not be served under his rule on my suggestion.
Just put a soldier in prison if they should dare stand up in
defense with their lives for Canada is what this unjust case,
yet to be reported on by our national press, is turning out to
be actually. I would ask you once again, to please make some
effort to get on local Winnipeg Radio, or Coast to Coast to
plead for some defense on this matter of morality. You know,
this Freedom thing does involve you too. So, George Norrie
and the rest of you lot, listen, I think you've made some
horrible judgment calls, and I'm asking you now, to live up
to your responsibilities to my America, and invite me on for
free discussions on these matters.

All I want is to challenge the man.



A Soldier's Life Held in Contempt

The way I see it, is that I am completely documented correct
on who was responsible for the terrorist crimes of 9/11. I
have my own theories on why our media and police services have
failed our Soldiers by refusing to support my cause directly
thus far, but I am far without hope.

I believe the failures of me gaining direct wide support
through our police services and the Court of Queen's Bench, is
much more so for fear of uncertainty, and lack of leadership,
than a general, across the board support of furthering Bush's
war crime sprees by going still silent while Canadian soldiers
are left forsaken. I speak out publicly often regarding the
911 evidence in America, and email campaigns of my writings,
done for public recognition, I'm told, continue to swell to
near epic proportions. Intelligence officers the world over
most certainly know of my position on this matter. Those who
may support the fight for Bush rule in our police services,
can mostly only do so, risking in dishonorable blind personal
fear of the great unknown I figure. And, crazy as this may
sound, I believe there is a spooky cool God, for I'm walking a
groove most all of the time.

The affidavit that starts "1. National Security Issues" was
submitted in conjunction with my motion to request assistance
from the Court. The additional paper "Stand Together or
Don't", was an added part of the same affidavit.

The affidavit with 38 positions was submitted with the two
motions, "Order of Production" and "for the Crown to Stay
Proceedings". Duplicate copies of the same affidavit were
submitted in each respect.



"Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage contradicted
Rice's claim that the White House had a strategy before Sept.
11 for military operations against al Qaeda and the Taliban."

This indicates that with the foreknowledge gained through
prior experiences of Muslim fundamentalists, such as the
Taliban, being forbidden by their religion [Jihad] to
persecute the innocent, left the Bush Administration with only
needing to do, and had officially done, was to use no evidence
to back up allegations to insure invasion plans, and as a
result, a deliberate treasonous criminal strategy to not
follow the crime scene leads at the real murder scene to nab
to true evil doers. For otherwise - spoil the top secret


/ / In another characteristic incident, Bush asserted, as he
has repeatedly, that any decision on withdrawal of American
troops from Iraq "will be made by military commanders, not by
politicians in Washington DC." Congressional Republicans gave
a standing ovation to this remark, which amounts to a
declaration that, in the war for "freedom" and "democracy" in
Iraq, there is no room for such trifles as control over the
military by the civilian authorities, and subordination of
decisions on war and peace to the democratic will of the
American people. \ \

Exactly. The demon enemy of life itself, Our Mr. bush Jnr.,
who publicly parades his contempt for freedom and God, must
be stopped for all costs, that include for sure, your own
as reader.

Realize, CNN and CBC have received this post, yet, continue to
lie to dying soldiers for the benefit of the enemy neo-con.



These are the motions than were filed on behalf of Johnny
Wizard's defense in Winnipeg. A man arrested for threatening the
continuing existence of the lawless demon anti-Christ, Our Mr.
bush Jnr. The demon nazi who murdered thousands in New York
City as God's enemy. I, beg and plead my case to ALL that
will listen. The tyrannies of suffering on our God happen
when good people go silent in the face of evil. Please do not
forsake all that is good within yourself, by leaving my call
unheard from.


/ / Color me naive, but when I hear talk of cages, detention
and/or concentration camps, my mind usually wonders in devious
directions. I haven't seen anywhere in history where detention
centers and so forth were used as freedom enhancing tools.
View this anyway you wish, but do so at your own peril. \ \




I, Johnny Wizard, in the city of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba


Pakistani ISI Director General Ahmad orders an aide to wire
transfer about $100,000 to hijacker Atta. Ahmad later resigns
after the transfer is disclosed in India and confirmed by the
FBI. [Dawn, 10/8/01, Times of India, 10/9/01, Wall Street
Journal, 10/10/01, AFP, 10/10/01] The individual who makes the
wire transfer at Ahmad's direction is Saeed Sheikh, later
convinced for kidnapping and murdering reporter Daniel Pearl
in February 2002. ABC News later reports, "federal
authorities have told ABC News they've now tracked more than
$100,000 from banks in Pakistan to two banks in Florida to
accounts held by suspected hijack ringleader Mohamed Atta."
[ABC News, 9/30/01] CNN also reports the $100,000 transfer,
and the New York Times specifies that it came in 2000. [CNN,
10/1/01, CNN, 10/6/01, New York Times, 7/10/02] Ahmad's order
must have preceded June 2000, since that's when Atta and
others started opening bank accounts and receiving the money
($109,910 is received by Atta and Marwan Alshehhi between June
19 and September 18). [MSNBC, 12/11/01]


On March 3, 2002, MSNBC's Jim Miklaszewski reported that he
had received anonymously, top secret presidential war strategy
documents dated September 9th, 2001, originating from
Condolezza's office, outlining a strategy to invade
Afghanistan premised on blaming bin Laden a terrorist, but
providing no evidence to back up the allegations, thereby
guaranteeing criminal invasion. Only workable if Laden pleads
innocence to a crime that hadn't yet taken place, a crime
serious enough to "justify" sacrificing American GIs truly for
a liquefied natural gas pipe line for pension thieving Enron.
["The Dahbol Working Group" and Bridas] Any evidence for any
offense would have been sufficient to have Muslim
fundamentalists hand Laden immediately over, as they had
offered [as others of other nations had also] repeatedly
during the Clinton years.

CBC and CNN have still, to this day, consciously refused to do
any follow up on the intelligence, deciding instead on behalf
of dying people everywhere, our public devolvement of a just


RTÉ News - US rejects Taliban bin Laden evidence calls
21 September 2001 17:41

The White House has rejected requests from Afghanistan's
ruling Taliban for proof that Osama bin Laden was responsible
for last week's attacks. According to the US Secretary of
State, Colin Powell, the United States has enough evidence to
try bin Laden in an American court.

The US Government said there would be no negotiations.


[This following document was the official damning account]

Responsibility for the terrorist atrocities in the United States
4 October 2001

[This Internet Domain is Britain's Prime Minister's]

"This document does not purport to provide a prosecutable case
against Usama Bin Laden in a court of law."

The document doesn't hold ANY case, as that was the strategy.... See?


Investigating the Investigation

After playing a tape of Cheney's statement, Russert asked
Daschle, "Did the vice president call you and urge you not to
investigate the events of Sept. 11?" Daschle flatly
contradicted Cheney: "Yes, he did, Tim, on Jan. 24, and then
on Jan. 28 the president himself at one of our breakfast
meetings repeated the request."

...."[T]hat request was made" by Cheney not only on Jan. 24
and by Mr. Bush four days later, but "on other dates
following" as well.


ABCNEWS.com : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

Two veteran FBI investigators say they were ordered to stop
investigations into a suspected terror cell linked to Osama
bin Laden's al Qaeda network and the Sept. 11 attacks...

`You Will Not Open Criminal Investigations'


October 9 2001 - The Times of India

"While the Pakistani Inter Services Public Relations claimed
that former ISI [the "Pakistani CIA"] director-general Lt-Gen
Mahmud Ahmad sought retirement after being superseded on
Monday, the truth is more shocking. Top sources confirmed
here on Tuesday that the general lost his job because of the
"evidence" India produced to show his links to one of the
suicide bombers that wrecked the World Trade Center. The U.S.
authorities sought his removal after confirming the fact that
$100,000 were wired to WTC hijacker Mohammed Atta from
Pakistan by Ahmad Umar Sheikh [Omar Saeed] at the instance of
General Mahmud [Ahmad]. Senior government sources have
confirmed that India contributed significantly to establishing
the link between the money transfer and the role played by the
dismissed ISI chief. While they did not provide details, they
said that Indian inputs, including [Omar Saeed's] mobile phone
number, helped the FBI in tracing and establishing the link."


No evidence was brought against Laden for nine eleven, none.
[So according to Bush's official top secret Presidential
directives] While Laden himself claimed he played no part in
911. Still, to save the lives of third worlders on the brink
of starvation, Laden agreed to hand himself over, but Bush
refused the offer, while CBC and CNN denied to report on that
fact for the behalf of now dying dismembered American GIs.
Once the indiscriminate bombing began, targeting almost every
building in the country of Afghanistan, Laden then claimed he
had no choice but to fight back to defend US innocent from the
ungodly enemies of Creation/Freedom. Then the clear to all
fake video came out with an actor who's face wasn't even close
to looking remotely like Laden, but for almost the facial
hair. [Bridge of the Jamaican actor's nose is HALF as long in
proportion to Laden's for example, and surely frightfully
shocking for some, the actor doesn't even take blame for 911
either!] Photos comparing the two faces never aired on CBC and
CNN available in about twelve seconds with the power of the


former FBI deputy director and murder victim John O'Neill

"the main obstacles to investigating Islamic terrorism were
U.S. oil corporate interests and the role played by Saudi


Alex Jones interviewing Former German Defense Minister Andreas Von

"Bush signed W199I months before 911 ordering the FBI not to
stop Al-Qaeda. They threatened to arrest FBI agent Robert
Wright if he tells us what he knows."


Mr. Bush was quoted somewhere regarding Mr. Laden's guilt of
complete innocence with "We don't need any evidence, we know
he's guilty."



" [FBI's] Edmonds concluded that documents clearly showed that
the Sept. 11 hijackers were in the country and plotting to
use airplanes as missiles. She said documents also included
information relating to their financial activities. "


The honorable Argentinean oil company Bridas' relationship can
not be understated as the Bush Administration's primary motive
on criminal invasion of Afghanistan to save his biggest
corporate backers, the American pension thieving Enron.

>From "An American demands the truth from you" by Karl W. B. Schwarz

" I demand to know what energy companies were in that Cheney
Energy Task Force meeting and what discussions there were as
to the steps that would be taken to remove the Taliban and
Bridas Corporation as the last remaining obstacle to the
United States controlling the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline. I
met that company in 1999 and have known since then about the
Bridas v Unocal, $15 billion interference of contract lawsuit
in US District Court, Southern District of Texas. I also know
about the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision on September
9, 2003 that upheld the Bridas $500 million arbitration
settlement and the March 22, 2004 denial of Writ of Certiorari
at the United States Supreme Court, Case 03-1018, Turkmenneft
v Bridas."


>From "Fresh Memories of War" by Kandea Mosley, The Ithaca Journal (New
York), 25 May 2002:

"We were told there were no friendly forces," said [Army
Private Matt] Guckenheimer, an assistant gunner with the 10th
Mountain Division at Fort Drum. "If there was anybody there,
they were the enemy. We were told specifically that if there
were women and children to kill them."


Quote from "A Dossier on Civilian Victims of United States' Aerial
Bombing of
Afghanistan: A Comprehensive Accounting"

by Professor Marc W. Herold Ph.D., M.B.A., B.Sc.
Departments of Economics and Women's Studies McConnell Hall
Whittemore School of Business & Economics University of New Hampshire

When U.S warplanes strafed [with AC-130 gunships] the farming
village of Chowkar- Karez, 25 miles north of Kandahar on
October 22-23rd,killing at least 93 civilians, a Pentagon
official said, "the people there are dead because we wanted
them dead." The reason? They sympathized with the Taliban.1
When asked about the Chowkar incident, Rumsfeld replied, "I
cannot deal with that particular village."



"American troops today admitted they routinely gun down Iraqi
civilians - some of whom are entirely innocent.

And in an admission that directly contrasts with the line
coming out from the Pentagon's spin doctors Specialist
Corporal Michael Richardson added: "There was no dilemma when
it came to shooting people who were not in uniform, I just
pulled the trigger."

The Crown would argue this issue isn't in her jurisdiction,
however, it is in mine as a expressive communicator fighting
for freedom from real tyranny. An irrational tyranny that
only stands exercised by corporate "news bite" censorship, and
false imprisonments. An American Prosecutor put Sergeant
Benderman in prison for refusing to kill God's children. Now,
what do you really think America would do, if "they" knew that


Bush demands total impunity on the war crimes he is personally
responsible for




"Marines said the men fired on them. A senior officer said
they had no weapons, but that with shots coming in the men
were legitimate targets because they ran."



CAIR also wants the Pentagon to investigate a photograph
circulating the Internet of two Iraqi boys and a U.S.
soldier. A smiling soldier stands besides the two boys who
are giving a "thumbs up" sign, as one of boys holds a sign
written in English that reads, "Lcpl Boudreaux killed my Dad,
th[en] he knocked up my sister!"

(Link to photo: http://www.cair-net.org/images/lcpl11.jpg)


Guardian Wednesday 7, 2001 - "FBI claims bin Laden inquiry was
[this story was on Bush's top secret W199i directive]

This information would take a well paid intelligence officer,
or CBC reporter no more that thirty seconds to look for follow
ups. For, I know, the BBC did also a national news report on


INTERVIEWER: Are you aware that this tank is contaminated with

SOLDIER: No, it isn't radioactive.

INTERVIEWER: But we have measured it.

SOLDIER: No, it isn't radioactive, not this tank.

"Basra is on a river," he noted. "A DU shell poisons the
water in a river. It poisons the grasses and the grains. It
sinks into the ground and poisons the water table. When it
gets into the body, it does incredible damage. The
combination of radioactivity and heavy metal toxicity is such
that it affects the DNA in such a way that you get genetic

[thousands of tons of measured radio-active toxic waste, heavy
metals, oxidized to microscopic particles as small as a tenth
of a micron have been deposited in our airspace, however, CBC
and CNN have refused to inform ourselves on the scientifically
measurable extremely serious health concern issue..]


Justice Department lawyer John Yoo, "In the exercise of his
plenary power to use military force," Yoo insisted, "the
President's decisions are for him alone and are unreviewable."
Yoo was also quoted recently on CBC national news report
regarding the torturing of innocent people to death, to state
something like "President Bush doesn't have to justify his
opinions to Canada or even to the United States for that


The incriminating FBI email dated 22 May 2004, indicates that
Bush personally
signed off on certain interrogation techniques in an executive order."
(See original at


U.S. deserter 'didn't want to have to kill babies'

"Mr. House will argue that American soldiers are guilty of
war crimes and that forcing Mr. Hinzman to fight in Iraq
would have made him a war criminal.

He will call as a witness former U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant
Jimmy Massey, who is expected to testify that he and other
soldiers shot more than 30 unarmed Iraqis, including women and
a six-year-old child, at a U.S. military checkpoint."



that a clandestine military task force in Iraq was beating
detainees, ordering Defense Intelligence Agency debriefers out
of the room during questioning, confiscating evidence of the
abuse and intimidating the debriefers when they complained."



A sacked CIA official is reportedly suing the agency for
allegedly retaliating against him for refusing to falsify his
reports on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction to support the
White House's pre-war position.


``I was faced with being deployed to Iraq to do what the
infantry does, kill people, and I had no justification for
doing so,'' he testified. ``This was a criminal war. Any act
of violence in an unjustified conflict is an atrocity.''


Williams's squad stopped a dump truck, and an Iraqi climbed
out. "Light him up!" the sergeant ordered, according to
testimony, and the squad opened fire, killing the unarmed man.
Williams and a squadmate reportedly got into an argument over
which of them had scored Company C's first kill.


It gets worse. We already knew about the Franklin County,
Ohio, precinct that tallied 4,258 votes for Bush when only 638
people had actually voted.



Israeli Soldiers Going In For The Kill: A 13 year old
Palestinian [JEWISH] school girl is about to die

"It's a little girl. She's running defensively eastwards, a
girl of about 10. She's behind the embankment, scared to

"Anyone who's mobile, moving in the zone, even if it's a
three-year-old, needs to be killed."


US forces unleashed more than 20 air strikes and some 60
artillery rounds on Monday, said Major Todd Desgrosseilliers.
[...] An AFP reporter in the Jolan district said one building
in every 10 had been flattened. As US-led troops closed in on
the neighborhood overnight, at least four 900-kilogram bombs
were dropped in the city's northwest.

[destructive radius of a 900-kilogram bomb is half a
kilometer, and all TRUE accounts of death rates for Fallujah
alone, a city where the population was forbidden to leave,
exceed two hundred thousand innocent souls.]


The Bush Administration
In rush to defend White House, Rice trips over own words
Friday, March 26 @ 10:12:40 EST

By Walter Pincus and Dana Milbank, San Francisco Chronicle

"Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage contradicted
Rice's claim that the White House had a strategy before Sept.
11 for military operations against al Qaeda and the Taliban.
The CIA contradicted Rice's earlier assertion that Bush had
requested a CIA briefing in the summer of 2001 because of
elevated terrorist threats. And Rice's assertion this week
that Bush had told her on Sept. 16, 2001, that "Iraq is to
the side" appeared to be contradicted by an order signed by
Bush on Sept. 17 directing the Pentagon to begin planning
military options for an invasion of Iraq."

[ And...]


"Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage contradicted
Rice's claim that the White House had a strategy before Sept.
11 for military operations against al Qaeda and the Taliban."

This indicates that with the foreknowledge gained through
prior experiences of Muslim fundamentalists, such as the
Taliban, being forbidden by their religion [Jihad] to
persecute the innocent, left the Bush Administration with only
needing to do, and had officially done, was to use no evidence
to back up allegations to insure invasion plans, and as a
result, a deliberate treasonous criminal strategy to not
follow the crime scene leads at the real murder scene to nab
to true evil doers. For otherwise - spoil the top secret


Blix nor Elbaradei, nor Kofi, suggested, implied, or stated,

that Iraq had failed to comply with the newest U.N.
resolution: 1441.

HANS BLIX: "And at this juncture, we are able to perform
professional no-notice inspections all over Iraq and to

increase aerial surveillance..."

With complete, one hundred percent access to go where ever the
Bush Administration pleased without delay, left a situation of
an unjust war only detrimental to an ability to bring about
any good or better thing. American soldiers are being
sacrificed for no better good or reason understood, for if
progress will ever be made, it will be when they work to bring
about a political situation that was there in Iraq before the
Bush Administration starting murdering innocent people for
nothing . Well, not completely, for Bremer shipped 19 billion
to Greenspan early on, then, hundreds of millions were sent


Professor Steven E. Jones, a tenured BYU professor, went
public several weeks ago after releasing a 19 page academic
paper, essentially showing how the laws of physics do not
support the WTC's freefall and, consequently, the official
government story. It should be known that World Trade Center
Building Seven was not struck by an airplane, yet fell exactly
the same as the two towers.

Below both towers were found pools of molten steel, only
creatable with the heating by high explosives.

Excerpts from "Me, Art Bell, and 9-11 by Lisa Guliani"

The official version of the WTC collapses defy both Galileo's
Law of Falling Bodies, and also Isaac Newton's First Law of

..if we know that hydrocarbon fires can only reach a maximum
temperature of 1517 degrees Fahrenheit, how could they
possibly have melted this steel, when the melting point of
steel is 2,795 degrees and the boiling point of steel (when it
becomes a molten liquid) is 5,182 degrees Fahrenheit.

The existence of these burning pools of molten steel were confirmed

- Mark Lorieux of Controlled Demolition, Inc
- Peter Tully, President of Tully Construction
- and the American Free Press newspaper


"To be truthful about it, there was no way we could have got
the public consent to have suddenly launched a campaign on
Afghanistan but for what happened on September 11..."

Tony Blair Speaking To House of Commons Liaison Committee


The Washington Post, 23 September 2001.

At American urging, Ahmed traveled ... to Kandahar,
Afghanistan. There he delivered the bluntest of demands.
Turn over bin Laden without conditions, he told Taliban leader
Mohammad Omar, or face certain war with the United States and
its allies.

Mahmoud's meetings on two separate missions with the Taliban
were reported as a "failure." Yet this "failure" to extradite
Osama without providing a shred of eidence was part of
Washington's documented design, providing a pretext for a
military intervention which was already in the pipeline. If
Osama had been extradited, the main justification for waging a
war "against international terrorism" would no longer hold.
Nor would the ready to go Patriot Act. Incidentally, when
MSNBC contacted the Whitehouse regarding the top secret
invasion of Afghanistan plan, it was confessed that the plan
had been "fully implemented"


"Why of course the people don't want war ... But after all it
is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it
is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it
is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or
a communist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people
can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is
easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being
attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism
and exposing the country to danger." -- Hermann Goering, Nazi
leader, at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II


On the wall of the National Holocaust Museum: " Thou shall
not be a victim, thou shall not be a perpetrator, and thou
shall not be a by-stander"


When we cancel other people's human rights, we cancel our own.

=Helen & Harry Highwater=



Please, I beg you to assist me in this cause immediately!

Ack! It turns out that there IS a criminal conspiracy run out of the
Winnipeg Police Department's Exploitation Unit!

Ack!! It turns out that the Crown IS aiding and abetting the
terrorist crimes of first degree mass murder!!

Ack!!! It turns out the Judge threw this whole Revelation thing out
without any consideration offered, while the Crown is currently
working on a public ban of disclosure in Winnipeg on these
continuing documented crimes!!!

50,000!! a pop! Stolen from law abiding business owners!!!

Crimes forwarded to the public in part by the concern of Manitoba's


Send this post for me to also Winnipeg media persons or to anyone who
will listen. If you don't, then, you ain't my friend. Come on! Do
something for us, and I promise to help you out later if I can.
Help me through the goodness of your heart, so we won't get
railroaded into prison fraudulently by those that hide in darkness
as pirates of our human will. The will to be free.

The Crown's interpretations of my possessions are not my expressions!!


The Judge through this whole thing out for the defense
without any consideration offered to OUR COURT!



Since I am representing myself on these particular criminal
matters, Legal Aid is not required to lend assistance on the
grounds that I'm not co-operating with the system as it
operates through professional Barred representations. [I am
eligible for walk in consultations but nothing of the sort of
assistance I am requesting] Considering the complexity of my
judicial matter, I would request legal assistance from the
Court in these following areas.

1. National Security Issues

I need assistance in understanding the legal statutes that our
national security services are obligated to practice under, to
insure our national security matters are being truly defended
in my respect. No change in summation of my character was
altered, after they were granted a search warrant to verify it
was me who publicly spoke out for honorable FBI officers
denied their rights to speak freely, then as the Court knows,
instead of doing what they argued to grant such privilege to
infringe on my personal liberty, enforced a less than perfect
law that most others would buckle under, even if they harbored
no criminal intent, and would never do anything to infringe on
the rights of any child. For I challenge; it does not serve
Canada's interest (in particular our teen soldiers) to
knowingly have Canada propagandized under the serious failures
of CBC and the National Security Services to lend no wanting
cry to hear REAL FBI officers who factually allege, with
evidence and everything, President Bush's business partner,
(who was at the Whitehouse Sept. 9th working on the top
secret invasion of Afghanistan strategy to heavily arm heroin
pushers who war to keep women as slaves while weaponizing
children - done all for a liquefied gas pipe line to profit
his darling dear Enron) funded 9/11's "mastermind"
"ringleader" Mohammad Atta. Inside sources from the RCMP have
notified me, that in the last four years, Section D's salaried
employees, have done practically nothing to serve Canada's
interest in this respect. While Canada's CSIS does not have
the legal ability to speak out publicly regarding the criminal
transgressions of President Bush, and because of this nature
of CSIS's position, they have almost only fears to live with
by trying. A CSIS officer told me, many were completely aware
of President Bush's criminality regarding his hugely
treasonous actions of mass murder on 9/11, but could do
practically nothing about it outside of filing the reports
with the federal government, or maybe anonymously sending
something to CBC, with no promises that anyone would actually
read it. All the while, the senior CSIS boss brags
contemptuously in public about his ties and commitment to his
friends in the ISI. Perceived easily/mistakenly I'd imagine
as a threat to all of Canada's Honorable police officers and
Judges. [General Ahmad was the Bush junta's appointed head of
the ISI.] I think Canada's Prime Minister Paul Martin is
genuinely a good man, but it is hard to see him publicly take
a stand on this issue, [if he even received said reports] on
behalf of honorable police officers and soldiers everywhere,
in defense of the human race, risking everything, considering
he already does bring about a great deal of good for Canadians
where he stands. [Compared to you know, a let's send the kids
to war for whatever Harper, or nobody in Winnipeg
("officially" 86%) wants us to give away the public assets so
let's do it anyway for ourselves privately Filmon] But to know
the RCMP's Section D, sides that they can't tell us the top
secret reason they have not perused Justice for the sake of
Canadian soldiers who bravely put their lives on the line, of
which some have already died, is a situation no Canadian would
tolerate if they knew these freely available facts to decide
for themselves. Sure we can be counted lucky that only so few
Canadians have died thus far, but when will the sacrifice of
Americans, Afghanis, Iraqis, and soon to be Iranians with the
Syrians, along with more than fifty other countries officially
marked for death by the lawlessly irrational bushite
terrorists, be more than YOUR willing to bare? As publicly
reported repeatedly in European press, Mr. Sattler ordered
the bombing of health care clinics in Fallujah as first strike
targets because he didn't want doctors or nurses to "falsely"
report that his forces target primarily the innocent to steal
more from America in blood and treasure. Then under Sattler's
command, they proceeded to monstrously murder more than two
hundred thousand innocent souls, while covering the region in
radio-active toxic waste that will continue to kill for a
scientifically estimated billion or two years. Hell on Earth
is what un- arrested Sattler represents as an enemy to all
living things. God included. An aside: Did you know the
commander of the Third Infantry, Maj. Gen. Buford 'buff'
Blount III, is truly a Saudi Wahhabist in disguise, who took
up the job at the request of the Bush junta, and subsequently
left near 170 tons of plastic explosives unprotected for
looting in Qaqaa? Why? Well when asked why he commanded to
leave the weapons unattended to instead, go carnage Baghdad,
with, I'm serious, sanctioned thieving expeditions, he
replied, he just wanted to let us know he was there. "We just
wanted to let them know that we're here.'' In Basra, the
coalition is still leaving as of last week, more than 30 known
weapons storage facilities unprotected. See, the neo-con
peenacker gang can't steal everything without a stupid man war
going. Left continuing unattended without national
discussions, leaves further in it's wake, more innocent
victims of war crimes fallen undefended. I would ask that
instead of me seeking to find where it is written, that the
RCMP must be committed to getting the man for nine eleven,
perhaps I can just request we work together, for a national
CBC radio forum kicked off by some kinda joint, international
press release acknowledging briefly our failures to
communicate in the past, and politely request where Canada
could go through open line discussions on these very serious
matters. We must not allow our soldiers to be made
misinformed by CBC's unwillingness to bravely with honor,
defend our great Nation. Or, perhaps, Canada might want to
consider hiring me on as, we'll see how it goes honorary RCMP
spokesperson?, a paid consultant for my expertise in
recognizing the real bad guys, and then I'll go out there, and
win the good fight by using praise with fewer insults. If we
stay committed to defending freedom by defeating war
criminals, we all will be the better for it. Now, take me to
your leader.

2. Local Police Issues

As so was brought to the attention of the Courts in the
previous motions, through considering the charge that was
brought against me, (where no criminal intent in alleged, and
nobody can possibly see a digital image until it is already at
least in one's possession, case closed, I'm free to go still
without my stolen computer gear.) I discover, the child
exploitation unit is not operating in a manner that would
effectually reduce the proliferation of truly illegal
materials. They have included images to demonize me that they
must know are left legal to distribute, or for those couple
images categorized as for sure illegal unto themselves, are
left publicly unhindered when it comes to Police questioning
in a manner that would concern illegal public expressions.
Now, I personally don't believe the Courts are consciously
operating in a nefarious manner deliberately to steal computer
gears to sell as sadomasochists who enjoy seeing lovers of
life go to prison falsely for five year stints, but come on,
something seriously needs to be done in how things there are
run. I believe the failures are, in part, do to the personal
fears officers have of the information universe; for to
acknowledge information sharing through p2p networks or
Usenet, would be to witness criminal code violations by the
score going corporately unaddressed. Like Bush being guilty
for high treason in God's America for example, Iraqi church
goers slaughtered by faithful Bush lovers, women raped by
"freedom fighting" GIs, the sex slave trade, or that VLT's are
being run criminally (section 209, 380(1) 380(2), 181, 52(1-4)
with a math game scam that even a sixth grader can figure, but
not the "Free Press" editor, or commercial savvy CJOB's Vic
G-----. Being our city's big Bush backers, where our dying
universe is simpler, like "we don't need any evidence, we know
he's guilty", refuses a, trying to be responsible citizen to
formulate their own conclusions through our media on why we
have laws. Anyway, I need to have some one to cross check the
"illegal" images through recorded internet domains, to see
which ones are/were located in Canada and elsewhere, and what
if any attempt the exploitation unit tried to limit found
providers. I suspect many providers they would claim they
can't do anything about, are so not because a crime is
occurring, but in that respect, actual evidence of criminal
conduct would be required before an internet provider, server,
or site owner could be recommended for censorship. Not this,
twenty year olds look like they could be ten year olds, or
that, simply naked children being human should not be viewed
in their/our minds as something youthfully beautiful.

To Police effectually, I would suggest a public domain
transparently coded checksum program checker to automatically
recognize, known illegal materials made available free, with a
downloadable database updated by the work of one or two
officers monitoring currently available internet image traffic
- classifiable almost near the speed of electricity across the
country. This action is good to take despite my personal
innocence or fraudulent guilt, for media labelings are
completely impossible to designate content/control, but as
such, shouldn't forbid Police services from locating where
possibly actual hugely offensive content is being distributed
through. With volunteer co- operation of programming, a user,
server, or internet service provider could be warned of
material almost in their possession as expression is
classified criminal so then simply delete it, and carry on.
I'm confident such Police planning with open for public
appeals to fine tune further, would end putting the hugely
profitable exploitation units across the continent almost
completely out of business. Now, who truly wants that?

3. Constitutional Challenges

This possession charge absent intent, where everybody is auto
guilty to lose all their stolen computer gear through

fraudulent demonization of the innocent included, is a for
sure, crime in progress. I'd imagine if we had a public
inquiry, we'd find what the exploitation crews are doing, is
needing to locate only a small few arguably illegal
depictions, then trumping up a lot of fraudulent totals.
Figuring, I'd imagine, if they openly started convicting
individuals for a couple of images they perhaps deleted when
witnessed, people might begin to ask, just how much money is
the unit taking in sold stolen merchandise? Perhaps 50,000
dollars in a single case where the business owner of said
stolen property wasn't even charged for a criminal offense!
No troublesome Court appearance required to protect your
public business image even! Generally, in cases that do reach
trial, all images are seldomly reviewed by the Courts, and at
the "professional" porno viewers discretion, or the Crown, a
small sample is only offered. [The professional naked people
person they have in my case I suspect is lost somewhere in

bushville as the clinically insane, or just extremely helpful
to my Judicial cause, thanks big guy, either way.] This has
worked largely unhindered because lawyers for the defense
wouldn't generally see a connection. For only one freely
available image that you couldn't see until you already had
it, is all that is needed to put a, loss for words Canadian,
in prison for half a decade. Not only that, but such
convictions insist irrationally that the guilty must also be
sexually deviant and require professional counseling. The law
enforced absent rights infringed needs to be Constitutionally
challenged as clearly unjust, and the sentencing structure as
being seriously cruel. [What does one guilty of an actual
assault for comparison get, or better yet, threat of assault
that was never truly made?] So, as a result, I need the
assistance of Constitutional lawyers who would provide me
consultations on prepatory requirements and on the relevant
Constitutional questions regarding this specific challenge.
And maybe co-operation with the Crown or Police chief to tally
records and total sales figures on cases under similar
circumstances to consider the exploitation unit for
re-evaluation. [Example: The foolish, faith in ignorance
argument given by all similar units, is that nothing can be
securely deleted from a hard drive is assuredly patently
ridiculous. Truly indicative however, that we do indeed have
a real hidden problem here regarding their/our intelligence
gathering capabilities.] While maybe supporting public
discussions on how to even improve further, the valuable work
that the exploitation unit surely does do already somewhere
I'm sure to operate for our interests. We may together have
to overthrow CJOB with our human skills at demanding some
space to talk about bettering our lives by communicating
without two minute commercials every five minutes, and opening
up the phone lines to talk about whatever. They take too much
from us as the clearly disenfranchised already. Like, so
who's talk radio station is it anyway?

4. The Crown's Crown

I have concerns regarding the job requirements that our
community asks a Crown to bravely achieve. One, would be to
pursue Justice for the principled betterment of our society.
It is clear to anyone familiar with my case, that our
corporate media managers have decided for one fear or another,
that such noble reaches must be left from the grasp of
Canadian soldiers and their loving giving families. This
place the Court holds of a principle that all people should be
treated fairly, includes those we know Bush has already had
murdered in America under these left silenced demands for a
true accounting by good police work completed already. The
fear that every criminal Court Crown shrugs off when proudly
defending the innocent in our legal challenges, seems thus
far, absent in support of Justice for Johnny. When I read
statements from the Crown stating, John's legal arguments
against traitor Bush is irrelevant to the case our Crown
holds against myself, in our name as Canadians, smacks of an
unjust and blind totalitarian state. Corporately broadcasted
uncertainty is forsaking the innocent lives of Bush's
continuing real murder victims. Certainly, the Crown has a
responsibility to pursue just causes, and granted, can falsely
suspect I don't hold the best of intentions towards life with
everything I am. However, the Crown's summations of my
character will never change the official FBI's conclusions
arrived at by following the crime scene leads, at the real
murder scene, to discover who personally is still escaping
arrest for mass murder of our good friends in New York City on
9/11. A crime who's principle perpetrators obviously
faithfully count on this form of injustice to dictate
continuous failures by our Crown to serve our public interest.
For whatever reason, my case documents a corporate news agenda
of non-committal in our pursuit of Justice for ourselves as
the little people. Ourselves, including the Crowns of all
Canada, are, without doubt, denied fair representation by CBC
standards. Canada is being left not defending honorable
American police officers, doing their jobs to the best of
their ability, should not leave too, our Public's Crown
unrepresented. (If the Crowns of Canada so willed it in our
names.) So, I would ask that the Crown's refusal to speak out
for Canada, while fighting to silence my cries with an unjust
as cruel prison sentence, be investigated for obstructing
Justice, and therefore, aiding and abetting the terrorist
crimes of first degree mass murder. Now, how to do this...
I'm not sure. Perhaps the Court's assistance of aid in the
form of one or two Crown offices from a different province in
Canada could be considered, or a Constitutional Law firm more
up on what all I got to work with here. Look, somebody has
tricked my nation, and subsequently our naiver youths, into
excepting Canadians can not hear the silenced screams of
global tyranny. If soldiers the world over need to die for
Bush, let it be for something worth fighting. Freedom must be
Canada, a Canada that would go if asked, in favor of Universal
Justice always. Just ask US.

Your Friend,

John W.


I know I'm innocent under the law as it currently stands, and
in addition, I wished to teach our Courts why the law stands
unjust against our public in other respects. With no criminal
intent to obtain or distribute something illegal alleged
against myself, and the simple truth that one can not perceive
an image until it is at the very least, already in one's
possession, says enough by itself. But most importantly, the
Crown's interpretations of my possessions are not my
expressions. Example: I could have in my possession a
written work from one who espouses the glories of war criming,
but I, personally, am diametrically opposed to it's unwise





For an Order of Production






This Notice of Motion regarding an Order of Production is to
have disclosed to the defense, the complete evidence without
undue hindrance, evidence the Crown holds against the accused
as a member of our public. These following arguments are the
reasons why Justice must prevail in these proceedings:

In conclusion, I need to show where my outstanding character
was at, by indicating exactly what I spent my free time on, to
illustrate for our Court, my TRUE intent as motive on this

Yours truly,






for the Crown to Stay Proceedings






The Validity of the Law

Because you wont speak out for anyone else's rights to be
heard publicly - the bushite enemy trust to figure. Justice
is Freedom, and to have a real concern for another's lost
rights to freely be, is to be truly concerned with your very
own in serious jeopardy. I wouldn't lie to you. Believing,
as the bushite do, willfully deceitful corporate news
propaganda excuses the Bush Administration's rampant
criminality against the innocent as God is, truly, excuses
nothing, especially if I have something to say on the subject
of accountability.

This final Court challenge against my Freedom to be myself,
that the bush administration attempted firstly to do top
secretly, has now been laid publicly at our door step as a
blatant threat to everyone of us as a member of the Canadian
Public. Will you help me politely address my false accusers
on our public airwaves? Will you help speak for freedom from
tyranny is this question riddled, or will you deny yourself my
generous helping?

The reasons why such abhorrent behaviors continue unaddressed
in our Police Force actions will be documented fully with
remedies offered during the second part of the third phase of
the upcoming Question Period press conferences - press
conferences running during the available down times of The
Trial of



/ /And that of course gives the bushites and CBC and CNN their
implausible deniability, where they can say their remaining
neutral, by not providing us the facts to allow us to decide
for ourselves. Because otherwise, we wouldn't kill ourselves
to profit the bushmob cabal of God haters. Who victimize
innocent Christians for no other reason but for to profit off
our suffering.


Think of all those people in that situation as God. And
these, the bushite nazi grunts, have positions that are
completely irrational, they're making no sense, your fuking
up. It's like a cancer that God of that whole situation, is
inflicted with. They're lying to themselves. If your there
to fight on behalf of Iraqis, you take a position to demand
all the money that has been taken through this Iraq
Development Fund, be returned. \ \


/ / What is particularly disturbing is how the administration
misused intelligence information to make its case for war and
failed to plan competently for the postwar period. \ \

What seems even more disturbing, to me, and PBS' FRONTLINE, is
that there was a "State" plan, the ORHA plan to prevent
looting and carnage, but it was sabotaged by rumsfeld and
franks, so the bushmob could try to make some sense of
needlessly bombing the country for our labored dollars, while
robbing the central bank and museum by mopping up the mess
with the bodies of American Patriots still dying as da' dumfuks.


you know what is right, though you may still be blind, never
too late to change your mind, we are all in agreement, in
truth we rise, evil is just the deceived disguised...


Our Gambling Problem

Instead of our government deciding what services we need and
are willing to pay for, they'll have us think that by actively
promoting gambling to those we can take advantage of, somehow
serves them right, and us well. This abnormal behavior is not
only destructive to many cheated players, their families and
friends, but also to our institutions, government, and
economy. You may have heard some say, that gambling is a tax
on stupidity, and here are only some of the reasons why. This
information is for you to judge, think freely, ask the
questions, then pray your wrong. The whole VLT system our
government uses is so deeply flawed it's beyond belief. They
count credits as dollars, reporting to trusting economists and
reporters, a payout of 96%. They will tell you they're needed
because otherwise the victims of manipulation would travel to
the states before the local state casinos to spend their last
two bucks, and they should, their odds are a real deal better.
There are no checks and balances in place as there is normally
to regulate tax revenues. Nobody in the corrupt gaming
commission, MLC, AFM in fact Canada has looked at the computer
code, and in Montana where they have, they've made them
illegal to operate. They're not stupid. Some of the possible
new car owners at the MLC, state that the machines run on a
random basis. They have deduced this by testing that they are
computers and can simulate a random number concluding
presumably that every computer program is just an act of
chance. I guess the free cars to some in management make this
easier. If this is true, how come no one ever wins more than
a $1000? If, as they claim, it is random, occasionally one
might win $33 billion by starting at 125 credits doubling 30
times. Get a deck of cards and a calculator and try! Your
odds are slim, but at least you have a chance. If this type
of psychological manipulation is to be allowed, why not
physiological as well. Why not put an odorless chemical right
on the pay slips that would leach through the players skin,
causing them to act against their better judgment? Body and
mind? Here's a tip: Bar owners are privy to much statistical
information, that we, the general public are not. If they
play, your being really stupid. Also the machines are filthy,
wash your hands. You see, they're trying to turn us against
each other, into one of them, blinding us, making us lash out
and cheat our weaker brothers and their families, if it means
we can drink their blood (190+ suicides last year). But in
truth, we are all being bled. BAH HA! It is a pure
regressive tax, no attached goods or services! Billionaires
own freezers and stacks of paper! These players are REAL
consumers, shopping and moving the economy, if they hadn't
lost all our money. Filmon was right wing when he called in
gambling for the stupid. Was not the reason for forcing the
VLT's into our homes to protect us from casinos? Were we not
warned that if you remove what would normally be consumer
dollars from an economy, there would be less there? If you
call the gaming commission they take 4%, Manitoba lottery
books say 30%, but in truth they take all they take. They
pull in 191,000,000- (not mentioning 92% casinos and the shut
down of Crystal, not enough money in an honest game of cards,
and all those losing free $2 ticket tickets) in revenues each
year. If you divide revenues by 4813 odd machines, 313 odd
days a year, holy Christmas, if they return 96%, that's close
to a payout of $3000 every day, every machine! Why don't we
take 40%? We could advertise the best odds in North America!
It works well in Vegas, where they actually give players a
chance with games of chance, and because more than 50% of the
players are from out of state. In Oct 97, Nova Scotia gaming
Corp. head Ralf Fisk quit claiming his concerns were ignored,
and his power was stripped. In Dec 97, 5 of 6 B.C. gaming
commissioners quit stating they felt they were made redundant
and could provide no significant contribution. I guess the
major media doesn't think this is worth knowing! If your
lucky enough to get a hold of any of the receipts that come
out when the machines are opened, or tilted, you'll see that
if you count actual game-ply, some bars, are taking 70%+ of
the games and giving you all the credit. Churning of credits
with many NON- random events, and prize amounts are critical
in determining how much is actually removed and returned to
our communities. Why don't we promise a payout of 99.9%, we
can still take the same amount of the dollar. Couple extra
play 5 win 5 backs, walla! Some gaming (don't say lottery!
VGT's?) information is classified information, so there are
only a small tiny few, who might know all the details, but
refuse to tell anyone, some by law or maybe threat. They
destroy "gaming operations" records (VLT's and casinos)
yearly, but keep employee's names for fifty! (under MLF0028)
Their argument, that makes it illegal, for anyone to publicly
disclose the actual dollars, on a site by site basis was
"site-holders could gain an unfair advantage if they knew what
their competitors were taking in" How? Don't they already
have one? If you average it out, bars are making close to ten
grand a machine per year, Just provide an addict a seat, and
you can still pay your waitresses minimum wage. People can be
addicted to many things like VLT's or peanuts, and they can be
equally motivating, but they have different consequences.
It's nearly impossible to consume 500 dollars worth of peanuts
in 2 seconds, and how many entertaining peanuts are there,
that leave you smiling and filled with glee? Mr. dealer will
you help these addicts see? If you deposit a hundred thousand
and then cash out without playing, it's now short four
thousand, and the bars, more flesh for the pound. If these
bars were ever caught committing such an act, they'd get a
wink and 2 days of profits taken, instead of time in Stony
Mountain. If Stephenson did it, who would know! They paid
out 2.6 billion in credits, and took 191 in cash! Should we,
the fascists (look it up), support a predominantly VLT
infested NDP riding with provincial funding, nothing wrong
with that, right? When Stephenson (the same who told us no,
we would never sell MTS, then sold it way below value,
hundreds of employee's fired, rates etc.) was asked way back
on June 24/95 in the Sun, why some areas such as Carman,
Morden, Thompson, and The Pas, were losing as much as 1.4
million yearly after counting provincial grants Stephenson
quipped "We have to make an assessment to make sure the
project makes economic sense for the area" the same story also
informs us, we guarantee a 10% return of gambling profit to
our communities. So I guess that means we're really stealing
as much as 90%?#! Also in conjunction, we threaten
communities that don't want the machines, saying they wouldn't
get "revenues". Then shouldn't those that do, get theirs?
Even if they did, how would they? Would it be like the "well
advertised" $25,000 VLT hearings held between 1 and 4 on a
weekday, where apparently only something like six from
Manitoba showed up, with nothing important to say. Is that
imp lying a thread to 1,043.863- of us, which of at least 96%,
want to know where in hell they are going. Can they be that
stupid? Can we? We'd bet er.. not. If we were misled, we
should be outraged! There is nothing wrong with earning
money, but this is a great deal of money stolen off the backs
of the sore, the desperately poor, grocery stores and many
many more. Is it because we think we're only illegally
(section 209, 380(1) 380(2), 181, 52(1-4) etc.) ripping off
evil welfare mothers with too much money in their pockets, or
those sinister seniors on some mental incomes? Many in the
media mistakenly think that if we cheat the poor and stupid
into paying more in taxes, theirs will equally go down. That
is misguided, this regressive tax doesn't simply work in this
manner. In addition, the lotteries claim that 300 mill is
spent in salaries to less than 10000 employees. We know it's
not into the workers at the casinos or bars. Just what is the
going rate for paper shredders? Are there any other sides
that should be at issues? Would you like all information to
make a sound right decision? Why would one would not? A
crucial trust is clearly being violated. I would suggest
showing prudence with where you place your full page ads until
some of these serious questions are addressed. Nobody is
watching, nobody is really regulating, where are we? Your
dream of utopia? You'll have us pay huge taxes, take away tax
benefits from all renters($?) and single mothers, infants,
create monopolies for your sympathizing fascist supporters
knowingly against the interests and wishes of the vast
majority, cut back on provincial welfare if necessary,
liquidate assets, screw the schools (you certainly don't need
to be educated), hospitals, breed a judicial system to keep us
reminded while you drain the entire economy, and if there's
anything left over you'll give it to a private Bank. Then
blame the transfer reductions of 250 mill, call it billions,
not telling that your including all of Canada when your good
for nothing, black sheep brother comes beggin for a nickel.
Better yet, you'll lock him up. With faith that most
!private! media won't bring up the fact that you pulled in an
extra 900, that social programs have been continually cut for
the last twenty years when compared to the GDP, that we don't
even have to be borrowing from American private banks, that we
are in fact being robbed, or that your brother was just hungry
and hurt. How does anyone buy this? On credit? Things are
changing from bad to worse, and everybody appears, from one or
two media accounts, to think, so what or, whatever. Don't
drink the water! A part of the problem is the journalists who
are in fact just trained reporters, who take all the perks and
none of the responsibilities. Selling off themselves to
something they have written, for them to read. Told what is
cover, where is resources, drawing our pictures with their
color crayolas. Telling themselves there must be a good
reason why no one is doing the story! Or they'll take any of
a 1000, why think if you don't have work to? They know the
scores, much more money in advertising. The odds would also
dictate a small tiny informed few who have their minds made
closed, polluted by greed, and lack of power, looking at
another side, pleading ignorance, they didn't see anything at
all, and say you won't either. Exercising power the only way
they can, draining from all, including themselves. Can you
believe it? This is our government re-appropriating billions
of our dollars, causing economic destruction and death!
Leading the way to the misled and cheated is the well paid
AFM, advising us to only blame ourselves, and the best thing
we could do for ourselves is to drink at the bar/casino. It's
akin to the schoolyard heroin dealer paying some chump to
quickly get help to misguided children by selling them crack.
Why bite the hand that stuffs you? Do you wonder what
happened to all our money? The truth is out, the lies are
old, but the blind idiots directing your show, don't want to
see, you know. Do 300,000+ petition signing Albertans,
incidentally more than register to vote, know something you
don't? Studies galore! Watch what you support with money,
and with your thoughts. Do your own polls! Did you know
we're planning to take away your fundamental democratic right
to put up garage, and election signs freely? How do they win
elections, if nobody put up any signs? How will we ever get a
honest deal? Is lying and cheating just endemic with this
communist government? Is anyone making money on all these bad
business investments? Pool the legislature transcripts! Take
a day on, call your grand mother, vote! But just how many
"obscured ballots" are there, phone and see. Do you think in
a democracy this information should be open to the public? Do
you own thinking! Why not? Also what's a public voters list
good for? Did you know since '95 votes have been tallied by
computer, coded in Texas? Now carefully in a measured way,
ask yourself, just who is foolish enough to be manipulated by
the machine? Having themselves, their family and just about
everyone else punished for it? Send for the facts, over the
lines, face the truth, you're living, alive! Horrors
committed before your eyes, n your name, are you justified?
If this is allowed to continue to grow, it can only turn into
something much worse. Slowly, your freedom will further
become chained, and the only thing you'll wish for is that you
had taken the time to take action while you had the chance.
Just what are the chances? Unless you think you don't count?
Better by golly, you sure as do so Bobby! Petitions
delicious! Or do nothing, continuing on going backwards,
selling yourself short. You know who you are, it's made up
for you, you don't have to go far. Just don't sit on the
sidewalk or leave a ticket unpaid, or beg for justice of the
wounded dying or dead. Blame the weak and disabled, you'll be
so strong, living in your fable. Then when they come for you,
you'll say something must be wrong, but who cares? Your not
listening. You'd know if you were being deceived. 1000 of
beer in one small sip, remove all your regulations, they're
just there to keep us in, and privatize always, right.. ya..
that's thinking. We want to sell Winnipeg Hydro, it's working
making a profit. All we need now are private prisons and the
economy will really take off screaming! The one only reason
people commit crimes is cause, they know we don't have guns.
Bombs don't kill people that are killing people! The sky
isn't falling, the sky isn't falling. Something to consider,
what's the cause-like symptom and how do you treat it? Like
an infection? As a matter of truth, it is completely without
question, there it is no such thing, as deception. Now you
know the rules, your losses, odds and stakes. What's your
limit? Can you stop? Are you feeling okay buddy? Let us get
out of here, and go to talk.




/ / That is a high act of treason. And it's not,
"oh well, but maybe it's not true.." No, we have
the two documents of question. \ \

What is the Coast to Coast radio network Head talking
about tonight?, the re-re-re-hashing of the "Allaways
Interslinging" Bigfoot phenomenon? Where was I...

Look, you're not going to go to hell for not giving me a
couple of dollars to further my cause, but it sure
couldn't help to leave me without any support here


White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies'



The United States of America v. Adam Vaughn

He was a stand-up Marine, a beloved cop, and a local hero

/ / Vaughn was accused of possessing child pornography on
the basis of images in his browser cache and downloaded
photos he had deleted from his hard drive long before the
accusations. Although Vaughn says he never sought out or
wanted to keep pornographic images of children, he's
serving four and a half years in jail. \ \



/ / It's as if our government is telling us that if we're
going to look at porn, we'd better pay for it. Otherwise,
we might get branded pedophiles. How many innocent lives
will be destroyed before the child porn wars are over? \ \



/ / Specialist Damien "Monster" Corsetti--known
affectionately as the "King of Torture" among his Bagram
colleagues--was later fined and demoted for forcing an
Iraqi woman to strip during an interrogation at Abu
Ghraib. Yet Corsetti remains a free man. \ \

Will America hunt to kill the un-arrested bushite cancer
that knows thyself as the "King of Torture"? Who's
blasphemous open contempt for all that is God doesn't even
earn him a spot on America's Most Wanted?




/ / Why would God promise you in the Bible, go hurt myself
purposefully. And steal something from someone you didn't
earn. And be a dishonest lying bastard, just to be an
asshole you like to be. \ \



/ / He figured anybody who committed the acts of torture
against the innocent, needed to be publicly executed for
America, by America, as America, and I, am totally in
agreement with that. \ \


Bush Jnr. is sure wicked evil song




/ / an epic study that documents the systematic nature of
torture by the Americans, and how casual it is, even
enjoyable. [...] as the head of Reuters said recently,
it is out of control. It is destroying lives in industrial
quantities when compared with the violence of the
resistance. \ \

Godless bushite enemy thieves, are enemies of innocent men
women and children as they live and die in undefended America
measured worthless to the neocon traitor's bottom line.

If YOU, personally make no effort to confront millionaire talk
radio hosts who insist America's more concerned with
discussing the importance of aliens and vampires than the
sacrifice of liberty for tyranny, America will die. Anti-cop
Coast to Coast hosts deliberately forbid Americans to learn
about who personally is responsible for the crimes of 911, or
that the war in Iraq has no rational justification whatsoever.
Nazi bush bitch George Norrie would happily watch your
American children die for the treasonous bushmob, before
allowing any Patriot on Your radio to discuss these serious
matters that confront us all. Help me gain a public voice on
our air waves, please.


/ / Mr Cheney told several Republican senators that
President Bush would veto the annual defense spending
bill if it contained language prohibiting the use of
cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment by any U.S.
personnel. \ \


/ / Col. Robert Bowman: As other speakers have said,
they knew the American people wouldn't stand for it, and
they said so in their documents, and they said, unless
there's that new Pearl Harbor.

[...] and it is treason. [...]

1. We give up all rights to Iraqi oil 2. We give up
all rights to the rebuilding contracts- if Halliburton
wants a contract from you, they have to bid on it like
anybody else, and they have to hire Iraqis to do the work
for a change. 3. We give up all rights to those 14
permanent military bases we're building in Iraq at this
time. And the people in the Whitehouse are not going to
make those committments and so they have to go and all
the puppeteers with them. \ \

/ / Rove told Cooper that further information
discrediting Wilson and his findings would soon be
declassified and ended the phone conversation by saying
"I've already said too much. \ \

/ / · less than one per cent of the population believes
coalition forces are responsible for any improvement in
security; \ \

(Don't miss "Johnny Wizard Vs. the bushmob")

(on bush's behavior during the school book 9/11 incident.)

/ / Stuck he was then, with no mind to ruse, er.. time to
snooze, Arg! What was the cue? Errrch... If he moves
with priority interest as concerned openly honest public
figure, as he knows a legitimate President would have
been to first learn of such carnage,


why not previous before he left his Hotel room with a
television? Outside the Hotel? In the motorcade? With
school staff as you'd figure would have been present too
laughing, no? Instead he stayed as he had been to give
no orders publicly, nor attempt to make public inqiries,
but to listen with such unbelievable absolute devotion,
equating a beautiful child's story, as if it were Jesus
from the heavens himself, speaking directly on the
living Nature of our Universe.. \ \

>From the Johnny Wizard work - "Wait a Moment"

[The Son of Man asks:]

/ / Who cares about yourself if you won't listen as reason
to? What can you lose when you have granted to be
blindly stolen from? \ \


/ / An editorial appearing Wednesday in the Washington
Post did not mince words in denouncing Cheney's
intervention. His actions, the newspaper declared,
demonstrated that ``this vice president has become an
open advocate of torture.'' \ \

/ / The War Crimes Act of 1996, a federal statute set
forth at 18 U.S.C. § 2441, makes it a federal crime for
any U.S. national, whether military or civilian, to
violate the Geneva Convention by engaging in murder,
torture, or inhuman treatment. \ \

/ / Making a potential prosecutor's job easier, U.S.
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales wrote a memo in January
2002 to President Bush saying that America should opt out
of the Geneva Convention because top officials have to
worry about prosecutions under 18 U.S.C. § 2441. By
attempting to sidestep the Geneva Convention, Gonzales
created a document trail that can be used to prove that
top administration officials knowingly created a policy
of torturing prisoners \ \

/ / Entitled ``The Torture Question,'' the report makes

clear that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld bears direct
responsibility for the brutal methods of interrogation
used against US prisoners. \ \



/ / What is happening is that Ms. Davidson and Lawyers Against the
War have laid charges against George Bush Jr; accusing him of
aiding, abetting, and counseling the commission of torture. \ \

/ / "Many Canadians don't realize that we have not only the right
but the responsibility to pursue these charges, it is a
responsibility that the Canadian government owes not only to the
people of Canada, but to the people of the world. \ \

/ / "The American legal system seems incapable of bringing him to
justice and there are no international courts with jurisdiction.
So it's up to Canada to enforce the law that everybody has signed
on to but nobody else seems willing to apply." \ \

/ / Irwin Cotler's credo is supposed to be "Justice, justice shall
you pursue" not ingratiation with superpowers who practice torture. \


/ / [...] talk your arguments to 18 USC 794 anti-treason law.
and if he [bush] goes by hanging I buy the rope. \ \


/ / o Where the HELL is YOUR proof that Dick Cheney was NOT
conducting drills on 9/11 that paralyzed Air Force responses to the
real attacks?

o Where the HELL is YOUR proof that Tower 7 collapsed as a result
of the attacks?

o Where the HELL is YOUR proof that `put' orders placed on the two
Airlines involved in the attacks were mere coincidence?

o Where the HELL is YOUR proof that Porter Goss knew nothing about
$100,000 that was wired to Mohammed Atta?

o Where the Hell is YOUR proof that Donald Rumsfeld did not
organize an illegal military group that would ``provoke terrorist
attacks which would then require `"counter-attack" by the United
States? \ \




/ / The Nazis in the 1930s were forced to waste precious time and
money on the inoculation of the German citizenry, too well-educated
for its own good, against the infections of impermissible thought.
We can count it as a blessing that we don't bear the burden of an
educated citizenry. \ \


>From "Epiphany"


/ / What can bush or rumsfeld do now in Iraq, outside of criminally
stealing our assets, that they couldn't do before a single innocent
Iraqi person was murdered by heinous traitor buford blount? Look I
am serious about this: read... What can bush or rumsfeld do now
in Iraq, outside of criminally stealing our assets, that they
couldn't do before a single innocent Iraqi person was murdered by
heinous traitor buford blount? \ \

/ / In fact, as they made clear on page one, the authors had
stripped out Falluja; their estimate of 98,000 deaths would
otherwise have been much higher. \ \

Repeat after me:

Coast to Coast hosts are leaving us listeners out here
with the impression, that neither hosts have
heard of the National Intelligence Estimate,
or the NIE, that was created by pressure through
congress just prior to the war, by the cia, state
department, and eight other American intelligence
agencies, of which, the bush administration got
caught misleading the verdicts by censorship,
and outright re-writing, then bald faced lying.
Subsequently causing the creation of an
investigation by the Senate, who's conclusion stated
that the bush administration "..provided [Americans]

with an incomplete picture of the nature and extent
of the debate within the intelligence community
regarding these issues."



It's the simplest idea. All you gotta do, is get a couple large
buoys, that let's say take maybe a twenty foot square space, maybe
a foot or two thick, and they contain air, made of some strong
plastics. You just take that, anchor it stationary to the ocean
floor, and have it situated on a gear system where, even though the
buoy moves up and down slightly, there is such a tremendous amount
of force on it, through the rising of the tides, that through gear

ratios, you could easily get some turbines going for a thousand
bucks or something. Not a big investment to give you free energy

/ / Do not put any effort into thinking out your own opinions.
Create doubt on anything any true liberator, would try to
convey to you as important for your life. Never mind. Watch
your son or daughter be sacrificed, and just lie to yourself,
and tell us all how your so proud of your dead son or
daughter, "because they were fighting for liberty." And we
just got to just keep bullshiting you because you're an enemy
to God. An enemy to true freedom, when you demand truth not
be spoken for the innocent being persecuted, as Christ was.
Where is Christianity in America? Call your Church now! \ \


/ / Why does any American think that spying without a warrant
has any more effect in reducing the threat of terrorism than
spying with a warrant? \ \

Yet, FOX, CNN and CBC silently plead ignorance when
broadcasting for bushite favor on this rights issue. He wants
to pursue terrorists they'll tell us, but CNN, CBC, FOX and
others, won't tell us why Bush secretly feels FISA would
jeopardize such claimed inquiries? Sure, bushites are dumb,
but we're not that dumb to except this without knowing. It's
similarly like, Bush can't be my Chief because, Congress
didn't declare war like the Constitution Laws. So, what's he
going by then?, right?


Look up in your mind, across the sky!, it's the glorious sign
that says things couldn't be much worse under the watchful
gaze of the Supreme Commander. It's like, Bush can't be my
Chief because, Congress didn't declare war like the
Constitution Laws.

The, in league with evil tresspass of George Walker Bush only
has the rights that are protected by any civilized American.
The lying demon enemy has no power of illusion over me, for
he, I have concluded with in discussions about Satan, is
truly, no honorable god fearing American.

Help me to gain some international say, and our world will
fair brighter at becoming, this fool's play/tragedy.

bLeEplAb! bLeEplAp! bLeEplAb! bLeEplAp!


God or no God, I hate the demon antiChrist, corporate
america's false-deity, Your unelected Mr. bush Jr., as
much as any real Creator of this world, or any other

With such real inaction on old promises [lies] made by
the dishonorable and dishonest leaderless bushite nazi
savages, while desecrating all of Humanity by fighting
against a just rule of Law, (instead of protecting
America's America), forces the continued REAL WORLD
sacrifice of true Liberty, until the bushmob gang is
brought up by US for war crimes., as the 9/11
perpetrating, super evil as ungodly, demon antiChrist in
disguises. (I very much would feel welcomed to play my
part in those public proceedings.) Hmmm.. maybe CNN or
CBC can become publicly convinced we should have our own
news programs on what's truly happening?, to compete
against the 'evil bushites' in this competitive free
market place of ideas? Who knows..

Take care of the business, by getting US in on our
news-casts., as these principles here standing in words,
are a dreamers dreams, just waiting for You to bring to
reality., by standing proud, strong, and forever free as
a, truly, super awesome Human Being.

True Blue American Jew


/ / Jimmy Carter tours America with a new book that describes
Jews as racists and oppressors, and suggests they are also a
conspiratorial mafia that intimidates ``critics,'' [...] In
other words, Americans beware of the Jew in your midst. [...]
When hundreds of millions are calling for the extermination of
the Jews of Israel this is more than a lie; it is a blood
libel. \ \

What is wrong with this ungodly stupid zionist demon nazi fuk
eh? Does he want us to think he has some secret club of
"ungodly liars" who could hide among themselves in a dark room
and not destroy themselves willingly? (The Devil's in the
details) I'm King of the Jews, and I'd kill bushite thieves
for America anyday, any REAL JEW who defends the lives of the
innocent, who the bushite targets for murder would do so
likewise.. I mean, come on, seriously, who wouldn't.
bushites are evil, and evil is dumb. A zionist THIEF is a
soulless enemy of Life, as a un-American, God hating, pro
Christian/Arab/Jew killer. In other words, Americans beware
of the Zionist in your midst who LIES to cheat and steal from
the innocent true blue American Jew included.

Johnny America - presently on his theatrical, Wizard's World
Wide Work of Wonder Word spectacular Tour production with the
personally staged adaptation of, "Hello", now playing

P.S. can you spare a few tens of thousands of dollars so I
can afford a fair defense in my court battle against the
demonic enemy forces of life as we know it? Or, well, I guess
I'll lose unfairly, and go to prison as an innocent god loving
man, the "Top Cop" of our Universe dying actually. Don't let
them do this to my America friends.. my friend, don't let
them do this to anyone. Make the call. Be a man.

/ / An AMERICAN CITIZEN that ALL found leaderless bushite
dumfuk anti-American terrorist forces act nothing for defense
in. An American!!! \ \


Now that atheist THIEF Israel has 'legalized' MURDER,

/ / "Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to
the war on terror that will include staging targeted killings
in the United States and other friendly countries, former
Israeli intelligence officials told United Press
International. \ \ The zionist criminal element can't call
OUR COPS we see... and with enemies like these... We should
don our stars an crosses, load our guns, and hunt to kill
every last 'escaped' first degree murderer zionist,


/ / ``This is simply not right,'' Layton told a news
conference. ``There is no evidence that Mr. Arar's name
should be on such a list. We held a whole inquiry here in
Canada on this question. \ \


The Voice of Reason, NewsTalk 1270 is Off the Air

/ / it's almost unheard of for a start up to launch a station
with a format as expensive as the news/talk format. And it's
extremely rare for local investors to buck the trend of the
corporate consolidation and launch an independent locally
controlled broadcast outlet. \ \


Johnny's Flying Jalopy

Corporate America's contempt for Justice is STILL killing
American teens un-necessarily. All religions are in agreement
- God is just - and if there is to ever be a heaven granting
freedom to all, it's a world that treats all people equitably,
like Mohamed, Hillel, and Jesus with Confucius, Buddha, and so
on preaches to real believers... While evil bushite liars
tell our children we're blaming the innocent as God's will for
their 'escaping' criminality. Murderous! Art Bell again,
told his viewers he didn't support starting the war against
the innocent in Iraq, but he did relentlessly. I survived
through that well recorded international challenge. The demon
forbade any discussions on the matter, but for a rare seldom
talk with someone who wanted to nuke somwheres else. The
demon would screen his calls, privately during commercials,
and anyone who wanted to bring up an American soldier's
interest in why we were all pro-war with those who directly
carried out 911 AS DOCUMENTED, he'd just hang up on before
broadcast. Despite MILLIONS marching. So AMERICANS wouldn't
know: George W. Bush actually is the 911 master mind of this
journey into hell by his criminal ineptness to plan an
effective exit strategy for him, and his dishonorable ungodly
servants, like the bushite terrorists Cheney, Rumsfeld, task
group 626. Sattler, Blount, Mattis, Russell, Allawi, Aegis,
and now,.. PUBLIC admissions of the bush administration
taxing "Americans" for death squads against the INNOCENT by
their "democratic" constituency. Gifts from America to you
freedom lovers! See the bushite, you kill it for America, you
kill it for children, you kill it for the love of GOD left
forsaken by corporate 'for profit' zionist news directors, who
TRULY hold YOUR life in contempt. Hate me? okay, f--k you
too then, HATE GOD as 'defenseless' by supporting these
continuing indiscriminate al-cia-duh bombing attacks against
our Humanity, and I'll personally hunt the offensive liar
bushite down religiously for judicial prosecutions as OUR
enemy. Join me in ridding Humanity of the enemies to American
freedom, the bushite terrorists.

Bush signed the top secret war strategy, to ignore all
relevant evidence for a crime that hadn't just yet taken
place, on September 9th, 2001. [Jim at MSNBC] A top secret
criminal plan to close inquiries carried out after the
catalyst terror event of 911. The General who provided the no
evidence argument to the Taliban at Bush's request, was found
also responsible by the FBI for funding the same terrorist
offence in question. A terrorist crime that the bushmob has
taken a huge killing in GOD with. wAllah, George W. Bush is
the for real antichrist. No escaping it my friends, no
escaping it. Fight for Freedom, or die a loser to bush's
genius. Support me, or fail to recognize true wisdom when it
speaks to you of need for desperate change to save your dying

Do YOU have any idea how truly evil Art Bell appears when he
says, of course America was lied to through corporate news
censorship in regards to the WMD questions, but that's because
it was all for stealing Iraqi property to benefit no-national,
bottom lining by jack bribing, - bush's - pro-military
dictatorship oil companies after all is dead and gone, that's
what death Your American Son is good for. And why isn't Art
Bell mad about what he did to you?, at least near half the
angry of how much, still locked in the trunk Daddy G is?
No,.. in shock!, he's sounding as chipper as ever! That is
what Art Bell actually said last Saturday night to God and

So listen: Art Bell and George Norry won't allow Americans to
set a HIGH PRIORITY in solving any American crisis, and
instead, we'll get the regular, who cares about the dying
poor, needless American teen sacrifices done for a better life
it was not thought. Art Bell will likely never be able to
stand up proud as a real American man, unless he allows US to
form his good defense on fears of wisdom existing beyond his
stupid man comprehensions along with likewise traitor Norry.
Only way for that to happen, is if he, as the other radio
celeb happy happy cultists, are forced by LAW, to have
broadcasted on every private radio station of OUR Planet, a
full hour of open lines calls to talk about whatever as the
disgruntled, but loving, immediate community, perhaps sharing
recipes. Then, if America is still then a wasteland of
worthless words trumpeting a bushite's proud barbarity for
ungodly zionism as death of the Jewish religion, continually
committed to the further enslavement of the Human condition,
by thieving, and torturing as proud boastful bushites do,
WE'LL ALL know it, and consider demanding Justice then on OUR,
not so out there old country radio stations, all so THEY can
then, as offending war criminals, go it alone without
ourselves. Like an old "All in the Family" episode I saw
once, or thrice. Where Archie gets to makes a community
member statement on his local TV station!!! Wow eh? How far
we've come...

Jesus, hell no, I ain't going down that blind delusion of what
infinite Justice means. Tell George Norry, Ahmad funded Atta.
Despite the FACT that he will likely again, personally
determine, DYING American SOLDIERS must be FORBIDDEN such
knowledge as understood in context. Then, get him to invite
US on as a very controversial guest. What a show that would
be! Wouldn't it be a great novelty that would eventually wear
off with something even more curiously interesting in a
million to two years? Or, die tomorrow as a forsaken American
Patriot soldier. It's all up to YOU. Do the right thing by
supporting me, Creator of the Universe, with answers to
EVERYTHING. Or, die with evil genius Bush, as your blind
tyrant war bringer, against everything good in purgatory.


Johnny America


/ / Lord Justice Richards, sitting with Mr Justice Forbes and
Mr Justice Mackay, ruled it was a "reasonable" decision for
the Director of Public Prosecutions and the CPS not to order
prosecutions on the basis that they were "likely to fail". \ \

These three will be tried for blatant treason, when found
easily guilty, Britain will consider temporarily bringing back
the death penalty, by having these three, along with the
murderous pro cop killers, gloriously executed for God and
country. The fellow murdered was working for a security firm,
likely, Peter Power. And the murderers were caught repeatedly
LYING to the British populace. Repeatedly. Now, ask
yourself, why such lies to cover up such a serious crime of
FIRST DEGREE MURDER of an innocent British citizen? "Likely
to fail"?, that's not Justice, likewise, not freedom, as no
way to deal with the continuing terrorist threat found
discovered there years and years ago. Do you think these
treasonous "Judges" are not aware of the mass killings in
Britain committed, as confessed PUBLICLY IN BRITIAN, by
government agents posing as the still silent on the issue IRA?
LEARN: these once fearful officers will tell you, if they
don't talk to plead Justice, the "British" government has them
murdered. (Their best buds actually from back at the office
are only 'IN IT' for their own preserved criminal gain you
see, so... why take the risk that Johnny'll get you in the
end? SEE? A bushite kills bushite for a stolen nickel they
likely stole from their OWN grand parents to give to
Halliburton, because truly, bushite soldiers are godless nazi
traitors who cowardly bomb the innocent with their personal
contempt for God and Life, or go silent over such atrocities
committed in our names by LIARS.) This pattern is Universal,
so, my hands are tied. There is truly no honor among bushite
thieves, like in the Third Infantry or Elvis desecrator Aegis.
Death to our indiscriminately murderous thieving enemies of
God's Creation, who war Creation for bush's personal escape
for the crimes of 911 Christ would say right, wouldn't you say
so likewise my brothers and sisters, of the Muslim, Christian,
and Jewish religions in belief?

/ / Jonathan Crow QC, acting for the CPS, said he sympathised
with the family but that the police believed at the time Mr de
Menezes posed a threat and they were acting in self defence. \ \

According to whom?, certainly not by the statements made by
the demonic bushite liars who war Britain to assist in the
escape of Peter Power and company.

Later Gaters,

Johnny America

Crime News Journalist "Apoo, will you ever stop selling spoiled meat?"
Kwiki Mart Apoo Ahhasapeenapenluand "No. I mean yes. I mean.. Oh oh.."


Iraq Study Group finds "systematic" effort to cook the books.

Bush's inevitable showdown
By Caroline B. Glick
Saturday, February 17, 2007

It is impossible to guess the consequences of the approaching showdown between the US and Iran. But if the events of the past week are any guide, the future does not look promising.

President George W. Bush asserted Wednesday that the deal the State Department achieved with North Korea in the six-party talks "will bring us closer to a Korea Peninsula that is free of nuclear weapons." But it is hard to see how this is so.

Reached seven months after North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile and four months after it conducted an underground nuclear test, the accord makes no mention of Pyongyang's nuclear or missile arsenals. Indeed all it does is pay North Korea handsomely for a promise that within 60 days it will temporarily seal its nuclear installation at Yongbyon. For this promise, the Americans agreed to supply the North with 50,000 pounds of heavy fuel oil; conduct direct talks with the North Koreans towards the normalization of diplomatic ties; and cancel banking sanctions that have effectively barred the North Koreans from international capital markets.

The last US payoff is the kicker. In 2006 the US Treasury took action against a bank in Macau that was laundering North Korean counterfeit dollars. That action was the first truly effective step the US has taken toward destabilizing Kim Jung Il's Stalinist regime.

Kim understands that the only way he can remain in power is to force the international community to subsidize his tyranny. The only way he can get foreign powers to do that is by using nuclear blackmail. By removing its banking sanctions, the US effectively destroyed its only effective bargaining chip against North Korea and so ensured that Kim's brinkmanship will continue. In light of this, as former US ambassador the UN John Bolton's noted, the message the US sent by acceding to the agreement is that "if you hold out long enough and wear down the State Department negotiators, eventually you will get rewarded."

Aside from capitulating to North Korea, this week the US took an initial step towards accepting Hamas as a legitimate actor. The unity deal between Fatah and Hamas negotiated under the aegis of the supposedly moderate Saudi King Abdullah is a stunning rebuke of US Palestinian policy. By effectively demoting Fatah to the status of junior partner to Hamas, the agreement is a slap on the face to the Bush administration which for the past four years has based its Palestinian policy on its blind faith in Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Since 2003 the administration has put all its eggs in Abbas's basket. No amount of evidence of Fatah's direct involvement in terrorism against Israel could convince Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to change their view that Abbas is a "moderate" who is willing to make peace with Israel.

The US has showered him with money, arms and legitimacy and forced Israel to do the same. And in Mecca last weekend, Abbas showed that he has played Bush for a fool. Not only did he agree not to fight against Hamas or disarm it. By accepting an agreement which does not include recognition of Israel's right to exist, Abbas demonstrated that there is no significant difference between Fatah and Hamas in terms of their commitment to bring about Israel's destruction.

Yet as with North Korea, here too, the Bush administration has chosen to pretend that in failing it has succeeded. Rather than distance herself from Abbas, Rice insists on going ahead with the scheduled three-way summit with Abbas and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday.

It is possible that there is more here than meets the eye. It is possible for instance that the US is willing to take a few hits in order to clear its deck of nuisances so that it can concentrate on the greatest danger to global security. Perhaps the Bush administration is appeasing North Korea by buying it off and appeasing the Arabs and Europeans by being nice to the Palestinians in order to buy time to deal with Iran.

But if this is the game that the Americans are playing, it is a dangerous one. In the first instance, there is no assurance that their concessions will buy them any time at all. The North Koreans have already disavowed their supposed pledge to seal the Yangbyon installation and allow free access to international inspectors. Similarly, by meeting with Abbas next week, Rice may be opening the US to Palestinian extortion.

Thursday Abbas announced that he is postponing the public address that he was supposed to give describing the unity deal with Hamas until after the summit with Olmert and Rice. In so doing, he is paving the way for a post-summit public denunciation of the US and Israel which will seal his agreement to subordinate himself and Fatah to Hamas.

BUT ASSUMING that the US is in fact playing for time, and assuming that it gets the time it seeks, it is far from clear that it will use that time wisely.

Today positive and negative indicators regarding the nature and outcome of a US confrontation with Iran run together and so forecasting the likely form and outcome of the contest is all but impossible.

On the one hand, the US is beginning to openly target Iranian agents and assets in Iraq. This limited move has been enough to unnerve Iranian leaders who apparently fear that it is but the first step towards an all-out American offensive against Iran.

Their fears are also raised by the US naval buildup in the Persian Gulf, the Iraqi government's announcement that it is sealing its borders with Iran and Syria, and the build-up of NATO forces near the Afghan border with Iran.

Economically, the pressure that the US has been exerting on European and Asian oil companies to curtail their operations in Iran is beginning to pay off. Tuesday The New York Times reported that the Iranian economy, which is completely dependent on oil and gas exports, is beginning to show signs of distress. Without foreign assistance, the Iranians cannot long maintain their current export rate or develop their reserve capacity. This shortfall will force the regime to curtail government subsidies of gas and oil prices and so encourage civil unrest.

The regime's fear of unrest grows by the day as the regime itself shows increased signs of disintegration. With the supreme leader Ali Khamenei reportedly suffering from the late stages of cancer, Iran expert Michael Ledeen reported this week that factional fighting for succession between forces loyal to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and forces loyal to former president and leader of the powerful Guardians Council Hashemi Rafsanjani is gaining momentum. The succession battle has engulfed the ayatollahs who are themselves turning against one another.

Furthermore, according to the Iran Press Service, the attack in Baluchistan that killed a dozen Revolutionary Guards troops on Tuesday was only one of many violent attacks against regime targets to have occurred in recent days. If the US and its allies act wisely, there is every reason to believe that they could successfully foment a revolution that would bring down the regime.

Yet it is far from clear that the US is interested in bringing down the regime. This week Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn released a report on US Farsi language broadcasting into Iran. From an analysis of those broadcasts, Coburn reached the disturbing conclusion that far from working to advance the US's stated aim of overthrowing the regime, these US taxpayer-funded broadcasts "undermine US policy on Iran, often even supporting the propaganda of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Needless to say, this is not the sort of behavior one would expect from the US if the administration was seriously pursuing the overthrow of the mullahs or planning a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities.

Then there is the leaked EU report that admits that its negotiations to date have had no impact on Iran's nuclear weapons plans and that any future negotiations will likewise have no impact on Iran's nuclear ambitions or activities. While it is possible to view this as an admission of failure which could pave the way to European support for a US-led military campaign against Iran's nuclear installations, it is more likely that the EU will decide that in light of the ineffectiveness of their negotiations with the Iranians to date that they have no choice but to continue with them.

Indeed, this week Switzerland took it upon itself to offer the Iranians yet another package of concessions in exchange for their agreement to hold discussions. If Iran, as its press agencies have indicated, agrees to negotiate with the Europeans, it could very likely buy itself some time at the US's expense.

For both Bush and Rice made it clear this week that they do still cling to the fantasy that diplomacy can carry the day with Iran. While touting her deal with North Korea on Tuesday, Rice said it should be viewed "as a message to Iran that the international community is able to bring together its resources, and that strong diplomacy has achieved results."

YET WHETHER or not the US is planning for a confrontation with Iran and whether or not its deal with North Korea and its continued tolerance for Abbas is aimed at preparing the ground for a confrontation with the mullahs, that confrontation will occur.

As the regime becomes less stable, the mullahs are becoming more extreme. They are ratcheting up their suppression of regime opponents throughout the country. There is little reason to doubt that they will seek to divert their people's attention from their failures by inciting hostilities against the US in Iraq or against Israel in Lebanon, Syria or the Palestinian Authority and expediting their nuclear program. Indeed, the Iranians have ample means at their disposal to initiate the confrontation with the US on a battleground most convenient to them.

Whether the US arrives at its showdown with Iran from a position of weakness or strength, willingly or unwillingly, there is no doubt that the confrontation is approaching. And the difference between initiating the confrontation and allowing Iran to initiate it with a nuclear first strike is not a trivial question. It will make a difference of millions of lives. The question of the hour is therefore whether the little time left before the war is being used wisely.

And here is the great failure. By sending a message of weakness now, in order to purchase maneuvering time that may not be obtained, the US this week has accelerated rather than distanced the moment of truth while doing nothing to build support or increase its chances of triumph when the inevitable occurs.

"My opponent says that going to war with the terrorists is
actually improving their recruiting efforts. I think the
logic is upside-down. I think that shows a misunderstanding
of the enemy." -- George W. Bush

"I must tell you, I'm sleeping a lot better than people would
assume," -- George W. Bush


No evidence against an accused is US being truly abused

"These are not terrorists, they are not al-Qeada, they are
ordinary innocent men, women and children."



Ahmad funded Atta

American soldiers are being terribly mislead by the Bush
administration to undermine freedom for Americans, by
suggesting an effective war strategy is to ignore all the 911
evidence, and go off instead to blindly blame bad Afghans or
badder Iraqis, is an insult to all honorable police services.
Services not left permanently perplexed by the onslaught of
repeatedly ignoring the same consequences where more innocent
people fall dead as bombing victims, while LIAR bushite
continue to charge/thieve from both, you as an American, and
me, a member of our victimized Humanity. You see, your demon
liar has ruled that all the Peoples of Earth have no legal
rights to exist freely in our public court rooms. Bad news
that is for OUR dying America my friend. Support my call for
an open dialog on returning a reason for believing, for
Freedom is Justice, not a censored world ruled by puppet
people in shadows without free will left un-accountable. On a
populated Earth exceeding six billion, you would find some
disagreement on our worths measured by the 'un-accountable'
bushite american ENEMY like the self described as enlightened,
pro Arab child killer George Norry I'd say. See, if you blame
someone for a crime without any evidence, then convict him,
how would you know that the individual that victimized your
Family actually got caught for harming YOU? Personally I'm
saying... .American. I mean - if you continue not demanding a
return to Justice, it will leave your life, and go far where
freedom's not. Believe me. I know these things,

Support my cause as if it were your own, by chirping in to
help us out some man. Look out buddies, some thing wicked
this way comes and it's surprise!, Johnny Wizard President and
CEO of Earth Co.! Wow!, what a godsend that boy is eh? I'd
bet he's richer than everybody.. No, I've heard he's near
starving broke, no hey.. it's no joke.. I've heard he's
looking at prison time because nobody will lend him the time
of day to call up their radio station to demand Justice for
themselves., As Americans!. Nor, have any billionaires the
world over offered Johnny a penny in help to secure a proper
legal defense. Gee, it's just that he's hard of believing in
God I'd say. Perhaps..

Where did you get those shoes?,

Johnny America - A Free World believer in something better.

Puppet On A String: Hamas Dances To Israel's Tune

P.S. Did you hear?, Israel's big G-D Court ruled that
committing State murder is what lawless Jews do to fight
'terrorism'? Legal to murder innocent People, but more
specifically, Religious People. "Fuck You Moses" the Israeli
ungodly zionist says, because they're better than US as
Zionist jews don't you know. The People's of Israel are being
victimized by the bastions of truly demonic lies told through
the sickening mouth pieces of the irrational zionist neocon
god betrayers. Believe me, I know these things, for I am the
Light of Life itself after all.

Okay, I'm gone. .. er. .



Again, a un-American bushite is the enemy to Life as ungodly
disciples of the very real antichrist, believe me.


/ / "And I reject those ideas," Bush said after meeting with
top generals and Defense Department officials at the Pentagon. \ \

It looks like G.W. Bush is going to be a real bitch about all
this nasty business of his capacity to conceive what we're
saying actually as each other committed to reach beyond the
'grunt' stage in human development eh? Typical.

"It's Bad-in-Iraq, Does that help heh-heh"

/ / For if Iran should have learned anything from recent
history, especially from events on its own borders, it is that
as a tactic, whether offensive or defensive, threatening
Israel publicly is counterproductive in the extreme. \ \

Blame a zionist for the criminal offences he or she is
personally responsible for as the guilty party, and the
'escaping' zionist claims through corporate 'for profit' media
mind control, your blaming Israel as an anti-Semite.
Anti-Semite! Semite, like umm... Moe, Ham, an Ed. You go,
Aukmaudinajad, let's get the truth out to let a free people
decide without NAZI censorship. However, I have seen
incinerators filled with corpses, and Hitler's Reich marching
anywho citizens into a hole, where with women and babies, they
were then all summarily shot, then buried, all the while
soldier's chatted about how great they were, all high quality
digital formats available, some even IN COLOR!, so, convincing
me that godless bushites have existed, that would murder
anyone for a stolen nickel as pro-bush rapists, pro-bush
torturers, and pro-bush thieves of the Iraqi Development Funds
is goin' be, next near to impossible. But, I'm the guy you'd
want in your corner, never the less. "King of the Jews",
that's me. Oh, oh, oh, oh,.. pick me! picck ME! PICK ME!!!

'We have no problems with Jews and highly respect Judaism as a
holy religion. We only have problems with Zionist circles in
Israel which we hold responsible for the suppression of the
Palestinian nation.'

P.S. I'm not gay that way okay, and I'm most definitely a
man's man when it comes to the female gender, but I really do
love Ourselves man, and if you guys don't start offering me
some support, a couple of disgruntled bushite brethren are
going to pirate our Justice system, by putting me, an innocent
man behind OUR bars UNJUSTLY. Support Yourself by calling up
CJOB here in Winnipeg to demand they start broadcasting in
favor of our freedoms, not to lie our naiver teens into dying
for something they understand nothing of. Well, it's no
wonder. Make the calls. Be a friend, if not a blind enemy to
everything. For our Life's survival needs your input/help.
Don't die in silence for Bush, fight for America to come back
to being America. Get on the radio. YOU can make a real
difference if you'd only try. Realize, very few actually do,
we need YOU. Now, Coast to Coast hosts deny US this
privilege, this must change for thee better. The sooner we
succeed in defeating George Norry and Art Bell's censorship of
the American endeavor, the more American teen lives are
potentially spared through a dying bushite's commander's
CRIMINAL contempt for Humanity, just like Our Mr. bush IS.
For, REAL freedom is protected through just acts made for our
measured benefits. A country, or city, or person accused of a
criminal offense without any evidence made in the Public Trust
is innocent. PERIOD. Hammurabi suggested to just PROUDLY
kill any false capital accuser [a bushite] who tries to
tell/teach our suggestible children otherwise. Real people
have to die in defense for escaping the support of torturing
innocent people to death, for their is NEVER any reason, just
costly time to explain the whys, that bushites lie, while
American national radio propagandists, who like Art Bell, are
pouring poisonously chauvinist, and openly, willingly working
to undermine the audience, all to lawless traders of freedom
for tyranny. Senators that supported the Military Commissions
Act need to be thought for as TREASONOUS. Better for Christ
to judicially halt/kill a thieving bushite, than allow it to
continue lawlessly murdering more left undefended for further
victim hood as God's America. No evidence against an accused
is US being truly abused. (Senators have STOLEN literally
billions from a helpless GOD through ear-marking from an
un-accountable America left to die as the actually forsaken.)
Smart guy that Hammurabi fellow was, on combating ungodly
terrorism in a new world's Age.

Alex Jones "Alarming words for our time."




Exit strategy: Outlaw lawlessness. Murder, rape, and the
thieving of billions from America as STILL wrong.

Johnny America "Death to the bushite, death to our enemies."

A Look Back and Ahead In An Age of Neocon Rule

/ / [...] like the Law of Suspects, were earlier versions of
our Patriot I and II and Military Commission Acts today. The
Revolutionary Tribunal, with no chance for justice or right of
appeal, was no different than our military courts today, and
too many civil ones, in which any US citizen may now be tried
anywhere in the world, with no habeas right of appeal or hope
for due process and from which those sent there won't fare any
better than the French did, doomed to meet their unjust fate -

[...] \ \

Unjust?, perhaps. Remember, these bushites CHOOSE to support
the rape and torture of the innocent in God. Knowing the
bushmob STOLE all Iraqi wealth, AND LISTEN, they speak near no
words in defense of ourselves. While, I, as I'm certain any
real family man would also, take GREAT pleasure in killing
bushites. Anyone in George W. bush's Air Force for example.
They are soulless cowards who drop bombs on innocent families
running for their lives from a Church, or as children, hiding
under our beds praying to God for help. Simply put: A
bushite terrorist is a lifeless enemy of Life, better dead,
than still breathing I tell all children of creation to kill
their very own fathers or brothers if they express any blind
pride whatsoever in these indiscriminate attacks against
freedom. Or just spend stolen loot like from in Blount's
Third Infantry. (Blount commands the third infantry as a
Saudi Wahhabist, no shit, a BILLIONIARE Saudi commanding
American soldiers to OPENLY thieve and murder from Iraq. If
Saddam only knew, he'd be up in arms over it I'm sure.)

All I personally need to hear, is that bushite cheering from
his bomber at the murdering of innocent screaming women and
children, in Afghanistan, or any of the near thousand tapes
from Iraq, or perhaps, re-reading the comments of the not yet
PROUDLY EXECUTED 3 year old killers of Haditha, who told US
ALL, murdering helpless children not guilty of ANYTHING was
their regular fair all through the criminal command of
Sattler, where as Satanic, they murdered more than two hundred
thousand of OUR innocent family members to die sacrificed for
the demon LIAR ANTICHRIST enemy thieves. Oh god yah, killing
a bushite, is to defend the innocent lives they target to
thieve from themselves as ENEMIES TO EVERYTHING. God yeah, I
know I'm doing Humanity GOOD by ending a first degree
murdering bushite THIEF, who wars Our innocent Humanity to
help escape the TRAITOR bushmob for 911, back in New York
City, where thousands of AMERICANS WERE MURDERED. With George
W. bush's 'top secret' anti-American plan, don't you know..?
Surely, FOXNews would care for the lives of Americans who
state FOXNews is the best for not making them think they know
nothing as true to dead or dying dumfuk enemies of the Marine

Sean Hannity must be tried for treason for LYING DIRECTLY to
America repeatedly. Why? Becasue nobody can be that stupidly
evil by accident.

I am, seriously, Death to the enemies of Christ, and I hope,
you can find The honor to serve America in the same respect
for soldiers who have fallen Before US, who died TRULY warring
against a bushite's irrational tyranny. While these Nazi
bushite fucks tell US openly, they lawlessly rape, torture,
and steal from God as 'defenseless'. Leaves me to ask YOU,
what are you going to do about it?

Live free, or die in chains?

Johnny America "Death to the bushite, death to our enemies."


/ / "the Zionists make a great issue of the Holocaust in order
to further their illegitimate [ungodly as anti-Human]
philosophy and aims," \ \


Re: An INTERNATIONAL Public Letter to the "American" Coast to Coast
Radio Network: 1. We, as the People, demand you allow US, the human
species to openly discuss the public evidence on who funded the
terrorist acts of 911 according to the FBI.

Expanding the Envelope-

Stealth and Other Strike Roles......

The advent of combat aircraft possessing Low Observable (LO)
characteristics has revolutionised many well established roles,
yielding an unprecedented reduction in combat loss rates. Low
Observables have returned, for the first time since the introduction
of radar, the advantage of surprise to the attacking bomber.

The Lockheed F-117A, Northrop B-2, Lockheed-Martin/Boeing F-22 and
planned multi-service JSF are all intended to exploit their LO
characteristics in penetrating defended airspace to strike surface

Hitherto the focus in developing strike capabilities in these types
has been upon the strategic strike, lethal defence suppression and
fixed battlefield target interdiction roles. The target set for these
roles encompasses primarily non-moving, high value, land based

The primary guided weapon used by the F-117A is the laser guided bomb,
and both the Raytheon built GBU-27 and older GBU-10 weapons have been
used operationally. Both weapons provide precision and the choice of
the unitary Mk.84 warhead or the concrete piercing BLU-109/B. The
limitation of both weapons is the need for a clear line of sight to
the aimpoint to ensure that the laser reflections off the target can
be seen by the bomb seeker. Ongoing development of GBU-24/27 includes
incorporation of a GPS receiver to improve weapon flightpath
management, and provide a backup guidance mode if the laser paint is

The primary guided weapon for the B-2A is the Boeing GBU-31 Joint
Direct Attack Munition (JDAM), which employs a guidance package built
around the HG1700 ring laser gyro and the GEM-III GPS receiver.1 It
supplants the earlier Northrop GBU-36 GAM weapon, which pioneered the
GPS/inertial bomb guidance principle.2 The tailkit can be fitted to
the Mk.84 or the BLU-109/B warheads. The GBU-32, is based upon the
1,000 lb Mk.83 warhead, and is intended to become the primary weapon
for the F-22A, and later the JSF. A 500 lb variant of these weapons,
using a Mk.82 warhead, has been recently tested by Boeing.3

The baseline JDAM provides a genuine all weather day and night
capability, with a nominal CEP of about 40 ft, which makes it an
accurate rather than precision weapon. Should the USAF in the future
deploy an operational Wide Area Differential GPS (WADGPS) network,
based upon the technology developed in the EDGE and WAGE trials, the
JDAM will provide a genuine precision attack capability against fixed
prebriefed targets.4 Extant methods for improving accuracy also
include the use of pseudo-differential GPS techniques, such as the GAM/
GATS system on the B-2A, designed for use with the aircraft's APQ-181
radar and the GBU-36 weapon. This technique has yielded CEPs of about
16 ft.

Fig.1 GBU-31 JDAM (Boeing).

Other means of increasing the accuracy of the JDAM have been
investigated, of interest are the classified Orca and Hammerhead
programs, based upon the use of millimetric wave (MMW) radar and
synthetic aperture radar (SAR) autonomous terminal seekers,
respectively. These would supplement the GPS/inertial midcourse
guidance, providing a highly accurate terminal guidance capability.

The JDAM was the primary weapon of the B-2A during the Allied Force
campaign. It is supplemented by the 4,700 lb GBU-37, which comprises a
modified GBU-36 tailkit and the deep penetration BLU-113 warhead
developed for the Desert Storm bunker busting effort.

The limitation of the JDAM at this time is that it is not well suited
for attacks on moving surface targets, be they land based or other.
While precomputing a likely aimpoint may be a viable improvisation for
a low altitude drop, the time of flight of the weapon for a more
typical high altitude drop renders this approach inflexible.

The outlook for the coming two decades is that of the JDAM family of
munitions supplanting the Paveway family and GBU-15/AGM-130 as the
USAF's primary guided bombs. The USAF MMTD development program, aimed
at producing a compact 250 lb class GPS/inertially guided weapon with
the lethality of established bombs, has proved to be very successful.5
Utilising experience gained during the EDGE trials, future production
derivatives of the MMTD will allow low observable fighters like the
F-22 and JSF to carry a respectable number of rounds, and emulate the
B-2A's capability to engage multiple aimpoints in a single pass.

Figure 2. Northrop GBU-36 GAM (Northrop)

The focus in the shorter term has been largely upon improving the
accuracy, lethality and operational flexibility of the GPS guided bomb
in the core role of strike against fixed targets.

The question which arises now is that of how to best extend the
envelope of the Low Observable striker with its GPS / inertially
guided weapons, to encompass other target sets, and by default, other
more specialised strike roles.

Prior to the advent of Low Observable strike aircraft, it was
customary to develop highly specialised weapons for such roles. The
USN developed AGM-84 Harpoon family was devised for antishipping
strike. A range of air delivered naval mines and modification kits for
the Mk.80 series bombs were developed and also widely deployed. The
CBU-97/B Sensor Fused Weapon was developed for destroying massed
formations of armour and soft skinned vehicles, and deployed as
payloads for dispensers and the AGM-154 JSOW glide weapon. For highly
precise strikes, the GBU-15 and AGM-130 glidebombs were developed,
using a combination of weapon mounted imager and datalink, to provide
man in the loop terminal guidance.6

Figure 3. Boeing B-52H (USAF).

Figure 4. Boeing AGM-84A Harpoon (Boeing).

In the future environment of a USAF equipped with a top tier strike
force of B-2A, F-22A, JSF, and possibly a B-2 based or other
replacement for the B-52 and B-1B, many of these specialised weapons
will present difficulties as their delivery modes were conceived
during a period predating the need for internally carried weapons.
This will be a major issue for the F-22A and JSF.

It is therefore prudent to explore some of the more specialised strike
roles and consider alternatives which are compatible with the delivery

Maritime Strike and Aerial Naval Mining

The efficacy of land based air power in maritime strike and the
delivery of naval mines is historically well documented. Land based
maritime strike aircraft played a decisive role during the Second
World War, operated by both Allied and Axis powers. The Battle of the
Atlantic, the Murmansk convoys, the Mediterranean war, the Japanese
advance on Malaya, the Battle of the Bismarck Sea, and the blockade of
Japan were all decisively shaped by land based air power. Indeed, Gen.
Curtis LeMay's B-29 force played a more important role in the mining
of Japanese home waters than the USN's submarine force did.7

During the Cold War, the Soviet Aviatsiya Voenno-Morskovo Flota (AVMF
or SNA) fielded hundreds of Bear, Badger and Backfire bombers in this
pivotal role.

In the Western community, the use of land based air power for maritime
strike and naval mining operations has been adopted on a large scale
by the USAF and other allies, the most notable being the Australians.
Australia's RAAF modified its force of F-111C aircraft to launch the
Harpoon, and deliver naval mines, in addition to its Harpoon capable
P-3C and F/A-18A force.

In USAF service the B-52G/H is the primary maritime strike and mining
asset, with the B-1B also recently cleared for mine delivery.8

Strategic bombers are an invaluable asset for strategic maritime
warfare, as they posses response times and flexibility which cannot be
matched by naval assets. The time to position a carrier battle group
may in many situations be too great to exploit a developing
opportunity to make a decisive strike, or close down an important
shipping lane or port before a hostile force sails.

There are many other situations where land based air power is better
suited for maritime strike and mining. These arise where an opponent
has sufficiently strong land based air capabilities to challenge a
carrier battle group. If carrier based aircraft are mostly occupied
defending the carrier, little effort will be expended on the primary
offensive role.

In maritime warfare, be it anti-shipping strike or mining, a Low
Observable capability confers the very same advantages it does in the
strategic penetration and interdiction roles. The ability to covertly
stalk a Surface Action Group, Carrier Battle Group, convoy or to
covertly lay a minefield, yields the decisive advantage of surprise
and minimises loss rates.

Figure 5. CONOPS for AsuW JDAM (Author).

The B-2A has tremendous potential in both of these roles. While its
APQ-181 attack radar possesses a maritime search mode, the demise of
the AGM-137 TSSAM denied the B-2A a suitable weapon for anti-shipping
strike.9 While in theory it could be adapted to deliver naval mines in
the manner performed by the B-52G/H and the B-1B, ensuring accurate
deliveries requires a low altitude drop with concomitant potential for
exposure, and a reduction in combat radius. The same difficulties
would also arise with carrying the AGM-84 Harpoon, which would also
require a weapon specific interface.

While it may be argued that a low altitude delivery could be
tolerated, it is hardly the optimal strategy for solving the problem.
Indeed, a much better alternative exists - adaptation of the GBU-31

For anti-shipping strikes, we propose the following adaption: the
GBU-31 is modified by the addition of a nose mounted terminal seeker,
and the autopilot software configured to fly the bomb over the
intended target and execute a vertical dive attack. The CONOPS is
illustrated in Figure 5.

There are a number of choices available in seeker technology:

Millimetric Wave Imaging (MMWI) techniques, whereby the seeker scans
the surface in the acquisition footprint to develop a height profile
of the surface. A naval vessel will produce a large and unambiguous
elevation profile, suitable for classification and aimpoint selection.
Techniques such as superstructure faceting are ineffective against
such a seeker, due to the large area of flat decks. MMWI techniques
have been used in anti-armour submunitions and the US Army's Hellfire
anti-armour missile seeker.10
Focal Plane Array Imaging Infra-Red (FPA-IIR) techniques, whereby the
seeker images the surface in the acquisition footprint and
autonomously identifies the shapes of naval vessels. Due to the large
thermal signature of naval vessels, even modest seeker resolution
would suffice for target classification and aimpoint selection. FPA-
IIR technology is employed in the USAF/USN AIM-9X and the UK AIM-132
ASRAAM seekers, using Indium Antimonide array technology.11
Scanning Infra-Red (SIR) or radiometry techniques, whereby a dual band
two element IR seeker scans the surface in the acquisition footprint
to develop a thermal profile of the surface and any naval vessels
present. By using two detector elements at different IR colours, the
seeker can estimate the blackbody temperature of every searched point
with reasonable accuracy, allowing the use of similar identification
and classification techniques to that in the proposed FPA-IIR seeker.
Experience with anti-tank submunition seekers suggests that the
infrared gradient across target edges can be exploited. This technique
is employed in the Norwegian developed Penguin anti-ship missile,
carried by their F-16s.12
While the infra-red seekers are passive, they are also weather
limited, and in the the author's view the MMWI seeker is the better
choice. Importantly, enough extant seeker technology exists that the
development of an anti-shipping seeker for the JDAM is a low risk and
low cost proposition.

From the perspective of defeating shipboard defences, the vertical
attack profile is particularly attractive. This is because most
shipboard terminal defences, be they based upon SAMs or AAA, are
optimised for the detection and engagement of sea skimming missiles,
low flying aircraft, or shallow diving high speed missiles. Indeed,
many shipboard defensive packages will have a blind zone in a cone
above the vessel. Many search radars will have sidelobes in this area,
and the bomb's radar return may appear as a target in the mainlobe, at
a much lower elevation angle. Indeed the British ALARM missile,
equivalent to the AGM-88 HARM, exploits this very effect. The same
coverage issue will apply to many shipboard ESM systems, and the
emissions from the MMWI seeker will scatter off the structure,
producing spurious tracks. Even should shipboard defences be capable
of detecting and engaging the bomb, unless they can cause the weapon
to prematurely explode, it may still be capable of inflicting damage.

From the perspective of lethality, the vertical attack profile is also
attractive. The historical track record of 1,000 lb class gravity
bombs delivered against shipping by dive bombers is impeccable, indeed
many vessels much better armoured than contemporary types succumbed to
the USN's SBD Dauntlesses, the Luftwaffe's Ju-87 Stukas and the JNAF's
D3A Vals.

Lethality could be further enhanced by exploiting the BLU-109/B
warhead and the Hard Target Smart Fuse, devised for bunker busting. By
fusing the weapon to explode beneath the vessel, after penetrating
through the bottom, it is feasible to produce a similar effect to that
of a Mk.48 torpedo, and break the keel of a smaller combatant. Indeed,
the 600 lb class Tritonal filling of the BLU-109/B is similar in size
to the warhead of the Mk.48 series. Unlike the torpedo, the JDAM would
cause significant structural damage while penetrating through the
vessel, thereby weakening it prior to warhead initiation.13

From a strategic perspective the B-2A armed with sixteen anti-shipping
GBU-31 weapons would provide the capability to destroy an eight vessel
strong SAG in a single pass, budgeting two rounds per target. A pair
of aircraft would be capable of sinking a convoy or a carrier battle

The economics of the B-2A and the proposed anti-shipping GBU-31
variant are also very attractive, since even with a $80k unit seeker
cost, and a $20k baseline weapon cost, each anti-shipping GBU-31 round
is about 25% the cost of an AGM-84 Harpoon, with more than twice the
warload per round.

The JDAM also has much potential as the basis for an air delivered
naval mine. The extant USN Mk.36, Mk.40, Mk.41 Destructor and Mk.62,
Mk.63, Mk.64 Quickstrike naval mines are all based upon the Mk.80
series bombs, fitted with fusing kits.14 The Mk.62 was recently
cleared on the B-1B.

The use of conventional aircraft for naval mine delivery introduces
several problems, especially if a major harbour or entry channel is
being mined. The aircraft are likely to be exposed to heavy defensive
fire, and radar tracks may be used to attempt to localise the position
of the mines for mine-sweeping operations. The use of the B-2A for
mine delivery avoids both of these problems.

An optimal mine delivery is produced by an accurate low speed, low
altitude drop, conditions which are not compatible with a 40 kft
penetration altitude. The impact velocity and position drift incurred
with a high altitude drop are problematic.

Figure 6. JDAM Naval Mine CONOPS (Author).

The use of the JDAM tailkit for an air delivered mine provides a very
simple and elegant solution to this problem. We propose that the JDAM
autopilot software be adapted to fly the weapon through a pull up
energy management manoeuvre prior to impact at the programmed GPS
coordinates. In this manner, the mine can be delivered with sufficient
accuracy to facilitate later removal, if so intended, yet impact the
surface at the optimal velocity and angle despite being dropped from a
high altitude.

The strategic implications of such a weapon carried by the B-2A are
not trivial. This capability would allow the USAF to close any
defended port, channel or shipping lane with virtual impunity.
Moreover, the mines could be delivered covertly, and the opposing
party presented with a strategic fait accompli.

As with the anti-shipping seeker equipped JDAM variant, the naval mine
variant is also an economical weapon. While it will be more expensive
than a conventional "dumb" Quickstrike mine, the cost overheads of a
fighter and SEAD escort during delivery will not be incurred. The
principal engineering issue will be repackaging the extant mine fusing
package in a manner compatible with the aerodynamics of the JDAM.

Both of the proposed JDAM variants could in principle be carried by
any combat aircraft equipped to carry the baseline GBU-31 and GBU-32
weapons. Therefore neither are unique in application to the B-2A.
Indeed, the anti-shipping seeker equipped weapon would be an
attractive addition to the F-22A and the JSF armoury. Its low cost
also makes it a practical weapon for use by conventional strike
aircraft against undefended or lightly defended naval targets. A JDAM
based naval mine would allow the B-52G/H and B-1B to performing mining
from altitudes where they are not exposed to low level "trash fire".

There is little doubt that both JDAM variants could significantly
broaden the range of roles which the B-2A can perform, and further
extend the capabilities of the F-22 and JSF.

Battlefield Air Interdiction, Precision Strike and Related Roles

The battlefield interdiction role has traditionally been very
demanding in terms of weapon accuracy, and the ability to engage
moving, and frequently fleeting targets. Recent experience during the
Desert Storm and Allied Force campaigns indicates that the political
costs of collateral damage incurred during battlefield interdiction
strikes, or related types of operations such as Scud hunting or the
interdiction of small unit ground forces, make this a potentially
decisive role. Indeed the political effects of blue-on-blue
engagements, or collateral losses of civilian or refugee life,
frequently produce political and public responses which are
disproportionate against the scale of the event itself.

The historical evolution of BAI CONOPS' was shaped primarily by the
land warfare environment during and following the Second World War.
The emphasis in Wehrmacht and later Soviet models was always upon the
application of overwhelming mass of armour and motorised infantry.
Refinements in manoeuvre warfare doctrine and the emergence of assault
and attack helicopters reinforced this trend by increasing firepower
and mobility.

These evolutionary pressures led to the development of guided weapons
intended to break up massed land warfare manoeuvre forces. The first
generation of guided weapons intended for this purpose is typified by
the AGM-65 family of imaging guided missiles, and the Pave Tack or
Lantirn targeting pods used with the Paveway family of laser guided
bombs. All of these weapons performed admirably during the Desert
Storm campaign.

The second generation of guided weapons developed to break up massed
armour is typified by the use of multiple guided or unguided
submunitions, dispensed by a guided or unguided free fall or glide
weapon, or a ballistic or cruise missile. The SUU-65/CBU-97/B SFW, the
WCMD variant, the US AGM-154 JSOW family or European PDWS/KEPD-350 are
all current examples of this design philosophy, pioneered almost two
decades ago in the DARPA/USAF Assault Breaker program.

Second generation submunition based anti-armour weapons are extremely
potent, and capable of rapidly inflicting massive casualties against
armoured and soft skinned mobile targets. Therefore they represent at
this time the best available means of dealing with large scale
armoured assaults.

Figure 7. Raytheon GBU-27 Paveway III (Raytheon).

Figure 8. Boeing GBU-15 (Boeing).

However, experience during the Allied Force campaign suggests that
many scenarios will arise in which the ability to attack massed forces
is much less useful than the ability to individually identify hostile
armour and vehicles, and selectively destroy these. This is true also
of precision strike operations, insofar as collateral damage can
produce politically induced paralysis.

The difficulty which arises in this context is that the accurate
identification of transient targets and the delivery of extant optical
imaging or laser guided weapons typically requires low altitude
flight, especially if cloud cover exists. This needless to say is an
environment where the survivability advantages of high altitude Low
Observable penetration are compromised.

Figure 9. CONOPS for Imaging/Datalink JDAM Variant (Author).

The optimal solution to this problem is a weapon compatible with the
preferred delivery profile for aircraft like the F-22 and JSF, yet
providing the man-in-the-loop visual targeting capabilities of extant
laser guided and imaging weapons. Indeed, the AGM-130 proved to be one
of the most effective weapons employed during Allied Force, as its
combination of GPS / inertial midcourse guidance and datalink remote
controlled imaging terminal guidance provided the capability to
deliver from safe altitudes with the precision and discrimination
inherent in an optically guided weapon.

It is not feasible to adapt the AGM-130/GBU-15 family to the F-22A or
JSF, as the weapon is far too large to fit into a fighter sized weapon
bay, and the external AXQ-14 or ZSR-1 datalink pod compromises stealth
through its shape and wide angle transmission pattern. Moreover, the
basic weapon is expensive.

The natural candidate for a replacement weapon for the GBU-15, is an
adaptation of the GBU-31/32 JDAM family using a nose mounted imager
and two way datalink. A number of mature imaging seekers, developed
for the AGM-65 and GBU-15/AGM-130 families of weapons exist. A new
seeker, using Platinum Silicide or Indium Antimonide FPA technology is
also feasible. There are no fundamental technological challenges
inherent in fitting an imaging seeker to the JDAM.

Figure 10. F-22A Ventral Datalink Antenna Installation (Author).

The difficult issue is that of the two way datalink. It must not
compromise the radar cross section of the fighter, nor can it employ a
fixed wide angle beam to flood the space in which the bomb is flying
with microwave transmissions, as this would compromise the fighter's
position to an ESM system.

The problem of emissions can best be solved by the use of a narrow J
or K band pencil beam produced by a steerable antenna. A mechanically
steered planar array behind a bandpass window would largely meet this
requirement, but would occupy a prohibitive amount of internal volume
on airframes where spare volume is a precious commodity. The geometry
of the engagement precludes the use of the fighter's multimode radar
for this purpose, only a ventral antenna location is genuinely
compatible with the required antenna field of regard.

Clearly the only viable technological solution is the use of an active
phased array, which antenna sizing constraints require to be in the
upper J band or the K band. Indeed, the choice of the K band places
the datalink out of the operating range of most extant warning

An active array antenna, smoothly embedded into a flat portion of the
lower fuselage, with its boresight pointing vertically down, addresses
the basic problems of signatures and engagement geometries.

The choice of appropriate placement on the lower fuselage is another
problem, since both fighters are densely packed, and even should
volume be available, such a modification would require that the
complete lower fuselage RCS design be requalified, at considerable
expense. While the JSF could still be adapted at this time with
minimal expenditure, to accommodate this antenna, this is not true of
the F-22A which is for all practical purposes frozen in its basic
hardware design.

Figure 11. (Author).

For the F-22A the best choice would appear to be the outer segments of
the main weapon bay doors, since these have adequate width to support
a flush embedded antenna array of modest thickness when open or
closed. It is unlikely that the antenna thickness would permit the
intended carriage of an outboard AIM-120C on a LAU-142/A launcher,
although careful design may permit this. There will also be a weight
penalty since the door will require additional structural stiffening
to accommodate the hole for the antenna. The advantage of the door
mounted antenna is that it represents an incremental modification, and
in theory could be structurally proven and qualified for RCS
performance separately from the airframe itself. Therefore it is a
significantly cheaper choice than an antenna buried elsewhere in the
lower fuselage.

Given the modest range and bandwidth requirements for the datalink,
output power levels can be significantly lower than that required for
the radar arrays.

Placement of the datalink antenna on the JDAM tailkit is an
interesting problem. The coverage required represents a conical volume
pointing aft of the bomb, which must be symmetrical. A wrap-around
endfire mode array would meet this basic requirement, and is not
geometrically incompatible with bomb aerodynamics. The use of flexible
printed circuit antenna technology would appear to be the best
strategy, in effect resulting in a conformal conical array.

There is a well established base of transmission modulation schemes
with LPI characteristics which would be suitable for this application.
Importantly, the requirement for LPI is primarily confined to the
transmissions from the aircraft, permitting the use of much cheaper
albeit more detectable transmission technology for the bomb's side of
the datalink. Since the bomb is transmitting its signal away from the
earth, the odds of it being detected by a ground based system are
minimal. This is inherent consequence of combining the high altitude
delivery profile of the F-22A or JSF with this style of guidance.

The pencil beam antenna mainlobe produced by the fighter's ventral
phased array will need to be steered to capture the position of the
bomb. A simple technique is to track the azimuth of the intended
aimpoint, and adjust the elevation of the beam with the anticipated
altitude of the bomb as it descends. With several degrees of
beamwidth, the width of the antenna transmission footprint is of the
order of several miles.

The strategy of using a combination of imaging and datalink terminal
guidance for a precision variant of the JDAM is evidently technically
feasible and would appear to be relatively affordable.

For strategic strikes or battlefield strikes against fixed targets,
the weapon would be used in a similar manner to the established GBU-15/
AGM-130 weapons, exploiting the high altitude supersonic delivery
profile of the F-22A and JSF. Both the Mk.83/84 and BLU-109/110
warheads would be used, as required.

For strikes on highly mobile battlefield targets, especially where the
surface is obscured by a dense overcast, the fighter's datalink
antenna could be used to receive targeting data or a video imagery
feed from a loitering low altitude UAV or a ground observer with
suitable equipment. This information would be used for initial
targeting of the JDAMs, prior to release. Once the weapon approaches
the target, the datalink beam is switched to acquire and track the
bomb; the pilot would steer it to impact against the most suitable

This strategy would be particularly useful during sorties where highly
mobile SAM systems and ballistic missile launchers are being hunted.
An expendable UAV with folding wings could be delivered internally by
one fighter to loiter in the area of interest, and if a suitable
target is found a "shooter" CAP could be directed to engage the
target. Similarly offboard targeting data from satellites, JSTARS,
Rivet Joint or RQ-4A Global Hawk could be exploited to provide coarse
targeting for the fighter.

Other alternative CONOPS exist. One is the use of the datalink
equipped F-22A as a "master bomber", leading a strike package of F-22A
or JSF without the datalink capability, but carrying the datalink
capable JDAM. The master bomber would locate targets and then capture
the JDAMs after they have been dropped to precisely guide them. In
principle this is no different to historically documented uses of
laser designator equipped lead bombers.

This JDAM variant is also usable for maritime strike operations,
particularly for reducing or sinking larger combatants which have been
crippled by previous strikes.

Figure 12. RF-22A (Author).

A ventral active phased array has other potential uses. One is its use
as a synthetic aperture imaging radar for bomb damage assessment upon
egress following a strike. Whether the additional complexity in the
design justifies such a use remains to be determined.

Performing the design changes to the weapon bay door does raise other
interesting possibilities. The aperture size of the hole in the door
is of the required order to fit an infrared transparent window
suitable for a reconnaissance camera, while the weapon bay is large
enough to accommodate an optical or solid state camera with a focal
length of several metres. Such a camera is suitable for high
resolution imaging from the cruise altitude of the F-22A. Such a
package would allow an RF-22A to fulfill the currently extant need for
rapid BDA and targeting reconnaissance in time periods between imaging
satellite passes, beyond the safe operating depth of standoff recon
assets such as the JSTARS, U-2 and Global Hawk.


In this paper we have explored a number of alternative growth variants
of the GBU-31/32 JDAM intended to expand the useful mission envelope
of the B-2A, F-22A and JSF aircraft. All of the proposed designs
represent low risk, low cost incremental extensions of extant and
planned technology. All provide for significant increases in lethality
and survivability over currently operational delivery system and
weapon equivalents.

There can be no doubt there there is considerable growth potential in
the range of possible roles performed by the B-2A, F-22A and planned
JSF, and it is the author's intent to contribute to this growth with
these proposals. The currently popular argument in some circles, which
claims that the Low Observable bomber and GPS / inertially guided bomb
are a limited capability are without substance. Even modest additions
to this core capability yield weapons which are arguably superior or
at least equal in capabilities to currently operational weapons such
as the AGM-84, Mk.64 Quickstrike and GBU-15/AGM-130, yet are wholly
compatible with the high altitude delivery regime of the Low
Observable bomber.

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America Allied With Arabs Against Iran?

America isn’t the only nation seeking to contain Iran. But there is a danger in thinking that mutual mistrust would make a solid foundation for a dependable alliance.

How to deal with Iran? This question is a foreign-policy nightmare that haunts Western leaders.

America is at the forefront of a host of Western nations wringing their hands over how best to limit the destructive potential of this most powerful and perhaps least predictable entity in the Middle East.

But the question also echoes within influential minds in other governments. In fact, among several nations the question is even more elemental and has still greater urgency than it does for the United States.

It may surprise you, but Iran sparks some of the greatest concern among the leaders of Iran’s Muslim neighbors—specifically, of its Sunni Muslim neighbors.

Not even 10 percent of the world’s Muslims today are Shiite—the sect of the majority in Iran. Fully 90 percent are Sunni. In addition to the larger nations of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, Sunni states also include a handful of other smaller Arabian Peninsula sheikdoms; these comprise the majority of the Gulf Cooperation Council (gcc).

What is known as the Sunni-Shiite rift hearkens back to a seventh-century dispute over who would succeed the Prophet Muhammad. Yet the main issue dividing Sunnis and Shiites today is Iran’s power grabbing in the Middle East. Sunni leaders are deeply disturbed—even panicky—about the radical complexion of the Iranian-led Shiites.

The U.S.—looking to exploit every possible option for containing Iran—sees in this Sunni anxiety an opportunity: the makings of a possible alliance. It is viewing states like Jordan and Saudi Arabia as potential partners in erecting a hedge around the Islamic Republic. You may already be reading headlines in your daily news about such efforts.

As you do, remember this: There is a deadly flaw in this thinking.

A shocking biblical prophecy explains why—a prophecy involving a number of Arab states, the U.S. and Israel, and, most intriguingly, Europe.

Why the Panic?

Arab leaders have good reason to panic over Iran. The Islamic Republic can export revolution to their countries just as it has undermined Lebanon through Hezbollah, the Fatah-ruled Palestinian territories through Hamas (which, incidentally, is a Sunni organization), and Iraq through Shiite militias and even some Sunni insurgents.

Saudi Arabian fear of revolution is especially acute. Saudi Arabia’s eastern province is not only rich with oil, but also teeming with Shiites. According to Vali Nasr, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, the Saudi royal family believes Iranian operatives, with local Shiite help, have been behind many terrorist attacks inside the kingdom.

Arab states also face the reality of Iran possessing nuclear weapons, which they have concluded poses a direct threat to their interests. In response, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman have all spoken openly about pursuing their own nuclear programs. Mustafa Alani, an analyst at the Gulf Research Center in Dubai, stated, “The Iranians left us no option, so this is our answer to them. Now Arabs have no option but to start a program under a civilian banner.” Washington has not objected to the Arab states developing nuclear power programs, having already offered to help Egypt with its nuclear technology.

Alani also warned that escalating tensions in the Middle East could “trigger a race for arms.” Already, Arab states are sinking billions of petro-dollars into their militaries. According to Tim Ripley of Jane’s Defense Weekly, Gulf states have earmarked more than $60 billion for arms. Saudi Arabia has allocated close to $50 billion for fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, cruise missiles and some 300 new tanks. The United Arab Emirates has budgeted $8 billion for a rapid reaction force and missile defense.

Another significant threat to Arab states is Iran’s ability to wreak havoc on world oil supplies. Iran borders the Strait of Hormuz, the world’s most critical energy trade route. Forty percent of the world’s crude oil travels through Hormuz daily (including two thirds of Saudi oil); the U.S. Energy Department estimates that this figure will rise to 60 percent by 2025. The world depends on access to the Hormuz strait to gain Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaiti and Iraqi oil and gas, as well as other petroleum products from the uae. Lt. Col. Rick Francona wrote, “Threats to the straits are a ‘red line’ for these countries” (msnbc, March 19). Over this and other issues, Arab states are bracing themselves for a fight with Iran if necessary.

Such concerns, so rife throughout the Arab world, would seem to provide plenty of common ground for an anti-Iran alliance with the United States. In fact, these concerns are taking on a heightened urgency at this time for one very interesting reason: These Arab states deeply fear that the U.S. is about to leave Iraq, and are begging it not to do so—for fear that this would leave Iran too strong.

Given the attitude of the American anti-war left, it is not hard to see why the White House is considering aligning with these Arab states.

Is the President Allying With Arabs?

There is a “new strategic alignment in the Middle East,” U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in January. Rice was referring to U.S. efforts to develop a new alliance with moderate Arab states to stop Iran’s power grabbing.

Such an alliance would be built on mutual moderate Arab and American-Israeli interests. Rice identified Sunni Arab states as models of moderation while pointing to Iran, Syria and Hezbollah as being “on the other side of the divide,” adding that Iran and Syria “have made their choice and their choice is to destabilize.”

Realizing that the war in Iraq has strengthened Iran, the U.S. administration appears ready to empower what it considers “moderate” Arabs in the region as a counterweight. It has been courting eight Arab states in particular since last September. Before that—tracing back even as far as the first Gulf War—Washington has made deals whereby Arab states purchase American arms and receive security guarantees. More recently, the U.S. has sought support for its anti-extremist, anti-proliferation agenda by offering a security umbrella to these states.

Even Israel appears to be warming to the idea of a strategic alliance with Arab states based on mutual fear of Iran. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is now considering a five-year-old Saudi plan that could see Israel draw back to its 1967 borders in exchange for peace with some of its Arab neighbors.

What will be the outcome of these efforts, to whatever degree they proceed? Just the visible facts are terribly problematic. Several of these Arab states, though their leaders may be comfortable in dialog with the United States, have populations that are repulsed by the idea of dealing with America; they are, in short, quite sympathetic to Iran’s radical agenda. The tentacles of terrorism extend deeply into Saudi Arabia, for example—one of the supposed “moderate” Arab states. Egypt shows signs of an imminent transition from the “moderate” Mubarak era into something far more dangerous and more closely aligned with Iran. As attractive as the idea of having strategic allies in the region may be, these states are deeply stained by radical leanings or even blood-guiltiness.

Several of these governments are already in trouble with their more religious populations for being too friendly with the “infidel” West. Anti-Americanism and anti-Israelism are defining doctrines throughout much of the Middle East. Surveys by Zogby International and the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies have found that anti-American feelings are at an all-time high, even in “moderate” Arab countries. According to one poll, only 12 percent of those surveyed within America’s so-called allies in the Middle East—Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates—express a favorable attitude toward the United States. In Jordan, 65 percent have an unfavorable view; in Saudi Arabia, that figure is 79 percent, according to a London Times poll.

Yes—even while the U.S. and Israel hope to develop a strategic relationship with moderate Arabs, they must know they are hated by these countries! This should serve as a warning that moderate Arab states should not be trusted to help America’s interests. Frankly, if Arab leaders begin to take the additional steps of helping the U.S. to fight the Islamic Republic of Iran—which, for many Muslims, is a symbol of what they believe to be the inevitable political ascendancy of Islam—it is not difficult to imagine great masses becoming even more agitated and radicalized.

These are worrisome possibilities. That the U.S. would seriously contemplate such alliances indicates just how desperate it is becoming on the issue of how to deal with Iran. The degree to which it would seek help from Iran’s Arab neighbors in containing Iran would only be a measure of its enfeebled position in Iraq and diminished geopolitical stature.

Nevertheless, we do not expect great things to come of these diplomatic efforts between the U.S. and Arab states.

Yes, this world is likely soon to witness the development of an unusual alliance involving these Arab states. However, this alliance, the specific composition of which is strongly indicated in Scripture, will not be with the U.S. or with Israel. In fact, it will be an alliance against them!

This prophecy reveals the deadly flaw in the notion that America can trust these states as allies!

Renewing Old Friendships

With whom can we can expect to see these Arab states develop an alliance in the near future? As we will see, prophecy says it will be Europe. Already we can see events bearing this out.

With America weakened and moderate Arab states planning for its expected withdrawal from Iraq, Europe sees an opening to secure its own interests in the Middle East. Not since the German Erwin Rommel’s Middle Eastern desert campaign during World War ii has Europe, and particularly Germany, emerged with the potential to be such a powerful player in the region.

Since the Israel-Hezbollah war, Germany has dramatically escalated its involvement in the Middle East. In Lebanon, Germany heads the UN naval force tasked by the Security Council to secure the Lebanese coastline. Other European states are part of a multinational task force acting as a buffer between Israel and southern Lebanon. On the Gaza-Egypt border, European observers monitor the volatile Rafah border crossing. Germany has also played an important back-channel role, negotiating on Israel’s behalf for soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah.

Meanwhile, Europe is also making headway with its relations with Arab states. The German foreign minister has visited the region several times, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has held talks within the last few months with the Palestinian Authority president, the king of Jordan and president of Egypt—not to mention Israel’s prime minister. Germany seeks to become a key negotiating channel between regional players.

In February, Chancellor Merkel toured the Middle East to discuss regional issues with Arab leaders. One issue under discussion, according to a February 6 Reuters report, was a free-trade zone between Gulf states and the European Union. Talk of a free-trade zone between the EU and gcc members began in the early ’90s, but withered on the vine because of irreconcilable differences. Now, it is back on the table. “There is a clear political desire on both sides to get a swift resolution to the disputed points,” one German official stated. Such a trade bloc may help jump-start a European-gcc partnership and strengthen German-Arab relations.

During Merkel’s visit, the gcc’s secretary-general, Abdul Rahman Al-Attiyah, called on the EU to play a greater role in the Middle East. Indeed, having cleverly side-stepped involvement in the Iraq war, Germany is in prime position to lead the EU in significant diplomatic initiatives that affect the Middle East power equation.

Are we witnessing the first steps of a new partnership within the Middle East—Europeans working with Arab states? We believe so.

However, the prophecy that refers to this does not focus on it being an anti-Iran alliance, though that may play a role in its development. It is, in fact, an alliance formed for an entirely different and altogether more shocking intent!

That is, to bring down the United States—as well as two of its key allies, Britain and Israel!

Blueprints for Destruction

Daniel 11:40-41 describe a Middle East power, called the “king of the south,” pushing at what the Bible terms the “king of the north.” As our free booklet The King of the South explains in detail, the king of the north is a revived Holy Roman Empire led by Germany, and the king of the south is radical Islam led by Iran. (Request a free copy of this for proof.)

These verses portray the German-led European power swooping down and smashing Iran, along with some other countries in the Middle East, with blitzkrieg-style warfare.

But notice: While certain nations, including Egypt (verse 42) will be subdued in this attack along with Iran, these verses show that other parts of the Middle East, including the area we know today as Jordan (Moab and Ammon) will not be conquered. As brutally destructive as Europe’s coming war in the Middle East is, this indicates that it will also be surgical in nature.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has written about a mysterious alliance discussed in Psalm 83. Knowing the modern descendants of the peoples spoken of in these verses is key to understanding this prophecy; though these names do not precisely coincide with modern nations, we can get a strong general idea of those to which they refer. According to this passage, Germany (“Assur,” or Assyria, verse 8) will ally with Turkey (Edom), Saudi Arabia (the Ishmaelites) Jordan (Moab and Ammon), Syria (the Hagarenes) and Lebanon (Gebal). For proof of these identities, request our free booklet The King of the South.

What is the purpose of this alliance? Verse 3 says these peoples “have taken crafty counsel against thy people”—referring to the descendants of Israel. If you have never proven from your Bible and from history that America and Britain are the modern nations of Israel, you will find Herbert W. Armstrong’s book The United States and Britain in Prophecy a captivating study. We will send you a free copy upon request.

Verse 4 shows far more explicitly what draws this unusual alliance together: “They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.” This German-Arab alliance forms for the specific purpose of totally destroying America, Britain and Israel—in an effort to forever erase the very name Israel!

Such an alliance, not mentioned elsewhere in Scripture, never occurred in biblical history. That is because it is a prophecy for the end time—our day!

Already you can see the seeds of these future earth-shaking events being sown.

The Signs Are There Today

The division in the Islamic world we see today portends this drastic split indicated in prophecy between those Muslim nations that a European superpower will ally itself with, and those Muslim nations it will utterly destroy. Watch that division grow more visible, and for the already apparent differences with which European nations treat these Middle East states to become even more stark.

The anti-Americanism and anti-Israelism boiling throughout the Middle East today—even in those nations Western leaders consider “friendly” or “moderate”—is a precursor to the explosive ferocity with which these nations, having joined themselves with a German-led Europe, will attack the modern Israelite nations.

Only armed with this knowledge can one understand just how dangerously misguided and foolhardy America’s strategy of seeking solutions to its troubles in the Middle East by cultivating alliances with Arab states truly is!

But all this bad news turns into really good news. As these prophecies clearly show, this deceitful double-cross of America, Britain and Israel leads to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ! Men have long scoffed at the idea of Christ returning in all power and glory. But Jesus Himself said to watch! He gave specific, identifiable signs to help His people know when He was about to return. Among them is the prophecy of this double-cross—an event to unfold within the last days prior to the return of Jesus Christ to rule the Earth. We are drawing incredibly close to that spectacular reality!


The Honeymoon's Over For Bush And The Saudis

Monday 30 April, 2007 The Washington Post

Martin Indyk - What has happened to the love affair between Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah and President Bush? Two years ago, down on the Texas ranch, they were photographed walking hand in hand. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship: Bush dropped his demand for democratization in the puritanical kingdom,
and Abdullah did his best to moderate oil prices. The dowry was a new U.S. arms deal for the Saudis. A second honeymoon was scheduled for this month, when Bush planned to host Abdullah for his first state visit.

So the White House was mightily perplexed when it was informed that the king's schedule didn't allow for a spring visit to Washington. Then, at an Arab League summit in Riyadh last month, Abdullah denounced the U.S. war in Iraq as an "illegitimate occupation." He also used the occasion to make up with Bush's bete noire, Bashar al-Assad, the brash Syrian president who had previously denounced the Saudi leader as "a dwarf."

What was going on? Simply put, the Bush administration had been listening to the wrong Saudi. Keen for any signs of hope in the region as Iraq spiraled downward, Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and other senior U.S. officials had grasped at a grandiose regional game plan being pushed by Prince Bandar bin Sultan, formerly the Saudi ambassador in Washington and now Abdullah's national security adviser.
But Bandar wasn't calling the shots; Abdullah was, and he has a very different way of doing business.

Last summer, Bandar came knocking on the White House door, selling a new strategy for countering the threat from Iran, which had been made vivid when the radical Hezbollah militia, Iran's ally, triggered a full-scale war in Lebanon and fought Israel to a standstill. The Arab world's Sunni leaders, Bandar argued, were ready to forge an unusual alliance with Israel to confront their common foe: the Shiite mullahs in Tehran. Working in tacit cooperation, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel would roll back Iran's regional influence by taking down the extremist Hamas Palestinian government in Gaza, containing Hezbollah's bid to control Lebanon and destabilizing Iran's main regional ally, Syria.

To kick off his grand anti-Iranian design, Bandar encouraged the weak but moderate Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, to confront Hamas. But Bandar's boss, Abdullah, had another idea: Instead of sending Abbas the fat aid check that Bandar had promised, Abdullah invited Hamas's leaders to Mecca to forge a new Palestinian unity government, to include the moderate Abbas and his challengers in Hamas. Bandar's plan was in shambles. The Bush administration, which had led a year-long boycott of the Hamas government, felt as though it had been sucker punched.

And that was just the first blow. Abdullah also nixed Bandar's idea for direct engagement with Israel. For years, Israel had coveted such a relationship with the Saudis, which would have been an enormous psychological breakthrough and a rare Middle East achievement for the Bush team. Bandar promised to open Saudi-Israeli talks under the umbrella of an Arab League plan, in which all Arab states would offer Israel full peace if it pulled back to its pre-1967 borders and solved the problem of the Palestinian refugees. Rice hoped to convene a peace conference at which the Saudi foreign minister would announce this plan -- with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in attendance. But Abdullah wasn't buying. He believed that he had done his bit for Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking by producing a Palestinian unity government; now it was Bush's job to press Israel to negotiate a deal with it. Until then, Abdullah wouldn't be doing Washington any more favors.

The Bush administration was furious about this seeming reversal, but it had largely itself to blame. It had been taken for a ride by the freelancing Bandar, and it should have known better. In Riyadh, at least, the king is still the decider. And the king's worldview differs importantly from Bandar's.

Abdullah agrees with Bandar that their main challenge is the Iranian/Shiite threat to Sunni dominance of the Arab world. But where Bandar wants to confront Iran's Arab proxies, Abdullah seeks to wean them off their dependence on Tehran. That dictates engagement, however distasteful, with Hamas in Gaza and Assad in Damascus. It also requires distancing Saudi Arabia from Bush's ill-fated Iraq adventure, which in Abdullah's view is only strengthening a pro-Iranian Shiite government at Sunni Arab expense.

If Bush wants to rekindle the U.S.-Saudi love affair, he needs to deal with the Saudi leader we have, not the one we'd like.

That needn't mean total despair on the Arab-Israeli front. Peace with Israel is essential to Abdullah's anti-Iranian game plan because Tehran exploits the conflict to build its influence in the Arab world. But the Saudi king is not going to get into bed with Israel for a mere photo op. Abdullah will be ready to go to Washington -- and, eventually, perhaps even to Jerusalem -- when Bush, Rice and Olmert signal that they will accept his terms for a comprehensive Arab-Israeli settlement.

His opening price is Bush's accommodation of Hamas and Syria as players in the peace process, and he'll settle in the end for Israel's withdrawal from the Golan Heights and the West Bank. If Bush wants that second honeymoon with Abdullah, he is going to have to renegotiate the terms of endearment...

One day I realized that those "private contractors" had ample
incentive to keep the pot boiling in Iraq. They have found a gold
mine there--we can be sure they are not anxious for the violence in
Iraq to end too soon. Since they are generously funded, generally
immune from prosecution, and since their activities are kept hidden
from the public in general, it would be pretty easy for those private
contractors to set a few roadside bombs, pick off a few American
soldiers with sniper rifles, and stir up sectarian strife at every
opportunity. It would be good for business.

There are about 140,000 private employees, about 46,000 assigned to
private combat duty, just like American soldiers. They are assigned
to key areas and travel all over Iraq, just like American soldiers.
They drive vehicles, just like American soldiers. They travel Iraqi
roads, just like American soldiers.

So why are they not being killed and maimed, just like American
soldiers? Some 30,000 young Americans have been seriously wounded and
crippled in Iraq. We don't seem to see any private contractors blown
to pieces and laying legless in hospital beds, just like American
soldiers. What could be the reason? Do they know where the bombs
are? Do they know where the attacks will occur? Are the "insurgents"
giving the private contractors a free pass?

Outsourcing the War - 126,000 private U.S. personnel in Iraq

Jeremy Scahill, bestselling author and investigative reporter for The
Nation, testified May 10 before the House Appropriations Subcommittee
on Defense on the impact of private military contractors on the
conduct of the Iraq War.

Watch/listen to his testimony - (it's not quite 6 mins).

the full text of his testimony:

Below is an excerpt of his remarks:

Outsourcing the War

..there are at least 126,000 private personnel deployed alongside the
official armed forces. These private forces effectively double the
size of the occupation force, largely without the knowledge of the US
taxpayers that foot the bill.

While tens of thousands of these contractors provide logistical
support, thousands are heavily armed private soldiers roaming Iraq. We
do know that there are some 48,000 employees of private military
companies in Iraq alone.

These forces work for US companies like Blackwater, Triple Canopy and
DynCorp as well as companies from across the globe. Some contractors
make in a month what many active-duty soldiers make in a year. Indeed,
there are private contractors in Iraq making more money than the
Secretary of Defense and more than the commanding generals. The
testimony about private contractors that I hear most often from active
duty soldiers falls into two categories: resentment and envy.

They ask what message their country is sending them. While many
soldiers lack basic protective equipment--facts well-known to this
committee--they are in a war zone where they see the private soldiers
whiz by in better vehicles, with better armor, better weapons, wearing
the corporate logo instead of the American flag and pulling in much
more money. They ask: Are our lives worth less?

Of course, there are many cases where war contractors have hoarded the
profits at the top and money has not filtered down to the individual
contractors on the ground or the armor to protect them.

The second reaction is that the active-duty soldiers see the "rock
star" private contractors and they want to be like them. So we have a
phenomenon of soldiers leaving active duty to join the private sector.

There is slang in Iraq now for this jump. It is called "Going
Blackwater." To put it bluntly, these private forces create a system
where national duty is outbid by profits...

Just as there is a double standard in pay, there is a double standard
in the application of the law. Soldiers who commit crimes or acts of
misconduct are prosecuted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
There have been some 64 courts martial on murder-related charges in
Iraq alone. Compare that to the lack of prosecution of contractors.
Despite the fact that tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of
thousands, have streamed in and out of Iraq since March of 2003, only
two private contractors have faced any criminal prosecution. Two. One
was a KBR employee alleged to have stabbed a co-worker, the other
pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography images on his
computer at Abu Ghraib prison. In four years, there have been no
prosecutions for crimes against Iraqis and not a single known
prosecution of an armed contractor.

That either means we have tens of thousands of Boy Scouts working as
armed contractors or something is fundamentally wrong with the system.
Brig. Gen. Karl Horst of the 3rd Infantry Division became so outraged
by contractor unaccountability that he began tracking contractor
violence in Baghdad. In just two months he documented twelve cases of
contractors shooting at civilians, resulting in six deaths and three
injuries. That is just two months and one general.

They have not been prosecuted under the UCMJ, under US civilian law or
under Iraqi law. US contractors in Iraq reportedly have their own

"What happens here today, stays here today."

That should be chilling to everyone who believes that warfare, above
all government functions, must be subject to transparency,
accountability and the rule of law.

These are forces operating in the name of the United States of
America. Iraqis do not see contractors as separate from soldiers--
understandably, they see them all as "the occupation." Contractor
misconduct is viewed as American misconduct.

In the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, the FBI has stumbled on the
largest espionage ring ever discovered inside the United States. The U.S.
Justice Department is now holding nearly 100 Israeli citizens with direct
ties to foreign military, criminal and intelligence services.

The spy ring reportedly includes employees of two Israeli-owned companies
that currently perform almost all the official wiretaps for U.S. local,
state and federal law enforcement.

The U.S. law enforcement wiretaps, authorized by the Communications
Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), appear to have been breached by
organized crime units working inside Israel and the Israeli intelligence
service, Mossad.

Both Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller were
warned on Oct. 18 in a hand-delivered letter from local, state and federal
law enforcement officials. The warning stated, "Law enforcement's current
electronic surveillance capabilities are less effective today than they were
at the time CALEA was enacted."

The spy ring enabled criminals to use reverse wiretaps against U.S.
intelligence and law enforcement operations. The illegal monitoring may have
resulted in the deaths of several informants and reportedly spoiled planned
anti-drug raids on crime syndicates.

Global Spy and Crime Network

The penetration of the U.S. wiretap system has led to a giant spy hunt
across the globe by American intelligence agencies. U.S. intelligence
officials now suspect the spy ring shared and sold information to other

"Why do you think Putin so nonchalantly and with such great fanfare
announced the shutdown of the Lourdes listening post in Cuba?" noted Douglas
Brown, president of Multilingual Data Solutions Inc. and program director at
the Nathan Hale Institute.

"Besides the PR benefit right before his visit here, the Russians don't need
it anymore. They've scraped together a cheaper, more effective monitoring
system. Is the Israeli company an element of that system? I don't know,"
stated Brown.

"With all the whining and crying about Echelon and Carnivore, critics,
domestic and foreign, of U.S. electronic eavesdropping vastly overestimate
our abilities to process and disseminate the stuff," noted Brown.

"The critics also underestimated the incompetence and total ineptness of the
people running our intelligence and law enforcement services during the
Clinton-Gore years. One guy uses his home computer for storing top secret
documents; another high-tech guru guy can't figure out how to save and
retrieve his e-mail, and the guy in charge of everything is having phone sex
over an open line with one of his employees," said Brown.

"On the other hand, the Europeans, including the Russians, have been much
more focused on the nuts and bolts of practical systems to process the
information they scoop up. The stories linking German intelligence and the
L&H scandal got very little play here but were widely noted in the European
software community," said Brown.

"Except for a few Germans and an occasional Pole, nobody can match the
Russians in designing and developing algorithms. We may have some of the
world's greatest programmers, but the Russians and Europeans do a better job
of matching up linguists and area experts with their programmers," noted

The discovery of a major spy ring inside the United States is straining the
already tense relations with Israel. Although, Israel denied any involvement
with the penetration of the U.S. wiretap system, the CIA and FBI are
investigating the direct government ties to the former Israeli military and
intelligence officials now being held by the Justice Department.

Israeli Company Provides U.S. Wiretaps

One company reported to be under investigation is Comverse Infosys, a
subsidiary of an Israeli-run private telecommunications firm. Comverse
provides almost all the wiretapping equipment and software for U.S. law

Custom computers and software made by Comverse are tied into the U.S. phone
network in order to intercept, record and store wiretapped calls, and at the
same time transmit them to investigators.

The penetration of Comverse reportedly allowed criminals to wiretap law
enforcement communications in reverse and foil authorized wiretaps with
advance warning. One major drug bust operation planned by the Los Angeles
police was foiled by what now appear to be reverse wiretaps placed on law
enforcement phones by the criminal spy ring.

Flawed laws Led to Compromise

Several U.S. privacy and security advocates contend the fault actually lies
in the CALEA legislation passed by Congress that allowed the spy ring to
operate so effectively. Lisa Dean, vice president for technology policy at
Free Congress Foundation, delivered a scathing critique of the breach of the
U.S. law enforcement wiretap system.

"We are exercising our 'I told you so' rights on this," said Dean.

"From the beginning, both the political right and left warned Congress and
the FBI that they were making a huge mistake by implementing CALEA. That it
would jeopardize the security of private communications, whether it's
between a mother and her son or between government officials. The statement
just issued by law enforcement agencies has confirmed our worst fears,"
concluded Dean.

"How many more 9/11s do we have to suffer?" asked Brad Jansen, deputy
director for technology policy at the Free Congress Foundation.

"The CALEA form of massive surveillance is a poor substitute for real law
enforcement and intelligence work. It is an after-the-fact method of crime
fighting. It is not designed to prevent crime. Massive wiretapping does not
equal security. Instead, we have elected to jeopardize our national security
in exchange for poor law enforcement," said Jansen.

"For example, FINCEN monitoring of all money transactions did not detect
al-Qaeda, nor did it find Mohamed Atta before he boarded his last flight. It
was an ATM receipt left in his rental car that led the FBI to the bin Laden
bank accounts," noted Jansen.

U.S. National Security Compromised

"The CALEA approach is the same approach law enforcement has been pushing
for a number of years. It's the same approach that was used to push
Carnivore, Magic Lantern, FINCEN and even the failed Clipper project. This
approach leads to a compromise in national security and in personal security
for the American public," said Jansen.

"In addition, there is always government abuse of these kinds of systems,"
stated Jansen. "Law enforcement on all levels does a very poor job in
policing itself. We need to hold our police and government officials to the
highest standards."

"This also hurts the U.S. economy when the whole world knows that our
communication systems are not secure. We cannot compete with inferior
products when other countries are exporting secure software and hardware.
New Zealand, India and Chile already offer security products that actually
provide real security," stated Jansen.

"The current mentality of law enforcement is what failed to protect us from
9/11. CALEA wiretaps will not protect us from terror attacks in the future.
The system does not provide better intelligence information. It actually
leads to less security and more crime. We get the worst of both worlds,"
concluded Jansen.

Story by Charles R. Smith (NewsMax.com)




Watch/listen to his testimony - (it's not quite 6 mins).

the full text of his testimony:


The Apostasy.

* The apostle Paul, in his second letter to the Thessalonians, foretold
the great apostasy which would result in the establishment of the papal
power. He declared that the day of Christ should not come, "except there
come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of
perdition; who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God,
or that is worshiped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God,
showing himself that he is God." [2 THESS. 2:3, 4, 7.] And furthermore, the
apostle warns his brethren that "the mystery of iniquity doth already work."
[2 THESS. 2:3, 4, 7.] Even at that early date he saw, creeping into the
church, errors that would prepare the way for the development of the papacy.
{GC88 49.1}

Little by little, at first in stealth and silence, and then more openly
as it increased in strength and gained control of the minds of men, the
mystery of iniquity carried forward its deceptive and blasphemous work.
Almost imperceptibly the customs of heathenism found their way into the
Christian church. The spirit of compromise and conformity was restrained for
a time by the fierce persecutions which the church endured under paganism.
But as persecution ceased, and Christianity entered the courts and palaces
of kings, she laid aside the humble simplicity of Christ and his apostles
for the pomp and pride of pagan priests and rulers; and in place of the
requirements of God, she substituted human theories and traditions. The

conversion of Constantine, in the early part of the fourth century, caused
great rejoicing; and the world, cloaked with a form of righteousness, walked
into the church. Now the work of corruption rapidly progressed. Paganism,
while appearing to be vanquished, became the conqueror. Her spirit
controlled the church. Her doctrines, ceremonies, and superstitions were
incorporated into the faith and worship of the professed followers of
Christ. {GC88 49.2}

This compromise between paganism and Christianity resulted in the
development of the "man of sin" foretold in prophecy as opposing and
exalting himself above God. That gigantic system of false religion is a
masterpiece of Satan's power,--a monument of his efforts to seat himself
upon the throne to rule the earth according to his will. {GC88 50.1}

Satan once endeavored to form a compromise with Christ. He came to the
Son of God in the wilderness of temptation, and, showing him all the
kingdoms of the world and the glory of them, offered to give all into his
hands if he would but acknowledge the supremacy of the prince of darkness.
Christ rebuked the presumptuous tempter, and forced him to depart. But Satan
meets with greater success in presenting the same temptations to man. To
secure worldly gains and honors, the church was led to seek the favor and
support of the great men of earth, and having thus rejected Christ, she was
induced to yield allegiance to the representative of Satan,--the bishop of
Rome. {GC88 50.2}

It is one of the leading doctrines of Romanism that the pope is the
visible head of the universal church of Christ, invested with supreme
authority over bishops and pastors in all parts of the world. More than
this, the pope has arrogated the very titles of Deity. He styles himself
"Lord God the Pope," assumes infallibility, and demands that all men pay him
homage. Thus the same claim urged by Satan in the wilderness of temptation
is still urged by him through the Church of Rome, and vast numbers are ready
to yield him homage.

{GC88 50.3}

But those who fear and reverence God meet this Heaven-daring assumption
as Christ met the solicitations of the wily foe: "Thou shalt worship the
Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve." [LUKE 4:8.] God has never
given a hint in his Word that he has appointed any man to be the head of the
church. The doctrine of papal supremacy is directly opposed to the teachings
of the Scriptures. The pope can have no power over Christ's church except by
usurpation. {GC88 51.1}

Romanists have persisted in bringing against Protestants the charge of
heresy, and willful separation from the true church. But these accusations
apply rather to themselves. They are the ones who laid down the banner of
Christ, and departed from "the faith which was once delivered unto the
saints." [JUDE 3.] {GC88 51.2}

Satan well knew that the Holy Scriptures would enable men to discern
his deceptions and withstand his power. It was by the Word that even the
Saviour of the world had resisted his attacks. At every assault, Christ
presented the shield of eternal truth, saying, "It is written." To every
suggestion of the adversary, he opposed the wisdom and power of the Word. In
order for Satan to maintain his sway over men, and establish the authority
of the papal usurper, he must keep them in ignorance of the Scriptures. The
Bible would exalt God, and place finite men in their true position;
therefore its sacred truths must be concealed and suppressed. This logic was
adopted by the Roman Church. For hundreds of years the circulation of the
Bible was prohibited. The people were forbidden to read it or to have it in
their houses, and unprincipled priests and prelates interpreted its
teachings to sustain their pretensions. Thus the pope came to be almost
universally acknowledged as the vicegerent of God on earth, endowed with
authority over Church and State. {GC88 51.3}

The detector of error having been removed, Satan worked according to
his will. Prophecy had declared that the

papacy was to "think to change times and laws." [DAN. 7:25.] This work it
was not slow to attempt. To afford converts from heathenism a substitute for
the worship of idols, and thus to promote their nominal acceptance of
Christianity, the adoration of images and relics was gradually introduced
into the Christian worship. The decree of a general council [SECOND COUNCIL
OF NICE, A.D. 787.] finally established this system of idolatry. To complete
the sacrilegious work, Rome presumed to expunge from the law of God the
second commandment, forbidding image worship, and to divide the tenth
commandment, in order to preserve the number. {GC88 51.4}

The spirit of concession to paganism opened the way for a still further
disregard of Heaven's authority. Satan tampered with the fourth commandment
also, and essayed to set aside the ancient Sabbath, the day which God had
blessed and sanctified, [GEN. 2:2, 3.] and in its stead to exalt the
festival observed by the heathen as "the venerable day of the sun." This
change was not at first attempted openly. In the first centuries the true
Sabbath had been kept by all Christians. They were jealous for the honor of
God, and, believing that his law is immutable, they zealously guarded the
sacredness of its precepts. But with great subtlety, Satan worked through
his agents to bring about his object. That the attention of the people might
be called to the Sunday, it was made a festival in honor of the resurrection
of Christ. Religious services were held upon it; yet it was regarded as a
day of recreation, the Sabbath being still sacredly observed. {GC88 52.1}

To prepare the way for the work which he designed to accomplish, Satan
had led the Jews, before the advent of Christ, to load down the Sabbath with
the most rigorous exactions, making its observance a burden. Now, taking
advantage of the false light in which he had thus caused it to be regarded,
he cast contempt upon it as a Jewish institution. While Christians continued
to observe the Sunday

as a joyous festival, he led them, in order to show their hatred of Judaism,
to make the Sabbath a fast, a day of sadness and gloom. {GC88 52.2}

In the early part of the fourth century, the emperor Constantine issued
a decree making Sunday a public festival throughout the Roman Empire. [SEE
APPENDIX, NOTE 1.] The day of the sun was reverenced by his pagan subjects,
and was honored by Christians; it was the emperor's policy to unite the
conflicting interests of heathenism and Christianity. He was urged to do
this by the bishops of the church, who, inspired by ambition, and thirst for
power, perceived that if the same day was observed by both Christians and
the heathen, it would promote the nominal acceptance of Christianity by
pagans, and thus advance the power and glory of the church. But while
Christians were gradually led to regard Sunday as possessing a degree of
sacredness, they still held the true Sabbath as the holy of the Lord, and
observed it in obedience to the fourth commandment. {GC88 53.1}

The arch-deceiver had not completed his work. He was resolved to gather
the Christian world under his banner, and to exercise his power through his
vicegerent, the proud pontiff who claimed to be the representative of
Christ. Through half-converted pagans, ambitious prelates, and world-loving
churchmen, he accomplished his purpose. Vast councils were held, from time
to time, in which the dignitaries of the church were convened from all the
world. In nearly every council the Sabbath which God had instituted was
pressed down a little lower, while the Sunday was correspondingly exalted.
Thus the pagan festival came finally to be honored as a divine institution,
while the Bible Sabbath was pronounced a relic of Judaism, and its observers
were declared to be accursed. {GC88 53.2}

The great apostate had succeeded in exalting himself "above all that is
called God, or that is worshiped." [2 THESS. 2:4.] He had dared to change
the only precept of the divine law that unmistakably points all mankind to
the true and living

God. In the fourth commandment, God is revealed as the Creator of the
heavens and the earth, and is thereby distinguished from all false gods. It
was as a memorial of the work of creation that the seventh day was
sanctified as a rest-day for man. It was designed to keep the living God
ever before the minds of men as the source of being and the object of
reverence and worship. Satan strives to turn men from their allegiance to
God, and from rendering obedience to his law; therefore he directs his
efforts especially against that commandment which points to God as the
Creator. {GC88 53.3}

Protestants now urge that the resurrection of Christ on Sunday made it
the Christian Sabbath. But Scripture evidence is lacking. No such honor was
given to the day by Christ or his apostles. The observance of Sunday as a
Christian institution had its origin in that "mystery of lawlessness" [2
THESS. 2:7, REVISED VERSION.] which, even in Paul's day, had begun its work.
Where and when did the Lord adopt this child of the papacy? What valid
reason can be given for a change which the Scriptures do not sanction? {GC88

In the sixth century the papacy had become firmly established. Its seat
of power was fixed in the imperial city, and the bishop of Rome was declared
to be the head over the entire church. Paganism had given place to the
papacy. The dragon had given to the beast "his power, and his seat, and
great authority." [REV. 13:2; SEE APPENDIX, NOTE 2.] And now began the 1260
years of papal oppression foretold in the prophecies of Daniel and the
Revelation. [DAN. 7:25; REV. 13:5-7.] Christians were forced to choose,
either to yield their integrity and accept the papal ceremonies and worship,
or to wear away their lives in dungeons or suffer death by the rack, the
fagot, or the headsman's ax. Now were fulfilled the words of Jesus, "Ye
shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends;
and some of you shall they cause to be put to death. And ye shall be hated
of all men for my name's sake." [LUKE 21:16, 17.]

Persecution opened upon the faithful with greater fury than ever before, and
the world became a vast battle-field. For hundreds of years the church of
Christ found refuge in seclusion and obscurity. Thus says the prophet: "The
woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that
they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days."
[REV. 12:6.] {GC88 54.2}

The accession of the Roman Church to power marked the beginning of the
Dark Ages. As her power increased, the darkness deepened. Faith was
transferred from Christ, the true foundation, to the pope of Rome. Instead
of trusting in the Son of God for forgiveness of sins and for eternal
salvation, the people looked to the pope, and to the priests and prelates to
whom he delegated authority. They were taught that the pope was their
earthly mediator, and that none could approach God except through him, and,
further, that he stood in the place of God to them, and was therefore to be
implicitly obeyed. A deviation from his requirements was sufficient cause
for the severest punishment to be visited upon the bodies and souls of the
offenders. Thus the minds of the people were turned away from God to
fallible, erring, and cruel men, nay more, to the prince of darkness
himself, who exercised his power through them. Sin was disguised in a garb
of sanctity. When the Scriptures are suppressed, and man comes to regard
himself as supreme, we need look only for fraud, deception, and debasing
iniquity. With the elevation of human laws and traditions, was manifest the
corruption that ever results from setting aside the law of God. {GC88 55.1}

Those were days of peril for the church of Christ. The faithful
standard-bearers were few indeed. Though the truth was not left without
witnesses, yet at times it seemed that error and superstition would wholly
prevail, and true religion would be banished from the earth. The gospel was
lost sight of, but the forms of religion were multiplied, and the people
were burdened with rigorous exactions.

{GC88 55.2}

They were taught not only to look to the pope as their mediator, but to
trust to works of their own to atone for sin. Long pilgrimages, acts of
penance, the worship of relics, the erection of churches, shrines, and
altars, the payment of large sums to the church,--these and many similar
acts were enjoined to appease the wrath of God or to secure his favor; as if
God were like men, to be angered at trifles, or pacified by gifts or acts of
penance! {GC88 56.1}

Notwithstanding that vice prevailed, even among the leaders of the
Romish Church, her influence seemed steadily to increase. About the close of
the eighth century, papists put forth the claim that in the first ages of
the church the bishops of Rome had possessed the same spiritual power which
they now assumed. To establish this claim, some means must be employed to
give it a show of authority; and this was readily suggested by the father of
lies. Ancient writings were forged by monks. Decrees of councils before
unheard of were discovered, establishing the universal supremacy of the pope
from the earliest times. And a church that had rejected the truth, greedily
accepted these deceptions. {GC88 56.2}

The few faithful builders upon the true foundation [1 COR. 3:10, 11.]
were perplexed and hindered, as the rubbish of false doctrine obstructed the
work. Like the builders upon the wall of Jerusalem in Nehemiah's day, some
were ready to say, "The strength of the bearers of burdens is decayed, and
there is much rubbish, so that we are not able to build." [NEH. 4:10.]
Wearied with the constant struggle against persecution, fraud, iniquity, and
every other obstacle that Satan could devise to hinder their progress, some
who had been faithful builders became disheartened; and for the sake of
peace and security for their property and their lives they turned away from
the true foundation. Others, undaunted by the opposition of their enemies,
fearlessly declared, "Be not ye afraid of them; remember the Lord, which is
great and terrible; [NEH. 4:14.] and they

proceeded with the work, every one with his sword girded by his side. [EPH.
6:17.] {GC88 56.3}

The same spirit of hatred and opposition to the truth has inspired the
enemies of God in every age, and the same vigilance and fidelity have been
required in his servants. The words of Christ to the first disciples are
applicable to his followers to the close of time: "What I say unto you I say
unto all, Watch." [MARK 13:37.] {GC88 57.1}

The darkness seemed to grow more dense. Image worship became more
general. Candles were burned before images, and prayers were offered to
them. The most absurd and superstitious customs prevailed. The minds of men
were so completely controlled by superstition that reason itself seemed to
have lost her sway. While priests and bishops were themselves
pleasure-loving, sensual, and corrupt, it could only be expected that the
people who looked to them for guidance would be sunken in ignorance and
vice. {GC88 57.2}

Another step in papal assumption was taken, when, in the eleventh
century, Pope Gregory VII. proclaimed the perfection of the Romish Church.
Among the propositions which he put forth, was one declaring that the church
had never erred, nor would it ever err, according to the Scriptures. But the
Scripture proofs did not accompany the assertion. The proud pontiff next
claimed the power to depose emperors, and declared that no sentence which he
pronounced could be reversed by any one, but that it was his prerogative to
reverse the decisions of all others. {GC88 57.3}

A striking illustration of the tyrannical character of this advocate of
infallibility was given in his treatment of the German emperor, Henry IV.
For presuming to disregard the pope's authority, this monarch was declared
to be excommunicated and dethroned. Terrified by the desertion and threats
of his own princes, who were encouraged in rebellion against him by the
papal mandate, Henry felt the necessity of making his peace with Rome. In

with his wife and a faithful servant, he crossed the Alps in midwinter, that
he might humble himself before the pope. Upon reaching the castle whither
Gregory had withdrawn, he was conducted, without his guards, into an outer
court, and there, in the severe cold of winter, with uncovered head and
naked feet, and in a miserable dress, he awaited the pope's permission to
come into his presence. Not until he had continued three days fasting and
making confession, did the pontiff condescend to grant him pardon. Even then
it was only upon condition that the emperor should await the sanction of the
pope before resuming the insignia or exercising the power of royalty. And
Gregory, elated with his triumph, boasted that it was his duty "to pull down
the pride of kings." {GC88 57.4}

How striking the contrast between the overbearing pride of this haughty
pontiff and the meekness and gentleness of Christ, who represents himself as
pleading at the door of the heart for admittance, that he may come in to
bring pardon and peace, and who taught his disciples, "Whosoever will be
chief among you, let him be your servant." {GC88 58.1}

The advancing centuries witnessed a constant increase of error in the
doctrines put forth from Rome. Even before the establishment of the papacy,
the teachings of heathen philosophers had received attention and exerted an
influence in the church. Many who professed conversion still clung to the
tenets of their pagan philosophy, and not only continued its study
themselves, but urged it upon others as a means of extending their influence
among the heathen. Serious errors were thus introduced into the Christian
faith. Prominent among these was the belief in man's natural immortality and
his consciousness in death. This doctrine laid the foundation upon which
Rome established the invocation of saints and the adoration of the virgin
Mary. From this sprung also the heresy of eternal torment for the finally
impenitent, which was early incorporated into the papal faith. {GC88 58.2}

Then the way was prepared for the introduction of still

another invention of paganism, which Rome named purgatory, and employed to
terrify the credulous and superstitious multitudes. By this heresy is
affirmed the existence of a place of torment, in which the souls of such as
have not merited eternal damnation are to suffer punishment for their sins,
and from which, when freed from impurity, they are admitted to Heaven. {GC88

Still another fabrication was needed to enable Rome to profit by the
fears and the vices of her adherents. This was supplied by the doctrine of
indulgences. Full remission of sins, past, present, and future, and release
from all the pains and penalties incurred, were promised to all who would
enlist in the pontiff's wars to extend his temporal dominion, to punish his
enemies, or to exterminate those who dared deny his spiritual supremacy. The
people were also taught that by the payment of money to the church they
might free themselves from sin, and also release the souls of their deceased
friends who were confined in the tormenting flames. By such means did Rome
fill her coffers, and sustain the magnificence, luxury, and vice of the
pretended representatives of Him who had not where to lay his head. {GC88

The scriptural ordinance of the Lord's supper had been supplanted by
the idolatrous sacrifice of the mass. Papist priests pretended, by their
senseless mummery, to convert the simple bread and wine into the actual body
and blood of Christ. With blasphemous presumption, they openly claimed the
power of "creating God, the Creator of all things." All Christians were
required, on pain of death, to avow their faith in this horrible,
Heaven-insulting heresy. Multitudes who refused were given to the flames.
{GC88 59.2}

In the thirteenth century was established that most terrible of all the
engines of the papacy,--the Inquisition. The prince of darkness wrought with
the leaders of the papal hierarchy. In their secret councils, Satan and his
angels controlled the minds of evil men, while unseen in the midst stood an
angel of God, taking the fearful record of their iniquitous decrees, and
writing the history of deeds too

horrible to appear to human eyes. "Babylon the great" was "drunken with the
blood of the saints." The mangled forms of millions of martyrs cried to God
for vengeance upon that apostate power. {GC88 59.3}

Popery had become the world's despot. Kings and emperors bowed to the
decrees of the Roman pontiff. The destinies of men, both for time and for
eternity, seemed under his control. For hundreds of years the doctrines of
Rome had been extensively and implicitly received, its rites reverently
performed, its festivals generally observed. Its clergy were honored and
liberally sustained. Never since has the Roman Church attained to greater
dignity, magnificence, or power. {GC88 60.1}

The noontide of the papacy was the world's moral midnight. The Holy
Scriptures were almost unknown, not only to the people, but to the priests.
Like the Pharisees of old, the papist leaders hated the light which would
reveal their sins. God's law, the standard of righteousness, having been
removed, they exercised power without limit, and practiced vice without
restraint. Fraud, avarice, and profligacy prevailed. Men shrank from no
crime by which they could gain wealth or position. The palaces of popes and
prelates were scenes of the vilest debauchery. Some of the reigning pontiffs
were guilty of crimes so revolting that secular rulers endeavored to depose
these dignitaries of the church as monsters too vile to be tolerated. For
centuries Europe had made no progress in learning, arts, or civilization. A
moral and intellectual paralysis had fallen upon Christendom. {GC88 60.2}

The condition of the world under the Romish power presented a fearful
and striking fulfillment of the words of the prophet Hosea: "My people are
destroyed for lack of knowledge; because thou hast rejected knowledge, I
will also reject thee; . . . seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God,
I will also forget thy children." "There is no truth, nor mercy, nor
knowledge of God in the land. By swearing, and lying, and killing, and
stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth
blood." [HOSEA 4:6, 1, 2.] Such were the results of banishing the Word of
God. {GC88 60.3}



Forum Features Larry Johnson & Patrick Lang

[This transcript appears in the May 25, 2007 issue of Executive
Intelligence Review. ]

Cheney's Impeachable Crimes Highlighted at UDC Forum

On May 7, a group of leading U.S. intelligence and military veterans
joined investigative authors Peter Eisner and Knut Royce in a forum at
the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), that provided, among
many revelations, dramatic new evidence as to why Vice President Dick
Cheney should be impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors."
Originally convened as a book-signing forum for Eisner and Royce's new
book, The Italian Letter: How the Bush Administration Used a Fake
Letter To Build the Case for War in Iraq (see review), an invaluable
documentary account of the Bush Administration lies that led the
country to war against Iraq, the authors decided to open the event to
a panel of leading retired intelligence officers, to comment on the
just-released memoirs of retired CIA Director George Tenet.

The event, which drew over 100 students, faculty, and community
activists, provided one of the most damning indictments of the Bush-
Cheney Administration's manipulation of intelligence and other crimes.
The panelists who joined Eisner and Royce-former CIA officers Larry
Johnson and Mel Goodman; retired Defense Intelligence Agency Middle
East chief Col. W. Patrick Lang; and former chief of staff to
Secretary of State Colin Powell, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson-presented
such a significant amount of previously unknown documentation about
the crimes of Bush and Cheney, that EIR has decided, as a public
service, to publish an only slightly edited transcript of the entire

After a brief introduction by Dr. Bill Pollard, president of the
University of the District of Columbia, the forum began with an
introduction by Eisner, who served as the moderator for the panel

Bush's '16 Words'

Eisner: We originally had thought that this was going to be a more
traditional book event, about The Italian Letter, which is the book
that Knut Royce and I have written, which talks about, especially, the
effort by the Bush Administration to sell the war in Iraq to the
American people and to Congress, focusing especially on evidence
about uranium supposedly having been purchased in Africa, and having
been sold to Iraq, which became known as-that claim became known as
the "16 words," President Bush's 16 words in the [2003] State of the
Union message.

And we thought that that event, those 16 words, would encapsulate the
story of leading the United States to war, and how we got to that

So we took a narrow approach toward telling the story of the march
toward war, by just focusing on that one event, from the first day at
least, if not earlier, the first days after 9/11, to the U.S. invasion
of Iraq in 2003. The difference today was, that we decided to put
together very suddenly, and quickly, a panel that could go beyond that
as well, and deal with the issues surrounding the recent release of
George Tenet's book [At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA],
his memoir of his time as Director of the CIA, and his version of the
lead-up to war in Iraq. And we're delighted, and thrilled, to bring
together a panel that rarely has just come together, such an eminent
panel, to say the least, and some of them have spoken to each other,
known each other for years, but hadn't even met....

First, let me introduce Larry Johnson, who was an intelligence officer
with the CIA from 1985 to 1989; served in the State Department's
Office of Counter-Terrorism from 1989 to 1993; and who now provides
consulting services and helps the U.S. train military forces carrying
out counterterrorism missions.

Next, let me introduce to you, Col. Larry Wilkerson, the Pamela
Harriman Visiting Professor of Government at the College of William
and Mary. And he raced back from the College of William and Mary,
today, where he was giving finals, to join us here at this panel. We
very much appreciate that. He, of course, was the former Chief of
Staff to the Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Next, we have Mel Goodman, a 24-year veteran as a CIA analyst on the
Soviet Union, 18 years on the faculty of the National War College,
currently senior fellow at the Center for International Policy, and
adjunct professor of government at Johns Hopkins University, the
author of six books on international relations. The latest is The
Failure of Intelligence: The Decline and Fall of the CIA.

And last and not at all least, among our special guests, Pat Lang, who
was head of the Middle East section with the Defense Intelligence
Agency, for seven years.

My colleague is to his immediate left, Knut Royce. Knut, besides being
my friend for decades, is an eminent investigative reporter, has held
a share of at least three Pulitzer Prizes over the years; and it's a
pleasure to have worked with him to write this book.

What we're going to do is, start with Knut. And this will more or
less, in my concept, make a link between what he and I have done,
again, focusing on the uranium story, and also comparing that uranium
story to the larger story of what George Tenet has been saying. From
there, I'm going to ask our guests to speak a bit toward those points,
and as we move along, ask them some questions. And then finally, we'll
open it up to the floor, as well.

So, I want to ask Knut to start.

Royce: You know, as we look at what George Tenet has written about,
how do we compare what we see there, compared to what we found in the
course of our investigation?

George Tenet devotes about half of his book to Iraq. He starts out, he
starts carrying on, we're in Iraq ... It's a pretty apologetic tack
and there are some obvious contrasts between what he writes about and
what we write about....

Although Tenet does have some very interesting political tidbits in
there, they don't make a book. Tenet is apologetic. There are several
passages where he admits the CIA really screwed up-especially on the
weapons of mass destruction part-but nowhere does he mention the key
center at CIA for analyzing and publishing reports, and briefing
policy-makers on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. This was
critical. The largest center at CIA is called WINPAC, and that's the
Weapons Intelligence and Non-Proliferation and Arms Control division.
He mentions WINPAC-they're the ones who put together, who were
responsible for collating and analyzing the intelligence-in this book,
he mentions WINPAC just once.

We devote at least a chapter, and probably more than that, because
WINPAC was such a key player in the bogus information that came out.
We devote at least a chapter, and actually more than that, to WINPAC,
and the head of WINPAC at the time, Alan Foley.

Foley's a fascinating character, and one of the persons we interviewed
to get a sense of Foley, is sitting here on the panel, Mel Goodman.
Foley, we describe as somebody who, later in his career, decided that
fighting wasn't worth it. That-no, it wasn't worth it. He never fought

Goodman: He's a careerist.

Royce: He is a careerist.

But we mention in the book, when he was asked by the Administration,
and when he was asked later on by the Senate Intelligence Committee,
which was conducting an investigation of what had gone wrong, he told
them he actually believed that Iraq had indeed tried to buy uranium
from Niger, from Africa. That was a key point. Because without uranium
from Africa, there was no mushroom cloud, and that was the main pitch
of the Administration.

However, he told Mel, before the war started-Mel asked him: "So, what
do you think we're going to find in Iraq?" And Foley said, "Little, if
anything, of weapons of mass destruction." So, here was a guy who
would tell people different stories at different times.

Again, WINPAC was the key agency, the key division within CIA, and
Tenet only mentions WINPAC once, and Foley twice, by name, and that's
only because he had to reach-. At one point, when everything was
falling apart after Ambassador Joe Wilson had published his letter in
the New York Times, that he thought the Administration knew there was
no [evidence] that Iraq had tried to purchase uranium, he tried to get
ahold of-and then the CIA and the White House had to get their story
straight, on whose fault was it that there was no uranium, and that
Iraq hadn't tried to get uranium. He had to try to track down Foley,
because it was Foley who had discussed the whole issue, the 16 words
that went into the State of the Union address in 2003. It was Foley
and Bob Joseph at the National Security Council....

At any rate, he mentions him. He tried to get ahold of him before he
wrote a paper basically taking the blame for having screwed up.

Again, that's the main highlight I wanted to touch on.

'Mushroom Clouds on the Horizon'

Eisner: What I'd like to do is just, ask Pat Lang, and some of the
other folks, a diverse number of types of questions. Question: From
your perspective, between 9/11 and the U.S. invasion of Iraq, what did
you hear, and what was received from your sources, about changes,
since the National Intelligence Estimate of 1998.

Let's start from square one, which we did in our book. The United
States invaded Iraq because President Bush, the Bush Administration,
said that there was a clear and present danger for the United States,
if there's no action now. If the United States does not invade Iraq
now, mushroom clouds may be on the horizon.

So, Pat Lang, first. What was your take on weapons of mass

Lang: Well, I had the advantage of being around in DIA in the first
Gulf War, and for several years thereafter, before I left to go into
business, and I knew, with great certainty, having participated, along
with my friends and companions out at CIA, in the total destruction of
the Iraq nuclear program, to the point that-I won't say how we did
that, but it was a very thorough job. And that went on for a couple
years, and it wasn't any doubt at all, that it was just wreckage, and
the only thing left were a bunch of people, maybe 5,000 scientists,
engineers, technicians, who were very smart folks who had nothing to
work with. And we knew that was just gone.

And then, if you talk about the biological weapons program, that was
never more than research, in my opinion. It was research... Every Arab
country plays around with biological warfare research. It's kind of a
prestige item. It shows "we're big people," you know that "we're doing
that kind of stuff."

And then there was the chemical weapons thing. Well, you know, people
are frightened of chemical weapons with good reason. In this room
here, some sarin would wipe us all out easily. But this is not really
a strategic weapon. In fact, this is really a battlefield tactical
weapon. Even the most persistent kinds are not persistent for a very
great period of time. And it isn't the kind of thing you can threaten
the life of a great country with, really. It's harassment basically.
Even a real job in the subway in Tokyo, but you know, including in the
subway in New York City; yet this is not something which threatens the
life of the United States.

So, people started talking about how this guy had these weapons
programs, I knew for a fact that the BW [biological weapons] thing,
and the chemical thing, even though I'd been away for a few years-I'd
been hanging around the Middle East all that time, since I left-and I
knew very well that these things did not fill the bill for the
terrible, terrible threat that was being portrayed. And the nuclear
program, we'd smashed it up so totally that I didn't see how they
could be doing more than maybe trying, after '98-that's when the
inspectors left. And after they'd left, maybe they were trying to
resume some kind of furtive thing. But this is a big enterprise,
making nuclear weapons. This is not something you do in your garage.
And you have to have an awful lot of equipment, and people, and stuff.

So, my impression was, when I started to listen to this, and the
drumbeat got higher and higher, and heavier and heavier all the time,
that there's something really screwy about this. There's something
here that doesn't add up. In fact, in terms of what the realities
could possibly be, what they could be doing.

So, I became increasingly suspicious as time went along after 9/11.
Here we kept hearing this more and more and more. And then it became
increasingly clear after a while, that the intelligence was being
driven, the analysis of information and the evaluation of the
information, was being driven by policy, rather than being a free-
standing object intended to limit policy, which is the way I always
did it. (People always thought I was pretty limited anyway.)

And, in fact, I thought there was something very basically wrong. But
I'll shut up there, because other people will have other things to
say, and I could go on for a couple hours.

The CIA Caved In to the Administration

Goodman: Well, let me make three points, to join what Pat was saying.

Number One, you have to realize that the best source of intelligence
that the CIA had, was the fact that they had operational people on the
United Nations inspector teams. They had a significant number in every
round of inspection. And they were there to collect intelligence, not
only in terms of WMD, but on Saddam Hussein, and on a variety of Iraqi

When the UN inspectors left, and tried to get back in after Desert
Fox, the Clinton bombing attack on Iraq in 1998, Saddam Hussein said
no. What that meant was the CIA lost the very best intelligence
collection, the clandestine collection that it had. The reason why
this is important, is, they went from 1998, when they had some
collection, and were very cautious about what they said about
chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons-and if you look at all of
their intelligence throughout the '90s, up to '98, they were extremely
cautious-they went in 2002, all of a sudden, with no additional
collection, the CIA claims they have high confidence-and Tenet talks
about high confidence in this book.

So, I knew that was nonsense. They had no reason to be confident, and
they had no reason to claim that they had any specific information,
because for four years, they had nothing.

The second point that's important-and remember I was at the War
College then, so I still had all the clearances I had when I was at
the CIA-I called up NSA colleagues from times past when I worked on
the Soviet Union, and I basically asked them, without telling me
anything in terms of sources and methods, what were they picking up
that would give them any indication that Iraq was working on either
chemical weapons, biological weapons, or nuclear weapons?

Now, the background of that was, I knew from my Soviet experience,
there was no way that Iraq, or any other country, could be moving
things around without certain circuits pulsing, that NSA [the National
Security Agency] had access to, particularly in the Middle East. NSA
knew there was nothing in terms of nuclear weapons.

So, if NSA says there was nothing-and I consider NSA a very fine
professional outfit, and in some ways, it's the most professional
outfit in the intelligence community-it was clear to me that there was
nothing there.

Then, the third thing that's very important, and gets to the heart of
the corruption of the tradecraft of the CIA-and this is what I blame
Tenet for, as much as anything else: Not only did they politicize the
intelligence, but they didn't honor any of the basic tradecraft of how
you go about doing intelligence analysis. The fact of the matter is,
the CIA had made a decision-I think they made it in August/September
of 2002-basically to cave in to the Administration and to give them
what they wanted.

The White House, according to the Downing Street memo, had decided to
fuse the issues of terrorism and WMD, to make a case for war, and
[then head of British MI6 Richard] Dearlove, the author of that memo,
has said that the agency was fixing its intelligence to that policy.
And the clearest indication of that was the very good intelligence the
CIA was collecting on the fact that Iraq had nothing. And that was
intelligence from Saddam Hussein's son-in-law, remember, who defected,
went out to Jordan in the middle of the 1990s, somewhere around '94 or
'95; he was debriefed by the Jordanians, and debriefed by the CIA, and
he told them, since he was the head of the Iraqi military mobilization
department, he was responsible for destroying a lot of the chemical
and biological stocks and missiles-they didn't have a nuclear program
after '91-and he told them all of this.

The CIA didn't put any of this information in its finished
intelligence products.

Number two, the CIA was doing a very good job in recruiting a former
foreign minister of Iraq by the name of Sabri, until the White House
said, lay off of Sabri, we don't want his information any more. As
Tyler Drumheller says in his very useful book, this isn't about WMD
any more, this is about regime change. Well, Sabri was telling us
everything we needed to know about what Iraq did not have.

And also the CIA had a very curious character who I'm not going to get
into by the name of Charlie Allen, who's now over at the Department of
Homeland Security, who was very controversial at CIA, but he came up
with something very interesting in the 2002 period. It was Charlie
Allen's idea to go around the country, to find Iraqi-Americans who had
relatives in Iraq who worked in the weapons area, who were scientists,
engineers, technicians. Send them back to Baghdad and Iraq, before the
war started, to see what they could find out from family members, who
had access. These people came back, and they reported, and they said,
"All of these programs have been shut down."

And again, the CIA had never printed any of this material in the
President's daily brief, in the National Intelligence Estimates, in
any kind of intelligence assessment.

So, what the CIA did, and it's a violation of the Holy Grail-I mean,
this is the worst possible thing you can do, they ignored all of the
intelligence that you could argue, you could make one series of
assumptions from, and they trumped up the intelligence that for the
most part was single source, or primary source. And any good
investigator or reporter-Knut is one of the best investigative
reporters, and he'll tell you that you don't go into print with one
source-and that's exactly what the CIA did. They found the source that
told them what they needed to know. And when I testified against Bob
Gates in 1991, when he was confirmed as CIA Director, I said the CIA
and Gates and Bill Casey were guilty of judge-shopping in the
courthouse. That's what exactly what George Tenet did. It's what John
McLaughlin did. It's what Paul Pillar did, it's what Robert Walpole
did, and it's what Alan Foley did. And it's totally unconscionable,
and it needs to be corrected.

Throwing a 'Curveball' at Powell

Wilkerson: I come at this from a very different perspective, because
for some 35-36 years, I've been an intelligence user, not an
intelligence officer. Tactical-operational and strategic level in the
military, principally the strategic level at the State Department. And
like the other members of the panel, I could probably talk forever,
but I'm going to focus on George Tenet. Because I have grave concerns
about what he's written in his book, and what I saw him say on "60
Minutes," and other interviews that I've witnessed, over the last few

I also have grave concerns about John McLaughlin, the DDCI, his
deputy, because I spent five of the most intimate days of my life, and
five nights, without sleeping, as did my team, staring into George
Tenet's, and John McLaughlin's, and Robert Walpole's, and Larry
Gershwin's, and other people's faces, at Langley.

And while I agree with my panel members up here, and I think I'm going
to hear the same thing over here, and Carl Ford, who is assistant
secretary for intelligence research at the State Department, and for
whom I have a great deal of respect, that this was one colossal
intelligence failure, my concern is even deeper than that. And my
concern has grown, and grown, as I have been able to do some research
since I left the State Department, and listened to people like this,
and others-investigative reporters, and so forth.

And here's where my concern focuses: Either George Tenet is lying
through his teeth, or Tyler Drumheller is lying through his teeth-the
chief of the European division for CIA-with regard to one of the most
important pillars of Secretary Powell's presentation at the United
Nations: the mobile biological laboratories. One of the things
Secretary Powell and I told Mr. Tenet and Mr. McLaughlin at the outset
of our frenetic five or six days, trying to get ready for the UN, was
"multiple sources." We will not take anything and put it in this
presentation, unless there are multiple, independently corroborated
sources for the items we're putting in the testimony. That was the
going-in position.

Now, I learn, I think-although George has again put some doubt in my
mind-that there was a single source for the mobile biological
laboratories; that his codename was Curveball; and that there were
several, some very key, dissents as to this individual's testimony,
during or before the preparation of the Secretary of State. None of
that, ladies and gentlemen, none of that was revealed to the Secretary
of State, or to me, or to any member of my team, by either John
McLaughlin or George Tenet.

So, that's my first area of concern: Who's lying? This isn't an
intelligence matter. This is worse, far worse. This isn't just cherry-
picking, or political spin on intelligence. This is plain-out outright
falsehood to the Secretary of State.

The second point is even more dramatic. Secretary Powell, on my advice
and others', was getting ready to whittle the terrorism portion of his
presentation, from 25 pages that had been given us by the CIA, down to
about 5; and then, about the third day, we were going to eliminate it
altogether, because frankly, it stunk.

At the moment that we were having this discussion, about whether or
not we were going to include anything about Saddam's contacts with
terrorist groups and so forth, a dramatic thing occurred. All of a
sudden, we were told that a high-level al-Qaeda operative-I was never
told his name, I'm not sure that the Secretary was either, you'd have
to ask him-had been interrogated; and that that high-level al-Qaeda
operative had revealed that there was major training going on by the
Mukhabarat in Iraq-Saddam Hussein's people-of al-Qaeda operatives in
how to use chemical and biological weapons. This was quite a
revelation, and, as you can imagine, changed the Secretary's mind
about how much he was going to include about contacts between al-Qaeda
and Iraq in his presentation.

I have subsequently learned, once again-as best as I can tell from
numerous sources-that this information was gained from a Libyan al-
Qaeda operative named al-Libi; that it was gained under torture, or
near-torture, waterboarding and other. It was gained in Egypt, and no
U.S. personnel were even present when this interrogation was going on.
Nonetheless, the moment the information came forth, if indeed it did
come forth, it was hurried to the appropriate authorities, and was
given to the Secretary of State, and created quite a dramatic moment
in Langley.

I have subsequently learned that the DIA dissented, very quickly, on
this information. I was told that a "computer glitch" kept us from
seeing that dissent. I'm also told that even as we were in Langley,
and in New York, preparing the Secretary for his presentation, that al-
Libi himself recanted the entire confession-which you might say, "aw,
who'd believe al-Libi?" Nonetheless, it should have been known, and it
should have been delivered to the Secretary of State, that this had
happened, not to mention the DIA dissent.

So, we went ahead with two central pillars of his presentation at the
United Nations, essentially based on information that I have every
reason to believe now, was known to be unreliable, and even false, by
the DCI George Tenet, and the DDCI John McLaughlin. And yet, I never
heard a single word of doubt on their part, as to these two pillars of
the presentation.

Quite the contrary. I heard words to the effect of "slam dunk." As you
know, George Tenet is a real basketball fan, and so he uses terms like
that a lot. And I heard those kinds of terms, or similar phraseology,
a number of times, with regard to these kinds of points. Because
Secretary Powell was very skeptical about some of this stuff. After
all, we'd started out with a 48-page script handed to him by Scooter
Libby, chief of staff to the Vice President, which we had, within
eight hours of arriving at Langley, completely debunked and thrown
out, and turned to the October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate, in
lieu of that script, because that script was so full of holes, and

So, we were highly skeptical as to what we were going to take, and
what we weren't going to take, and the Secretary laid down the law.
And as far as I'm concerned, the DCI and the DDCI, at a minimum, had a
responsibility to be as honest as possible with him, in following his
dictates. And I am increasingly of a mind that they didn't, and they
knew they weren't.

'The Books Were Cooked'

Johnson: Cooking the books is something I personally became acquainted
with back in 1986, as a new analyst at the Central Intelligence
Agency. I became the Honduran analyst, and Honduras was important in
the context of U.S. policy in Central America, because Honduras was
the aircraft carrier base for Contra forces attacking the Sandinista
government. And, being caught in that position, and learning how
intelligence analysis and politics at the White House, particularly in
terms of what the White House and the President want to say, it was an
important, let's say, it was a formative experience.

I recall sitting in a morning meeting, where Bob Vickers, who was the
morning officer for Latin America at the time, and as I referred to
the Contras, he stopped me. He said, "You have to refer to them as the
Democratic National Resistance." And I said, "But the President calls
them the Contras!" And his response was, "Yes, but he's the
President." And that insight, how we start playing with words, where
you can no longer describe something for what it is, and you have to
make up euphemisms and other things, is one of the, if you will,
warning signs, or the canary in the mineshaft singing, that the oxygen
is running out quickly.

In the lead-up to the war, I was constantly bouncing things off of Pat
[Lang], because, apart from his tenure with the Defense Intelligence
Agency, he set up the Arabic program over at West Point, and he had
basically trained every colonel, most of the Arabist colonels that are
running around the U.S. Army today, and had spent a lot of time out in
the field, and was a combat officer. So, he had a broad base of
experience. It struck us at the time, we talked on several occasions
and said, "they must have something else."

And I recall during my time at State Department, when there was a
terrorist attack. And we put together a brief-that was the Tiny Star,
it was a maritime attack off the coast of Israel-we put together a
briefing team of NSA and CIA analysts who went around with a State
Department official to brief friends and foes in the Middle East, and
around the Mediterranean about, "here's the goods that we've got on
'em," and at that time, people said, "Okay, yeah, you got it."

So, I was proceeding on the assumption. "Surely, they've got something
they're not telling us." I would like to say I was one of those who,
before the war started, said this is a crock. I didn't. However, I did
get fired from the Fox News network as a news analyst for having the
audacity in November of 2002 to say, that if we went into Iraq, it
would be a diversion in the war on terror. And in January of 2003, I
put together a paper-this was in my pre-blog days. I'm convinced, if
I'd known more about blogs then, and there were more blogs active, we
might have stopped the war.

But, I wrote this paper. It was detailing Iraq's involvement, or lack
thereof, in terrorism. And I gave it to Jerry Bremer, L. Paul Bremer,
and my old boss at State Department, Morris Busby. Both Jerry and Buzz
had been coordinators of counterterrorism, and the thrust of the paper
was this: It is true that Iraq is a state sponsor of terrorism, or
was. But when you broke out and looked at what those acts were, Iraq
was not responsible for any mass-casualty attacks. Iraq's targets were
Israel and Iran, with the UN inspectors to a lesser extent. And it was
not terribly effective in using terrorism, and the last known attack
of its involvement against U.S. targets, was in February of 1993, when
they tried to blow up former President Bush-I think it was '95; no, '93
-in Kuwait.

And I wish I would have saved the e-mail back from Jerry, but he
basically came back and said, "Hey! You're barking up the wrong tree
here. Nobody's interested in the facts. We're going to war."

Our friendship, you'll be surprised to know, has evaporated in the
light of his excellent, and not-so-excellent, adventures in Iraq.

In May of 2003, I got an e-mail from one of my former colleagues. Now
George Tenet has tried to run away from the letter that several of us
drafted decrying his book, and calling upon him to give back the
proceeds, at least some of the proceeds, from his advance, to the
soldiers, and the families of soldiers, who were killed or wounded in
Iraq. Because in my view, and our view, the man has blood on his
hands. He had a chance, if he would have spoken up, he could have
stopped this rush to war. He chose to remain silent, but not just
remain silent, he chose to be an active participant in a deception
that was carried out, not only against other U.S. government
officials, but against the American people.

And it's not a matter of my word against his. The evidence is quite

In May of 2003, I got a note from one of my former colleagues in the
CIA. A senior person. And this person said, "the books were cooked."
And I went, "Uh oh." And so at that point, I started looking back, and
pushing into other areas, and it became clear, that this was a
deception that was being carried out on the people of the United
States. So, if you haven't bought George Tenet's book, let me put in a
plug: Don't buy it. Don't give the bastard a dime. If you need to read
it, you can probably borrow Mel [Goodman]'s copy, or go to the
library. But for this man to now pretend-"Look, I had doubts from the
beginning"-and he said nothing.

Mel's point, and Pat I know would endorse this, because as
intelligence professionals, your responsibility is not to take sides
in an issue; your responsibility is to tell what you know, it's to
tell what you don't know, and it's to give policy-makers at least a
range of options about other, be it different circumstances and
assumptions-what's the likely outcome.

But George Tenet has now admitted that in saying "slam dunk," he was
signing on as the chief cheerleader for the Bush-for-war team. And he
was going to help lead the cheers to the American people. And if that
doesn't disqualify him for public service ever again in the United
States, I don't know what does.

A Corruption of the Process

Lang: I have a couple points I'd like to make. As I started to say
earlier, you know, at the strategic level one of the main functions of
intelligence production, analysis production, is to reduce policy
options from the level of fantasy, to that of extreme reality. In
order for that to work, the intelligence function has to have-its
products have to be respected, and they have to be given due weight by
policy-makers, the decision-makers, as to what you're actually going
to do.

This is also true of the military, by the way, at a different kind of

But in fact, a problem arose in this Administration, which is inherent
in any administration, but it really got out of hand in this one, in
my opinion. I'm more or less retired now, so I can get to do just the
things that I feel like doing, pretty much. So I spend a lot of time
on things like academic panels, seminars, and boards of academic
people, things like that, foundations boards, you know. And I get to
associate with a lot of young fellows who were big-time staffers in
the first term of the Bush Administration, and now, a lot have
returned to academia, and I listened to what they say. And one of
things that's very noticeable here, that amongst these guys, there is
almost universally a great disdain for the functioning of
intelligence. As far as they're concerned, what the function of the
intelligence community, is to gather raw information, repeat it to
them, so that they apply to it their understanding of history, and
what the nature of history is, and where it's going, so as to say what
the meaning of that information is.

Of course, I always resist that pretty strongly, and it gets fairly
heated at times. But in fact, the belief is, amongst folks like this,
that the old sweats in the intelligence community, the guys who apply
the tradecraft of analysis, as Mel says, are really people who are
kind of second- or third-rate people. Nothing like as grand as the
guys who've got two or three degrees from Ivy League universities or
Stanford, or someplace like that. And really, what you need to do is
you feed the stuff up-give us the raw data, and we'll tell you what it
means, we'll tell you what it means in every case.

And that is a terrible corruption of the process of decision-making in
foreign policy, I think. Because if you do that, and you no longer
have an independent brake on the fantasies and the option generation
of the decision-makers, of their staffs-nobody tells them, this is a
crock, which is what they need to be told if it's a crock: that it's a
crock. So that tends to go down the drain in situations like this, and
it certainly did in this case, I think.

The other thing I would like to make an observation about, is the fact
that most analysts in the community are people of some integrity,
varying integrity-and of course, there are always outright careerists,
as Mel would say. I know a few. But in fact, most people would like to
do the right thing. And they study very hard, and I think, as Ruskin
said, that the life's so short, the craft's so long to learn. Well,
it's just exactly like that. So, in fact, they want to do the right

But when they go up to tell the policy-maker, "Hey, this is a crock,
you're full of it," right? Then this guy is going to push back,
because, as I said before, he and his kids-and they usually are kids-.

And so, when that happens, and it always happens-it happened a lot at
the beginning of this administration; because my old friends,
colleagues, and subordinates used to come to me and say, "These guys
beating the bejesus out of us up at the Office of the Secretary of
Defense, and won't listen to us. They just say we're wrong, we're
stupid, they imply that we're stupid." And when that happens, then the
leaders of the analysts, the working-level analysts, have to go back
to the leadership, the real leadership, George Tenet, the Vice Admiral
Jacoby over in DIA, this one, that one there, and say: "Boss, you've
got to stand up for me. You got to back us up. Because the very thing
we do in life, is at stake here. And if you don't do that, then we'll
all be dead. We will all, as somebody said, 'have drunk the kool-aid.'

And, in fact, that didn't happen. So, I don't give a damn about George
Tenet, personally. I hope he collects his royalties, and lives to be
miserable with them. But in fact, the problem is that it doesn't seem
that this process has ended, in fact. If you look around right now, as
to what the Administration is broadcasting, and there are a million
little signals everywhere about Syria and Iran-what you see is a
similar case being made against these places, by innuendo, half-truth,
exaggeration, refusal to interact with people who tell them the truth,
or even offer to cooperate, and things like that. The same kind of
case is being built. The underpinnings are the same.

So I think you have to ask yourself, do we have better leadership now
in the intelligence community? Do we? I don't know. Maybe my friends

A 'Cabal' in the Administration

Eisner: I have a question for everyone here. It's going to be moving
into a slightly different direction. As Colonel Wilkerson said, he has
a different position, has held a different position, was a customer of
intelligence during this whole period. He also was famously, I'm not
putting him on the spot, but he's famously known for saying, that
there was some form of cabal working in the Administration. When I am
asked the whys of this story, when I talk about the fact that the 16
words were well-known to be false before they were uttered by
President Bush, how the CIA almost, if not immediately after first
getting the information about nuclear weapons, didn't even investigate
very much, because many analysts discarded the information, because
Iraq didn't need uranium, because it already had it. Iraq had no
program to process uranium, because the act of obtaining uranium from
Africa, would have been very difficult. And beyond all those things,
the source for the information was highly questionable.

So, adding that to everything that's been said so far, people then
come to the question: Why? What was the superstructure? Who was
cooking the books?

You're talking about cooking the books, you're talking about the
hijacking of intelligence. Where did it come from? And why?

Dick Cheney's War

Goodman: I don't think that's a very difficult question to deal with.
I think the master of this war, and the one who outlined the strategy
for the war, and designed-and I agree with Larry [Johnson] that it was
just a classic case of agitprop: There was a propaganda campaign, and
we were taken in by it, and the press was taken in by it-but the chief
operator in all this, let's call him "Geppetto," was Dick Cheney. This
is Dick Cheney's war. It has always been Dick Cheney's war.

Now the one thing that Dick Cheney needed to sell this war, to market
his war, was nuclear reconstitution. And remember, I think it was
September the 8th, [2002], when all of the high-level members of the
Bush Administration went on national television with "smoking gun" and
the mushroom cloud. And what Joe Wilson was threatening, was to take
down the argument about nuclear reconstitution, when he said, "I'll
tell you what I found in Niger. I found nothing."

So, you had only two pins for nuclear reconstitution. It was Niger,
enriched uranium, and the phony 16 words; and you had the aluminum
tubes. And frankly, I'll pass the question to Larry, because people
feel that Tenet should have resigned. I've always thought that Colin
Powell should resign. Colin Powell is a hell of a lot more popular in
this country than George Bush. If Colin Powell had stood up, and said
what he thought, and told us what he knew, there would have been no

George Tenet is an apparatchik. I'm not impressed with George Tenet.
He should never have been CIA Director. But how did Colin Powell, a
military officer, a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, get taken in by the
aluminum tubes, which was driven by a kid, a young kid engineer by the
name of Joe Turner, at the CIA, who stood up somehow to all of the PhD
scientists of the weapons labs, and Department of Energy, because
Foley wanted this argument out there to make the case for war. I think
Powell could have stopped this.

But that's why this was so important to Cheney. That's why they
desperately hounded Valerie Plame-and again, sorry Peter, but I'll go
after the Washington Post on this: I don't know why Fred Hiatt is so
convinced that Joe Wilson was lying about many of these issues. The
Washington Post owes Joe Wilson an apology. But Fred Hiatt continues
to write and sponsor op-eds and editorials about all of the misleading
advice that Joe Wilson gave the country. Joe Wilson was trying to get
in the way of this moving train, that was moving toward war in 2002.

So, there are still a lot of things that we don't know. But I think
the key element in the question: This was Cheney's war, this was
Cheney's issue, and he had to run with it. He couldn't allow it to be

Wilkerson: I don't disagree with that. I think my previous comments
about a cabal between the two Secretaries of Defense-one, then a Vice
President, the other, another Secretary of Defense-you watch the body
language around these two men, you wouldn't know which one was which.
I didn't know whether Rumsfeld was running things, or Cheney was
running things. On any particular issue, you could take your pick.

But the Vice President, in my mind, is the person who ran this country
on a foreign policy perspective from 2001 to 2005, when I was at the
State Department.

On the issue of the aluminum tubes: It's far more complicated than
these people know. Another dramatic moment occurred: If you go back
and review the Secretary's presentation, then you will see that he,
himself, qualified his comment at the UN about the aluminum tubes,
because his mind was not clear on it.

When he was getting ready to toss it out completely, we suddenly got
another dramatic moment. This dramatic moment, I still can't say the
name of the country, but let's just say this-it was a well-respected
country, with one of the best intelligence services in the world-a
country suddenly reported to us that not only had it spun its
consignment of tubes-there were different consignments intercepted.
And they had spun them to 98,000 rpm, which means nothing to you, but
everything to someone that's looking at potential centrifuges, over an
extended period of time with no visible deterioration, etc., etc.,
etc. It was a very dramatic report. Not quite as dramatic as al-Libi,
but nonetheless dramatic.

And we inquired, including the Secretary-if I recall right, I have to
go back and check my notes-but I think Dr. Rice may have been there at
that time, too; I think she inquired, too, as you might suspect, "Can
we use this?" And Mr. Tenet, with Mr. McLaughlin sitting beside him,
nodding his head up and down, said "Well, we're going to have to check
with our counterparts, because their political authorities might not
allow us to use this." Duh! Damage was done! The Secretary had
suddenly made up his mind that, at least, he was going to leave it in
his presentation and qualify it, to express the fact that he knew
there was debate still going on about the aluminum tubes.

And, needless to say, the next morning, when Mr. Tenet came back and
said, reluctantly, the political authority would not allow that
intelligence service to let us use that information, because it had
been a commercial lab that had done this, and the bonds between this
commercial lab and this intelligence service were delicate, etc.,
etc., etc.-sort of like "sources and methods"-we couldn't use that in
the presentation specifically, but we didn't need to use it in the
presentation specifically. It convinced the Secretary that he ought to
leave that information, as has been said here, the only real
information that constituted any proof of an attempt to reconstitute a
nuclear program in Iraq.

And so, it was a litte bit more complex. Carl Ford [head the Bureau of
Intelligence and Research (INR) in the State Department from 2001
until 2003, reporting directly to Powell] and I have argued about this
a lot-it's a little more complex than even Carl knew. And if I fault
myself for anything, in this particular instance, it's not calling
Carl and getting him over there, and fighting in front of Tenet over
this issue. Carl had decided, that the Secretary had access to him, I
had access to him-which was true-and that we didn't need him or any of
his people over at the CIA. The Secretary passed every script past
him, called him, talked with him, and so forth. But I wish now, that
I'd brought Carl over to the CIA with me, because he would have given
me some intelligence professionalism to push back at McLaughlin and
Tenet, when we doubted something.

'A Finger in the Eye'

Johnson: "Poking a finger in the eye": That's one of the phrases you
learn as an analyst. The process of writing, whether it's for the
Presidential Daily Brief, or the National Intelligence Daily, is, you
start off in the morning, sort of like a newspaper reporter dealing
with breaking news; we offer up a story-line; the section chief
carries it forward to a morning meeting. At the morning meeting, the
division chief says, "Yeah, I think we'll go with that." Then the
division chief has to go upstairs and present it to an office chief.
So it's very much a bureaucratic function, and it's amazing that
anything gets done, but somehow in that process, you're able to turn
these pieces out.

So, anything that gets written like this, it's not just because
somebody is sitting there on their own saying, "Boy! I've got a great
idea for a story!" It is overseen, it is supervised; and in fact, my
understanding is, over the last seven years, they have actually added
layers of management review to the process. So the fact that someone
like this analyst Joe Turner, in WINPAC, was able to run amok, it was
not Joe Turner on his own: He was running amok with the witting
cooperation of senior CIA officials, with Jamie Miscik, the DDI, with
the people of Alan Foley who was in his chain of command. These people
participated in that, willingly. These are not ignorant, stupid

One of the things you learn as an analyst early on, is, you have to
properly present the information about what you know, and properly
source it. And if you are faced with a situation in which you are
dealing with only one source, then, that doesn't quite carry the
weight of, say, three or four independent sources that corroborate one

But the other thing, I'd like to bring this home to you, because
they're still saying it: George Tenet is out there saying, "Well,
everybody knew that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction." Most
people go, "Well, yeah, that's true." You gotta say, "Stop, right
there." Saying that, "Everybody in Virginia owns a firearm": Okay.
What's the nature of those firearms? If most of them are 19th-Century
or 18th-Century collectors' items, that's a far different problem than
saying, everybody's got an AK-47 or an automatic weapon, or a 50-
caliber Barrett rifle. What are those weapons? How are they used? And
this goes back to the point that Pat was making earlier: That it is
always the context of looking at Saddam, who used to have X amount of
weapons; a percentage of those were destroyed during the first Gulf
War; an additional percentage were destroyed in the subsequent
inspection period. And now, we're asked to believe that he's had this
many weapons destroyed through one fashion or another, but now poses a
greater threat? How does less become more? I've never understood it.

And one last observation on this "friends and family program" that
became the Bush Administration. Dick Cheney got his job in Washington,
in part-well, not in part-because of Don Rumsfeld. I know the man, and
the man's a good personal friend of mine, who was called by Don
Rumsfeld in 1972, and he said to my friend, "Hey, I've got this young
man, his name's Dick Cheney, and he needs a job." So, my friend gave
Dick Cheney a job for two years, and at the end of that two-year
period, Cheney walked in and said, "Hey, I've been offered the Chief
of Staff job at the White House." So, this relationship between Rummy
and Cheney goes back 40 years. And when they bring up Paul Wolfowitz-
remember Wolfowitz was Under Secretary of Defense under Cheney. You
know, so when you start doing the wiring diagram relationships on
this, just like an anthropologist, you understand that you're dealing
with sort of an inbred tribe that would do a disservice to call it
"West Virginia inbreeding." [laughter]

Eisner: One other connection there, is that Colin Powell came into the
mix pretty close to that period, being brought into investigate the My
Lai incident, and is, I believe, widely recognized to have whitewashed
the My Lai incident, having said that it was an isolated case,
involving one person, one incident, and not anything broader than
that. And as a result of that report, he suddenly hopped over about
four levels of infantry officers, and found himself in the White

The Crucial Role of Colin Powell

Wilkerson: I've got to say something here. I was out in Monterey,
California on Saturday at a conference, and Dr. Perry was in the
audience, and a host of other people. And I got asked a question, you
know, "Why didn't Colin Powell resign?" And I'll be very honest, as I
was honest with them: It would have lasted a month. It wouldn't have
any impact. It might have had a little bit of impact initially, maybe
a week's worth of impact, but then it would have faded. And he would
have been like any other Secretary of State, like [Cyrus] Vance or
whomever. We tend to think it would have been very powerful-it
wouldn't have done anything. In fact, Dick Cheney would have exulted
in his departure. And moved right out, just as ruthless, with the
vision that he has, as he had before.

Here's the key, I think, and if I ever write a book, this is what my
book is going to be about: You would not have liked at all, to have
seen the first Bush Administration without Colin Powell. We would not
have relations with Germany, France, or probably any NATO country.
Turkey would have told us to go to Hell long ago, not just taken a
very close vote on whether they were going to be with us in the Iraq
War-they'd have told us the strategic relationship was at an end.

We would have had a real mess. Colin Powell held [former German
Foreign Minister] Joschka Fischer's hand under the table; [former
French Foriegn Minister] Dominique de Villepin's hand under the table.
The French are the best counterterrorist people in the world. Donald
Rumsfeld is sticking his finger in their eyes in every conceivable way
he could, even to the nitty-gritty stuff, like telling the commandant
of the Marine Corps that he couldn't, for the 30th year in a row, go
and celebrate the birth of the Marine Corps with his French
counterpart. I mean, this was absurd! And every time something like
this happened, Colin Powell stepped in.

Let me tell you something even more serious: The Defense Department,
with Feith, Cambone, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, was dispatching a person to
Taiwan every week, essentially to tell the Taiwanese that the alliance
was back on. Essentially to tell Chen Shui-bian, whose entire power in
Taiwan rested on the independence movement, that independence was a
good thing. We dispatched either our AIT [American Institute in
Taiwan] representative, or someone from the State Department right
behind that guy, every time they sent somebody, to disabuse the entire
Taiwanese national security apparatus of what they'd been told by the
Defense Department.

This went on until George Bush weighed in, and told Rumsfeld to cease
and desist, told him multiple times to re-establish military-to-
military relations with China, one time in a raised voice that even
surprised Dr. Rice. And he fired the wife of Larry Di Rita, Therese
Shaheen, who was the Taiwan rep here in Roslyn, Virginia. Because she
went out, after the President finally rebuked Chen Shui-bian,
publicly, she went out and said the President of the United States
didn't really mean what he said.

And so, Colin Powell had the U.S.-China relationship, with, I will
admit, strong backing from the President on occasion, in his hand, the
whole time, too: from the EP3-F8 collision in April 2001, till the
time he left the State Department. So, let me say again: You would not
have liked to have seen the first Bush Administration, without the
balanced voice of Colin Powell.

Cheney: 'Truly Delusional'

Eisner: Let me ask a question about Dick Cheney: Pat Lang might have
one of the closer relationships with Dick Cheney over time; how has he
changed, and why is he doing what he's doing, to the degree that you
can analyze it?

Lang: Well, I contemplated this issue a lot. When I was the head
Middle East/South Asia guy in the period of the first Gulf War, I used
to brief the man quite a lot, and he was not an inspiring student or
pupil, but he wasn't an offensive one. You know, he would listen
politely and impassively, and ask an occasional question. But he
didn't challenge anything you said, he didn't-he just asked for an
elaboration of points occasionally. And so, I thought he was a
reasonably balanced kind of guy.

And then all of a sudden, in this Administration, starting in 2000,
you have this guy who is increasingly revealed as somebody who is
really destiny-driven or something, by some sort of deep-seated
animosity toward Iraq, especially, and has signed up to the historical
theorizations of a lot of people like Wolfowitz, and Feith, and people
like that. And the change-over is quite striking. You see, there
either was a change-over there, or I just missed it completely the
first time around. And a lot of people told me that. A lot of people
who knew him in earlier days, say that they do not, in fact, recognize
the man. Who was it who said famously, "I no longer know Dick Cheney?"

[From the audience: "Brent Scowcroft."]

Lang: Scowcroft. And I remember I briefed him the morning that he went
to Saudi Arabia, under Bandar's supervision, I guess, to persuade the
King to let us in the Kingdom after the Iraqis had invaded Kuwait. And
he listened, listened, listened, and he talked, he looked at all the
pictures and everything, you know, he asked a couple of questions;
then, "Thank you very much," and left the room. And this is not-it
doesn't add up to the guy who's encouraged all these analysts to be
driven to the wall so that they had to fall back on their own
resources of courage, or roll over and play dead, in the run-up to the
Gulf War, and I think that that's a puzzlement. And I don't quite
understand the man at all.

Q: You described Cheney as delusional. Do you still believe he's

Lang: Yeah. The evidence of Cheney number 2, or Cheney version 22, or
whatever it is-is that this man, I think, this man is truly delusional
in a lot of ways, and he doesn't in fact have a good grip on reality,
and is easily captive of various fantasies proposed to him about the
nature of reality and history, what the Middle East is all about, and
things like that. He seems to be very, very minimal in some ways, and
it fits in with a pattern of rigidity in his thinking, which is-I
think delusional would be still be my word.

Bring In 'Team B'

Goodman: Let me just tell one anecdote, because it shows there's been
no change whatsoever in Cheney on policy or intelligence matters, and
it also points to what Larry was talking about in terms of the
inbreeding, and the Cheney-Rumsfeld relationship, which was incredibly
tight, until I think Rumsfeld lost interest in this war, which was why
he was forced to resign-it had nothing to do with the election, as far
as I'm concerned.

In the mid-1970s, when Cheney was Chief of Staff for [President
Gerald] Ford, and Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense, they wanted to go
after the CIA then. It was their idea to put together a "Team B" of
troglodytes: people like Paul Wolfowitz, Gen. Danny Graham, Bill Van
Cleave, people who were well-known as neo-conservatives, before we
used the term neo-conservative. He wanted to send this group out to
the CIA, but CIA Director Bill Colby, who I worked for for a short
period of time, wouldn't let them in the building. Bill Colby was
forced to resign.

And in comes George Herbert Walker Bush, where Rumsfeld wanted to put
Bush in, because he thought Bush was a lightweight; but there's a
chance that Bush could become nominated as a Republican candidate for
President, something that Rumsfeld thought he deserved as the smartest
person in all of Washington. And of course, they go back to the CIA,
and George Herbert Walker Bush, says, "Yeah, bring in Team B."

So, they bring in these troglodytes to try to push CIA analysis on the
Soviet Union to the right, at the very time, we're getting very
sensitive information, including very sensitive intercepted
information from NSA, about the efforts the Soviets now want to make
to try to move toward arms control and détente. And this was '77, when-
I don't want to get into the Kremlinology-the important Brezhnev
speech at Tula, and they were starting to cut back on the growth in
defense spending.

So, the point I want to make, is, Cheney and Rumsfeld have never
wanted the kind of intelligence organization that Harry Truman wanted
to put together, and did put together, in 1947, in the National
Security Act: that is, an independent agency providing intelligence,
with the bark on, that was outside of the policy process; that would
hopefully be as objective and balanced as you could make it, and not
wedded to any specific policy. They wanted to end that role for the
CIA, and intelligence in general, and intelligence would serve the
same function that every other policy instrument serves: It would be
part and parcel of the White House.

And just as this group now has politicized every agency in government,
from what I can tell-every regulatory agency, every key domestic
agency, the whole national security process has been militarized and
politicized under this regime: This, to me, is what this cabal is all
about. It's very serious. It won't easily be reversed. It has caused
incredible mischief and problems for American national security

Lang: Give me another shot at this, will you? I'd like to revisit what
I said, for just a minute here, thinking about that. When Wolfowitz
was Undersecretary of Defense for Policy under Cheney, in the early
'90s, working for him, of course, there were two deputy-deputies, were
Scooter Libby and Zalmay Khalilzad. Khalilzad had the portfolio for
strategy formulation, and that intersected with my job-even if they
had to talk to me about it, if they didn't want to have a mess and an
argument all the time.

So, Zalmay Khalilzad drafted a policy statement to go into some sort
of defense document-I forget what it was-and it essentially said that
the United States should use its power to benevolently dominate the
world, and not hang back from use of force if necessary. And we had
several interesting dust-ups about that, because they kept saying if
DIA would support this, in its aspects with regard to the real
situation in the world, among others, I kept saying no.

And this culminated one day, in a nasty scene in the dining hall in
the Army-Navy Club, downtown, in which Khalilzad got more and more
angry with me and finally yelled at me, so that every head in the room
turned around, and says, "The problem with you native Americans, is"-
and he didn't mean an Indian, either-"the problem with you native
Americans is that you don't understand your responsibility in the use
of power." And then, shortly after that, the Army General Staff leaked
the documents in the Washington Post and the scheme came to an end.

Goodman: Actually, the L.A. Times as I recalled, the L.A. Times, the
New York Times, and the Washington Post always felt that Scowcroft was
responsible for that. It was a document, a defense policy review, from
'91 to '92.

Wilkerson: I'd like to just say one thing here, as an academic: In
1963, in fact, Dec. 22, 1963, Harry Truman had an op-ed in the
Washington Post-go Google it, you can find it; go read it, I recommend
it to you-Harry Truman was accusing the CIA of being a beast,
something he didn't recognize, something he had not created, in 1963.
And who could blame him? A 1953 coup run by Kermit Roosevelt and Allen
Dulles, under John Foster Dulles, that overthrew the first
democratically elected Persian government, in Iran, and put us where
we are today; '54, coup in Guatemala. Need I say more? Harry, in '63,
was not happy with the CIA.

Dialogue with the Audience

Eisner: Let me see if there's questions from the floor. Yes.

Question: Yes, my name is Michele Steinberg with EIR magazine: I cover
U.S. policy in the Middle East. There's a very famous quote, beside
"slam dunk" which is, I think, from Secretary Powell. It's: "You break
it, you own it." And the thing that's broken more, in my mind, than
Iraq, is the United States of America. And right now, there is a
Congressional resolution on the table, H.R. 333: Rep. [Dennis]
Kucinich, Rep. [Janice] Schakowsky from Illinois, Rep. William Clay
from Missouri-and it's about impeachment. And it's not about
impeachment of Bush, it's about impeachment of Dick Cheney, and the
documentation which is about-oh, I'd say about 60 or 70 items long-is
on many of the issues that are addressed today, like the mushroom
clouds, aluminum tubes, all of that.

Now, I wish that all of you folks were sworn-in witnesses before the
U.S. Congress right now, but inasmuch as Colonel Lang mentioned
something that is happening now, Syria and Iran, disinformation,
cooking the books, etc., would you say that this is appropriate to get
this kind of investigation going right now?

Wilkerson: I think that's an excellent question. I think our Founding
Fathers would be appalled, that in some 200-plus years, we never used
that clause they put in our Constitution, except fecklessly, and in
one case, successfully. The Articles of Impeachment that threatened
Richard Nixon certainly were the reason he decided to resign. I
believe, if you asked Hamilton, Madison, Monroe, even Washington, they
would probably say, "Yeah, probably about every 30 years, they'll take
somebody out." And if you look at Clinton, and the peccadilloes for
which they brought impeachment proceedings against him, as compared
with the "high crimes and misdemeanors"-and that's a direct quote from
Article II of the Constitution-with regard to Cheney and Bush, I think
there's a helluva lot better case, with regard to Cheney and Bush.

Is it going to happen? I think it's a political impossibility right
now, and it's a political impossibility, partly because of what you
just said: Our political process, not just the Federal bureaucracy,
but our political process is broken. And somehow, we as Americans have
allowed that to happen. And I don't know what you think about it, but
I'm damned mad about it, and I'm doing everything I can, across the
country, to tell people that I believe this; to tell them how I think
the Federal bureaucracy needs to be repaired-including the Congress of
the United States; its committee relationship with the Executive
branch is absurd, it's an anachronism. The Congress needs to be
reformed, the Executive branch needs to be reformed.

But the big problem we're confronted with is going to come to bear
again, very shortly: it's this insane process where you have less than
50% of Americans electing our President. And if you think about that,
that means one in four, actually elect him or her. And this insane
process of primaries, and factions, as Washington called it-not
parties; he called it "factions"-who go out there and appeal to their
extremes, and are successful in doing so! We have to do something
about that, and the only people who can do something about that, are

Goodman: Just one quick point, because I agree with Larry so strongly:
[Rep.] John Conyers has been saying for the last couple of years, and
his [Judiciary] committee has written a wonderful report about the
Constitutional crisis: We face a Constitutional crisis! The Congress
doesn't work, oversight doesn't worked. The media didn't do its job
leading up to the war. The courts won't deal with national security
issues. The FBI is abusing National Security Letters. A general at NSA
approved warrantless eavesdropping, the CIA is still torturing and
abusing-and Tenet, one of the most disgusting and offensive charades
he went into was that nonsense about "we don't talk about it, and we
don't do it," when he referred to enhanced interrogation techniques.
Of course they do it! You had two CIA directors violating the charter
of the CIA, engaging in policy advocacy-both Goss and General Hayden,
asking for exemptions. I'm not a big fan of John McCain, but on this
issue, he is the leading authority, and he's totally right! And it's
got to be stopped!

'The British Have Learned...'

Jeff Stein (Congressional Quarterly): Colonel Wilkerson, I'd like to
hear you talk a little bit about your view of the uranium documents
escapade from the vantage point of the State Department. In
particular, do you think the SISMI, the Italian agents, were taking
off on their own, busting into the embassy, the Niger Embassy and get
these stamps and so on, to help fabricate these documents? Is there a
possibility in your mind? Did you discuss it at the State Department,
that [former Italian Prime Minister Silvio] Berlusconi might have put
this in motion?

Wilkerson: No, not in so many words, but I think there were a lot of
suspicions, especially around Rich Armitage's office. If you know Rich
at all, you know he's got his fingers in everything clandestine. And
thinking about it, and was on the phone with John [McLaughlin] or
George [Tenet] almost every day, multiple times. And probably had his
fingers stuck in things, as well as Carl Ford did, and maybe even

But I think the fact that it got said, the way it's said, that "the
British have learned," threw everybody off for a few minutes, maybe a
day or two. And you also have to remember, that until I insisted with
the White House cabinet secretary, that foreign policy speeches come
over to the State Department-we weren't even seeing the speeches. And
after those words appeared, my insistence was finally complied with.
And even then, I had to call the Under Secretaries and Assistant
Secretaries and other experts into my office, sit them down on my
couch, and let them read the speech in my presence, and then I had to
consolidate their comments and send them over to the White House.
That's how hard it was to get a speech out of the White House that the
Secretary of State could look at. That might mind-boggle you, but
that's the way it was.

So, I don't remember any specific discussion. I do know there was a
lot of doubt and wonderment, as to how this was happening. Because
INR, and others in the State Department had already discounted that

For one reason, we knew the French controlled Niger, in terms of the
nuclear. And we knew the French were talking to us, and we were
talking to the French, despite Rumsfeld. And so, how could you get
that much out, without the French knowing about it? And they were
absolutely cold on it. So.

Royce: Could I comment? The French, by the way, the Administration has
insisted to this day, keeps insisting, that we weren't the only ones
who screwed up on weapons of mass destruction, that all the major
Western intelligence services also did.

The French did not. The French intelligence service never believed
that Saddam, Iraq, was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction, and it
passed its intelligence on to CIA, very clearly. That never got into
any of the reporting, that we've been aware of. The French didn't
believe it. The Italians didn't believe it. And Berlusconi, while he's
a very a good friend of Bush, didn't really believe that Iraq had
weapons of mass destruction. SISMI, as an organization, didn't believe
it, either.

So, it's kind of hard, given that, to believe that Berlusconi somehow,
as a favor to his good friend G.W., ordered SISMI, the Italian
intelligence service, to come up with this phony story of uranium.
That's where it stands.

Lang: If you've ever been in the business of conducting liaison or
relationships with a bunch of intelligence services-you know, with the
exception of the French and maybe one or two others-most of these
outfits are fairly bush league organizations, in fact. They have very,
very limited means of collection; they may have some particular
mission in Africa, or someplace where they had colonial possessions
once or something like this, but they don't have anything like the
kind of availability of information and things like that the U.S.
intelligence community has. And the heads of these organizations are
under tremendous pressure from the heads of their governments, to play
up, to "be as good as the Americans, to give me something that I can
argue with, like I'm one of the big guys." So, the pressure to go
along with American positions, on the part of a lot of these services,
is-and then look who the boss, the head of the countries-is
tremendous. Of course, the French don't give a damn about that, which
is one of their strong callings, in my opinion.

The Rose Garden Speech

Johnson: There was one nugget that did come out of Tenet, that we
noticed, and someone had asked me about it previously, which was: We
thought that the first time that Tenet dealt with pulling a reference
to uranium and nukes out of President Bush's speech, was the Oct. 7
speech that President Bush gave in Cincinnati. But Tenet speaks about
a Rose Garden speech on Sept. 26, 2002, which would have been two days
after the British white paper came out, mentioning this for the first
time. And interestingly enough, Condoleezza Rice apparently recognized
at that moment, that the material was questionable enough that it
should be pulled out of the speech. So the question would then be,
what's the track of the White House knowing whether or not there was a
question about uranium and nukes in Iraq?

Goodman: Well, here I think you have to give the CIA a certain amount
of credit: The White House knew, almost from the beginning, that these
documents were fabrications, they were forgeries, and could not be
used. When Condoleezza Rice said, and I remember she said it on
television, "Maybe someone lower down the chain knew, but no one told
me": That was a lie. And the person who told her was Jamie Miscik, who
was the deputy director for intelligence, and she reported back to
Tenet and McLaughlin that she had that conversation. So, Tenet wrote
letters and memos to Hadley that he conveniently forgot about, but
then I think in May, he suddenly remembered, "Yes, I do remember those
memos from the CIA."

The point that I always make is, up until around the first or second
week in October, the CIA in some areas, was playing it straight. But I
think once Tenet was convinced that this administration was going to
war, regardless, and you weren't going to stop it, he had to face the
fact, "Am I going to play this game honestly? Am I going to tell truth
to power? Or do I want to put on my suit and tie every morning, and be
an important person in Washington?" And he decided on the latter
course: He wanted to be part of the team. And there's a certain
jocularity about this book and a sophomoric bent in this book, that is
almost-and I apologize for buying it [laughter], but I just couldn't

It's what's so appalling about George Tenet. I mean, he is just, to
me, a low-breed apparatchik. But on the issue of this fabrication, the
White House knew everything they needed to know, and when Foley was on
the phone, more than once or twice with Bob Joseph at the NSC, working
out this language, all Foley wanted was a sentence in that State of
the Union that pinned it on something other than the CIA or the
intelligence community. Whoever came up with the formulation, "the
British have learned," which got Foley off the hook-but he stupidly
did not tell his boss; George Tenet did not know about any of these
negotiations, Foley really dropped the ball. But Jamie Miscik was
running this, and now, the number 3 man at the CIA, Mike Morrell, who
handled the October episode over the Cincinnati speech, and handled it
well, and made sure there was follow-up and policy process to get that
language out of the speech.

But basically, the White House knew what they were doing, but that was
the case for war: It was a nuclear case. It was to scare the hell out
of us, because of our frail nature in the wake of 9/11. They took
advantage of us. But I agree with Larry: It's the American people.

Eisner: Well, again there, when you say the White House knew-I'm asked
that question-who in the White House knew? Are we talking Rice?

Speaker: Rice knew, Hadley knew, Cheney knew, Powell knew. Powell, I
believe, called the NCS and told them what to do about this, in
addition to the CIA telling them. I assume that Bush knew. If he
didn't know, then someone failed him. And I think Rice was a disaster
as the National Security Advisor anyway. She only has two jobs: One is
to keep her President informed of all the various policy options and
what you need to know about an option; and then two, to make sure that
the policy agencies then follow up with any decisions a President
makes. She couldn't do either one! So, now she's Secretary of State.

Someone in Cheney's Office...

Johnson: Yeah, back to this "knowing," and put some of the activity
into context: I bring to the experience of having worked in the office
of the CIA Operations Center and knowing how the paper's generated and
forwarded to principals: When Dick Cheney saw that reference in a
Defense Intelligence Agency report, to the possibility of Iraq buying
uranium from Niger, and queried his briefer, we now know, basically-I
was in Valerie Wilson's training class, by the way, at CIA-we now know
from her testimony before Congress, that that very same day, somebody
in Cheney's office-and it had to be Libby; if it wasn't Libby, it was
Hadley-somebody called out and got a junior case officer in Valerie's
office on the phone, and said, "Hey! We really need this information!"

So, on the question of any information dealing with Iraq, uranium,
Niger, that was on the radar screen for top-level officials. It's not
like we were talking, "What was banana production in Costa Rica?" Or,
"How many diamonds came out of Liberia?" You know, this was something
that was at the very top of their issue. It was at the White House
Situation Room there, it was at the top; the CIA Operations Center
there was at the top, because when you're sitting there as a watch
officer, when you see these topics come across your screen, you hit
the "print" button, and you make sure that certain critical documents
are available for the principals the next day.

That's why I'm certain Dick Cheney saw Joe Wilson's report. Because
the White House Situation Room hit the "print" button. Dick Cheney
didn't like Joe Wilson's report that was generated based upon his
trip, because it didn't support the notions that they wanted. But the
knowledge at the White House level, just the way the bureaucracy
works, there is no way in Hell, that these people were not being
briefed on a regular basis on anything that had to do with Iraq
acquiring uranium, and the possibility of reconstituting the nuclear
program-no way.

Eisner: Is there any trail that could show that, in any possible way?

Wilkerson: I think there was another part to it, too, and I can't
confirm this. I wish I could. I think what happened, a lot of times,
is when Libby, John Hannah, two key players in the Vice President's
office, Hannah being sort of the pin and Libby being the orchestrator,
the hatchetman, if you will: When there was any debate over an
intelligence item, they call Feith's shop in the Defense Department.
Feith's shop was running an alternative intelligence operation. It was
kind of weird, because what they did, was produce, for example, that
48-page script that Libby handed to Secretary Powell to take to the
UN, or out to Langley, and then eventually to the UN. But whenever
they had a question over a particular item of intelligence, they got
confirmation, not from the intelligence analysts. They might check
with them, and see what happened. But they got their final
confirmation, and usually made the decision as to whether or not they
would run with a talking point, from Douglas Feith's shop, and from
Steve Cambone-not from the people at Langley.

Question: I'd like to ask a couple of questions. You've done a good
job of painting the culprits, identifying the culprits. But what were
their motivations to get up there? Why are we there? Was it to drum up
business for Halliburton? Was it oil? Was it Bush avenging his Daddy?
I mean, why are we there? That's Question #1.

Wilkerson: Let me take a shot at this, because this is what I'm
teaching right now. I usually can throw a heirarchy up on the board
for my students, and I say "Take a hit. And when you get through, I
want you to defend each one, and then I want you to put them in
priority." And what I throw up there, it depends on the individual
who's advising the President, and it depends on what the President
makes of that advice-but I throw up there everything from the military-
industrial-Congressional complex; have you seen what Lockheed's share
price is now? It went from $26 to about $98. Man, when war is
profitable, you have an influence!

I throw up oil. If you look at Paul Wolfowitz's comments in Vanity
Fair, you'll see that Paul Wolfowitz said, very candidly, "this is all
because Iraq is floating on a sea of oil." I throw up there,
"democracy and freedom," the neo-con mantra: "We're going to bring
utopian society to the world or die trying." And I throw up there
other things, like Bush's psychology. This is a naive, untutored, not-
steeped-in-foreign-policy President! With all these pachyderms around
you, who are steeped in something! They're particularly steeped in the
militarization of U.S. foreign policy. We elected a defense contractor
Vice President of the United States! And a former Secretary of
Defense! And a former Secretary of Defense as a Secretary as Defense!
And a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as the Secretary of State:
Talk about militarizing America! That's what we did. And we got war.

The 'Doug Feith' Story

Lang: I decided, at the urging of my friends, to tell my Doug Feith
story. I've done this in print before, so I'm not shy about it.

In the first year of the Bush Administration, I had a friend who's an
old Army friend, who was working for Rumsfeld in hiring seniors over
there. And so he called me up one day, and he asked me, I think you'd
make a wonderful Assistant Secretary of Defense for Whatchamacallit.
And I thought about that, and you know, I'm not a Republican.
Actually, I'm a helluva lot more conservative than these neo-cons,
that's for sure. So I thought, "that'd be interesting," so I said, "Go
ahead." So, he put my name in the hopper, and I ended up going around
the Stations of the Cross in the Pentagon, you know, you see all these
offices, all these people.

And I finally end up one day, in the penultimate moment of this, in
Doug Feith's office. And he was sitting there munching a sandwich
while he was talking to me (which I thought was remarkable in itself),
but he also had these briefing papers-they always had briefing papers,
you know-about me. He's looking at this stuff, and he says, "I've
heard of you. I heard of you." He says, "Is it really true that you
really know the Arabs this well, and that you speak Arabic this well?
Is that really true? Is that really true?"

And I said, "Yeah, that's really true."

He says, "That's too bad." [laughter]

That was the end of the interview. I'm not quite sure what he meant,
but you can work it out.

Speaker: Thank you. A lot of pieces of information, but it's largely
in response to the question the lady just had asked. It must have been
about three or four years, that I too kept saying "Why?" Because I had
come out of the former White House, you knew that White Houses don't
puff up overnight, and all of a sudden policy is made; that there is
history and research. And without it, you're going to be in a lot of
trouble with the Constitution and the country. And I would just like
to suggest that I have read most all of the books that were put out-
whether it was the CIA, what happened in Afghanistan, whether it was
Osama bin Laden; or all of the other ones.

There was one book that goes, not back to Truman, but far enough back,
that gives us an answer to her question why. And it isn't just energy,
and it isn't just oil, and it isn't just Halliburton. But if you read
American Theocracy by [Kevin] Phillips, you'll understand how we have,
literally, from our complacency, from our interest in our own personal
lives-you want to call it a cabal, of a whole set of believers,
ideological believers, that you don't do research, you don't look at
history, they know what the Bible taught them, and they were going to
take over this country. And they did it, with patience, and with
people who had been in government and knew where they were going. And
Dick Cheney is one of them, and Rumsfeld was another one, and all of
them. And they had a very gullible guy, in the name of George Bush,
who was Mr. Happy-Guy in college, and if they'd just let him be a CEO-
not a President-but a CEO, he could do what they wanted him to do, and
he would give them the responsibility.

And we do have a broken government: And until we realize how we got to
where we are, I believe that we will not be able to change.

Wilkerson: I think you're right, in many of your comments. I didn't
mention some of the other things I throw up for my students. One of
them, is, depending on if you believe Kevin, and I let them read some
of his books, especially the Financialization of America, which is
quite good. How many of you know we're in $42 trillion in corporate
and private debt, right now, for example? That's the largest debt in
human history. You can even do it in constant dollars, and it's still
the largest debt in human history, and we're talking Spain and the New
World, and gold and silver and so forth. So we're really walking down
a road that no one's ever been on before, and Kevin does a good job of
pointing that out.

The evangelical/Pentecostal population in America, which is part of
the radical religion right, is astounding. When I tell my students
about it, when I show them the polling data; when I show them how many
Americans believe in the inerrancy of the Bible; how many Americans
don't believe in evolution; how many Americans don't believe in
science, unless it's supported by God-theory. And I'm a Christian: But
my grandmother didn't teach me this version of Christianity.

You're stunned! By some accounts, and some polls, there's as many as
48 million Americans out there, who are actively, politically,
pursuing their agenda through people like Falwell, and Pat Robertson,
and so forth. And when I see Mitt Romney and John McCain and people
like that, go over and cater to these people, I understand why: It's
all about power-but it turns my stomach. I don't know about you. It
bothers me, because I don't see that as a reasonable, practical future
for this country.

But there are other influences on decision-making. But I come back to
the bottom line, which I always try to convince my students of: This
is the most colossally inept, and incompetent administration in
American history. And even with all these other influences, that's the
real bottom line.

9/11 Created the Opportunity

Question: I have a question. This question's for you, and you, sir:
How did the Bush Administration pull this whole thing off? How did
they sneak this by the press? It seems that everyone in Europe was
privy to information, that wasn't privy here? How did they pull it
off? These guys must be the most amazing people in the world.
Everything you're saying is true. I believe you. How did they pull it
off? How did the press not get wind of this? And how did they get into
this war?

Goodman: I mean, look, what you had take place-and I agree with Larry,
and what Larry said with reference to the incompetence of this
administration. On the one hand, they have carried out a covert
action, or-when I worked at the CIA, I participated in the Afghan Task
Force covert action to manipulate the press overseas, to help
accomplish foreign policy objectives, and in this case, the press
became both, in most cases, witting participants, and in some cases,
unwitting. But we saw that spectacle of Judith Miller, Michael Gordon,
being leaked information by the White House, and then the White House
fanning out very quickly with Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney, to
say, "Boy! Look what's in the press today!" Well, they knew how it got
in the press.

And the ultimate irony here, is, on the one hand, the Bush
Administration is very aggressive about leaking information which will
help make their case; at the same time, they are pressing more
aggressively than any administration in recent memory, in trying to
shut down the press from reporting anything that is critical, whether
it's the Sy Hersh articles about Abu Ghraib, or the Washington Post
pieces about the secret interrogation and the torture. And, in this
case, we've had press become witting participants in it.

9/11 created the opportunity: It opened the door. They took full
advantage of it. They used the fear factor to drive people forward,
and it worked.

It's not that there was nobody out there trying to raise the warning
voice. Anthony Zinni was quite clear. Scott Ritter was quite clear.
There were some members of Congress, that were speaking out. But
people, by and large, chose not to be informed, not to listen, and now
we're in this mess that everyone recognizes, "Boy, wish we hadn't
driven off the cliff." But we have.

Lang: You're probably not going to like this, and that's what I'm here
for. You know, one of the things I learned from the aftermath of 9/11,
and Mel kind of touched upon it, but I'll touch on it too, is the fact
that the American people are amazingly fearful, really. And the level
of abject terror and unreasoning fear toward these jihadi networks
that had been sent into this country, you know, it's astonishing!
Really, astonishing!

Like, a couple of days after 9/11, a friend of mine called me from
Chicago; he's a hugely rich guy. And he said to me, "Well, Pat," he
says, "you knew what kind of misspent life I've had." He said, "Now we
all live in your world." In other words, a world filled with fear and
danger, you see?

And I must say, that one thing that I've learned, is that people in
this country didn't handle this all that well. They were easy to
bulldoze after this. And this administration was set up to do it, and
if you look at it in the aftermath, it's pretty obvious they had a
deliberate campaign to manipulate where people were going. How many
people here saw Bill Moyers' piece on PBS about manipulating the
press? Well, anybody who hasn't should go find it. How the press was
manipulated in the run-up to the war, because he's got it just about
right, and it's very obvious, that if you've dealt a lot with the
media, as many of us have here in last several years, you saw that the
modern generation of journalists are not like the old guys. They're
not this guy, the fellow down at the other end of the table there
[Royce]. You know, they're not like them, who are well educated men of
the world. In fact, you know, you got a whole bunch of new, young
people who are working the field, who are communications graduates,
and journalism graduates, who are terrific on process, but zero on
content. And they can be told anything, if they're told by a
sufficiently highly prized source, and it's said over and over again.

And then, these news media are all really, large, corporate
structures. And you get down the ladder in someplace like this, what
goes on down there, that affects what happens in the news process, is
pretty astonishing stuff. There's great deal of pressure put on by
advertisers, things like this, to manipulate the content of the news,
things like this.

So basically, folks: You've been had. You've been had, in a big way.
And you'll probably be had again, actually.

Goodman: I would just say one other thing about the media: There was
another period in my lifetime, and there are others who can look at
it, you can look at the Indian wars from 1866 to 1890 and see how the
politics of fear were exploited to kill Indians, Native Americans. But
the period that we look at extensively is the McCarthy period, where
you had a man with the stature of Dwight Eisenhower, for example,
actually refusing to defend a man with the stature of George Marshall,
because he needed some Wisconsin votes. And Eisenhower said,
afterwards, when he'd been on the stand in Wisconsin with McCarthy,
that it was the most revolting moment in his entire life-when he had
to cater to McCarthy. And Truman actually had to change personnel
policies and ruin countless American lives, because of the fear of
communism, and the ideology of the Soviet Union. And after '49, when
they exploded the bomb, it got worse.

But we've had periods like this before. I'd just like to point out
that one of the agencies, the fourth estate in this case, that brought
McCarthy down, was Edward R. Murrow, and the kind of educated,
talented, intellectual, "I'm going to get you if you're abusing power"
press. And we just don't have that any more. We came to a peak, sort
of, with [Bob] Woodward and Watergate, and that sort of thing, but it
was more for entertainment purposes, and started sort of the
entertainment industry that the news has become, rather than for
"speak truth to power" purposes, and to keep the abuse of power from
plaguing people like you and me.

When our Founders set this whole thing up, you know, they set up
understanding that we're all evil people, and if we get too much
power, we'll all abuse it. And so, what they did, was, they designed a
system where we'd abuse the power, and you'd abuse the power, but we'd
check each other. And we've let that get all out of kilter.

Eisner: We're just about out of time. One more question. - Congress
Was AWOL -

Question: I would like to hear you guys, some elaboration on who in
this entire process has earned your respect? And I haven't also heard
as much talk as maybe I would like, about how Congress plays games
with the whole story?

Lang: My hero in this whole deal, is a guy you've probably never heard
of, Gen. [David] McKiernan. He was the ground force commander for the
preparation for the invasion of Iraq, and I visited him and his staff
in Kuwait, shortly before the invasion, got to talk to staff, I talked
to various people. And I would say [about] that guy: He fought
Rumsfeld and those dumbbells in the office of the Secretary of Defense
every day. Every day! All the time! Over what the troop list was going
to be for Iraq.

I went to see the famous John Hannah at OVP [Office of the Vice
President] one time, because somebody working there asked me to come
over and talk to him. And this guy, as we're sitting there, he says to
me, "Well, we're advised that all you need for this invasion is two
armored brigades." You know, I'm not a good soldier in the war, but I
know better than that. This is like 10,000 men, and 100 tanks or
something like this. And I just laughed, I thought it was a joke. And
then I saw it wasn't really a joke; they actually were thinking things
like that.

When I got over to Kuwait, McKiernan's staff told me how they fought
every day, for every piece of everything, because Rumsfeld-not only
did he not accept the previously existing contingency plan for Iraq,
which was a really well-done thing; but in fact, he rejected the
entire process of planning! Of systematic planning that the Army had
for generating a force properly sized for this. Instead, he said, "You
tell me what you want, and I'll tell how much of it you can have, and
when I'll give it to you."

Now, that's hard to run a war like this, on the basis like that, when
you've got to bring stuff 6 or 7,000 miles, to start. And McKiernan
and these guys, they fought that big fight all the way to the end, and
they managed to have a big enough force to do the job. And I nominate
McKiernan, as a hero.

Speaker: And the second part of your question was Congress, and
Congress was absent without leave. The seminal study, intelligence
study, about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction and what a bad guy
Saddam was and all that, was the October 2002 National Intelligence
Estimate. It was created at the insistence of Congress. Normally,
they're done at the insistence of the Executive. This one was unusual.
Tenet didn't want to have an NIE on Iraq, because, as he says in his
book, the administration just was bored about intelligence about Iraq.
But Congress ordered this. When it finally came out in October, before
Congress voted to authorize the war, six Senators and a handful of
Congressmen read the entire report. It's 90 pages.

Now, here, they're preparing to vote on whether or not the United
States goes to war. They don't bother to read the National
Intelligence Estimate.

Wilkerson: I have to say, that, when I first started speaking
publicly, the main issue was detainee abuse, and the corruption of
your Armed Forces in this process. And so I got up-close and personal
with a couple of people as we worked, as Colin Powell put a letter,
for example, on the desk of every Senator, as John McCain was finally
able to get that 99-0 vote, to essentially stop the Armed Forces from
doing this kind of thing. And I'd known him before, and I know him
well, now. I told him one day, I'm talking about Sen. Chuck Hagel,
who's the only Republican I know who's really a Republican; and I told
him, I said, "You know, we ought to bring out Kennedy's book again,
Profiles in Courage and make an addendum for you." So, he's my hero in

Johnson: I think Carl Ford over at INR, standing up-they have a good
track record. They were the intelligence analysts who got it right
more often than not. But out in the media, John Landay and Warren
Strobel at Knight Ridder; Sy Hersh-they were it. It was a lonely

Goodman: I can't provide names, but if I had to put a medal on one
group, it would be the military lawyers, the JAGs, the Judge Advocates
General. I think they stood up for principle, they stood up for
military ethics, they stood up for the Uniform Code of Military
Justice; and I would compare them to the CIA lawyers who've been
trying to get exemptions for torture and abuse, who've been pursuing
ways to allow secret prisons to take place for conducting the worst
fascist policy I've ever heard of: "extraordinary renditions," which
has involved turning innocent people over to countries that practice
torture. It's kind of interesting, in the Tenet book, we talk about,
and everyone believes, that al-Libi recanted, because he had been
tortured and abused, and he recanted when he got out of prison. Tenet
is probably the only person in the world, who doesn't believe in the

So, to me, the JAGs have really represented the best of America.
They've understood what the Constitution is about, and they've
understood what the Founding Fathers wanted from this country. And I'm
sure there are some heroes on the Hill. Frankly, I'm not happy with
the Military Commissions Act of 2006. I think McCain and [Sen. John]
Warner and [Sen.] Lindsey Graham, in the end, caved in. I'm not
pleased with what they did with that bill. As always, we're continuing
to torture, to render, to use former Soviet Gulag institutions in East
Europe for our own CIA secret prisons: It means there's a disease in
this country. And we better find a way to treat it.

Eisner: I have three points to make, and then to thank everyone. One
is, that, in terms of nominating people, you've been-we've had the
rare opportunity to listen to the four gentlemen to my side, who
probably have about 100 years of intelligence and government
experience among them, if not more. And to be saying the things that
they're saying-you're hearing experience, you're hearing dedication to
careers, dedication to democracy, and positions that have not been
easily taken, and walking a road that's not been easy. But words that
need to be listened to, otherwise, to our peril.

So, I'd nominate them in answer to the question, and like to thank
them all very much for coming to join us.

And a shameless plug for the book that can be bought-The Italian Letter
-which attempts, in a nutshell, to tell you how we got to where we
are, by putting together a story of baked intelligence which led to 16
words that were known not to be true at all.

Thanks very much for coming. We thank the University of the District
of Columbia and the staff for helping us. And good night.


So, people started talking about how this guy had these weapons
programs, I knew for a fact that the BW [biological weapons] thing,
and the chemical thing, ... did not fill the bill for the terrible,
terrible threat that was being portrayed. And the nuclear program,
we'd smashed it up so totally that I didn't see how they could be
doing more than maybe trying, after '98-that's when the inspectors
left.... But this is a big enterprise, making nuclear weapons. This is
not something you do in your garage.... -Pat Lang

I think our Founding Fathers would be appalled, that in some 200-plus
years, we never used that clause they put in our Constitution, except
fecklessly, and in one case, successfully. The Articles of Impeachment
that threatened Richard Nixon certainly were the reason he decided to
resign.... And if you look at Clinton, and the peccadilloes for which
they brought impeachment proceedings against him, as compared with the
"high crimes and misdemeanors"-and that's a direct quote from Article
II of the Constitution-with regard to Cheney and Bush, I think there's
a helluva lot better case, with regard to Cheney and Bush." -Lawrence



Newly Uncovered Evidence Indicates Assault May Have Been Pre-Planned
‘Useful Disaster’

By Mark Glenn

This June 8, 2007, marks the 40-year anniversary of Israel’s bloody
attack on the USS Liberty, a lightly armed U.S. Navy ship sailing off
the coast of Egypt at the time.

Over the years, there have been numerous reports indicating that the
unprovoked assault caught the White House and the military by surprise.

New information, however, reveals that officials in various agencies in
the U.S. government played a key role in setting up the Liberty for the
purpose of drawing the Soviet Union into a fight in the Middle East and
ultimately igniting World War III.

For those who follow the intrigues and explosive events surrounding the
relationship between America and Israel over the last four decades it is
easy to “get into a rut” so to speak and blame every single catastrophic
event solely on the treachery of Israel. The tragedy though (and
certainly the hardest part to swallow by patriotic Americans who would
sooner take their own lives than betray their fellow countrymen) is that
there have been and are players on the American side of the equation
whose hands are just as dirty as those of their Israeli counterparts.

Whether it was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the assassination of
JFK, the bombing of the twin towers in 1993, the bombing of the Murrah
Federal Building in 1995 or the events taking place on 9-11, the only
way these could have taken place is if elements within the U.S.
government cooperated with the planning, execution and subsequent
dissemination of propaganda in the aftermath of these operations.

Now, a new and terrible tale has surfaced indicating yet again that
elements of the U.S. government were involved at the highest level in
even more criminal acts against the very same American people whom it is
charged with protecting. The case in question involves the June 8, 1967,
attack on the USS Liberty by the air and naval forces of the state of
Israel during the height of the Arab-Israeli war that led to the deaths
of 34 American servicemen.

Long believed that players within the Johnson administration simply
assisted in the cover-up of the attack so as “not to embarrass”
America’s greatest ally, Israel, it now it appears that American
political, intelligence and military persons played a key role in
setting up the Liberty for the purpose of igniting WW III in what was
code-named “Operation Cyanide.”

It was a heady time, to be sure. The United States and the Soviet Union
were neck-deep in the Cold War, and by all appearances it seemed that a
shooting match between the two superpowers was inevitable.

The incident in question took place only a few short years after the
Cuban Missile Crisis and at a time when America seemed unable to stop
the spread of communism in Asia and other parts of the world.

In the Middle East, states such as Egypt, with dynamic, fiery and
recalcitrant leaders such as President Gamal Abdel Nasser, were forming
strong bonds with the Soviets for military and economic aid. Using the
same rationale that led to America inserting itself militarily into
Korea and Vietnam, it was believed that, if not stopped, the Soviets
would entrench themselves in the Middle East to the point that America’s
access to the oil of that region would be directly jeopardized and that,
just as the communists had predicted decades before, the West would be
conquered “without a shot being fired.”

It has long been assumed that Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS
Liberty was just another of Israel’s made-to-order false flag operations
done simply for the purpose of dragging an unwilling America into a
Middle East war on the side of the Jewish state. However, new
information uncovered by former BBC investigative journalist Peter
Hounam reveals that the U.S. government—and more specifically the
administration of Lyndon Johnson—was not as much the unsuspecting victim
in all of this that Israel has claimed these last 40 years.

Based on relatively new evidence, the attack on the Liberty was actually
part of a much larger plan. The Liberty incident was just one domino in
a series that had as the ultimate goal a real live shooting war between
the United States and the Soviets. Had the Liberty been sunk with no
witnesses as planned, the world would be a much different place as a
result—and certainly not for the better.

The plan for that awful day in American history was to sink the
defenseless, unarmed American ship sailing in international waters off
the coast of Egypt. The Soviets and their Arab allies (in particular
Egypt) would then be blamed for the event.

As with the sinking of the USS Maine nearly 70 years earlier, the cry
would be “Remember the USS Liberty” and America’s “justifiable” response
to such a horrendous act would be the launching of nuclear weapons
against Egypt, an ally of the Soviet Union. Working in tandem with the
United States would be allies such as Israel, Great Britain and,
interestingly, Australia.

The end result would be a Middle East free of any Soviet presence,
leaving America and her ally Israel in possession of Arab oil for the
foreseeable future and in a better position to dictate terms to the
communists. In the minds of powerful men such as these—men who sit in
comfortable offices and expensive chairs and who do not have to answer
to anyone for their actions, the rationale for such an act was simple:
It is better for 300 U.S. sailors to die in the service of their country
than have the “free world” fall into the clutches of Soviet communism.

What prevented all of this from taking place was that—simply by the
grace of God—the Liberty did not sink, and the world was spared. Of
course, there is no official confirmation of Operation Cyanide. In fact
there is no mention of it at all. In various interviews that have been
conducted over the years, individuals from Secretary of Defense Robert
McNamara to Dean Rusk to Richard Helms to Mossad spy chief Rafael Eitan
have demonstrated great intellectual and verbal dexterity for men their
age when discussing various items. However, they clam up instantaneously
when Operation Cyanide is mentioned as if they were witnesses to an
organized crime hit and they feared for their lives.

However, the smaller players involved at the time have a different tale
to tell. Piecing together all the small parts that they individually
bring to the table fleshes out a picture that, although not crystal
clear, is clear enough to suggest that America was involved in the
murder of 34 young men on that day in a much deeper fashion than
previously thought.

For the sake of those men who died then, and for those who survived the
attack and who have endured the assault of lies that has been waged
against them these last 40 years, the truth concerning what took place
must be told.

In the opinion of many, exposure of the Liberty incident may very well
hold the key to freeing America from the bondage it suffers under men
such as those who have murdered not only American citizens, but our
traditional political system as well.



ANNEX: HK Notes and Diaries.

Hamas is a Palestinian group known both for charitable works benefiting the
Palestinian population and suicide attacks against Israeli targets. Hamas
was formed in 1987, after a Palestinian uprising began the year before. Some
claim that Israel indirectly supported and perhaps even directly funded
Hamas in its early years in order to divide the Palestinians politically.
For instance, a former senior CIA official will later claim that Israel's
support for Hamas "was a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a
strong, secular PLO [Palestinian Liberation Organization] by using a
competing religious alternative." Hamas begins attacks on Israeli military
and civilan targets in 1989 and will begin suicide attacks on these targets
in April 1994. The US will not officially declare Hamas a terrorist
organization until 1995 (see January 1995). This means that funding Hamas is
not a crime in the US before that year, but knowingly participating in or
supporting a violent act overseas outside of the rules of war such as a
suicide bombing could still potentially result in criminal charges in the
US. [United Press International, 6/18/2002; Associated Press, 3/22/2004]
Mohammad Salah, a Palestinian-American living in Chicago as a used car
salesman, was reputedly trained by Hamas in terrorist techniques, including
the use of chemical weapons and poisons, in the late 1980s. Working on the
orders of high-level Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzouk, Salah leads a four day
Hamas training camp in the Chicago area in June 1990. According to one
trainee, the approximately twenty-five trainees study Hamas philosophy,
receive weapons training, and learn how to plant a car bomb. Two of the
trainees are ultimately selected to fly to Syria, where they undergo more
advanced training in making car bombs and throwing grenades. Ultimately,
they are sent into Israel to launch attacks. Similar training camps take
place in Kansas City and Wisconsin from 1989 through early 1991. Then, Salah
is told by Marzouk to change his focus from training to fundraising. In
early 1992, Salah receives about $800,000 from Saudi multimillionaire Yassin
al-Qadi, and he temporarily invests it in a BMI real estate scheme (see
1991). Between June 1991 and December 1992, Salah repeatedly travels to the
Middle East and spends more than $100,000 in direct support of Hamas
military activities. He attempts to spend the $800,000 that is still
invested in BMI, but BMI is unable to quickly liquidate the investment.
Marzouk sends Salah almost $1 million to spend. Salah goes to the West Bank
in January 1993 and begins dispersing that money, but he is arrested before
the end of the month. With Salah arrested, Hamas needs a new point man to
collect and transfer new money raised in the US. Jamil Sarsour, a grocery
store owner in Milwaukee, is chosen. It will be reported in 2003 that
Sarsour is still living openly in Milwaukee (see June 2-5, 2003) [Chicago
Tribune, 10/29/2001; LA Weekly, 8/2/2002; Federal News Service, 6/2/2003]

Mercy International USA's logo. [Source: Mercy International USA]The 1999
book Dollars for Terror will allege that in 1989, Mercy International, a
"subsidiary of the Muslim Brotherhood, was able to establish its
headquarters in the United States, in the state of Michigan, with the
assistance of the CIA. The Agency provided significant logistical and
financial support to this 'humanitarian' organization, enabling it to act
clandestinely in the various Balkan conflicts as well as within the Muslim
communities of several Russian republics." [Labeviere, 1999, pp. 364] Mercy
International will later be tied to al-Qaeda in a number of ways. For
instance, in the mid-1990s its Pakistan branch will be headed by Zahid
Shaikh Mohammed, brother of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (see
1988-Spring 1995). [Los Angeles Times, 9/1/2002] Its Kenya branch will be
tied to the 1998 US embassy bombing there. Its Philippine branch is tied to
Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, bin Laden's brother-in-law. [Burr and Collins, 2006,
pp. 128, 188-189] Branches of this charity in different countries have
slightly different names such as Mercy International-USA and Mercy
International Relief Agency, and it has been claimed that the US branch has
no connection with the terrorism-related branches. However, a 2003 article
will draw links between the US branch and other branches. [National Review,

Prior to this year, President George W. Bush is a failed oilman. Three
times, friends and investors have bailed him out to keep his business from
going bankrupt. However, in 1988, the same year his father becomes
president, some Saudis buy a portion of his small company, Harken, which has
never performed work outside of Texas. Later in the year, Harken wins a
contract in the Persian Gulf and starts doing well financially. These
transactions seem so suspicious that the Wall Street Journal in 1991 states
it "raises the question of. an effort to cozy up to a presidential son." Two
major investors in Bush's company during this time are Salem bin Laden and
Khalid bin Mahfouz. [Intelligence Newsletter, 3/2/2000; Salon, 11/19/2001]
Salem bin Laden is Osama's oldest brother; Khalid bin Mahfouz is a Saudi
banker with a 20 percent stake in BCCI. The bank will be shut down a few
years later and bin Mahfouz will have to pay a $225 million fine (while
admitting no wrongdoing) (see October 2001)).

Al-Qaeda bomber Ramzi Yousef is said to be recruited by the CIA, though
details are not known. Author Richard Labeviere reported without elaboration
in a 1999 book, "A classified FBI file indicates that [Yousef] was recruited
by the local branch of the CIA." [Labeviere, 1999, pp. 220-221] In 1995,
Newsday will report, "FBI officials also are considering a probe of whether
the CIA had any relationship with Yousef, who fought with the CIA-financed
mujaheddin in Afghanistan in the 1980s." [Newsday, 4/16/1995] But there
appears to be no further reporting on whether such a probe was conducted.
Yousef is believed to have masterminded a series of bombings in the early
1990s, including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the planned Bojinka
attack, before being captured in 1995 (see February 7, 1995). If Yousef was
recruited by the CIA, it may have been in the late 1980s when the CIA
recruited and trained thousands of people around the world to fight in
Afghanistan (see 1986-1992). In the late 1980s, Yousef was studying
engineering at a Wales college, but he'd also joined the Muslim Brotherhood
while there. During a break from school in 1988, he went to one of bin
training camps in Afghanistan and spent several months honing his
bomb-making skills. [Miller, Stone, and Mitchell, 2002, pp. 78]

The core of the future Philippine militant group Abu Sayyaf fights with bin
Laden in Afghanistan and its training there is paid for by the CIA and
Pakistani ISI. In 1986, the CIA agreed to support an ISI program of
recruiting radical Muslims from other countries, including the Philippines,
to fight in the Afghan war (see 1986). By one estimate, initially between
300 and 500 radical Muslims from the southern Philippines go to Afghanistan
to fight. [Strategic Studies Institute of the US Army War College,
/1/2005 ]

In 1987 or 1988, bin Laden dispatches his brother-in-law Mohammed Jamal
Khalifa to the Philippines to find more recruits willing to go to
Afghanistan. It is estimated he finds about 1,000 recruits. One of them is
Abdurajak Janjalani, who emerges as the leader of these recruits in
Afghanistan. When the Afghan war ends in 1989 most of them will return to
the Philippines and form the Abu Sayyaf group, still led by Janjalani (see
Early 1991). [Contemporary Southeast Asia, 12/1/2002; Manila Times,
2/1/2007] Journalist John Cooley will write in a book first published in
1999 that Abu Sayyaf will become "the most violent and radical Islamist
group in the Far East, using its CIA and ISI training to harass, attack, and
murder Christian priests, wealthy non-Muslim plantation-owners, and
merchants and local government in the southern Philippine island of
Mindanao." [Cooley, 2002, pp. 63] After having read Cooley's book and
gathering information from other sources, Senator Aquilino Pimentel,
President of the Philippine Senate, will say in a 2000 speech that the "CIA
has sired a monster" because it helped train this core of the Abu Sayyaf.
[Senator Aquilino Q. Pimentel website, 7/31/2000]

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin forms Hamas as the military arm of his Islamic
Association, which had been licensed by Israel ten years earlier (see
1973-1978). According to Charles Freeman, a former US ambassador to Saudi
Arabia, "Israel started Hamas. It was a project of Shin Bet, which had a
feeling that they could use it to hem in the PLO." [CounterPunch, 1/18/2003;
Dreyfuss, 2005, pp. 191, 208] Anthony Cordesman, a Middle East analyst for
the Center for Strategic Studies, states that Israel "aided Hamas
directly-the Israelis wanted to use it as a counterbalance to the PLO." A
former senior CIA official speaking to UPI describes Israel's support for
Hamas as "a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a strong,
secular PLO by using a competing religious alternative." Further, according
to an unnamed US government official, "the thinking on the part of some of
the right-wing Israeli establishment was that Hamas and the other groups, if
they gained control, would refuse to have anything to do with the peace
process and would torpedo any agreements put in place." Larry Johnson, a
counter-terrorism official at the State Department, states: "The Israelis
are their own worst enemies when it comes to fighting terrorism. They are
like a guy who sets fire to his hair and then tries to put it out by hitting
it with a hammer. They do more to incite and sustain terrorism than curb
it." [United Press International, 2/24/2001 Sources: Larry C. Johnson,
Unnamed former CIA official]

During a secret visit to Pakistan CIA Director William Casey commits the CIA
to support the ISI program of recruiting radical Muslims for the Afghan war
from other Muslim countries around the world. In addition to the Gulf
States, these include Turkey, the Philippines, and China. The ISI started
their recruitment of radicals from other countries in 1982 (see 1982). This
CIA cooperation is part of a joint CIA-ISI plan begun the year before to
expand the "Jihad" beyond Afghanistan (see March 1985). [Rashid, 2001, pp.

The CIA, ISI, and bin Laden build the Khost tunnel complex in Afghanistan.
This will be a major target of bombing and fighting when the US attacks the
Taliban in 2001. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/23/2001; Hindu, 9/27/2001] It
will be reported in June 2001 that "bin Laden worked closely with Saudi,
Pakistani, and US intelligence services to recruit mujaheddin from many
Muslim countries," but this information has not been reported much since
9/11. [United Press International, 4/10/2004] A CIA spokesperson will later
claim, "For the record, you should know that the CIA never employed, paid,
or maintained any relationship whatsoever with bin Laden." [Ananova,

Quoting a French intelligence report posted by PBS Frontline, The New Yorker
reports, "During the nineteen-eighties, when the Reagan administration
secretly arranged for an estimated $34 million to be funneled through Saudi
Arabia to the Contras in Nicaragua, [Osama's eldest brother] Salem bin Laden
aided in this cause." [PBS Frontline, 2001; New Yorker, 11/5/2001]

Afghan opium production rises from 250 tons in 1982 to 2,000 tons in 1991,
coinciding with CIA support and funding of the mujaheddin. Alfred McCoy, a
professor of Southeast Asian history at the University of Wisconsin, says US
and Pakistani intelligence officials sanctioned the rebels' drug trafficking
because of their fierce opposition to the Soviets: "If their local allies
were involved in narcotics trafficking, it didn't trouble [the] CIA. They
were willing to keep working with people who were heavily involved in
narcotics." For instance, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a rebel leader who received
about half of all the CIA's covert weapons, was known to be a major heroin
trafficker. Charles Cogan, who directs the CIA's operation in Afghanistan,
later claims he was unaware of the drug trade: "We found out about it later
on." [Atlantic Monthly, 5/1996; Star-Tribune (Minneapolis), 9/30/2001]
Salem bin Laden, Osama's oldest brother, described by a French secret
intelligence report as one of two closest friends of Saudi Arabia's King
Fahd who often performs important missions for Saudi Arabia, is involved in
secret Paris meetings between US and Iranian emissaries this month,
according to a French report. Frontline, which published the French report,
notes that such meetings have never been confirmed. Rumors of these meetings
have been called the "October Surprise" and some have speculated that in
these meetings, George H. W. Bush negotiated a delay to the release of the
US hostages in Iran, thus helping Ronald Reagan and Bush win the 1980
Presidential election. All of this is highly speculative, but if the French
report is correct, it points to a long-standing connection of highly
improper behavior between the Bush and bin Laden families. [PBS Frontline,
Journalist Simon Reeve will claim in the 1999 book The New Jackals that US
officials directly met with bin Laden in Afghanistan in the 1980s. He will
write, "American emissaries are understood to have traveled to Pakistan for
meetings with mujaheddin leaders. [A former CIA official] even suggests the
US emissaries met directly with bin Laden, and that it was bin Laden, acting
on advice from his friends in Saudi intelligence, who first suggested the
mujaheddin should be given Stingers." [Reeve, 1999, pp. 167, 176] The CIA
begins supplying Stinger missiles to the mujaheddin in 1986 (see September
1986). After 9/11, the CIA will state, "Numerous comments in the media
recently have reiterated a widely circulated but incorrect notion that the
CIA once had a relationship with Osama bin Laden. For the record, you should
know that the CIA never employed, paid, or maintained any relationship
whatsoever with bin Laden." [US State Department, 1/14/2005]

Osama bin Laden begins providing financial, organizational, and engineering
aid for the mujaheddin in Afghanistan, with the advice and support of the
Saudi royal family. [New Yorker, 11/5/2001] Some, including Richard Clarke,
counterterrorism "tsar" during the Clinton and George W. Bush
administrations, believe he was handpicked for the job by Prince Turki
al-Faisal, head of Saudi Arabia's Secret Service. [New Yorker, 11/5/2001;
Sunday Times (London), 8/25/2002] The Pakistani ISI want a Saudi prince as a
public demonstration of the commitment of the Saudi royal family and as a
way to ensure royal funds for the anti-Soviet forces. The agency fails to
get royalty, but bin Laden, with his family's influential ties, is good
enough for the ISI. [Miami Herald, 9/24/2001] (Clarke will argue later that
the Saudis and other Muslim governments used the Afghan war in an attempt to
get rid of their own misfits and troublemakers.) This multinational force
later coalesces into al-Qaeda. [Clarke, 2004, pp. 52]

The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan. The Russians were initially invited in
by the Afghan government to deal with rising instability and army mutinies,
and they start crossing the border on December 8. But on December 26,
Russian troops storm the presidential palace, kill the country's leader,
Haizullah Amin, and the invitation turns into an invasion. [Blum, 1995, pp.
342] Later declassified high-level Russian documents will show that the
Russian leadership believed that Amin, who took power in a violent coup from
another pro-Soviet leader two months before, had secret contacts with the US
embassy and was probably a US agent. Further, one document from this month
claims that "the right wing Muslim opposition" has "practically established
their control in many provinces. using foreign support." [Cooley, 2002, pp.
8] It has been commonly believed that the invasion was unprovoked, but the
Russians will later be proven largely correct. In a 1998 interview, Zbigniew
Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser, will reveal
that earlier in the year Carter authorized the CIA to destabilize the
government, provoking the Russians to invade (see July 3, 1979). [Le Nouvel
Observateur (Paris), 1/1998; Mirror, 1/29/2002] Further, CIA covert action
in the country actually began in 1978 (see 1978), if not earlier (see
1973-1979). The US and Saudi Arabia will give a huge amount of money
(estimates range up to $40 billion total for the war) to support the
mujaheddin guerrilla fighters opposing the Russians, and a decade-long war
will ensue. [Nation, 2/15/1999]

In the 1960s Osama bin Laden's brother Mahrous bin Laden joined a rebel
group opposed to the Saudi government. With his assistance, in 1979 the
rebels smuggle weapons into Mecca, Saudi Arabia, using trucks belonging to
the bin Laden family company. Five hundred rebels then seize the Grand
Mosque in Medina, Islam's holiest mosque in its holiest city. They try, but
fail, to overthrow the Saudi royal family. All the men who took part are
later beheaded except Mahrous. Eventually he is released from prison because
of the close ties between the bin Ladens and the Saudi royal family. Mahrous
apparently abandons the rebel cause and joins the family business. He is
eventually made a head of the Medina branch and a member of the board. He
will still hold these positions on 9/11. But a newspaper reports that "his
past [is] not forgiven and most important decisions in the [bin Laden family
business] are made without Mahrous' input." [Sunday Herald (Glasgow),
10/7/2001; New Yorker, 11/5/2001; Ha'aretz, 12/18/2002]

At some point in the late 1980s or early 1980s while bin Laden is still
finishing his university degree, he apparently visits the US. Author Peter
Bergen will later claim, "Undoubtedly, bin Laden took his son for medical
treatment to a western country and it's either the United States or the
United Kingdom. There's some kind of controversy about that." Khaled
Batarfi, a close childhood friend to bin Laden, will later recall more
specifically, "In Washington airport, Dulles Airport, people were surprised
at the way he dressed, his wife dressed. Some of them were even taking
photos and he was kind of joking about it. We were like in a zoo." [CNN,
8/23/2006] Apparently, this is bin Laden's only known visit to the US.

The CIA begins covert action against the Communist government in
Afghanistan, which is closely tied to the Soviet Union. Some time this year,
the CIA begins training militants in Pakistan and beaming radio propaganda
into Afghanistan. By April 1979, US officials are meeting with opponents of
the Afghan government to determine their needs. [Blum, 1995, pp. 344] Robert
Gates, who will become CIA Director in the early 1990s, will later recall
that in a meeting on March 30, 1979, Under Secretary of Defense Walter
Slocumbe wonders aloud whether there is "value in keeping the Afghan
insurgency going, 'sucking the Soviets into a Vietnamese quagmire.'" [Gates,
1996, pp. 145] In March 1979, there is a major revolt in Herat province, and
in June and August there are large scale army mutinies. [Cooley, 2002, pp.
5] President Carter will formally approve covert aid to opponents of the
government in July (see July 3, 1979), which will result in a Russian
invasion in December (see December 8, 1979).

In 1977 Zbigniew Brzezinski, as President Carter's National Security
Adviser, forms the Nationalities Working Group (NWG) dedicated to the idea
of weakening the Soviet Union by inflaming its ethnic tensions. The Islamic
populations are regarded as prime targets. Richard Pipes, the father of
Daniel Pipes, takes over the leadership of the NWG in 1981. Pipes predicts
that with the right encouragement Soviet Muslims will "explode into
genocidal fury" against Moscow. According to Richard Cottam, a former CIA
official who advised the Carter administration at the time, after the fall
of the Shah of Iran in 1978, Brzezinski favored a "de facto alliance with
the forces of Islamic resurgence, and with the Republic of Iran." [Dreyfuss,
2005, pp. 241, 251 - 256]

By: Hal Turner

North Bergen, NJ USA -- For years, we in America have supported Israel
both financially and militarily because we perceived they were the
innocent victims of hostile and violent neighbors. The US media has,
for years, provided extensive coverage of every incident involving
Arab-against-Israeli violence. From shootings, to car bombs to suicide
bombers, we in America have seen it all. Or have we?
Why would rational human beings, given a choice, choose to attack their
neighbors rather than live together in peace? More pertinent, why
would a rational human being choose to blow himself up rather than
live? The Israelis, the US media and our politicians would have us
believe that the Arabs are simply not rational. They routinely tell us
that Arabs are "religious fanatics" who "hate freedom" or "hate our way
of life" to quote George W. Bush. These arguments are fallacious and
intellectually bankrupt.
The reason for Arab against Israeli violence is simple: The Israelis
have been systematically repressing and brutalizing hundreds of
thousands of Arabs on a scale unparalleled since World War 2. I have
the proof.
Below are photographs of the victims of Israeli violence. They depict
brutal, violent death, horrific personal injury and devastation of
property which is simply unfathomable. ALL of it was perpetrated by
Israelis against Arabs. ALL of the victims are civilians.

As you view these pictures ask yourself this question: What would YOU
or YOUR LOVED ONES do in retaliation for these things?


Genocide Advocated by The Talmud

Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10. This is the saying of Rabbi

Simon ben Yohai: Tob shebe goyyim harog ("Even the best of the

Gentiles should all be killed").

This passage is not from the Soncino edition but is from the original

Hebrew of the Babylonian Talmud as quoted by the 1907 Jewish

Encyclopedia, published by Funk and Wagnalls and compiled by

Isidore Singer, under the entry, "Gentile," (p. 617).

This original Talmud passage has been concealed in translation.

The Jewish Encyclopedia states that, "...in the various versions the

reading has been altered, 'The best among the Egyptians' being

generally substituted." In the Soncino version: "the best of the

heathens" (Minor Tractates, Soferim 41a-b].

Israelis annually take part in a national pilgrimage to the grave of

Simon ben Yohai, to honor this rabbi who advocated the

extermination of non-Jews. (Jewish Press of June 9, 1989, p. 56B).

On Purim, Feb. 25, 1994, Israeli army officer Baruch Goldstein,

an orthodox Khazar from Brooklyn, massacred 40 Palestinian

civilians, including children, while they knelt in prayer in a mosque.

Goldstein was a disciple of the late Rabbi Kahane who has stated

that his view of Arabs as "dogs" is "from the Talmud." (Cf. CBS 60

Minutes, "Kahane").

Univ. of Jerusalem Prof. Ehud Sprinzak described Kahane and

Goldstein's philosophy: "They believe it's God's will that they commit

violence against 'goyim,' a Hebrew term for non-Jews." (NY Daily

News, Feb. 26, 1994, p. 5).

Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg declared, "We have to recognize that Jewish

blood and the blood of a goy are not the same thing." (NY Times,

June 6, 1989, p.5).

Rabbi Yaacov Perrin says, "One million Arabs are not worth a

Jewish fingernail." (NY Daily News, Feb. 28, 1994, p.6).

A Dangerous Appointment: Profile of Douglas Feith, Undersecretary of
Defense under Bush

------------------------- (April 18, 2001) Douglas J. Feith, the new
Undersecretary of Policy at the U.S. Department of Defense, believes
in "good" versus "darkness" duality. Defining Middle East conflict in
his absolute terms puts serious questions whether or not someone with
his views can fairly serve in his critical post asks James Zogby*.
Douglas J. Feith has been appointed Undersecretary of Policy at the
U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). This is one of the Pentagon's four
senior posts, charged with "all matters concerning the formulation of
national security and defense policy and the integration and oversight
of DOD policy and plans." Additionally, among his many areas of
responsibility according to the DOD, the undersecretary of policy has
the responsibility to:

- "Develop policy on the conduct of alliances and defense
relationships with foreign governments, their military establishments
and international organizations;

- "Develop, coordinate, and oversee the implementation of
international security strategy and policy...on issues...that relate to
foreign governments and their defense establishments; and

- "Provide oversight of all DOD activities related to international
technology transfer."

This is a powerful position with great influence. Feith's appointment
to this post is a matter of great concern.

Feith has had a long career in both government service and the private
sector. During the Reagan Administration he served as the White House
National Security Staff and in the Defense Department as Deputy
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Negotiations Policy. He also served
as Special Counsel to Richard Perle, then Assistant Secretary of

Feith is an attorney with the Washington firm of Feith and Zell. His
own biography says that he specializes in "technology transfer, joint
ventures and foreign investment in the defense and aerospace

On the political front, Feith has been associated with the Cold War
"neo-conservative" school of thought. What is of concern here is the
extent to which Feith has transposed the neo-conservative worldview
onto the Middle East. As his fellow cold warriors defined the world in
ideological dualistic terms-the forces of absolute good confronting
the forces of absolute evil-Feith defines the Arab-Israeli conflict in
similar terms.

A prolific writer, Feith has left a long paper trail of anti-Arab
tracts and diatribes against those who challenge or seek to compromise
Israel's strength and as he defines it, "moral superiority" over the

As was the case in the Cold War battle against Communism, in Feith's
view, there can be no place for compromise between Israel and the
Arabs. Since he defines the Middle East conflict in absolute terms,
the only option for Israel is to confront its Arab enemies until they
are defeated, which, in his worldview, means when they submit and
accept Israel's legitimacy and sovereignty over all of mandatory

Since Israel represents the "good" and "our values," in Feith's view,
it is necessary for the United States to identify with Israel in its
struggle against the forces of "darkness," the Arabs. This means
providing Israel with superior military strength and political
support. It also means that the United States should never pressure
Israel either to surrender land or to compromise its hegemonic
position in the region.

Throughout his career, Feith has articulated views such as these.

In the late 1970s, for example, he criticized then President Jimmy
Carter's Camp David effort to bring about a "comprehensive peace"-a
concept he decried as false since it required Israel to weaken itself
by surrendering "Judea and Samaria" to the Arabs. Feith's logic was

- Arabs have no legal rights in Palestine;

- Palestinians are not a "national group as such" and, therefore, have
no special claim to Judea and Samaria;

- Jordan is the Palestinian state for the Arabs; and

- No pressure should be brought against Israel for building
settlements in Judea and Samaria, since it is their right to do so.

Operating from this framework, Feith argues that the notion that "the
core of the Arab-Israeli conflict is the issue of the stateless
Palestinians" is a clever Arab trap designed solely to weaken Israel
by threatening its relationship with the United States and its hold
over Judea and Samaria.

He, therefore, condemned the Carter Administration for its opposition
to Israel's settlement policy since, in his view, this "only
encouraged Arabs to believe that they could win benefits from the
United States by refusing to make concessions to Israel."

For Feith, Arab objections to Zionism were at the core of the
conflict. Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories would not
solve the conflict, only Arab acceptance of and submission to Israel
would end it. Summarizing his recommendations to the Carter
Administration, Feith suggested in a 1979 article that they, "(1)
abandon the view that Judea-Samaria is the crux of the Arab-Israeli
conflict, (2) acknowledge that the crux is really the Arab refusal to
accept a Jewish state in Palestine, (3) renounce quarreling over
Israel's rights in Judea-Samaria, which encourages Arab inflexibility
and damages valuable U.S.-Israeli ties, (4) confine itself to the role
of mediator, rather than party, to the Arab-Israeli conflict, and thus
(5) inform Damascus, Amman, the Palestinian Arabs, and Riyadh that if
they want an alteration in Jerusalem's policies they had best start
negotiating with Jerusalem, as Sadat has done, and quit relying on
Washington to 'deliver' the Israelis."

In the 1980s and 90s, Feith continued his criticism of any U.S. policy
that deviated from his view. He criticized the Bush Administration for
denying Israel loan guarantees and for pressuring the Shamir
government to come to the Madrid peace conference.

His advice to the Bush Administration in 1991 echoed his earlier
recommendations to the Carter White House. The U.S. government should,
he suggested, require the Arabs to:

- "Drop the slogan of 'land for peace,' which skeptical Israelis must
suspect is a program for dismantling Israel in stages, and simply
offer peace. That is, they could put forward an open, unqualified, non-
grudging and sincere acknowledgement that the Jewish people are
entitled to a state in a Jewish homeland;" and

- "Abandon the name game by which they apply the label 'Palestine'
only to the 20 percent of the British Mandate Palestine that lies west
of the Jordan River. So long as one's goal is the elimination of
Israel, one does well to pretend that the Kingdom of Jordan, which
occupies the other 80 percent of Mandate Palestine, is not a
Palestinian state. That makes it possible to propagandize that the
Jews control all the land and the Arabs of Palestine are

During the Clinton years, Feith continued to oppose any agreement
negotiated between the Israelis and Palestinians: Oslo, Hebron and

At one point he defined Oslo as, "one-sided Israeli concessions,
inflated Palestinian expectations, broken Palestinian solemn
understandings, Palestinian violence...and American rewards for
Palestinian recalcitrance."

His objection to the Hebron and Wye understandings, however, is more
interesting because it was his ideological soul mate, then Israeli
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had agreed to them.

In 1996, Feith, together with Richard Perle wrote an advisory paper
for the newly elected Likud Prime Minister. In that piece, entitled "A
Clean Break: a New Strategy for Securing the Realm," they advised
Netanyahu to: "make a clean break from the peace process;" reassert
Israel's claim to its land by rejecting "land for peace" as the basis
of peace; strengthen Israel's defenses to better confront Syria and
Iraq; and forge a new and stronger relationship with the United States
based on self-reliance and mutual interest.

Feith was, therefore, deeply disappointed when Netanyahu appeared to
accept the basis of Oslo and sign two additional agreements with the
Palestinians that turned more land over to them. In a lengthy piece
written in 1997 "A Strategy for Israel," Feith returned to his neo-
conservative roots arguing that "land for peace" was a fabrication
designed to weaken Israel. Peace would only come when Arab and
specifically Palestinian society was transformed into a democratic,
law-abiding and peaceful one. Since Oslo had created unrealistic
expectations and rewarded bad Palestinian behavior, the only solution
for Israel was to repudiate Oslo and "reestablish an effective
security and intelligence policy in the areas under Palestinian
Authority control" (i.e. reoccupy the West Bank and Gaza). He went on
to note that "the price in blood would be high," but would be, a
necessary form of "detoxification-the only way out of Oslo's web."

Despite his apparent obsession with the Arab-Israel conflict, Feith
has written about a number of other Middle East-related topics. In all
cases, inspired by the same pro-Israel, anti-Arab Manichean

He has written condemning U.S. politicians for estranging themselves
from Israel in order to accommodate Arab oil states. He has associated
himself with a controversial strategy paper that suggested, among
other options, that the U.S. might lead a Kuwait-style invasion and
war of liberation to oust Syria from Lebanon. And he has been one of
Washington's strongest advocates supporting the Iraq Liberation Act.

As disturbing as Feith's views may be, his political associations
cause even greater concern. In recent years, Feith has frequently been
featured in the activities of the Zionist Organization of America
(ZOA). Known for its virulent anti-Arab incitement, the ZOA regularly
attacks all Arab American political activity and demonizes politicians
who hire Arab Americans or even associate with community
organizations. The ZOA also frequently attacks American Jews whom they
feel are not in line with their extremist pro-Likud philosophy.

In just the past few years, Feith was the Guest of Honor at ZOA's
100th Anniversary Gala Banquet. He served as Master of Ceremony at two
other major ZOA functions and has been a frequent participant at ZOA
sponsored policy briefings on Capitol Hill supporting that
organization's anti-Palestinian legislative initiatives.

Feith's law practice in Washington sheds further light on the one-
sided nature of his work. His small law firm has one international
affiliate, in Israel. Over two-thirds of all their reported casework
involves representing Israeli interests. And, in light of Feith's new
appointment, one of these cases deserves some attention. As described
on the firm's website, Feith "represented a leading Israeli armaments
manufacturer in establishing joint ventures with leading U.S.
aerospace manufacturers for manufacture and sale of missile systems,
to the U.S. Department of Defense and worldwide."

Feith has long been a strong advocate for Israeli military technology.
In a 1992 article, he wrote that the U.S. should deepen its military
cooperation with Israel noting that, "Israel has a number of unique
military technologies that it behooves the U.S. armed forces to
acquire, such as unmanned aircraft and air-to ground missiles. With
shrinking U.S. defense budgets, it is less expensive for the Defense
Department to acquire these technologies from the Israelis than to pay
to have them reinvented."

He also observed in the same piece that, "It is in the interest of the
U.S. and Israel to remove needless impediments to technological
cooperation between them. Technologies in the hands of responsible,
friendly countries facing military threats, countries like Israel,
serve to deter aggression, enhance regional stability and perhaps also
promote peace thereby."

In the private sector, Feith is free to hold whatever views he wishes
to hold, associate with whomever he wishes to associate, and do
whatever legitimate business comes his way. But serious questions must
be asked whether or not someone with his views and associations can
fairly serve in a critical post at the Department of Defense. I, for
one, am terrified at the prospect. He is ideologue with an extreme
anti-Arab bias, and his role in the sensitive position of chief
architect of U.S. defense policy can, I believe, have grave
consequences for the United States and its relations with the entire
Arab world.


Forward we Stumble.....with USA's atrocities Galore....

Family Life by Tanya Miller

As we stumble along our paths there are no doubts that we are encountering degenerative elements who with every move are attempting to see to it that we are the ones that fall.....

War is a proven control mechanism for the empire and the degenerate General Petraeus tries to soften us up for
a difficult summer ahead in Afghanistan.
"Many intelligence estimates say that it will be as violent or perhaps even more violent" than 2010, Petraeus said at his office in Kabul.
"They will come back in force. There is some concern that there will be sensational attacks that could be indiscriminate in nature," he warned.
Sensational attacks? Another good reason to never leave. If need be we'll create our own 'new sensations.' As Peter Chamberlin points out in "If the Script Calls for Credible 'Bad Guys,' Then Create Some:"
The best-laid plans of America’s sickest minds are unraveling before their bloodshot evil eyes. The further the CIA mind-twisters stretch in trying to make their crazy “militant Islamist” scheme work somewhere in the Muslim world, the more the edges ravel on the magnificiant whole-cloth of lies that they have so lovingly woven for us. We should all be allowed to smile just a little when the CIA’s dumbest “mind-fuck” plans fail, if it were not for the fact that they have gambled our futures on their plots.
The great thing about “al-Qaeda” is that they are the terrorist group that has something to offer for anyone who needs a patsy to fulfill a task, whether that be to cover a political assassination of an annoying individual, a military incursion into an innocent country, the suppression of national civil rights, or even the use of martial law tactics against unarmed citizens. {more}

Then there's this creepy CONgressman Peter King who wants us to see a Muslim 'terrorist' behind every tree and make sure the police state rolls on. Visible nails the clown and gives us the real reason why these degenerates do as they are told ... blackmail.
The reason that Peter King is holding these hearings is the same reason that Guantanamo is all over the news and that is to obfuscate the information that is revealed in places like this, in order to counteract against the information revealed in places like this. What you get is a bunch of nonsense about Muslim terror percentages and for that you need to send in SWAT teams of TSA agents to hand rape people in Thobes and Hijabs, or anything really. You get to hear the name, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, over and over and over and over again, juxtaposed with 9/11, which he had nothing to do with because 9/11 was done by Neo-Pharisees and corrupt members of the American and Crown Colony fascistos. {more}
To try and prop up the King hate fest, some in the media will resort to the CIA/Mossad talking points of al-Qaeda's American-bred leadership. Since there's no law against the media lying to the public, these people have no problem calling themselves journalists.

The Islamophobia
hearings can be viewed here if you're into self torture.

While King moves his blackmailed lying lips, Hillary Clinton 'testified' before before a House Appropriations Subcommittee seeking 'mo money.' Her claws scratch the surface of deceit while spewing her 'excitement' of the developments in the Middle East, our national interests and "putting al-Qaeda on the run." The state department's $47 billion, or is it $59.5 billion using some slight of hand, budget includes exceptional wartime overseas contingency operations. Temporary of course. A good return on the investment in blood and treasure she proclaims.

Moving right along in the land of the degenerates, we come to one of the most despicable of so called humans, Abe Foxman. Whenever this fat genetically challenged mammal comes up for air to call for an apology, you know he is attacking some sort of truth. Otherwise he would leave it alone. Nodding in agreement to the statement that Jews run the media, as former NPR money beggar Ron Schiller did, gives Foxman the opportunity to attack.
“No matter the circumstances, raising false stereotypes about Jewish control of the media is dangerous and inappropriate. Mr. Schiller’s remarks were offensive and he should acknowledge his mistake and apologize.” {more}

The continuing degenerate behavior of Israel will take much more cash from the U.S. Israeli blackmail once again for the Palestinian peace process as well as for what Israel calls themselves ... a 'stabilizer in such a turbulent region.' It sounds like a joke but the punch line never comes.

The Israeli military continues to pound the Iran drum. This time it's that
Iran is supplying direct assistance to Gaza including a "very big arsenal" of rockets that can strike deep inside Israel. One might wonder why Hamas doesn't use them instead of the 'bottle rocket' supposedly fired yesterday into an Israeli open field. No injuries or damage but an excuse for Israel to drop a few bombs on several targets in the Strip.

Israeli Zionist propaganda is pushed into middle school 'education' here in the U.S.
Some parents take exception to the lies being taught their kids and are calling out the system on it. It's something to applaud as we stumble forward.

The stumbling of America is not by chance but by design. Now it's a major push for the decimation of the middle class in Wisconsin and then it will be
on to the rest of the country.
A corporate asset-grab not seen since robber baron capitalism.

But who is one to steal from? Most wealth in history has been acquired either by armed conquest of the land, or by political insider dealing, such as the great US railroad land giveaways of the mid 19th century.
So Walker's war is not only against the Democrats and labor, it is against Wisconsin's Progressive Era institutions. His policy threatens to pauperize the state and deal a coup de grace to Progressive Era institutions and impoverish the state's middle class. Contra John Maynard Keynes's gentle suggestion of "euthanasia of the rentier", it is the middle class that is being euthanised – throughout North America and Europe. {more}