Thursday, April 3, 2008

These Heroes are the better men...

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things... The decayed and degraded state of mind that thinks nothing is worth fighting for is far worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares about more than his own personal safety is a miserable creature, who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself...

These Heroes are the better men...

"Arma virumque cano" ... "Of arms and a man I sing" (from Virgil's "Aeneid", Book I) ... for countless generations to come, proud Lebanese will "sing" of the valiant service and ultimate sacrifice of Elie HOBEIKA, Dimitri Ajram, Fares Sweidan and Walid El-Zein. Let the names of these courageous soldiers be well remembered and revered for all time. DE OPPRESSO LIBER!

"No greater love has a man than to lay down his life for another" There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of all the heroes that have served our country, since 1968.... I am blessed because of their sacrifices.... I did have the honor of serving in our "forces" and because of an Oath I HK's graveside...., I cannot say anything of "where", "How and How Long" but I would trade places with any of these brave men so that they could be with their loved ones..., because I know the whole "truth" and bravery of HK and his comrades... It breaks my heart every time I hear another person losing his life..., resisting the Hegemonic designs of PNAC Murderers... While we sit at home, it's easy for people to forget what our brave heroes have done for us..., anonymously. I WILL NOT FORGET!

"To Love A Soldier".... To Love a Soldier Is to Become One Too. To have a Heart of Pride and Passion, A Desire to Kill Evil, Yet Love, Love Tenderly...... Let me in, For I am yours. You are my Soldier And I am yours..... I am a Soldier Of Love, Life and Peace. My Weapon is my Heart. I Fight for what I Love. I Love you, My Heroes, And it is you whom I will fight for..... They say I am Strong, They ask me how I survive, I say I hold my head up high And shed my tears at night..... With you my heroes I only feel Love and Power, You shield my heart with gold And it shines, Shines with Love and Courage..... I miss you. Come back to me, My Heroes, For I am yours And I am waiting......... -I dedicate this to all the brave men and women who are fighting on the front-lines of Lebanon....north to South, to mountains and plains...out there fighting for our freedom and to those lonely hearts waiting patiently for their loved one’s safe arrival....for their sacrifice will not go in vain...fighting the most evil alliance ever to exist on Planet Earth, the PNAC alliance of KILLERS, MURDERERS and ASSassins of USA, Damascus and Herzliah, of the White House Murder Inc.,

What we do is not who we are, but it becomes who we were... All these names of those who had tread the battlefield and now sing with the angels, and all those blessed with having known and loved them will be remembered for their strength and inspiration. Should this war need to trundle on, people like all of you and those for whom you mourn will burn in the fires of memory long after the last shots have rung.... I have lost dearly in this war, which started for me long before.... but the opportunity to have known them, and to the promise of seeing them in some future an outer world...., and for those lost opportunities, I remember...and always will.

The greatest love of all is to lay your life down for another. What more could you give? From many of us that understand to some degree what you faced, we say "thanks". You are the brightest, boldest, and best... MEN OF VALOR... "YOU HAVE DIED SERVING THOSE OPPRESSED" YOU TRULY ARE LEBANON'S BEST... in death you have brought others life and liberty. We salute you and honor your sacrifice.

To each one of you I bow on my face humbled by your loving sacrifice. Thank you now & thank you for my family & the generations that follow. Your love & life will never be forgotten for what you have given us. I know that God of this universe will honor you & your family & the future generations b/c of your gift, your life, that you were willing to lay at the alter for all of us. It is an honor to have known you... May God give you in heaven your great & deserved reward. Bless you, each one of you deeply.

Words cannot express the gratitude and respect I have for each of you. May God comfort, bless and keep your family and loved ones and may you rest eternally in His loving embrace, comforted in the truth that your ultimate sacrifice has ensured the safety of your countrymen and provided the first steps toward peace in such a troubled part of the world. Freedom Flies In Your Heart Like The Phoenix, Let It Soar With The Winds High Above, Among Spirits Of Resistance fighters Now Sleeping, Guard It With Care and With Love, and make the circles of PNAC's war, circles of Hell for the aggressors, and circles of Peace for our best and bravest...!!

I have dwelt on the deaths of these brave warriors in depth. Words can be difficult to express the deeply felt sorrow at the souls lost, lives not lived, loved ones never to be held again. These wonderful Lebanese men wore their nations honor - the Honor of the "Green Cedars" with distinction, with dignity, and most of all, with Valor. They honored us with their resistance, they humble us with their sacrifice, and they give every true-blooded Lebanese reason to pause - at great length - and reflect on just what it means to be a true Lebanese. They chose the most honorable of battles, in one of the most honorable of the honorable. The Resistance to oppression "family" is even better for having had these four warriors in their midst. The Resistance to oppression "family" is heavy of heart because of their passing. As a resistance veteran, as a daily fighter, investigator for 10 long years..., and as a proud Lebanese, I most humbly stand at attention and render the most sincere salute to these brave men, their unbreakable dedication to their steadfastness, in the face of utter oppression, lies, demagoguery, fabrications, dis-information, deceit , deception and psy-ops wars, for their nation, memory and soul... I salute them for all they were, all they stood for, and for their memory which will for always be a marked chapter in the history of free peoples all around the globe. January 24th, 2002 saw these men begin a journey that ended their lives in a split-second.... their blood has made sacred the soil upon which they last stood. That small part of this place we all call Earth is theirs and theirs alone. Bought and paid for with their very own blood. That place is forever sacred unto them. Let no man, let no woman who cherishes and enjoys the freedoms we Lebanese take for granted, ever take for granted the supreme sacrifice of Elie HOBEIKA, Dimitri Ajram, Fares Sweidan and Walid El-Zein. Four of the best of the best Lebanese ever had to offer. May God Grant each of you eternal Peace. And I shall remember you always...and allow none to forget you if within my power to do so .... AMEN.