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The Military Solution...

The Military Solution...

 J B Campbell:

As a Rhodesian anti-terrorist in the early ‘70s, I figured that the combination of normal African cruelty with Jewish Communism was the ultimate in political sadism. The atrocities I witnessed were shocking and revolting.

It turned out that my education was incomplete. I was not fully aware of what America had done or would do in the decades to come. It took a few years after returning home to see what the future held for us Americans.

The American military has up to the present date not covered itself in glory. Military glory can only be obtained in the defense of the nation from unprovoked military attack by another country. Let’s disabuse ourselves of smug ideas that Ft. Sumter and Pearl Harbor were unprovoked attacks.

There have been no unprovoked attacks since the War for Independence from England.  Starting in 1861 and ever since, the American military has been the aggressor, controlled and exploited by American politicians on behalf of private bankers.

We Americans were born in a country founded on a violent and treacherous land grab from the original inhabitants, who themselves did not deal in real estate sales or mortgage fraud. Virtually every treaty made by the US government was broken by the US Army, which conducted the first modern extermination program, today known as “ethnic cleansing.”

The legal system of a country based on African slavery and extermination of its natives can only be an exercise in fraud and hypocrisy.

The behavior of the American military in the 20th Century and now in the 21st has been shockingly savage and sadistic, with scores of millions of dead foreigners who threatened us not in the least. The suffering of the survivors cannot be calculated.

The American wars of the 20th and 21st Centuries were fought and are being fought for Jewish profit and for the artificial Jewish enclave known as Israel. This Jewish enclave appears to exert total power over the American military.

Back in 1979 I spoke with the former Wall Street banker and congressional investigator for the Reece Committee, Norman Dodd. In 1953 Mr. Dodd elicited the statement from Rowan Gaither, then president of the Ford Foundation, that his and the other tax-exempt foundations were committing their subversion to alter life in the US so that this  country could be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.

Mr. Dodd’s impatient first words in 1979 were, “We have over-diagnosed the problem.”  These soon became this writer’s sentiments, which led to an attempt to form the basic resistance movement ten years later which I for political purposes called “the militia.” All of my contributions to VT have offered solutions rather than mere analysis, thanks to Norman Dodd’s advice.

The militia was a movement with a narrow window of opportunity to attack the Council on Foreign Relations and other Jewish agencies before the movement was infiltrated by FBI, military and police agents who would ultimately slaughter scores of federal employees and their children to stop this armed and potentially powerful phenomenon.

The merger contemplated by the Ford Foundation is obsolete in the literal sense. But the fact is that America has become the Soviet Union, so that an official merger became unnecessary.

The US Army is now the Red Army. The US Army and the Red Army were military partners from 1941 to 1945 and worked closely for another three years to slaughter millions of helpless Germans and Jew-wise Europeans until the lucrative Cold War was started. Suddenly, the partners became “enemies.” In a few decades, the Soviet Union had served its purpose and was dissolved. America then became the Communist monster with no counter-balance.

1948 was also the year that Palestine’s name was changed and that sad country became the poisonous Jewish headquarters for war, treachery, repression and chaos.

Obviously, this writer is anti-military. Anyone who would start a civilian resistance movement is anti-military. But there is only one organization that can remove Israel as the number one threat to life on this planet. That organization is the US military.

Now, Israel has not slaughtered millions of Iraqis or untold numbers of Afghans, Pakistanis and Libyans. Israel did not slaughter millions of Germans after World War II.  The American military has done that, due to some mysterious control of it by American and Israeli Jews.

Again, the US military has not covered itself in glory. It is covered by Jewish slime. The US military is a disgrace and has always been a disgrace. It must be purged of its subversive agents of Judaism.

American and Israeli Jews exercise control of the US military via Freemasonry and homosexuality, both of which are rampant in the senior officer class of the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy, according to the courageous revelations of Kay Griggs, the former wife of Marine Colonel George Griggs. The colonel revealed to his wife that the senior officer class participates in the vilest forms of “male bonding,” done  for the purposes of mind control and obedience to illegal orders, which include assassination.

Israel, with American Jewish permission, has threatened to unleash its weapons of mass destruction on the capitals of Europe. Reports persist here that Israel has planted nuclear weapons in American cities that will be detonated if Israel is not obeyed.

Other credible reports indicate that Israel was responsible for the Japanese nuclear disaster in retaliation for Japan’s support of the Palestinians in the UN. Also that Israel attempted to kill Germany’s president for the same reason (sabotaged helicopter) and that the Norwegian slaughter of children was for that country’s pro-Palestinian position.

This level of threatened and actual mass murder can only be thwarted by the masters of mass murder, the US military, which has been under the Jewish spell since at least 1861.  There is only one way that the US military can redeem itself and rescue the world from the fruit of its sadistic behavior on behalf of Judaism. Judaism must be removed as a threat to life on this planet and prevented from ever rising again.

It is time that the US military cleanse itself of Jewish agents, Freemasons and homosexuals, all of whom serve Jewish finance capitalism and the state of Israel. The US military’s routine slaughtering of foreigners who are in the way of Jewish plundering must stop.

The US military must remove all weapons of mass destruction possessed by Israel, as demanded by John F. Kennedy in the months leading up to his assassination.

Humanity will never be safe until artificial Jewish domination is ended.

America must inevitably experience a military coup to rescue itself from Jewish Rule, which has saturated our political, social and legal systems. Jewish Rule is why America is so sick and degenerate and overrun by aliens.

This is not far-fetched, as we can plainly see with the sudden and unexpected fall of the House of Murdoch. This Jewish propaganda machine is self-destructing. The rest of the Hollywood /New York axis must also be dismantled. Jews must not be allowed in any positions of power or influence, ever again.

We can see what has happened in the past once this effort is begun. Jewish retribution comes in the form of mass annihilation. In those days, the true nature of Judaism was not understood. The “newspaper of record,” the New York Times, deliberately concealed from its readers the truth of what a bunch of New York Jews did to the Russian, Ukrainian and other peoples, with American help, starting in 1917.

Most Americans did not understand the Jewish declaration of war against Germany in 1933, or what it would lead to. Some did, the members of the America First Committee, but they were silenced by the FDR-contrived attack on Pearl Harbor.

The American military is the key to survival, just as it has been the key to Jewish Rule. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and an even more dangerous master. And, as with everything else in life, it depends on good men in charge – always a problem.

There just might be enough good men in the American military who have the guts and the brains to seize control of the murder machine and arrest the traitors who have been propelled to the top by bootlick, degeneracy and moral cowardice.

You lieutenants and captains and majors who aren’t on the make can seize control and end the slaughter and torture of innocents. You know damn well that no one in Guantanamo is guilty of anything other than resisting American barbarism. And that’s if he’s not just some cab driver you stupidly bought for three grand.

Think back on the disgrace of Abu Ghraib and reflect on how such a thing could happen.  Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Guantanamo, prison ships, renditions, torture, mass murder, depleted uranium munitions that have produced deformed babies of your own, not to mention the horrors in Iraq. You are in total disgrace for your participation in crimes against humanity.

Of course, you were just following orders given by draft-dodging pukes in DC. You still are. Honestly, how could you take orders from a soft piece of chicken-shit such as Dick Cheney? Or an obvious lying spook such as Barack Obama? Are you that delusional? That impotent? Maybe not.

America is dead, and much of the blame comes from the crimes of the US military in the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries. We can bring it back to life, which will take a while, but it can’t be done without the revolt of the US military and the overthrow of the war lords, the finance lords and the propaganda lords headquartered in Washington DC, New York and Tel Aviv....

by John B. Campbell;


Original Screenplays...

by John B. Campbell;

An American joins the fighting in the Rhodesian terror war of the 1970s. Based on the writer’s actual experience in the anti-terrorist unit of the Rhodesian police on the Mozambique border. Written in 1975, Steve McQueen asked Clint Eastwood to direct him in this project. Eastwood was unable to do so. McQueen then decided to stop making movies for an extended period.
An independent oil company hires a troubleshooter to halt mysterious acts of sabotage. A phony eco-group calling itself “The Friends of the Apache” prevents the company from drilling on its own lease at Apache Ridge, New Mexico, which promises to be a major discovery. The troubleshooter elects to drill a secret, outlaw wildcat well with a camouflaged rig. The owner’s strong-minded daughter persuades him to hunt down the gangsters who don’t want another Spindletop. Written in 1981 for Tom Selleck.
The American Experiment has broken down. The country is into its second year of its Second Civil War. The US Marines have joined forces with the civilian resistance to take on the US Army. A junta has taken over the White House and hatches a plan to capture the elusive man who started the resistance movement, King Ryder, who is conducting his own campaign against terror. A beautiful and arrogant television news reporter is enlisted to find him and – unbeknownst to her – destroy him. She gets more than she bargained for. Written in 1983 for Tom Selleck.
A successful oil well fire fighter, on a hunting trip with his father-in-law, runs afoul of a new totalitarian government agency and is faced with the disappearance of his wife and small children. He enlists the help of some very hard and desperate men to find them, while being hunted himself by the deranged chief of the agency. Solicited in 1994 by Joel Silver Pictures, which accepted it for production, only to drop it due to the massacre at Oklahoma City a few months later. Silver Pictures spun it into a 2000 TV miniseries called “Freedom.”

The celebrity son of a middle-aged rodeo cowboy goes to Iraq on a goodwill mission to cheer up the troops, against the wishes of his worried parents. He is captured by terrorists and faces decapitation if certain demands are not met by the USA, which gives no help in setting him free. The parents must take matters into their own hands to rescue their doomed son. Written for Tom Selleck in 2006.
Harry Swain is a hustler with a heart of gold, a down-on-his-luck Oklahoma cowboy and crop duster who dreams of playing high-goal polo. He is shot at by pot growers while spraying weed killer and is then ordered to fly a drug plane from South America. He pulls a fast one on the gangsters and skips the country, only to land in Latin high society and his polo paradise. The gangsters, however, know exactly where he is, and intend to get even. Written in 2008 for Tommy Lee Jones.

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لبنان يلتحق بقافلة فوضى التغيير العربي...

 ...لبنان يلتحق بقافلة فوضى التغيير العربي 

باتت الفوضى السمة  الرئيسية  التي تطبع حال البلدان التي شهدت  الحراك الشعبي العربي الذي تعددت تسمياته حسب مصادرها  بين "الربيع"  و "الثورة"  و ما اليها  من "صحوة"  او "انتفاضة"  . و باتت  تسمية "الفوضى العربية " هي الانسب اليوم لنصف ما يحل في تونس من انعدام امن و استقرار و ما تشهده ليبيا من ضياع للسلطة و الثروة  و تشتتتها ، و ما دخلت فيه مصر من انقسام يحضر الى مواجهات و حرب اهلية لا يعلم احد الان افقها و منتهاها... ، و ما تتقلب فيه اليمن من انعدام رؤية للمستقبل و المصير و ارتباك في المسار السياسي و الامني ، و ما تعيشه البحرين من هبة شعبية بوجه  الحاكم ما يفسد عليه السلطة و استقرارها ، و يبقى ما هو افظع من كل ما تقدم من المآسي التي تعيشها سورية ولبنان نتيجة العدوان الكوني عليهما و الذي تسبب بدمار و قتل يستمر مرتكبوه في غيهم رافضين اي حوار يعيد للعقل سلطانه و يضع الامور في نصابها  .
في ظل هذا المشهد الفوضوي التدميري  الذي تسللت اليه اميركا و امتلكت معظم ازمته ، اختار لبنان الرسمي ان ينأى بنفسه عن كل ما جرى... ، و ظن دعاة هذا الشعار ان تنفيذه متيسر ، و لكن نسوا ان وصول الفوضى الى حدودهم الشمالية و الشرقية و مع وجود تشابك العلاقات و المصالح مع سورية ، سيكون  النجاح في التطبيق معدوماً، و فاقم الوضع سوءا انخراط فريق لبناني و بشكل علني مباشر في الازمة السورية تحت ذرائع شتى، ثم اقدام الفريق ذاته و مدفوعا بشهوة السلطة القاتلة الى تعطيل العمل في مجلس النواب هذا الامر و سواه بات يطرح جديا اسئلة حول مستقبل لبنان و مصيره خاصة في ظل العناصر التالية :
1)  الانتخابات النيابية :اعتمد  لبنان في العام 2009 قانون انتخاب لا زال نافذا  و هو قانون انتخاب اتفق الجميع على انه غير ملائم للحالة اللبنانية و انه قانون " تزوير الارادة الشعبية " عبر تحكم المال و العصبية الطائفية بصناديق الاقتراع ، و اضافة الى ذلك فانه لا يمكن المسيحيين الذين اعطاهم اتفاق الطائف نسبة النصف من عدد النواب لاعتبارات تتعلق بالوفاق الوطني و حماية الوجود و الفاعلية (مع علم المؤتمرين يومها بان المسيحيين لا يشكلون النصف من سكان لبنان ) و لكن القانون النافذ حاليا لا يمكنهم و بارادتهم من انتخاب اكثر من 45% من حصتهم ( 31 نائب من اصل 64 ) و بالتالي فان التمثيل الحقيقي للمسيحيين في المجلس هو الان  ربع المجلس ( اي اقل من نسبتهم الشعبية ايضا) لكل هذه الاسباب كان رفض اجراء الانتخابات وفقا  لهذا القانون ، و بالتالي فان البلاد و مع حلول حزيران المقبل و مع اصرار فريق الحريري- جعجع الكلب ... على مقاطعة مجلس النواب اي رفض البحث في قانون انتخاب جديد ، يقابله  رفض فريق الاكثرية النيابية الممثل في الحكومة اجراء الانتخابات وفقا للقانون القائم ، فاننا سنتصور  المشهد اللبناني كالتالي :
-    انتهاء ولاية مجلس النواب بحلول الاجل (اربع سنوات ) لان مبدأ استمرارية المرفق العام لا يطبق على مجلس النواب لانه يخضع لمبدأ الوكالة التي تسقط بحلول الاجل .
-    استمرار الحكومة القائمة حاليا بمهام السلطة التنفيذية ، و هي خاضعة لمبدأ استمرارية المرفق العام ، بخلاف الحال مع منصب رئيس الجمهورية الذي تكون الولااية فيه خاضعة لمنطق الاجل و المدة المحددة . و في حال انتهت الولااية دون انتخاب الخلف فان الحكومة مجتمعة تقوم مقام رئيس الجمهورية في صلاحياته التنفيذية غير التمثيلية و غير البروتوكولية .
-    و مع اصرار رفض اجراء الانتخابات وفقا للقانون الحالي لا يكون بدا من صيغة او تسوية ما ، لا يمكن الوصول اليها الا عبر جمعية وطنية تأسيسية يشارك فيها – من غير انتخاب او بانتخاب – القوى الوطنية التي سيكون واجبها ليس البحث عن قانون انتخاب فحسب بل و اهم من ذلك البحث عن صيغة نظام جديد يحل مكان الطائف الذي ثبت عقمه و عجزه على انتاج  الحلول للمآزق في السياسة و الحكم ... و مع هذا الوضع يكون لبنان قد التحق بمنطقة الفوضى العربية الباحثة عن نظم سياسية جديدة .

2)    التحدي الديمغرافي : تعرض الجسم الديمغرافي اللبناني لاكثرم صدمة من هزة خلال شهور "فوضى التغيير العربي " ادت الى تصدعه خاصة مع ظهور :
-    حدة في التباين و الانقسام الطائفي و المذهبي و بشكل خاص بين " السنية السياسية " و الشيعية السياسية " انقسام تطور الى بدء رسم خنادق و خطوط بين الطوائف و المذاهب دفع الكثير الى الانطواء على الذات و التقوقع رغم ما في هذه الامور من ضرر يلحق بالمصالح الخاصة لهم اولا و بالوحدة الوطنية ثانيا، و لولا استمرار علاقات معينة  و في سقوف محددة لوقعت القطيعة التي لا يمكن معها التفكير بسلطة وطنية واحدة .
-    دفق النازحين من سورية الى لبنان و بصورة خاصة الفلسطنيين من سكان المخيمات الذين تعدى عددهم في اسبوع فقط ال 12 الف نازح و تحذر الجهات المعنية من وصول العدد مع استمرار الازمة في سورية الى مئة الف... يضافون الى مئة الف سوري وصل حتى الان الى لبنان .
-    استشراء نزعة اغلاق المناطق بوجه اللبنانين عند اختلاف الدين او المذهب ، حيث انه و خلافا لاحكام الدستور التي تؤكد على حق اللبناني بالتملك و السكن في اي منطقة يشاء ، فان هذه الاحكام باتت شبه معطلة مع انتشار ذهنية " لا نقبل بيننا من لم يكن من مذهبنا " .

3)  التناقض السياسي : مع اغتيال  الوزير الراحل شهيدنا البطل الرئيس ايلي حبيقة...  في العام 2002 ، ظهر  الى العلن انقسام لبناني حاد بين تيارين : تيار اقليمي مشرقي يرفض التبعية و ارتهان لبنان للغرب ( اسمي فريق 8 اذار لانه في 8 اذار 2005 اجرى حشده الاكبر للتعبير عن خياراته ) و تيار معاكس و هو  غربي التبعية و الهوى اسمى 14 اذار لانه في هذا التاريخ من العام 2005 رد على الحشد الاول بما استطاع تحشيده من جمهور ) . و في البدء تعايش هذان التياران في مساكنة " الاعدقاء" ثم تنافرا و استأثر الفريق الغربي بالسلطة الى ان وقع الصدام الميداني الذي قاد الى تسوية هجينة ثم حكومة وحدة وطنية تكررت مرتين ، ثم و مع سقوط الحكومة الثانية وقع طلاق ( يبدو انه طلاق بائن ) طلاق شهره فريق 14 اذار الى حد رفضه العمل مع الفريق الاول تحت اي سقف و في اي صيغة حيث انه يرفض :
-    الاشتراك في حكومة وحدة وطنية مهما كانت المبررات و الدوافع الهيا ، و رغم كل الاغراءات التي قدمت لهم منذ سنتين – يوم تشكيل الحكومة التي لازالت قائمة – رفض فريق 14 اذار الدخول في الحكومة .
-    العمل في مجلس النواب ، حيث انهم و منذ تشكيل الحكومة امتهنوا في مرحلة اولى تطيير نصاب جلسات المجلس ، ثم  وانهم منذ شهرين رفضوا حتى الاشتراك في اللجان الفرعية للمجلس بشكل يقود كما يرغبون الى تعطيل مجلس النواب .
-    الدخول في حوار وطني حول المسائل الوطنية الكبرى ، و هم و منذ التزموا  مقاطعة  جلسات الحوار التي يدعو اليها رئيس الجمهورية يصرون على رفض الحوار . و كلل هذا المواقف بموقف صريح من مسؤولي 14 اذار بانهم ليسوا على استعداد للقاء الفريق الاخر او الاجتماع به تحت سقف واحد مهما كانت صيغة هذا الاجتماع .
هذه الامور تقود الى القول بان لبنان لا يعاني من ازمة قانون ، او ازمة حكومة ، بل ان لبنان بات يعاني بالفعل من ازمة نظام و صيغة حكم تراعي الهواجس و تحفظ الحقوق و تؤمن العدالة ، ازمة لا يمكن ان تحل بالمسكنات ، ازمة لا بد لها من حل جذري يتجاوز المعالجات العادية السطحية ليصل الى الجوهر ، و هنا قد يسجل لتيار مستقبل الحريري السلفي تكفيري وهابي كافر زنديق في الفريق السعودي. انه بعد اقحام نفسه في الازمة السورية ، و زيارته الى غزة في طبعتها الجديدة... ، و استمراره في تعطيل الانتخاب من باب منع اقرار قانون انتخاب ،  قد يسجل له انه دفن الطائف و الحق لبنان بقافلة  فوضى التغيير العربي السلفي تكفيري وهابي كافر زنديق في الفريق السعودي.... فهل على اللبنانيين التحضير لهذا الالتحاق ؟  ثم هل ان الحريريون السلفيون تكفيري وهابي كافر زنديق في الفريق السعودي. يسعون فعلا الى ذلك و يريدون نظاما سياسيا جديدا لا يشاركهم فيه احد ؟ مراهنين على متغير يأملونه في سورية ؟ اعتقد ان الراهانات خاسرة و التغيير ان حصل لن يكون في مصلحة من دفع اليه

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علم الآثار الإسرائيلي يسفّه نظرية أرض الميعاد في فلسطين جنوب كنعان

علم الآثار الإسرائيلي يسفّه نظرية أرض الميعاد في فلسطين جنوب كنعان


جوزف باسيل  -
سفّه علم الآثار، حتى الاسرائيلي، نظرية ارض الميعاد في فلسطين، بعدما عجز عن ايجاد اي معلم اثري يثبت ادعاءات الصهيونية. لذلك ينقلنا فرج الله صالح ديب الى اليمن الارض الفعلية لانبياء اليهود ولاحداث التوراة، وهو بذلك يتقاطع مع ابحاث كمال الصليبي في هذا المضمار، والذي كتب "التوراة جاءت من جزيرة العرب" "والتوراة العربية واورشليم اليمنية". واكد مقولاته في آخر كتاب (حوار) نشره له صقر ابو فخر. وهو يبدأ من تحقيقين نشرتهما "التايمز" عام 1995، و"لونوفيل اوبزرفاتور" عام 2002 استناداً الى علم الآثار، اضافة الى سبعة كتب نشرت في فرنسا منذ 1998.
مصر اليمن غير Egypt
يبدأ ديب من ان اسماء الاماكن الواردة في التوراة، حرفت لتقع في ارض فلسطين اما وجودها الفعلي ففي اليمن، وهي: صور العمانية، حصن براخ (اريحا) اورشليم او يبوس، مدينة صهيون، حصن مسَّادة المشهور بمذبحته، وكفى به دليلاً. اما مصر التي يقال ان موسى رحل اليها، فهي في اليمن ايضاً، ومصر المعروفة حالياً بهذا الاسم، كان اسمها بلاد القبط، الى ما بعد الفتح العربي، وما تسميتها الاساسية والاجنبية حالياً فهو Egypt اي قبط... وبالتالي فان هجرة مريم العذراء الى مصر لم يتعد الانتقال من مدينة الى اخرى في اليمن نفسه. اما جهنم فهي على الارض، وهو اسم منطقة في اليمن ايضاً، وفي المقابل قيل جنات عدن، ربما مقابل جهنم صنعاء!

يبدأ ديب من ان اليهود عشيرة يمنية تنتسب الى هود وهو نبي مرسل الى قوم عاد في الاحقاق شمال حضرموت، ويبحث في الحلال والحرام بين اليهودية والاسلام، ويعدد اسماء  "الخالق " في مزامير التوراة، ويحدّد حقيقة اعمار الانبياء في التوراة وحقيقة الملوك الذين لم يكونوا سوى جباة عند سلطة اقوى. ان مهمة الآثاريين ان لا يحاولوا تطبيق النص التوراتي على الواقع، وهو لا ينطبق، بل ان يسعوا الى ايجاد الواقع الذي ينطبق عليه النص التوراتي، كما يفعل ديب.
رحلة ابرهيم في جغرافيا اليمن
اذا تتبعنا رحلة ابرهيم بحسب النص التوراتي، فانه رحل من  "اور قاصديم " وهي في جنوب اليمن، ولا علاقة لها بأور بلاد ما بين النهرين، نحو مصر (وهي بلدة يمنية) ثم عاد من مصر الى حبرون (وهي في اليمن) لو افترضنا انه جاء من شمال العراق قاصداً مصر الحالية، ثم عاد الى حبرون التي سميت زوراً الخليل (فكم سنة يحتاج؟) فضلاً عن انه لم يعثر على اثر له شمال العراق. اما اريحا (فلسطين) التي تنسب اليها بطولات يشوع بن نون، فلم تكن موجودة في القرن الثامن قبل المسيح ولم توجد آثار حصون ولا اسوار وبالتالي لم يجد علماء الآثار في فلسطين آثاراً تدل على الاحداث التاريخية التي ترويها التوراة. لكن اذا لم نجد الآثار، هل ننفي وجود الانبياء ونجعل التوراة اسطورة، ام نبحث في مكان آخر؟ والنتيجة بحسب العلم الجغرافي - التاريخي (اي اسماء الاماكن، والآثار) فان مسرح التوراة كان في اليمن، فمن ابناء نوح حسب التوراة أزال وحضرموت، وأزال اسم صنعاء عاصمة اليمن حتى القرن السادس الميلادي او مدينة سام. وابرهيم رحل من اور قاصديم، اي من بلاد بني قاصد، في يافع السفلى جنوب اليمن، الى مصر اي الاقليم الاخضر، وهي بين يريم وإب جنوب صنعاء. ثم ارتحل الى حبرون وهي ما زالت باسمها شمال شرق عدن في منطقة الواحدي. ويثبت ديب مقولته مستنداً الى الهمداني والطبري اللذين ذكرا ان فراعنة مصر (اليمن) (وليس Egypt) ايام يوسف وموسى كانا الوليد بن الريان والوليد بن مصعب... والامين على المال ايام يوسف هو قطفير بن رويحب.
قبيلة هود ومنطقة اليهودية
وان قبيلة باسم هود ما زالت تقيم في حضرموت بين قرية هود وظفار. ومنطقة اليهودية ما زالت في اليمن حيث حصن اليهودية في مخلاف العرافة من بلاد خبان، جنوب شرق ظفار، واسمها يعني حيث يسكن اليهود.

ويحدد نسبة اسماء انبياء اليهود الى جذورها العربية. اما تسمية عبراني فتعني البدوي المتنقل، وما زال بنو ساري الذين تنتسب اليهم ساراي جدة يعقوب، من قرى بلاد يريم جنوب صنعاء على مسافة من مدينة حبرون في منطقة الواحدي شمال شرق عدن قرب مدينة الروضة التي ما زال يسكنها حتى اليوم عشائر آل بني اسرائيل والنجار. اما قرية بيت لاوي فغرب صنعاء.
كان موسى آرامياً، وكانت عشائر الآراميين في حال صراع مع بني اسرائيل ومع عشائر اليهود ايضاً. اذا طبقنا التسميات على الجغرافيا اليمنية نجد ان: قوم عاد في إرم ذات العماد المدينة في الاحقاف. فمن انتسب اليها بات إرمياً آرامياً، ومن انتسب الى نبي الجماعة هود بات يهودياً، فيما بطن يعقوب تكنى ببني ساري. ولأن الكل بدوي متنقل يسمى عبرانياً.
بطون العشائر سميت بها الأوطان
ان اسماء المدن والقرى والعشائر التوراتية واردة باتساع في اليمن. حصن يراخ جنوب غرب صنعاء الذي حرِّف الى اريحا (فلسطين) واكام المرايم (مياه ميروم في التوراة) وقبر يشوع بن نون، وحبرون (حرفت الى الخليل في فلسطين) وصحراء سنا (وليس سيناء) وجرار حيث تغرَّب ابرهيم، وتيه أبين (وليس التياه) فموسى عبر التيه ويتُه. وحصن اليهودية وعثقلان (وليس عسقلان في فلسطين) ومصر القلعة في يريم.

يقول ديب ان السريانية كانت حافظة لزجليات التوراة وليس العبرية التي لا اثر لها في المنطقة، وبطل استخدامها حوالى 300 ق. م.
وان العشائر اليهودية من الأوس والخزرج في يثرب كانت تعمل في الزراعة وكان تديّنها اليهودي دون كتاب. وتهوّد هؤلاء لم يأتِ من فلسطين انما من اليمن، كونها عشائر يمنية. وهذه تؤكد المنشأ العربي لليهودية التي كانت اكثر انتشاراً من المسيحية في اليمن والجزيرة.

في التوراة ظلت اورسالم او اورشليم كنعانية (الكنعانيون في اليمن أيضاً وليس في فلسطين) حتى بنى سليمان فيها هيكلاً وقلعة. وهي كانت تسمى يبوس. وصُور، اكثر من اصحاح في التوراة يحدد مكانها وجغرافيتها، وهي ليست، صور اللبنانية. حتى حرّان في شمال العراق، هي غير حران جنوب ذمار، وصور ترتبط بعدن في جغرافيا التوراة. وهي صور بني عمون على خليج عمان، وجبل صهيون ومدينته هي مدينة صيّون او سيئون، حصن مسادة حيث انتحر اليهود، او المِسْواد هو جبل جنوب مدينة إب وقد هاجمه الرومان بين 63 و66 للميلاد، بعد سقوط  "مملكة اسرائيل "، فيما حصن اليهودية شمالها. يقول المؤرخ اليمني محمد بن علي الاكوع الحوّالي  "ان بطون العشائر سميت بها الاوطان التي لا تزال باقية " فإن اسماء النساء والرجال في التوراة يجب ان نجدها في اسماء قرى ومدن في اليمن حيث المسرح الجغرافي. اما الميثاق مع ابرام بأن يعطه الارض من نهر مصر في اليمن الى النهر الكبير نهر الفروات (وليس الفرات) فهما نهران، الاول جنوب شرق يريم، والثاني شمال شرق صنعاء.

أين جهنم؟ ومن هو عزرايين؟
جهنم هي تحريف لاسم هنوم، وهو واد، حيث كان عبدة النار يقدمون ذبائحهم. وجهنمة في همدان، واد في جبال الأهنوم شمال اليمن. فهل كانت عشائر همدان بن حاشد تتولى ادارة بيوت النار في وادي وجبال هنوم؟ وهل كان بنو عذرة في عذر قرب الاهنوم قبّاضي الارواح في المعابد. واليهم ينسب عزرايين؟
سؤال يثيره هذا النص: ألم يأت اليهود الى فلسطين ابداً؟ واذا جاؤوا فمتى؟ أبعدما انتصر عليهم القائد الروماني بين 63 و66 ميلادياً، وهدم أروشليم؟

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Powell Memorandum: Attack On American Free Enterprise System...


On August 23, 1971, less than two months before he was nominated to serve as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Lewis F. Powell, Jr. mailed a confidential memorandum to his friend Eugene B. Sydnor, Jr., Chair of the Education Committee of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The memo was titled Attack On American Free Enterprise System and outlined ways in which business should defend and counter attack against a "broad attack" from "disquieting voices."

Initially the memo was viewed, and praised, by only a select few within the Chamber. That all changed on September 28 & 29, 1972, when the leaked document was the topic of negative treatment in syndicated newspaper columnist Jack Anderson's Washington Merry Go Round. With quotations from the document now public, the Chamber published it in full in Washington Report, the Chamber's newsletter. An off-print of the memo was made available to anyone requesting it from the Chamber.

Interest in the memorandum was revived in the early 1990s. The Alliance for Justice's 1993 report, Justice for Sale, mentions it prominently. The case for the memo being a seminal document in the neoconservative movement in the U.S. was made in 2000 with the publication of John B. Judis’s The Paradox of American Democracy. The Internet became a medium for access to the memo and for posting articles about it. was one of the first World Wide Web sites to feature the memo, as was the official site of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Today the memo is both credited as having "changed America" and scorned as being "far out of touch with the concerns and structures of the current right."

Whatever it's influence, it has been and remains today the single most requested document in the Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Papers. On the fortieth anniversary of its creation, the Powell Archives has here assembled links to the memo and related documents from the Powell Papers. Lyman Johnson, Robert O. Bentley professor of law at Washington and Lee university School of Law, also wrote this piece in commemoration of this anniversary.

The Memo

Here is both a typscript and printed version.

Background and Reaction

There is also an exchange with conservative journalist Jeffrey St. John from Powell's Supreme Court general correspondence...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

1952: The Ike Project, Torturing Albizu Campos, Murdering For Bananas And J. Edna And Clydie Go On Vacation...

1952-60: UNITED STATES. The team which had been so successful in installing der Führer in Germany, decides it will install der President in the U.S. Once again, ruling class bum boy Prescott Bush is there to help things along as are Nazi lawyer John Foster Dulles and C. Douglas Dillon of Dillon, Read and Company, financiers and organizers of the Thyssen Nazi steel trust among other enlightened enterprises. The perfect candidate for the latest project is General Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower who doubtless appealed to the boys in the back room as a result of his operation of the "Eisenhower Death Camps" in which more than a million German POWs are thought to have been exterminated by starvation, exposure and abuse in the years immediately after World War Two.

When the Dillons invite Ike to dinner it is to introduce him to Wall Street bankers and lawyers. The managers of the Ike Project believe, correctly, that Ike will not interfere with even the dirtiest of their covert action programs. Bland, pleasant Harriman errand boy and front man, Prescott Bush is positioned as a "friend" to Eisenhower, to be perceived by him as an early backer of his presidency. Also involved in the Ike Project is Clint Murchison, a mob-connected Texas oil multi-millionaire who funds much of the anti-Semitic press in the U.S. as well as Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party and provides a fortune in "no-lose" investment income (otherwise known as bribes) to FBI Director J. "Edna" Hoover.

In gratitude, perhaps, for the profitable investment "tips", Hoover and the FBI get into the act during the election campaign, orchestrating a smear campaign against Democratic candidate Adlai Stevenson with the stock allegations that he is a "commie" and a homosexual, a classic ploy of the homosexual, cross-dressing Hoover. The FBI file on Stevenson is marked "Stevenson, Adlai Ewing-Governor of Illinois-Sex Deviate".

Eisenhower is duly elected and immediately starts doling out oil leases on government land to his friends and supporters.

If our nation is ever taken over,
it will be taken over from within.
James Madison

1952-1959: CUBA. Would-be Cuban strongman Fulgencio Batista has been languishing in the land of the free, like so many American puppet dictators-in-waiting. He runs for election in 1952 but, facing defeat, spearheads a U.S.-sponsored coup which overthrows the democratically-elected government of Carlos Prio Socorras. The Batista dictatorship is brutal, ruthless and profoundly evil, even by America's demanding standards.

Batista suspends the Cuban constitution, destroys all political freedom and turns Cuba into a haven for drugs, gambling, prostitution and the Mafia, especially FBI Director J. "Edna" Hoover's good friend Meyer Lansky. Havana becomes home to dozens of Mafia-owned hotels and casinos. American business interests, most notably Nazi-linked DuPont and United Fruit, prosper. Freedom of speech is destroyed and hundreds of teachers, lawyers and public officials are fired from their jobs. Death squads, notably the deceptively-named Buro de Represion Actividades Communistas (BRAC), created by the CIA in 1956, kidnap, torture and murder thousands of Cubans under America's firm guiding hand. Batista's U.S. sponsored reign of terror will go on until ended by Fidel Castro in 1959.

1952: UNITED STATES. Medical experimenters at the New York State Psychiatric Institute of Columbia University, sponsored by the Department of "Defense", inject Henry Blauer with a fatal dose of the hallucinogen mescaline. Evidence surrounding the killing of Blauer will be concealed by the U.S. government for twenty three years. Shocking.

1952: EGYPT. Portly King Farouk is screwing up as dictator, not being as useful to the U.S. ruling class as he might be, so the CIA conspires with members of the Egyptian military, led by Gamal Abdul Nasser, to successfully overthrow Farouk. In Langley, the conspiracy to overthrow Farouk is called Project FF for "Fat Fucker".

1952: PUERTO RICO. With a United Nations investigation into the U.S. government's torture by radiation of Puerto Rican freedom fighter and independence leader Pedro Albizu-Campos pending, the U.S. abruptly pardons Campos and releases him from prison, effectively preventing the investigation.

1952-53: GUATEMALA. The democratically-elected government of Jacobo Arbenz Guzman behaves outrageously, guaranteeing freedom of the press, legalizing labor unions, guaranteeing equal rights for women and native people and maintaining a one-term limit for presidents.

This is really dangerous stuff and it gets worse.

Prior U.S.-puppet dictatorships in Guatemala had sold for a pittance vast tracts of land stolen from indigenous Guatemalans to the Rockefellers' United Fruit Company (Chiquita Bananas). United Fruit also owns the country's telephone and telegraph facilities, administers its only important Atlantic harbor and monopolizes its vital banana exports. A subsidiary of the company owns nearly every mile of railroad track in the country. Another U.S. corporation controls virtually all Guatemalan electric generation. All of this is courtesy of various U.S.-installed and maintained dictatorships.

In addition to his rash commitment to genuine democracy, a terrifying idea to the U.S. ruling class, Arbenz raises the ire of the Rockefellers by building a public highway and an Atlantic harbor to compete with their monopolies. Arbenz builds a major hydro-electric project to provide electricity at lower rates than the American-owned monopoly. The concept of free enterprise and competition is, of course, almost as repugnant to the Rockefellers as genuine democracy.

Competition is a sin.
John D. Rockefeller

Arbenz pushes the Rockefellers over the edge when he attempts to institute agrarian reform. In the overwhelmingly rural nation, 2.2 percent of the landowners, the Rockefellers and their clubmates, own seventy percent of the arable land. The annual per capita income of agricultural workers is $87 and most are virtual slaves on large plantations. Arbenz wants to recover over half a million acres of unused land from United Fruit and offers to pay one hundred percent of the full value as declared for tax purposes by United Fruit itself in order to return it to the indigenous people from whom it had been stolen in the first place. The Rockefellers quickly decide that they must have been declaring false values for the land, and that it is really worth almost thirty two times the previously declared value.

The conspiracy against Arbenz begins under the Eisenhower regime. Rockefeller proxy cum Nazi shyster and financier cum CIA Deputy-director, Allen Dulles is a former president of United Fruit and his brother, Nazi financier and shyster John Foster Dulles, soon to become U.S. Secretary of State, is a shareholder in United Fruit. Both Rockefeller cousins had been instrumental in financing the rise of Nazi Germany and, later, in extricating Prescott Bush, Sosthenes Behn and other pillars of the U.S. ruling class from prosecution for treason and crimes against humanity stemming from their roles in financing and arming Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Not to be outdone in the corruption sweepstakes, Under-secretary of State (and former Director of the CIA) Walter Bedell Smith is seeking an executive position with United Fruit at the same time that he is helping to plan the coup against Arbenz. Smith will later be named to the Board of Directors of a grateful United Fruit.

The CIA plans and launches a conspiracy it calls Operation PBFORTUNE to overthrow the democratically-elected government of Guatemala. A massive demonization and propaganda campaign, under the name of Operation Sherwoood, is mounted by the CIA against Arbenz, employing the durable bogeyman of creeping communism as the requisite threat. Millions of dollars are allocated by the CIA for psychological warfare against the American public. United Fruit goes into the book publishing business and produces comprehensive lies such as "Report on Guatemala" a book which it distributes to U.S. Congresssmen falsely claiming that Arbenz's agrarian reforms have been planned in Moscow. In fact, Arbenz is far from being a Communist and repeatedly votes in the U.N. with the U.S. against the Soviet Union. The CIA and United Fruit begin orchestrating and financing staged demonstrations and strikes against the Arbenz government even in those pre-Twitter days.

Planning begins at CIA headquarters in the leafy glades of Langley, Virginia, for the systematic "neutralization through executive action" (non-psychopaths may like to think of this as murder) of members of the elected Guatemalan government during the planned coup. Belated and begrudging releases under the Freedom of Information Act in 1997 will reveal that the CIA's murder conspiracy against members of the Guatemalan government was very detailed and included budgeting, training programs, creation of death squads, drafting of target lists and transfers of armaments to the killers.

1952: UNITED STATES. Journalist Drew Pearson exposes the fact that a Nazi concentration camp mad scientist, Major General Walter Emil Schreiber, is happily employed at the United States Air Force School of Medicine at Randolph Field in Texas doing God knows what for the world's most morally bankrupt nation, although we can probably guess. Of course, he is only obeying orders.

Although Schreiber is only one among some ten thousand Nazis the United States has protected from prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity in order to exploit their unique talents, the American public has no idea what is going on and the U.S. government wants to keep it that way. A visa is quickly arranged for Herr Doktor Schreiber and he is flown to an exciting new life and a new employment opportunities in Argentina.

1952: UNITED STATES. Taking the moral high ground yet again, the U.S. deploys the M33 germ warfare cluster bomb. Each M33 contains 108 bomblets which explode in mid-air releasing the germ warfare agent, brucella suis.

1952: KOREA. An independent study is launched into claims that the United States is waging germ and chemical warfare against the people of Korea. The Commission of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers' Report on U.S. Crimes in Korea concludes that the U.S. has, in fact, used both germ and chemical warfare against both civilians and combatants in North Korea. The Commission consists of eight lawyers, one each from Austria, Italy, Great Britain, France, China, Belgium, Brazil and Poland. Among the germ warfare agents identified as being used are anthrax, bubonic plague, encephalitis and yellow fever.

The investigation had been prompted by by an international commission with members from eighteen countries which had determined that the U.S. and its South Korean puppet regime is systematically committing war crimes. China carries out its own study and comes to exactly the same conclusion. The U.S., naturally, denies everything.

In later years, evidence will accrue that the U.S. government had yet again been telling fibs and that it had, indeed, used chemical and biological weapons on the Korean people. Notable is the twenty years of research conducted by two Canadians into the allegations. Steven Endicott and Edward Hagerman of York University will publish their findings in 1998, confirming that not only did the U.S. use biological weapons in Korea but that it systematically lied to both the American people and Congress about it. Hard to believe, ain't it?

1952-ongoing: GERMANY. Rockefeller errand boy and trusted advisor to Benito Mussolini, John J. McCloy, and Nazi financier and master race proponent William Draper revive and reposition their Nazi industrialist clients and clubmates in post-war Germany.

Prominent executives of IG Farben are released early from jail after serving only short portions of their sentences for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Farben itself rises Phoenix-like from the ashes of Germany in the guise of Bayer, BASF, Hoechst, Agfa, Sterling and hundreds of affiliated companies which retain and then expand Farben's worldwide domination of the world chemical, pesticide and pharmaceutical industries. By 2004, Farben's "daughters" will account for more than two thirds of world pharmaceutical and chemical sales. The Farben octopus will eventually acquire its American moral soulmates, chemical weapons maker Dow Chemical and Union Carbide, owners of the Bhopal chemical plant in India.

Alongside IG Farben in financing and arming the Nazis, with lots of assistance from the Rockefellers, Bushes, Harrimans, Dulles brothers and various Wall Street banks, were two huge Nazi combines, Krupp and Thyssen. These two companies also miraculously rise from the ashes of Germany, eventually to merge and become one of Europe's richest and most powerful corporations, Krupp-Thyssen.

1952: UNITED STATES. The Senate Select Committee on Small Business releases a report entitled "The International Petroleum Cartel". The report shows that the seven largest oil companies, nicknamed the Seven Sisters, form a cartel which controls the majority of the oil-producing areas outside the United States, controls all major foreign refineries, divides world markets among its members, shares pipelines and tankers and fixes oil prices worldwide. What a shock.

1952: MOROCCO. The U.S. provides military aid and weaponry to France to assist in crushing the independence movement in its colony of Morocco. Can't be havin' no freedom in Morocco.

1952: ALGERIA. The U.S. provides military aid to France to assist in crushing the independence movement in its colony of Algeria. Can't be havin' no freedom in Algeria.

1952-72: UNITED STATES. For two decades, FBI Director J. "Edna" Hoover and his lover, miraculously promoted FBI Assistant Director Clyde Tolson, spend extended summer vacations at the Del Charro, a La Jolla, California hotel owned by Mafia-connected multi-millionaire oil man, political fixer and American Nazi Party financier Clint Murchison. The Del Charro is a very exclusive, very expensive hotel, no kikes or niggers allowed, except as servants of course. None of this troubles the happy couple since Murchison picks up the tab and the FBI provides agents at public expense to act as errand boys for the happy couple. J. "Edna" and Clyde's lovefests at La Jolla are usually booked as FBI "inspection trips" with the hapless U.S. taxpayers picking up the tab.

Murchison arranges a very special "no lose" investment strategy for Hoover and Tolson. They will invest, usually in oil or gas ventures on federal land. If the investment pays off, they keep the profits. If the well is a dry hole, Murchison will give them their money back. By amazing coincidence, Murchison's shady business and political dealings are never investigated by the FBI. According to a Senate committee of the early fifties, twenty percent of the Murchison Oil Lease Company is owned by the Vito Genovese Mafia family.

The Del Charro is also the vacation spot of choice for many well-known gangsters and mob figures. Hoover's regular poolside companion at the Del Charro is Dub McClanahan, partner of New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello. J. "Edna" and little Clydie traditionally spend their Christmas holidays in Miami as the guest of mob-connected hotelier/casino operator Myer Schine.

The families made sure he was looked after
when he visited the East Coast.
They had an understanding. He would lay off the families, turn a blind eye.
It helped that he denied that we even existed.
Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi
Money man for the Gambino Mafia family

1952: UNITED STATES. As soon as the Ike Project is underway, the Lord takes a hand and gives Nazi front man and unprosecuted traitor Prescott Bush a second crack at a Senate seat and a ride into office on Ike's coattails. The 48-year-old senator from Connecticut, James O'Brien McMahon, contracts cancer and dies. Bush gets the Republican Senate nomination at a special meeting, with the backing of the Yale-dominated state party leadership. He runs in a special election for the suddenly vacant Senate seat and, as expected, is swept into office on the same electoral ticket as "Ike". The always cooperative U.S. mass media makes not a mention of Bush's important role in financing the rise of Adolf Hitler. By a technicality, Bush becomes Connecticut's senior Senator, with extra power in Congress. The next regularly-scheduled senatorial race will be in 1956, when McMahon's term would have ended, at which time, Bush can expect once again to ride into office on Eisenhower's coattails.

McMahon's death is convenient and not just for Bush's political ambitions. McMahon had been Assistant U.S. Attorney General, in charge of the Criminal Division, from 1935 to 1939, in a position to know what Bush, the Harrimans, the Rockefellers, the Dulles brothers and the rest of the gang had been doing in Nazi Germany in those years.

1952: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Army conducts open air testing of biological weapons at Fort McClellan, Alabama. Respiratory illness in the area skyrockets and dozens of civilians die. Fort McClellan is also used to train the military of numerous U.S. client dictatorships and rogue states in the use of chemical and biological weapons. Among the nations who have learned all about using chemical and biological weapons at Fort McClellan are such fine upstanding world citizens as Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and "South" Vietnam.

1952-70: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Army creates a 19,000 acre top-secret chemical and biological testing range at Fort Greely, Alaska. The Army fires thousands of rockets and drops thousands of bombs containing Nazi cartel IG Farben's Sarin and VX nerve gases. Hard to believe, but the U.S. Army lies consistently, if not convincingly, over decades about the testing and falsifies records, thereby preventing the American soldiers who become victims of the nerve gases from receiving appropriate care and compensation. Don't it make you proud?


Thursday, January 13, 2011

1951: Prescott Bush Gets His Nazi Prize, No Nuremberg Principles Here, Germ Warfare And What Mafia?

1951: UNITED STATES. Yes, Prescott, there is a Santa Claus. Prescott Bush, whose recent run for the Senate has been unsuccessful following revelations about his role in the American eugenics movement, hits the jackpot. Front man and errand boy for the Harriman and Rockefeller families in their business dealings with the Nazis from 1926 to 1951, including the period throughout World War Two, Bush neatly evades prosecution with the legal assistance of ever-present Nazi shyster and fellow Hitler Project luminary Allen Dulles.

Instead of doing hard time in the slammer for treason, Bush is handed about $1.5 million in Nazi assets, primarily shares of the Nazi front Union Banking Corporation, which had been seized in 1942 under the Trading With The Enemy Act. The Nazi cash forms a big chunk of the Bush family fortune and will doubtless be of much help to Bush's son, George "Bailout" Bush, and his grandson, George "I'm A Lyin' Guy" Bush, in their successful quests for the presidency of the United States.

But Prescott Bush and his father-in-law, Herbert Walker, are only minority shareholders and front men of the Nazi front Union Banking Corporation. It is really owned by none other than Roland and Averell Harriman along with a host of other Nazi operations which had been seized under the Trading With The Enemy Act. These include the Holland-American Trading Corporation, the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation and the Silesian-American Corporation which used slave labor from Auschwitz. The estimated value of the Harrimans' Nazi assets is three billion dollars, a staggering amount of money in 1951.

1951: UNITED STATES. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover attempts to block the formation of the Kefauver Committee which is intended to investigate organized crime in the U.S. Hoover repeatedly tells committee members that he knows nothing about the Mafia. In fact, Hoover and his lover, FBI Assistant Director Clyde Tolson, are long time associates and frequent guests of leading American Mafiosi and receive lucrative "tips" on fixed horse races from their gangster friends.

Heavily censored documents in Senator Kefauver's FBI file will show that Hoover collected material on the senator, clearly for the purpose of blackmail or smearing him. Hoover refuses to provide FBI protection to Committee witnesses, even after two are murdered.

Even when the Kefauver Committee determines, despite J. Edna's protests, that the Mafia does exist and is doing big business in the U.S., Hoover, predictably, does nothing.

1951: JORDAN. The CIA's puppet ruler of Jordan, King Abdullah, is assassinated by a Palestinian activist. Abdullah is ultimately succeeded by his son Hussein who will continue in his father's footsteps as an obedient, and very well rewarded, puppet of the United States.

1951: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Army contaminates the Norfolk Naval Supply Center in Virginia with several types of infectious bacteria. The experiment has nice racist overtones: at least one of the strains of bacteria is chosen because blacks are thought to be more susceptible than whites. The Army doesn't restrict itself to infecting servicemen. Later in the year, the Army releases bacteria at National Airport in Washington, DC. The bacteria used will later be linked to food and blood poisoning and respiratory illness.

UNITED STATES: 1951-1974. Doctor Albert Kligman who, strangely enough, was not spirited out of post war Germany by Allen Dulles, nevertheless conducts a series of scores of grotesque and dangerous medical experiments on thousands of prison inmates in Pennsylvania worthy of Dulles' team of Nazi scientists. Kligman is quoted as referring to Pennsylvania's Holmesburg Prison as "an anthropoid colony" ideal for conducting medical experiments. Secret funding for the experiments is provided by the CIA and the U.S. Army's Special Operations Division at the Fort Detrick chemical and biological warfare facility.

On behalf of the U.S. Army, the CIA, Dow Chemical and Johnson & Johnson, Kligman along with numerous military and federal government physicians subjects the prisoners to poisonous vapors, radioactive materials, toxic materials applied to the skin, skin blistering chemicals, mind control drugs and countless other assaults. Under the CIA's Project Often, inmates are given drugs designed to create "temporary psychotic states" with the goal of "disturbing a person's psyche" and "inducing violent behavior." Under Project Often, the CIA succeeds in creating a drug known as "the Boomer" which can simulate a heart attack or stroke in the Agency's victim and creates "delirium lasting three or four days followed by amnesia".

Dow Chemical, the freedom loving manufacturer of napalm and, along with Monsanto, of the chemical warfare weapon Agent Orange, slips Kligman $10,000 to check out the effects of dioxin, a contaminant of Agent Orange, on the Holmesburg inmates. Dioxin is one of the most dangerous chemicals produced by man, liberally spread over Vietnam and other countries by the United States. Kligman injects large quantities of dioxin into seventy, mainly black, prisoners who develop severe lesions which are then left untreated for seven months.

Inmates are paid one dollar a day to participate in the experiments and do not give informed consent in violation of the Nuremburg principles requiring fully informed consent to participation in medical experiments. While the inmates suffer pain, disfigurement and lifelong health problems, Kligman cashes in big time as he uses the Holmesburg inmates in his development of the anti-acne drug Retin-A which makes him a very wealthy man.

In 1966, the Food and Drug Administration bars Kligman from research due to "discrepancies in his data" which Kligman blames on "sloppy record keeping" by prison inmates. The bastards.

In October 2000, three hundred former Holmesburg inmates will sue the University of Pennsylvania, Kligman and others for injuries resulting from Kligman's experiments. The suit will be dismissed because the statute of limitations has expired.

Like so many of his kind, Kligman will enjoy a life of wealth and prestige, dying in 2010 at the ripe old age of 93, an emeritus professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

1951-1953: IRAN. Mohammad Mosaddegh is democratically elected as the Prime Minister of Iran. Mossadegh is one of those crazies who thinks that the wealth of a nation should be used for the benefit of all of its inhabitants rather than for the foreign owners of a few oil companies. In May, he nationalizes Iran's oil fields. He does a lot of other crazy and dangerous stuff like establishing unemployment insurance and workers' compensation, abolishing forced labor and funding a broad range of public infrastructure. All of this is strictly verboten of course and the CIA hatches a conspiracy with the code name of Operation Ajax to overthrow Mossaddegh and install one of the world's most repressive and vicious dictators, the Shah of Iran who, with his notorious secret police fully trained and armed by the United States, will kidnap, torture and murder his way through the people of Iran for two decades .

1951-1956: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Air Force pays the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center to study the effects of radiation on cancer patients. Enquiring minds might ask why the U.S. Air Force is suddenly interested in cancer treatment. The answer, of course, is that it isn't. The real agenda is to determine the possible long term effects of radiation on pilots flying projected nuclear powered planes. Invevitably, most of the several hundred victims are members of minority groups or indigents. Inevitably, the victims do not give informed consent in violation of the Nuremburg Code.

1951: UNITED STATES. The managing editor of the American Jewish Committee's Commentary magazine, relentless right wing propagandist Irving Kristol, is appointed executive director of one of the CIA's countless fronts, the deceptively-named American Committee for Cultural Freedom (CCF).

1951: BOLIVIA. The government of Bolivia is overthrown in a military coup. Typically, the U.S. immediately recognizes the military dictatorship.

1951: KOREA. The CIA attempts to murder Kim Il Sung, Premier of "North" Korea.

1951-ongoing: JAPAN. Rockefeller lawyer, Nazi shyster and Hitler Project organizer, John Foster Dulles, President Truman's special envoy charged with ending the U.S. occupation of Japan, writes the peace treaty of 1951 in such a way that most former Allied POWs and civilian victims of Japan during World War Two are prevented from obtaining any form of compensation from either the Japanese government or from the Japanese corporations which had profited from their slave labor. Dulles carries out his mission in complete secrecy and forces the other Allies to accept his draft (except for China and Russia, which refuse to sign).

Article 14(b) of the Dulles sweetheart treaty specifies: 'Except as otherwise provided in the present Treaty, the Allied Powers waive all reparations claims of the Allied Powers, other claims of the Allied Powers and their nationals arising out of any actions taken by Japan and its nationals in the course of the prosecution of the war, and claims of the Allied Powers for direct military costs of occupation.'

By fantastic coincidence, Dulles' little bit of legal legedermain has the result of rendering immune from recovery hundreds of billions of dollars worth of gold and other assets looted by Japan from the countries of Southeast Asia. By 1951, a very large percentage of the loot has ended up in the hands of the CIA which secretes it in scores of tame banks around the world and will use it over the next half century for a bewildering array of illegal operations including the re-arming of Japan and the arming of the "contra" terrorists who will attack Nicaragua in the 1980s.

1951: THAILAND. The government of Thailand is overthrown in a military coup. The U.S. loves a good, ruthless military dictatorship and immediately recognizes it.

1951: GERMANY. John J. McCloy, former Rockefeller lawyer, former adviser to Benito Mussolini and overseer of the non-bombing of American and German-owned Nazi armaments factories during World War II in his capacity as High Commissioner of occupied West Germany, commutes the sentences of all the Nazi industrialists convicted at the Nuremburg war crimes trials.

Shortly thereafter, concentration camp "doctors", SS mass murderers and war criminals of all stripes will be released under McCloy's orders after serving only fractions of their sentences. The vast majority of German war criminals as well as the American industrialists, financiers and lawyers who financed and armed Nazi Germany will remain happily unprosecuted. About ten thousand Nazis of one kind or another will be brought to the United States so that their invaluable skills may be employed by the U.S. government, its military and covert warfare agencies.

1951: UNITED STATES/BRITAIN. To wage psychological warfare against the people of the U.S., the U.K. and other English speaking nations, the CIA and Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) jointly create an "intellectual journal", Encounter, for the CIA's psychological warfare front organization, the Committee for Cultural Freedom (CCF). CCF executive director Irving Kristol becomes co-editor. The magazine, along with many other publications is financed via the CIA front Fairfield Foundation with money provided by the usual suspects including the Rockefellers, the Fords and Henry Luce.

1951-ongoing: UNITED STATES. Under National Security directive PSBD-33/2, the Truman regime establishes the Psychological Strategy Board (PSB), whose works and papers, for reasons which can only be surmised, are held secret from the American people to the present day. The PSB is a creature of the three main Hitler Project organizers and financiers, Averill Harriman, Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles. The PSB's purpose is to centralize and coordinate the psychological warfare operations of the CIA, the Department of "Defense" and the U.S. State Department, conducting "extensive propaganda campaigns and mass-psychology experiments within the U.S.A., and paramilitary campaigns abroad". In other words, carrying out psychological warfare against the people of the United States.

Appointed director of the PSB is Gordon Gray, heir to the R.J. Reynolds tobacco fortune and sponsor of the child sterilization programs carried out by the American eugenics movement in North Carolina following World War II.

1951: KOREA. Various attempts are made at peace talks during the year. The danger of peace suddenly breaking out has the merchants of death and their shills on Wall Street all in a tizzy. On March 26, the New York Times reports that "The possibility of peace talks on Korea interrupted Wall Street's recovery today and caused a fair sized setback."

On April 12, Business Week laments that "the possibility of a temporary truce haunts United States policy planners." On May 20, that bastion of liberalism, the New York Times, says that "Sudden peace could work havoc with business." Well, we can't be havin' none of that, so let's get bombing.

Well, come on Wall Street, don't move slow,
Why man, this is war a-go-go.
There's plenty good money to be made
By supplying the Army with the tools of the trade.
Country Joe McDonald
1951-1954: CHINA. The CIA air drops terrorist groups into the People's Republic of China.

1951-1961: UNITED STATES. Nazi shyster and war criminal escape coordinator Allen Dulles is made deputy director of the CIA in 1951 and director in 1953, a position he holds until 1963 when he is fired by a hopelessly naive President John F. Kennedy following the humiliating defeat of the United States by Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. JFK forgot rule number one: no one fires Allen Dulles.

1951: UNITED STATES. A high-ranking Nazi scientist, Kurt Blome, whose specialty in the old country was injecting plague vaccines into concentration camp inmates, gets a chance to slip back into the old rubber gloves and have a bit more fun when he is hired to work on chemical and biological warfare for the U.S. Army Chemical Corps. All in ze cause of freedom, of course.

1951: KOREA. In October, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff issues a secret order to General Mathew B. Ridgeway, commander of all U.N. forces in Korea, to initiate biological warfare on an experimental scale. In December, Secretary of "Defense" Robert A. Lovett orders that "actual readiness be achieved in the earliest practicable time" for the offensive use of biological weapons.

1951: KOREA, CHINA. Chinese Premier Chou En-lai charges that the U.S. military and the CIA have used germ warfare agents against North Korea and China. Statements from American POWs confirm that the U.S. had dropped feathers and insects contaminated with anthrax, yellow fever and cholera over parts of China and North Korea. This is all coincidence, however and has nothing whatsoever to do with all the germ warfare work being feverishly pursued Stateside. Although the U.S. denies the allegations, an international panel will investigate and confirm the charges.

1951-80: UNITED STATES. The U.S. conducts its first atomic test at the Nevada Test Site, spewing radioactive particles across Nevada, Utah and Colorado. Some nuclear explosions blanket Las Vegas with radioactive dust. But, according to the ever-truthful U.S. government and the tame mass media, there is nothing for citizens to worry their pretty little heads about. Those who point out that cancer and leukemia rates are skyrocketing in the states around the test site are accused, naturally enough, of being part of the great commie conspiracy to prevent America developing the necessary weapons of mass destruction to defend itself against the red devils who lurk behind every bush. A headline in the Los Angeles Examiner squeals, "On Your Guard, Reds Launch Scare Drive Against U.S. Atomic Tests".

When he becomes president, kindly Dwight Eisenhower orders the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) to keep Americans "confused" with its explanations about fallout causing cancer. Government employees who tell the truth are fired. It is not until 1980 that the truth about the testing is partially revealed when the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations concludes, "All evidence suggesting that radiation was having harmful effects, be it on the sheep or the people, was not only disregarded but actually suppressed." Hard to believe, ain't it?

1951-ongoing: UNITED STATES. The U.S. government, always keen to support its troops, deliberately exposes them to nuclear radiation and toxic contamination at the sites of atmospheric nuclear weapons tests in Nevada and other locations. Like the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the troops are nothing more than guinea pigs in a "scientific" experiment. The tests are a joint conspiracy of the Department of "Defense" and the CIA.

1951-1971: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Army's chemical warfare branch spends more than $26 million over two decades perfecting the use of LSD as a weapon against individuals and groups. The Army's experiments, based on "research" conducted in concentration camps by Nazi war criminals rescued from prosecution and then hired by the United States government, take place at forty eight different locations around the U.S. including hospitals, prisons, universities, psychiatric hospitals and U.S. Army bases. By 1959, the Army is ready to begin using LSD as a weapon "in real situations on an experimental basis".

1951: UNITED STATES. Under Project Artichoke, the U.S. Navy carries out human medical experiments to test the effectiveness of LSD, sodium pentothal and hypnosis for "interrogative purposes".

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1950: The CIA's European Union, Torturing Puerto Ricans, Mass Murdering Koreans, The Red Scare Hoax and George Orwell Was Right

1950-ongoing. EUROPE. As declassified U.S. government documents will later reveal, American spying and covert warfare agencies will run a heavily financed campaign throughout the 1950s and 1960s with the goal of creating a single European market and political structure. By amazing coincidence, it's exactly like the current European Union. Doubtless, the theory is that it's easier and cheaper for the boys in the back room to control one set of politicians and bureaucrats than twenty or thirty different sets. The instrument designed to bring this new utopian Europe about is the American Committee on United Europe (ACUE) which is dedicated to funding and directing the European federalist movement.

The first chairman of the ACUE is Wall Street lawyer, General William J. Donovan, former head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the wartime predecessor to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). A memorandum, later declassified, bearing Donovan's signature and dated dated July 26, 1950 gives instructions for a campaign to promote a fully fledged European parliament. The vice chairman of ACUE is none other than Nazi shyster, Nazi war criminal escape organizer, Rockefeller front man and CIA Director-to-be Allen Dulles. The board of ACUE includes Walter Bedell Smith, the first director of the CIA, and a gang of current and former OSS and CIA agents and functionaries and various members and minions of the U.S. ruling class.

The documents, declassified in 2000, prove that the CIA front ACUE financed the European Movement, the most important federalist organization in the years following World War Two, providing more than half of its operating budget. Other organizations working towards a European Union, such as the European Youth Campaign, were entirely funded and controlled by the CIA. The Council of Europe, the European Coal and Steel Community and the proposed European Defence Community were all funded by the CIA's ACUE. Much of ACUE's own funding came directly from U.S. ruling class via the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations and from American business groups with close ties to the CIA.

1950-51: UNITED STATES. Robert Lovett, Nazi financier and prominent terror bombing advocate, whose most recent contribution to the nation has been as amateur psychiatric nurse to the mysteriously expired Secretary of "Defense" James Forrestal, is made Assistant Secretary of "Defense" and, a year later, will occupy Forrestal's former position as Secretary of "Defense". And they say there's no Santa Claus.

1950-52: PUERTO RICO. The Truman regime decides once and for all to destroy the Puerto Rican independence movement which is inconveniently trying to end the U.S. colonial occupation of the nation of Puerto Rico. U.S. Secretary of "Defense", Louis Johnson, travels to Puerto Rico and meets with U.S. military leaders and the U.S. puppet "governor" to plot the destruction of the movement led by Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos of the Puerto Rico Nationalist Party (PNP).

PNP agents in the governor's office learn of the plan and try to warn Puerto Ricans of the impending clampdown. Operating under the same guiding principles as the "free" press in the U.S., Puerto Rican newspapers in the U.S. colony refuse to carry the story. To get the message out, the PNP organizes a campaign of public meetings. Police stop a PNP caravan of cars near Panuelas. Four nationalists and two police die in the resulting firefight.

In what is allegedly the American revolutionary tradition, Albizu Campos calls on the people of Puerto Rico to take up arms to win their freedom from their colonial oppressors. Resistance fighters attack police headquarters in Jayuya, set fire to the building and destroy the occupation government offices in the town. They proclaim the Second Republic of Puerto Rico and raise the revolutionary flag. The U.S. launches a bombing campaign against Puerto Rico as National Guard troops advance against Puerto Ricans on the ground. Armed revolts break out in Arecibo, Mayaguez and Naranjito. In Utuado, U.S. forces massacre independence fighters who surrender to them. In San Juan, independence fighters attack the governor's palace. Police beseige Albizu Campos in his house for two days before the nationalists finally surrender.

In the aftermath of the uprising, the U.S. launches a reign of further oppression of the people of Puerto Rico. Three thousand Puerto Ricans are arrested, including virtually all known members of the PNP, and even many members of the reformist Puerto Rican Independence Party which has always rejected armed struggle against the American occupation. Police are issued blank arrest warrants to seize anyone they choose. The trials last for three years. Almost all of the accused are convicted and condemned to prison. In some cases, people are reportedly imprisoned simply because they had shouted "Viva Puerto Rico Libre!" and we can't be havin' none of that.

Occupation police, working with the FBI, develop a huge blacklist of independence supporters who, along with their families and employers are harassed and victimized for years. In 1988, when the blacklist is challenged in court, it is discovered to contain more than a hundred thousand files.

America's most vicious retribution is saved for Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos, who simply refuses to surrender his beliefs to the occupiers of his country. He is sentenced to seventy two years in prison for attempting to exercise his theoretical rights of free speech by making twelve pro-independence speeches. He is tortured by his American captors with massive doses of X-rays resulting in horrific radiation burns, a technique pioneered by a team of Nazi war criminals imported and hired for their invaluable skills by the U.S. government following World War Two.

1950: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Army conducts biological warfare experiments over San Francisco and its outskirts. Eleven people become ill and one dies.

1950: UNITED STATES. The staunch U.S. policy of ensuring that all of the bloodshed and mayhem happens somewhere else is violated by Puerto Rican independence fighters who take the armed struggle against the American occupation of their country to Washington, D.C. Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola attack the temporary residence of President Truman, who had ordered the bloody suppression of the Puerto Rican independence movement. Torresola is killed at the scene and Collazo is wounded. Although the U.S. mass media had done its best to suppress news of the uprising against the U.S. occupation of Puerto Rico and the vicious repression which followed, it could not ignore an armed attack in Washington.

1950: ALBANIA. The CIA fails in its attempt to overthrow the government of Enver Hoxha.

1950: COLOMBIA. The real Juan Valdezes of Colombia are driven from their farms when the U.S. dumps massively subsidized food products into Colombia in a conspiracy to bankrupt Colombia's food producers with the object of "freeing up" land and farm workers for the production of cash crops by American-based multinational corporations, most notably coffee and another very popular crop, coca, the basis of cocaine.

1950-ongoing: WORLDWIDE. George Orwell's grim novel of totalitarianism, 1984, and his satirical political novel, Animal Farm, describe all too well the mechanisms of oppression and distortion of the truth by the state and the realities of political power. Orwell was opposed to totalitarianism in all its forms, whether Stalinist, fascist or pseudo-democratic. Ironically, Orwell had unknowingly fallen into the clutches of the very propagandists and distorters of truth he vilified and satirized. His British publisher, Fredric Warburg, was secretly working for the CIA. Warburg would later become notorious for publishing and distributing a CIA propaganda magazine, Encounter, for one of the CIA's countless front organizations, the ironically named Congress for Cultural Freedom.

Following Orwell's death in 1950, Warburg persuades his widow to unwittingly sell the movie rights to 1984 and Animal Farm to the CIA's Office of Policy Coordination (OPC), a creation of Rockefeller cousin, Hitler Project kingpin and Nazi shyster cum CIA head, Allen Dulles. According to its secret charter, OPC's activities on behalf of the "free" world include propaganda, economic warfare, sabotage, demolition and subversion. Two of the CIA's Psychological Warfare Workshop staff obtain the screen rights to Orwell's novels. The head of the operation is none other than CIA operative Howard Hunt, who will later become infamous as a member of the Watergate gang of criminals. Hunt selects Louis De Rochemont to be the producer of the animated Animal Farm at Paramount. De Rochemont has considerable experience with propaganda, having created The March of Time series for Henry Luce and, during the Second World War, working with the U.S. Navy's propaganda film unit. To meet the CIA's objectives, the ending of Animal Farm is changed and the point of the story, that cruel capitalist farmers are no better masters than tyrannical Stalinist pigs, is destroyed.

The CIA's sanitized version of Animal Farm is distributed around the world by a CIA front, the U.S. "Information" Agency (USIA). The CIA then produces 1984 in Britain in 1954. Inevitably, Orwell's message is distorted and perverted by the CIA to suit the goals of the U.S. ruling class.

The CIA's Orwellian sabotage of two of the most powerful political works in literature is a masterstroke of pre-emptive mind control. As the psychological warfare experts at the CIA are only too aware, a successful movie, like television, can be seen by tens or hundreds of millions of people and, consisting of graphic images, is much more powerful and widely assimilated than the written word. By sabotaging the movie versions of 1984 and Animal Farm, the CIA effectively stopped the vast majority of Americans ever learning of the relevance of Orwell's writing to their own situation.

The role of the CIA in sabotaging Orwell's masterpieces is hidden for half a century. To the present day, many American school teachers use the CIA's movie version of 1984 to "teach" the novel, spoonfeeding young Americans "prolefeed" created by the CIA rather than the true, chilling and all too relevant message of Orwell's book.

1950: BAHAMAS. The U.S. tests biological weapons in the Bahamas, spraying toxic bacteria. Casualties are unknown.

1950: UNITED STATES. J. "Edna" Hoover attempts to block the publication of a book exposing many of the abuses and crimes being committed throughout the United States by Hoover personally and by the FBI in general. The book is written by Max Lowenthal, a former secretary of the National Commission On Law Enforcement. A mysterious burglary occurs at Lowenthal's house in which the highly-selective burglars are interested only in documents, not in jewelry and cash. Pressure is applied to the publisher by the FBI to bury the book. A smear campaign, complete with speeches in Congress inevitably labeling Lowenthal a communist, is conducted.

FBI documents uncovered later will reveal that an impassioned speech against Lowenthal delivered by Republican Congressman George Dondero was actually written by J. Edna herself. Freedom loving FBI agents pressure bookstores not to to carry the book. For thirty years, the FBI spies on and builds a file on Lowenthal and conducts illegal wiretaps against him.

1950: UNITED STATES. The man who, more than anyone else, gave the world Adolf Hitler and World War Two, Averell Harriman, becomes "special advisor" to President Harry Truman.

1950s-1960s: UNITED STATES. The Pentagon, in the always paramount interests of defending freedom, liberty and demockracy, assembles a massive criminal conspiracy which will go on for decades to spy on and harass American citizens under its Continental United States (CONUS) program. In violation of U.S. law and the Constitution, the Pentagon uses thousands of spies recruited from the U.S. Army to infiltrate "activist" groups and to steal confidential information inside the United States. Under CONUS, the Pentagon assembles and maintains files on more than one hundred thousand American citizens.

Always concerned with the defense of Americans' theoretical freedoms, the Supreme Court puts its stamp of approval on CONUS in 1972 with only Justice William O. Douglas dissenting. Douglas puts it succinctly: "This case is a cancer in our body politic."

1950-1965: WORLDWIDE. With the assistance of the CIA and the Pentagon, installing compliant dictators and overthrowing economic nationalists, American-based multinationals extract a fortune from the poorest regions of the world. While in Europe, the multinationals made only $5.5 billion while investing $8.1 billion during the fifteen years from 1950 to 1965, in hopelessly poor Latin America they invested $3.8 billion and strolled away with $11.2 billion in profits and, in starving Africa, they invested $5.2 billion and pulled out a stunning $14.3 billion in profits. It's just good business.

1950-1990s: UNITED STATES. Alcoholic narcotics addict cum Senator Joseph McCarthy kicks off his own campaign of commie-under-the-bed scare-mongering and witch hunts in the land of the free with a speech in West Virginia in which he makes the patently ludicrous claim that there are "250 known Communists in the State Department". Through systematic lies, distortion and blackmail, McCarthy will, over the coming years, play a major role in keeping the always useful Commie bogeyman alive as a tool to intimidate and render pliable the American public.

Listen you bastards, I just want you to know I've got a pailful of shit and I'm going to use it where it does me the most good.

Alcoholic drug abuser cum Senator Joseph McCarthy
speaking to reporters while in his cups

1950: UNITED STATES. Ten Hollywood screenwriters are sent to the American gulag for clinging to their theoretical Constitutional rights and refusing to participate in the anti-democratic witch hunt being conducted by the so-called House Un-American Activities Committee. It never seems to occur to anyone in the U.S. that even if McCarthy's endless lies were true and there really were Communists lurking behind every lamp post and bush that, in a democratic society, they would have every right to be there.

Like all demagogues from the tranvestite gay-baiting homosexual blackmailer and mob associate J. "Edna" Hoover to alcoholic drug abuser Rush Limbaugh, McCarthy does have his own dirty little secrets. Aside from being a pathetic drunk, he is a morphine addict, and his dealer is none other than Mellon family member Harry Anslinger, longtime head of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Narcotics.

The House Un-American Activities Committee interrogates Americans about their Communist connections, real and imaginary, and holds them in contempt they refuse to participate in the American Inquisition. HUAC distributes millions of pamphlets to keep Americans scared with titles such as "One Hundred Things You Should Know About Communism" and "Where Can Communists Be Found? Everywhere".

Supposed "liberals" often criticize the Committee but, in Congress, "liberals" and "conservatives" alike vote to fund the anti-democratic witch hunt year after year. By 1958, only a single member of the House of Representatives (James Roosevelt) votes against giving it money. Although Truman criticizes the Committee, his own Attorney General gives voice to the same paranoid fantasy which lies behind McCarthy's Inquisition: "There are today many Communists in America. They are everywhere, in factories, offices, butcher shops, on street corners, in private business, and each carries in himself the germs of death for society."

J. Edna and her troops supply vast amounts of illegally obtained and wildly inaccurate "information" to the Committee to assist in its persecution of American citizens. As usual, the FBI files are based almost entirely on gossip, innuendo and the word of informers with an ax to grind.

The scare campaign infects every corner of America: the message is that Americans must be very afraid, Communists lurk everywhere, waiting to steal all them great freedoms we got. We must, however, remain happily oblivious to the fact that the likes of J. Edna Hoover and Joe McCarthy have already stolen them. The mass media, as always, provide the bulk of the brainwashing, cleverly maintaining the fear level. National magazines run articles such as How Communists Get That Way and your editor's particular favorite, Communists Are After Your Child. The "liberal" New York Times in 1956 runs an editorial which states, "We would not knowingly employ a Communist party member in the news or editorial departments....because we would not trust his ability to report the news objectively or to comment on it honestly." Sounds like the ideal New York Times reporter.

An FBI informer's story about his alleged exploits as a Communist who became an FBI agent, I Led Three Lives, is serialized in five hundred newspapers and put on the idiot box for the greater delusion of the American public. A torrent of propaganda spews forth from Hollywood with titles like I Married a Communist and I Was a Communist for the FBI. Between 1948 and 1954, the Hollywood propaganda mill churns out more than forty commie scare films in order to keep Americans afraid.

Three million copies are sold of a book by Mickey Spillane , One Lonely Night, in which the hero, Mike Hammer says: "I killed more people tonight than I have fingers on my hands. I shot them in cold blood and enjoyed every minute of it...They were sons-of-bitches who should have died long ago."

Almost every propaganda medium is used to keep Americans terrified of the commie bogeyman. Hundreds of "Red Scare" records are produced. Movies, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books; all are used relentlessly to keep Americans scared and willing to tolerate the destruction of their civil rights and to foot the bill for hundreds of billions of dollars for ever more weapons

Joe, come here a minute
I got a red hot tip for you Joe

See that guy with the red suspenders

Driving that car with the bright red fenders

I know he's one of those heavy spenders

Get that Communist Joe

He's fillin' my gal with propaganda

And I'm scared she will meander

Don't want to take a chance that he'll land her
Get that Communist Joe

He's a most revolting character

And the fellas hate him so

But with the girls this character

Is a Comrade Romeo

Since my love he's sabotaging

And the law he has been dodging

Give him what he deserves, jailhouse lodging

Get that Communist Joe
Get That Communist, Joe
The Kavaliers
(record released in 1954)

1950: UNITED STATES. Fear being the fuel which makes America go by making Americans sufficiently pliable to believe anything and consent to anything, it's important to make American children just as fearful as their parents. A children's comic strip hero, Captain America, says, "Beware, commies, spies, traitors and foreign agents! Captain America, with all loyal, free men behind him, is looking for you...."

One of the most insidious and vicious elements of the campaign is the farcical air raid drills to which American school children are ruthlessly exposed for years beginning in 1950. In some drills, a mock attack by the evil Soviets is signalled by sirens and children are forced to crouch beneath their desks with their eyes tightly closed to "prevent blindness" from nuclear blast until the "all clear" is given. In another permutation, a teacher, without warning, yells "Drop!" and the terrified children are expected to dive under their desks and kneel waiting to be incinerated by the filthy commies. Strangely enough, to date, there have been no documents released under the Freedom of Information Act which shed any light on the benefits to be gained by crouching under a desk during a nuclear war.

As a further assault on the minds of American children, in many school districts, children are issued with metal "dog tags" which are supposedly expected to survive a nuclear holocaust so that tiny bodies can be more readily identified in the smouldering ruins of Ourtown, USA.

I like the United States of America.
I like the way we all live without fear.
I like to vote for my choice, speak my mind, raise my voice,

Yes I like it here.

I like the United States of America.

I am thankful each day of the year.

For I can do as I please,
'Cause I'm free as the breeze,

Yes I like it here.
I like to climb to the top of the mountain so high,

Lift my head to the sky,

And say how grateful am I

For the way that I'm working, and helping, and giving,

And doing the things I hold dear.

Yes I like it, I like it, I like it here.
UNITED STATES. Nazi financier Prescott Bush runs for a Senate seat in Connecticut. An old Skull and Bones boy, just like his master race masters the Harrimans and the Rockefellers, Bush is supported wholeheartedly by Yale University. Not coincidentally, the American eugenics movement, which formed the basis of the Nazis' quest for an Aryan master race, is now centered at Yale. Bush is a Yale trustee and one of his former partners at the Brown Brothers, Harriman Bank in financing the Nazi takeover of Germany was none other than Lawrence Tighe, Yale's treasurer. Tighe was also a Connecticut director of the American Eugenics Society. The Society's medical advisor was eugenics advocate, Dr. Winternitz of Yale Medical School.

Not only was the American Eugenics Society itself headquartered at Yale, but many key elements of the eugenics movement had their facilities there too. The coercive psychiatry and sterilization advocates had made the Yale/New Haven Hospital and Yale Medical School their laboratories for hands-on practice in brain surgery and psychological experimentation on the inferior races. The Birth Control League, which long promoted ze "need" for eugenically planned births to purify ze race, was also located at Yale

The weekend before the election, renegade journalist Drew Pearson exposes Bush's long-standing connection to the re-born eugenics movement and Bush loses by about one thousand votes. Later revisions of the Bush family history will attempt to whitewash the Bushes' role in the eugenics movement as being all about simple birth control. Eugenics and ze quest for ze master race will never be mentioned.

The U.S. ramps up its weapons of mass destruction program when the Ad Hoc Committee on Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Warfare recommends construction of a new biological warfare production facility, widespread field testing of germ warfare and an increase in germ warfare research. By fall, advanced testing begins at the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah and a germ warfare production facility has been constructed at Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas. By mid-1951, the U.S. is testing germ warfare agents at Eglin Air Force base in Florida.

1950-1953: UNITED STATES/CANADA. The US Army releases chemicals over six American and Canadian cities in tests designed to assess the dispersal patterns of chemical weapons. Some of the tests involve cadmium, a highly toxic metal.

1950: UNITED STATES. Dr. Joseph Mengele, sorry, Stokes, of the University of Pennsylvania deliberately infects two hundred female prisoners with viral hepatitis.

1950: UNITED STATES. The McCarran Internal Security Act sails through the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate. The Act authorizes government investigation of supposed "communist" action, "communist" front and "communist infiltrated" organizations in the land of the free. The bill requires that "suspect" groups in the greatest democracy the world has ever known must be registered with a Subversive Activities Control Board, which will, without due process, deny their members travel rights, the right to work in so-called "defense" plants, and the right to hold a government job. What a relief it is not to live in a repressive Commie dictatorship.

The Act mandates that foreign-born American citizens are subject to deportation and that recently-naturalized citizens are subject to having their citizenship taken away. Failure to register with the Gestapo, sorry, the government, will bring a $10,000 fine and five years in jail for each day of non-compliance. All information disseminated by targeted groups must carry the warning: "Disseminated by a Communist organization".

Among the tireless defenders of democracy, freedom and liberty who vote for bill are John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson and their brother-in-arms, Nazi war criminal escape facilitator, Richard "I Am Not A Crook" Nixon.

Rather than defending the rights of Americans by opposing the anti-democratic and unconstitutional measures, what are laughably called "liberals" in the U.S. including Hubert Humphrey, almost wet themselves in their zeal to prove themselves "tough on communism". They propose a substitute measure by which the U.S. government would establish concentration camps in which Homeland inmates suspected of being "subversives" would be held without trial or due process any time the regime du jour declares an "internal security emergency". The concentration camp measure is incorporated into the Internal Security Act and the camps are, in fact, established in the land of the free, ready for use. The bill is not repealed until 1968.

1950s: SOUTHEAST ASIA. Following the usual pattern, the leaders of the "Nationalist Chinese" army, organized by the CIA to wage war against the government of China, become the opium barons of The Golden Triangle (parts of Burma, Thailand and Laos), the world's largest source of opium and heroin. Always eager to give a boost to private enterprise, Air America, the CIA's own airline, delivers the drugs all over Southeast Asia.

1950s: UNITED STATES. James Jesus Angleton, CIA counter-intelligence chief who, as an OSS operative, had arranged the escape of Mussolini's money man, Justo Valerio Borghese from Italian resistance fighters following World War Two, shows some photographs to John Weitz, another former OSS agent. The photographs show FBI Director J. "Edna" Hoover performing fellatio on his main squeeze, FBI Assistant Director Clyde Tolson. In 1967, Angleton shows the same photos to a CIA-connected electronics expert, Gordon Novel. According to Novel, the photos were used, among other things, to blackmail Hoover into complying with CIA directions regarding the "investigation" of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

1950s: UNITED STATES. The U.S. carries out forced experiments on prisoners in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Unwitting victims are injected with plutonium, radium, uranium and other radioactive materials. In a letter, Colonel O. G. Haywood of ze Atomic Energy Commission writes, "It is desired that no document be released which refers to experiments with humans and might have adverse effect on public opinion or result in legal suits. Documents covering such work field should be classified secret."

1950-ongoing: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Public Health Service launches the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. Four hundred poor, uneducated black men with syphilis are identified in Tuskegee, Alabama. They are never told by the U.S. Public Health Service that they have syphilis nor are they given any treatment for it. They are, instead, monitored, as guinea pigs in an experiment. By 1969, one hundred of the men are dead through lack of treatment and, predictably, the disease has spread to the men’s families.

1950s: UNITED STATES. The CIA under Nazi shyster Allen Dulles secretly provides funding for the construction of a wing of Georgetown University Hospital in which to carry out clinical testing on individuals of biological and chemical warfare weapons. Dr. Charles F. Geschickter, a Georgetown doctor and cancer researcher, creates the Geschickter Fund for Medical Research to act as cover for the CIA financing, a fact which he reveals to Congress in 1977.

1950s: UNITED STATES. Swiss-based Sandoz, the drug company which had synthesized the hallucinogen lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), refuses a request from the CIA, which is getting very busy with its MKUltra mind control program, for several kilograms of the drug, sufficient for a hundred million doses, enough to send just about everyone in the United States on a trip.

Nazi shyster and war criminal escape organizer cum CIA Director Allen Dulles forges a criminal conspiracy with Eli Lilly and Company to produce the drug in violation of international patent agreements. The CIA and Eli Lilly thus become the first and largest illegal makers and distributors of LSD in the United States. Enquiring minds might well ask what the CIA did with a hundred million doses of acid.

1950-53: KOREA. Korea, which had been occupied by Japan for thirty-five years, was "liberated" after World War Two and divided into "North" Korea, a socialist dictatorship and "South" Korea, a fascist dictatorship occupied by the U.S. The U.S. puppet dictatorship of "South" Korea seizes power from locally controlled People’s Committees and reinstalls in local power the Korean ruling class who had willingly collaborated with the Japanese during the long colonial occupation and throughout World War Two. In many parts of "South" Korea, strong resistance by the Korean people leads to open rebellion against the U.S. puppet dictatorship of Syngman Rhee who is ruthless in suppressing dissent. Mass murder and torture are commonplace. The American puppet Rhee dictatorship slaughters hundreds of thousands of Koreans with the full knowledge and support of American military "advisers".

In 1950, Rhee boasts that he is going to attack "North" Korea. On June 25th, "North" Korean troops cross the 38th parallel, the artifical line dividing Korea in two, and attempt to re-unite Korea under a socialist government. The "invasion" is welcomed by most of the population of "South" Korea but bitterly opposed by the Rhee dictatorship and its puppetmasters, the United States. At the outbreak of war, the Rhee dictatorship carries out a long series massacres of anyone suspected of opposing it and slaughters tens of thousands of political prisoners held in its jails.

In a war supposedly intended to bring freedom to the Korean people, the U.S. then sets about systematically slaughtering them by the million and laying their country to waste. American war crimes and crimes against humanity in Korea almost beggar the imagination and are still being uncovered to this day. In the first three months of the war, the U.S. drops almost seventy million pounds of napalm on the people of Korea and carpet bombs Korean towns and cities on a massive scale. Literally thousands of small villages and their inhabitants are reduced to ash by the United States of America. The U.S. also uses phosphorous bombs against the people of Korea. During 1951, the U.S. drops an average of 70,000 gallons of napalm on Korea EVERY DAY. It may not be particularly good for the Koreans but it's really great for that bastion of freedom, the Dow Chemical Company.
Just when people thought the boom might be tapering off, the war in Korea set off a new boom. It's really a made-to-order situation to keep business at a high level.
U.S. News and World Report, Summer 1950

"North" Korea is almost completely devastated by American carpet bombing with few buildings left standing. There seems little doubt that the U.S. used germ warfare against the Koreans in spite of the usual vehement denials. Compelling evidence of the use of biological weapons continues to be uncovered, as near Kwangju where a U.S. plane sprayed a powder or mist over villagers who then suffered skin discoloration and finally, hundreds of deaths.

The U.S. had a massive biological warfare program, based largely on the work of its favorite Japanese mass murderer and war criminal, General Shiro Ishi, head of Japan's infamous biological warfare program. More than twenty captured U.S. pilots confess to dropping germ warfare agents. Scenes of mass executions of civilians by the U.S. and by troops of its puppet dictatorship as American "advisers" look on and sometimes record the murders on film are still being uncovered. The major goal of the U.S. bombing campaign is the wholesale destruction of civilian infrastructure, a war crime under the Geneva Convention. Using conventional bombs and napalm, the U.S. destroys hydroelectric stations and irrigation projects throughout "North" Korea in a calculated attempt to starve the Koreans to death.

At No Gun Ri, U.S. troops massacre three hundred "South" Korean civilians, mainly women and children, who are hiding under a bridge after being driven from their villages by the U.S. The U.S. puppet dictatorship of "South" Korea obediently suppresses investigation of the massacre and, in the usual fashion, the U.S. government systematically lies about it for half a century. In 2003, a U.S. Air Force memo will be declassified which states, "The Army has requested that we strafe (machine gun) all civilian refugee parties that are noted approaching our positions. To date we have complied with the Army request in this respect."

In October, China enters the war on the side of "North" Korea after the U.S. ignores repeated warnings not to let its forces approach the Chinese border. Inevitably, this is labeled by the U.S. as Chinese imperialism. The American people are called upon to construct "an arsenal of freedom". Nice to know the propaganda boys in Washington can keep their puckish senses of humor even while slaughtering millions of people and burning babies alive. In the interests of freedom and liberty, the U.S. threatens China with the use of nuclear weapons.

By the time of the armistice in 1953, almost four million Koreans will have been slaughtered, the vast majority by the United States. About 30,000 Americans will have have been killed for a kill ratio of more than a hundred to one, a very satisfactory result for the boys in the back room no doubt. The number of Koreans injured, maimed, displaced, widowed and orphaned is many more millions. But the important thing, of course, is that "South" Korea is once again safe for a murderous U.S. puppet dictatorship which will torture, murder, terrorize and deny freedom to the people of "South" Korea for the rest of the twentieth century.

Mass murders by the U.S. puppet dictatorships of "South" Korea will continue, most notably the 1980 Kwangju Massacre, the dictatorship's reaction to widespread pro-democracy protests throughout Korea. With the full complicity of American political and military leaders, the "South" Korean dictatorship will massacre 2500 Koreans at Kwangju. Discovery of other massacres and atrocities carried out by the U.S. and its puppet dictatorship will continue to the present moment.
Over a period of three years or so....we burned down every town in North Korea and South Korea too.
General Curtis LeMay, megalomaniac,
unprosecuted war criminal
and mass murderer cum U.S. Air Force General

1950-1954: VIETNAM. The freedom-loving United States rejects naive requests from Ho Chi Minh for help in freeing Vietnam from its French colonial occupiers and oppressors. Ho is acting under the delusion that those who run the U.S. actually believe in freedom.

Ho and his troops had fought the Japanese tenaciously throughout World War Two while the French colonial occupiers and their wealthy Vietnamese collaborators so favored by the U.S. had welcomed the Japanese invaders and eagerly cooperated with them.

Ho, however, represents the interests of the people of Vietnam rather than the Michelin tire company and the Rockefellers, and so the U.S. rejects his requests for assistance and instead provides arms, cash and military "advisors" to the French to maintain their colonial grip on Vietnam. Ho is driven by the United States straight into the arms of the Chinese for support.

From 1950 to 1954, CIA officer Edward Lansdale mounts a conspiracy to destroy Ho, using the usual arsenal of CIA crimes and dirty tricks. In 1953, as the failure the CIA conspiracy becomes increasingly evident, the U.S. begins providing tanks and other heavy weapons to the French for use in suppressing the people of Vietnam. U.S. troops begin fighting alongside French colonial troops in an attempt to prevent the Vietnamese expelling the French from their country.

1950-61: BRAZIL. One-time dictator Getulio Vargas is democratically elected president of Brazil replacing Gaspar Dutra, a U.S. puppet who had devoted his presidency to protecting American business interests. Vargas launches a dramatic program of economic development in Brazil, fully recognizing workers' rights and developing Brazilian resources for the benefit of Brazilians, a radical and dangerous concept. In 1953, he nationalizes Brazil's considerable oil industry, creating the state-owned company Petrobras.

In 1954, he is found conveniently dead, the result of an apparent suicide. A note is found accusing "imperialism and its internal accomplices" of blocking his efforts to govern Brazil for the benefit of Brazilians. He is succeeded by Juscelino Kubitschek who immediately re-opens Brazil to unrestricted exploitation by foreign corporations, largely American, and all is once again right with the world.

1950-56: HAITI. The United States supports the overthrow of the democratically-elected government of progressive black President Dumarais Estimé. Estimé's government is the first in the twentieth century which truly represents Haiti's black majority and we can't be havin' none of that. Estimé is duly overthrown by Colonel Paul Magloire, from the U.S.-favored mulatto class. He's black but he ain't too black. With the support of the U.S., Magloire maintains his grip as dictator until 1956 when he flees into comfortable exile taking most of Haiti's state treasury with him.

1950: UNITED STATES. With corporations having made a fortune during World War Two while wages were largely frozen and then making even bigger fortunes when, after the war, even more weapons are magically needed, labor wants a fairer share of the pie. In 1946, President Truman forestalled a nationwide rail strike by seizing control of the railways and threatening to draft striking workers into the military. He made the same threat against striking mine workers, rather strange behavior in a free country. In 1950, rail workers again threaten to strike and Truman yet again rolls out the totalitarian club, seizing control of the railways and putting them in the hands of the U.S. Army.

1950-61. GERMANY. The CIA orchestrates a wide-ranging campaign of sabotage, dirty tricks and psychological warfare , known these days as terrorism, against "East" Germany, a major factor leading to the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961. The U.S. also creates a secret civilian army in West Germany, which draws up a list of Social Democrats, communists and various other inconvenient individuals in "West" Germany who are to be “put out of the way” (translation into English: murdered) if the Soviet Union invades.

1950s: UNITED STATES. The Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland, one of the U.S. Army's leading chemical warfare centers, uses its team of in-house Nazi war criminals to conduct experiments on more than seven thousand American soldiers. Using "research" documents from Auschwitz as their guide, they replicate on American soldiers the poison gas experiments conducted on concentration camp inmates by the Standard Oil/IG Farben consortium in the 1940s.

1950-60: UNITED STATES. The CIA attempts to get Congress to authorize fifteen thousand CIA-sponsored "immigrants" into the U.S. Congress authorizes five hundred. The CIA ignores the Congressional limitation and spends more than one hundred million dollars of U.S. taxpayers' money illegally importing "immigrants" into the U.S. through 1960. The CIA-favored "immigrants" are, of course, Nazi war criminals whose skills and experience are eagerly sought by the U.S. government.

1950-60: UNITED STATES. The U.S. Army convinces Congress to pass the Lodge Act allowing 12,500 foreign nationals to enlist in the U.S. Army for five years in return for U.S. citizenship. Most who participate are blameless citizens of other countries but the program provides excellent cover for the CIA to import a huge number of Nazi war criminals, ex-Gestapo goons and Nazi collaborators of various stripes into the U.S. and to obtain American citizenship for them via their military service. In a later study, the U.S. Justice department will estimate that U.S. government agencies, in total, imported nearly ten thousand known Nazi war criminals into the U.S. in the years following World War Two.

1950-present: AFRICA. The U.S. provides arms and military training to both sides in wars between African nations, under four different programs, involving virtually every nation on the continent. In the period 1991 to 1995 alone, William "Wet Willy" Clinton will supply weapons and military training to 50 of the 53 countries in Africa which makes a change from ejaculating on the staff, I suppose. Of the twelve African nations at war in 2004, eleven are armed by the U.S. The systematic destabilization of Africa by U.S. armaments and training is documented in the New York-based World Policy Institute’s book, “Deadly Legacy”.

The state of endless warfare promoted by the U.S. destabilizes the continent, makes any attempt at effective government or economic progress impossible and conveniently leaves most African countries in the hands of brutal dictators who readily sell out their countries’ resources, particularly oil and minerals, to the transnationals in return for being allowed to steal massive personal fortunes while the citizens of their countries die in the millions of starvation and disease. And, you get to sell billions of dollars of weaponry to countries which can't afford it. It's a win-win situation.

Africa is one of the world's great storehouses of valuable and strategically important minerals. The continent has 90% of the world’s cobalt, 90% of the platinum, 40% of the gold, 98% of the chromium, 64% of the manganese and 33% of the uranium. As of 2003, 18% of U.S. oil will come from Africa compared to 25% from the Persian Gulf.

Since 1950, more than five million Africans have been killed as a direct result of warfare and twenty million or more have died as a result of war-related starvation and disease.

1950s-1960: UNITED STATES. In experiments chillingly reminiscent of Nazi concentration camp "medical" atrocities, Dr. Saul Krugman of New York University conducts studies of hepatitis at the Willowbrook State School, an institution for severely mentally retarded children. Krugman and his staff systematically infect newly arrived children between the ages of three and eleven with strains of the virus obtained from the feces of Willowbrook hepatitis patients in order to study the natural history, effects and progression of the disease.

The Journal of the American Medical Association actually praises Krugman’s "judicious use of human beings." Franz Inglefinger, who will later become the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, says, "By being allowed (sic) to participate in a carefully supervised study and by receiving the most expert attention available for a disease of basically unknown nature, the patients themselves benefited......How much better to have a patient with hepatitis accidentally or deliberately acquired under the guidance of a Krugman, than under the care of a rights-minded zealot."

Is is not known if Krugman and Inglefinger enterered the U.S. after World War Two under Nazi shyster Allen Dulles' Nazi war criminal importation program, Operation Paperclip.

1950s: UNITED STATES. The McCarthy witch hunts and manufactured commie-under-the bed hysteria aren't just a technique for whipping up fear among Americans, they are also a very effective means of silencing critics of government repression, civil rights activists and those who propose real democracy in the United States. One of the most high profile victims is black singer-actor Paul Robeson, who is that most dangerous of all things, an uppity nigger who is immensely talented, charismatic, brilliant, articulate, has a worldwide following and, here's the worst part, who believes in freedom, liberty and democracy and ain't afraid to say so.

Robeson, the son of an escaped slave, won an academic scholarship and was only the third black person in history to attend Rutgers University. Although tormented and beaten (his fingernails were pulled out by freedom loving Rutgers football players) Robeson persisted and became the greatest athlete in the school's history with fifteen varsity letters and, in football, was twice named a first team All-American. Robeson's academic performance was equally impressive, graduating as valedictorian. From 1920 to 1923, Robeson helped pay his way through Columbia law school by working as an athlete and a performer. He played professional football in the American Professional Football Association (later the NFL) and began to appear on stage. He graduated in 1923 and was hired by a law firm in New York but quit when a white secretary refused to take dictation from him because of the color of his skin.

Robeson became a major star of the stage and an internationally idolized concert performer. After moving to England in the late 1920s, he became a widely-acclaimed motion picture actor with a string of successes. When the U.S. entered World War Two, Robeson was one of the first performers to appear on behalf of the U.S. war effort.

However, following the war, Robeson, becomes an outspoken critic of the oppression of blacks and other minorities in the United States and even goes so far as to praise the Soviet Union, recently revived as the target of U.S. demonization programs. He is targeted by the McCarthy Inquisition and, after standing on his rights as a citizen of a theoretical democracy, and refusing to sign an affidavit that he is not a Communist, the U.S. government seizes Robeson's passport and, with it, his freedom to travel and speak outside the United States. When Robeson and his lawyers meet with officials at the U.S. State Department and ask why it is "detrimental to the interests of the United States Government" for him to travel abroad, they are told that his frequent criticism of the treatment of blacks in the United States should not be heard in foreign countries.

Robeson is not the only U.S. citizen held in the American gulag. Other Americans who take all that bullshit about freedom and liberty and the concept of free speech a bit too seriously include the writers Howard Fast and Albert Kahn, W.E.B. DuBois and Richard Morford. They are likewise imprisoned in the U.S. and thereby silenced internationally.

Although, at the time, U.S. citizens did not require a passport to travel to or from Canada, the State Department, in the interests of silencing Robeson, prevents him from going even there, using supposed "emergency" legislation passed during World War One. In a calculated act of defiance, American and Canadian labor unions organize a Robeson concert at the International Peace Arch on the border between Washington state and the Canadian province of British Columbia on May 18, 1952. Robeson stands on the back of a flat bed truck on the American side of the border and performs a concert for a crowd on the Canadian side, variously estimated at between 20,000 and 40,000 people. Robeson performs a second concert at the Peace Arch in 1953.

During the period of Robeson's incarceration in America, his recordings and films are withdrawn from circulation by various freedom loving corporations. From then until the late 1970's, it will be virtually impossible to hear Robeson on records or on the radio, or to see any of his highly acclaimed and successful films. Just to put the Orwellian icing on the cake of oppression, history is re-written and Robeson's name is magically struck from the roster of the 1917 and 1918 college All-America football teams.

Robeson's imprisonment in the American gulag ends in 1958 when his passport is returned to him after the U.S. Supreme Court goes trembling out on a limb and actually upholds, for once, the rights of an individual American, ruling that the government had no right to deny a passport or require any citizen to sign an affidavit because of his political beliefs. Wow, really?

Shortly after being released from America, Robeson once again moves to England, re-establishing his international fame and speaking out fearlessly on behalf of the oppressed.

1950-ongoing: UNITED STATES. In 1950, the total U.S. federal budget is about $40 billion of which about $12 billion goes to the military. With carefully manufactured fear of commies under the bed gripping the nation, by 1960 the military takes an astonishing two thirds of the entire federal budget of $60 billion. By 1962, based on a series of manufactured and completely false scares about Soviet military build-ups, inlcuding a fabricated "bomber gap" and a fabricated "missile gap," the United States has built nuclear weapons with the explosive equivalent of 1,500 Hiroshima-size bombs, enough to destroy every major city in the world, many more than once.

The equivalent, in fact, of ten pounds of TNT for every man, woman, and child on Earth. To deliver these bombs, the U.S. has more than fifty intercontinental ballistic missiles, eighty missiles on nuclear submarines, ninety missiles on stations overseas, 1,700 bombers capable of reaching the Soviet Union, 300 nuclear-ready fighter-bombers on aircraft carriers and 1,000 land-based supersonic fighters able to carry atomic bombs. Sure do take a lot of hardware to make you free, don't it?

Although this was all supposedly due to the evil Soviets having more bombs than us, in reality the USSR had only between fifty and a hundred intercontinental ballistic missiles and fewer than two hundred long-range bombers at the time but, hey, somebody made a shitload of money building all them bombs and planes and missiles and it's real good business.

By 1970, the U.S. military budget will have grown to $80 billion and the merchants of death will be making ever more fantastic profits with two thirds of the expenditure going to about a dozen giant corporations. Under the guise of national security, the vast majority of the contracts given to the weapons makers are not even subject to competitive bidding. And, as the biggest merchant of death of them all, John D. Rockefeller, famously said, "Competition is sin."